Tuesday, June 7, 2011


SHOW No. 600
Anthony Weiner inteview, lying just a few days ago
On elevating politicians to the level of a messiah

Chris Matthews, Andrew Breitbart, Fred Barnes, Charles Krauthammer, Bill O'Reilly & many more
Show No. 101-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Overview: The worst part of Anthony Weiner's stunt: He's stupid • Sexual flirtation online is cheating • Audio: John & Ken on KFI: Elected official by definition is stupid enough to do this • Rant: Congressman Anthony Weiner presumes to tell us how to live • Not looking at the pictures on purpose • Audio: ABC News interview a few days ago: Anthony Weiner lying • Audio: Chris Matthews: His wife may be partly to blame • Audio: Andrew Breitbart demanding an apology • Audio rewind: Anthony Weiner crying as he admits he's guilty • I don't feel sorry for Weiner • Audio: Fox News, Bret Baire with Fred Barnes • Ranting on Weiner telling us how to live • Democrat Gerry Studds back in the 70s raped an underage male page • Audio: Juan Williams • Rant: Congressional ethics committees are a joke • Audio: Charles Krauthammer • Audio: Bill O'Reilly • Audio: Bill Press: Democrats are better than Republicans • Rant: What is it that makes Democrats better than Republicans? Lying? Cheating? • Weiner's strange obsession with his ding-a-ling • The new Democrat commercial by Jimmy Z • Audio: Ed Schultz and a round table • Rant: Weiner's sex life is not the issue - He's a liar, that's the issue •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Michael Youssef's blessing over America • Audio: Al Sharpton tells Anthony Weiner to just shut up • Rant: Al Shaprton has always shut up when he's been caught • Audio: James Carville • Eliot Spitzer, host at CNN, has had his own sex scandals! • Audio: Weiner says that his mistake has nothing to do with government service • Audio: Lawrence O'Donnell supports Weiner no matter what, even for Mayor of New York • Audio: Salon.com writer Steve Kornacki • Ted Kennedy was always a jackass • YouTube headline about probing Weiner • Audio: 'Just The Way You Are' dedicated to Weiner • Audio: YouTube schmo says Weiner is still his favorite politician • Audio: Donald Trump commentary on Anthony Weiner • 'He's a psycho' -Donald Trump • Audio: Ann Coulter • ELEVATING POLITICIANS TO A MESSIAH STATUS • Some conservatives are putting politicians like Sarah Palin and Allen West on a pedestal • No one is the only person who can get the job done • People who don't go to church lose perspective • Audio: Mark Levin plays Obama's stupid statements • Should we have a candidate who gives the left ammunition to use against us? • Audio: Barbara Walters compares Palin bus tour to Weiner staying in Congress • Audio: Joy Behar defending Sarah Palin •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KFI AM 640: John & Ken, Anthony Weiner comments
ABC News: Weiner's web of lies
Real Clear Politics: Chris Matthews on Weiner's wife: Maybe she's partly to blame
YouTube: Weiner admits sending lewd photos, says he will not resign
Uncoverage:Two more women, Weiner insulted Jewish women's sexuality
Las Vegas Sun: Las Vegas woman could be focus of Weiner investigation
Radar Online: Weinergate grows: Another woman provides sex messages
Huffington Post: Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal: New photos emerge
Wikipedia: Gerry Studds, Democrat congressman who raped 17 year old male page
Real Clear Politics: Breitbart upstages Weiner: I want to hear the truth
Real Clear Politics: Krauthammer: Weiner story will continue, he's a goner
Real Clear Politics: Bill O'Reilly: Congressman Weiner comes clean
Real Clear Politics: Bill Press: Weiner let me down but he shouldn't resign
YouTube: Sharpton gives Weiner advice
Wikipedia: Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal
Real Clear Politics: James Carville: Democrats are 'furious' with Rep. Weiner
Real Clear Politics: Kornacki: Weiner now has no 'rationale' to be in congress
YouTube: Congressman Weiner, don't go changin' and don't resign
YouTube: In defense of Anthony Weiner
YouTube: Donald Trump thoughts on Anthony Weiner
YouTube: Ann Coulter's 'demonic liberal mob' GMA interview
Politics and Finance: Mark Levin: The stupidest 2012 candidate for President
Daily Caller: Barbara Walters: If Palin can ride around on a bus, Weiner can stay


John said...

Pause button comment!
Who is this goofball? Bill Press?
First off, undoubtedly the most ridiculous statement for any person to make! We're better than them... I guess it's a matter of perspective. Better liars, better tax cheats... But yet the get caught more often...
Then he admits that Wiener made them look bad.. His hero! Made his party look bad! Look out Tony! Here comes the BUS!!!
But as a father of a girl in college, I have a different perspective... God help him if it were my daughter!
He has lost any credibility as a man, husband and a Congressional Representative... Credibility means everything!

John said...

Okay.. now in the 2nd half... I am really bored with this Palin obsession. Besides, her opponents are doing enough of it.
For what it's worth. I have ended the show before the end because it is getting redundant... Of course I can say the same about Wiener too.
While all this is going on there are bigger topics that need to be covered. China for example.

Jz said...

I'm not sure I ever talked about anything more important than republicans creating their version of Obama - a politician that can do no wrong. Maybe I didn't make the case.