Friday, June 10, 2011


56% in Weiner's district do not want him to resign
Obama welcomes controversial president of Gabon

Limbaugh comments on 'Reckless Endangerment'
Show No. 103-2011

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Opening • No show Thursday • Breaking down the 'Network' clip, 1976 • Obama and the democrats made the economy worse • New warnings of unrest in 2012 • Palin and conservatism discussion with a fellow from From The Right Radio • Jon Kyl's Senate seat • John McCain a 'good' senator • GOProud, CPAC, Ann Coulter & homosexual activism • Libertarianism has no place with conservatism • Audio: Liberal caller to Rush Limbaugh: Taxes are lower under Obama • Crack about Oxycotton • Glenn Beck the only source of truth • Elevating hosts & politicians to messiah level • We are the media now • Do conservative books change anyone's opinion? • Anthony Weiner: The vulgarity of the act • 56% in Weiner's district want him to stay • Liberals are liberal first • Audio: Breaking down Barbara Walters' defense of Weiner • Weiner's wife says she'll stay • Democrats embrace their filth • What if Weiner were a Republican • Whoopi Goldberg asks about being consistent •

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Opening • Audio: Comedy from Mike Birbiglia: Calling customer service • Audio: David Letterman monologues about Weiner • Audio: Continuing with Whoopi Goldberg • Christopher Lee was condemned for having a simple shirtless picture • Rant: We've degraded so badly, it's ok for a Congressman to send out pictures of his weiner and stay in office • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on 'Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon' • Audio: ABC News report on Gabon president visiting Obama at the White House • Give credit to ABC News for reporting this story • The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Back on June 2, Michael Stollaire predicts Weiner was not hacked • Ray on the automobile black box, Bono of U2, Pharmacist convicted of murder, Richard Gere and more •

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John said...

After a short time into the show today, I was led to believe that your a hopeless Neocon... Correct me if I'm wrong.
Once again you've made undocumented accusations about Ron Paul. I asked you before to show reference to where he has said these things.
Here is a video to show how you like many others have "spun" his principals.
And here is the link to the references he speaks about...
If you truly want to make a positive contribution to our nation and further the cause of conservatism, I would recommend that you follow conservative principals.
Otherwise your show has nothing more to offer than the FAILED main stream media.

Jz said...

Ron Paul is a libertarian and as such is not good for conservatism. His views on drugs and Israel especially I disagree with.

John said...

And what are those views that you say you disagree with?
You make the comments but seem to do as the Liberals do and pull them out of thin air!

Jz said...

I disagree with making all drugs illegal. I disagree with pulling support for Israel. I also do not agree with Ron Paul's truther stuff.

TruthMatters4Me said...

"Ron Paul is a libertarian and as such is not good for conservatism. His views on drugs and Israel especially I disagree with."

Yeah, because that's one of the strong tenants of conservatism : that the big daddy government needs to keep a watchful eye on and protect people from themselves.

No different than the governments war on smokers, or any other invasion of a persons privacy in order to "protect them from themselves" ...

Wait a minute - I thought conservatives have been trying to demonize that as a LIBERAL thing ... Glad you finally admitted conservatives were the real culprit here.

Jz said...

I admit no such thing. Smoking, or crystal meth. "Gee, I can't tell what's more dangerous!" --TM4M