Friday, June 24, 2011


Update: ACLU & Mexico fume over border shooting
Democrats accuse GOP of sabotaging the economy

Angry liberal Adam doesn't vote, wants to punch me
Show No. 112-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Why there was no show yesterday • Mom goes home with her new knee • 35 minutes to remove and replace a knee • Audio: Bill Handel with Sheriff Larry Dever • Illegal aliens responsible for forest fires • Drug traffickers, human smugglers • Signal fires and warming fires • Illegal alien defenders cannot refute the evidence • Arizona improves enforcement efforts • Scouts, sophisticated communications on the illegal alien side • UPDATE: BORDER SHOOTING NEAR SAN DIEGO - DETAILS AND ANALYSIS • Stoning in Biblical days • Jose got shot dead last time, maybe they'll think twice • Rubber bullets don't help the Border Patrol • ACLU speaks out against the US agents • An investigation into what? • Mexico outraged and condemns US agents • They aren't immigrants, they are illegal immigrants • ACLU says we cannot allow law enforcement to use lethal force against rock throwers • President Calderon confronts Hillary Clinton over shooting, demands punishment • Adam's most recent angry messages • Adam does not vote • Blames Jimmy Z for 'murder' • Rant: If you are going to complain about politics and you don't vote, you are not worthy of my show • Audio: Mitch McConnell calls on Obama to lead •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'O-ba-ma', Jimmy Z • Audio: Mitch McConnell calls on Obama: 'He's the president - he needs to lead' • Unemployment claims climb again • Democrats accuse Republicans of sabotaging the economy • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Democrat projection: It is the democrats who have been sabotaging the economy • Obama has selective Alzheimer's • Reid and Schumer want another stimulus! • Audio: Greta Van Susteren interviews Mitch McConnell • Even when democrats owned the government they could not raise taxes • The Balanced Budget Amendment • You are listening to Hour No. 1,000 • Triple fanfare • Montage: Jimmy Z Show music • Audio: Chris Christie on Today • Obama should show up • Poll results in New Jersey • Christie in discussion with parent over public schools • Not running for President • Palin still keeping mum on whether she'll run or not • Obama releases 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve • It's politics: His poll numbers are not a national crisis •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wikipedia: Knee replacement
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel & Sheriff Larry Dever
Hispanically Speaking News: Immigrant Shot at US-Mexico Border by Border Patrol Agent
San Diego 6: Video of Border Patrol Shooting From Mexican Side
LA Times: Shooting of man by Border Patrol agent renews debate on use of force
CNN: Mexican president confronts Clinton over border shooting
The Jimmy Z Show: Comment to Adam who does not vote
YouTube:  McConnell On Debt Crisis: Where Has President Obama Been?
ABC News: McConnell on Debt Talks: Where In The World Has President Obama Been?
Yahoo Finance: Obama ready to release oil from petroleum reserve
CNBC: Jobs Picture Grows Worse as Weekly Claims Post Jump
Washington Post: Dems will not shy away from accusing GOP of sabotaging economy
Rush Limbaugh: Projection: Democrats Accuse the Republicans of Economic Sabotage
YouTube: McConnell: We Need Obama to Lead
YouTube: NJ Gov. Chris Christie on NBC's TODAY Show
Newsmax: NJ's Christie: Obama Should 'Show Up' for Talks
Newsmax: US Opens Reserves to Release 30M Barrels of Oil

4 comments: said...

God Bless your Mom and may she enjoy a rapid and full recovery.

Keep up the GREAT work and keep the faith!

Jz said...

I had a good time this week. I was a little more focused I think because I had to get done and then do other things. So the shows went very well. Thanks for your encouragement!

Darrell Barry said...

1000 hours, wow. Great job.

Jz said...

Thank you... I feel dizzy. lol