Thursday, June 30, 2011


Rewind: Obama on redistribution of wealth
We need a landslide and obvious mandate in 2012

The left wing media assault on Michele Bachmann
Show No. 115-2011

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Opening • Cleaners and painters next door • Obama gets a victory for Obamacare in an appellate court • Audio: Breaking down Obama's press confererence • Obama describes his own economy • Fixing government regulations • Skills and training for jobs (that don't exist) • Congress could make patents easier • More stimulus and shovel ready jobs • 'On the basis of merit and not politics' • Audio: Limbaugh on Obama's press conference • Hellbent on raising taxes • Economy making a rebound with corporate travel, yet Obama rips private jets again • The country has a spending problem • Obama threatens to cut scholarships • Proof that Obama has no desire to grow the economy • David Limbaugh column: Do we believe the government should equalize and redistribute • 'You can still ride your corporate jet, you just have to pay more' • Audio: Obama in 2007 on where the Constitution fails • 'Economic justice' • The Warren court wasn't that radical • Limbaugh: Horrible things will happen if we don't raise taxes • Rant: I expect everyone to rally for the GOP nominee, whoever it is • We need 2012 to be a huge landslide, a definite mandate • Audio: Mark Levin on voting for the GOP nominee • The abortion issue • Audio: Dick Morris on Obama's insane tax plan • Obama isn't moving to the center at all • Consumer spending has gone flat •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'The Ballad of Michelle Obama', Jimmy Z • Audio: Dick Morris on Obama's tax plan, continued • Audio: Limbaugh on replacing Obama in 2012 • Jimmy Z reading Limbaugh: We must replace Obama in 2012 • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Ray on the GOP debate • Richard on Palin and Obama releasing oil from the Strategic National Reserve • Ray on homosexual marriage • Salute to Canada: Bob and Doug McKenzie • Canadian National Anthem • Kel calls Jimmy Z a national treasure • Ray on the TSA adult diaper *bleep* story • The TSA is doing what they do with Obama's approval • Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS commercials • Left wing media attacks Michele Bachmann • The 'John Wayne' gaffe • What about Obama's 57 states gaffe? • New Hampshire polling strong for Romney • Audio: Hannity regarding liberal assault on Michele Bachmann • Where is N.O.W. as the media attacks conservative women? • Tom Petty tells Michele Bachmann not to use his song • Audio: Dick Morris on the assault on Michele Bachmann • Michele needs a 'here you go again' line • Other musicians complained about conservatives •

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