Monday, June 6, 2011


Sarah Palin on Paul Revere & The Statue of Liberty
Weiner admits it's his picture and cries about it

Rick Santorum audio & NASA caught fudging again
Show No. 100-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Overview: Sarah Palin and the Paul Revere quote • Bono's liberal rock star hypocrisy: Tax everyone but me • Eco-Nazi I: World bank wants to tax jets and shipping • Eco-Nazi II: Australian writer calls for Global Warming deniers to be tattooed • Audio: Report from KABC 7 on the cost of TSA security at LAX • Anthony Weiner updates: Weiner's story is unraveling • Audo: Rick Santorum interview on Fox News Sunday •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Rick Santorum interview on Hannity • SARAH PALIN ON PAUL REVERE AND THE STATUE OF LIBERTY • Audio includes: Palin's Paul Revere quote and Palin's thoughts on the Statue of Liberty • Reading: The Paul Revere House description of his ride does not talk about warning the British • Audio: Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday talks about her bus tour and the Paul Revere quote • Great line: Noble Obama wants to go down with the shipShocking: Anthony Weiner admits it's his picture and he sent it • Reviewing some Weiner audio from 2010 • Sarah Palin continued • Round up and closing argument • NASA caught fudging data again! •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Daily Mail UK: 'Saint Bono' facing huge Glastonbury protest for avoiding taxes
Reuters: Interview: World Bank to suggest CO2 levy on jet and shipping fuel
Sydney Morning Herald: The Dangers of Boneheaded Beliefs
KABC 7: Report targets cost of TSA security at LAX
LA Times: LAX security screeners targeted by GOP lawmaker
Daily Mail UK: Anthony Weiner admits Twitter photo could be 'taken out of context'
The Daily: Weiner's tale unraveling
Rick Santorum: Video page
YouTube: Sarah Palin's history lesson: Paul Revere warned the British
YouTube: Sarah Palin: Paul Revere warned the British
YouTube: Palin visits Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island
Paul Revere House: The real story of Paul Revere's ride
International Business Times: Sarah Palin: The midnight ride of Paul Revere
Think Progress: Palin doubles down on Paul Revere history lesson
Fox News: Sarah Palin talks US economy, national bus tour
YouTube: Rep. Anthony Weiner press conference, 6/6/11
YouTube: Weiner admits sending lewd photos, says he will not resign
Real Clear Politics: Weiner criticizes 'tea bag movement' over DREAM Act opposition
YouTube: Weiner criticizes GOP attempts to sink 9/11 health bill
Facebook: Jimmy Z: If she's not considering a run for the Senate
Forbes: Sarah Palin: 'Paul Revere warned... The British?'
CBS News: Palin denies new AZ home is for Senate run
Facebook: When my daughter was in 7th grade
Big Government: NASA gets caught faking Climate Change data - AGAIN!

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