Monday, June 27, 2011


Michele Bachmann on same-sex marriage, earmarks
Black gang beats white youth whose face is crushed

Black gangs of thugs in Illinois are attacking whites
Show No. 113-2011

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Opening • Salutations • Feral cat outside • Not at all domesticated • Cat becoming more and more aggressive • Overview: Chris Wallace asked Michele Bachmann if she is a flake • Democrat debt limit demand: More stimulus • Audio: Breaking down Michele Bachmann on Fox News Sunday • Bachmann polling virtually tied with Romney • Sincerity • Earmarks • Obamacare would cost 800,000 jobs in America • Medicare • Same-sex marriage • Homosexual marriage is one of the biggest issues we face in America • Mitt Romney • Balancing the budget • Rant: It's not time to commit to any candidate yet • Bachmann says let as many candidates in as want to get in • The Flake Question analyzed and dissected • Rant: Chris Wallace's question and Michele Bachmann's answer • Set aside emotional politics • Audio: Breaking down Sen. Jon Kyl on Fox News Sunday • Simple elegance and common sense: Jon Kyl on the US economy • Wealthy 'tax expenditures' (tax write offs) are shenanigans •

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Opening • Continuing Jon Kyl on Fox News Sunday • Jimmy Z and Jon Kyl on ending oil company subsidies • The Ryan Budget vs. The Obama budget • Palin should run for Kyl's seat in Arizona • Lady Gaga sued over stealing money in sales of Japan Relief bracelets • Audio: CNN report: TSA forces 95 year old woman to remove adult diaper • Embarrassing and degrading • Rant: If we don't fly for a week, this will change • 'Respectful and sensitive manner' • 'According to proper procedure' • Woman had to fly without underwear • Voice issues • Questionable article about black youths threatening to kill whites • All kinds of conservative blogs are re-posting the story without knowing if it's true • There's no news black out • Digging around the internet for more information • The Peoria Chronicle is down, up, and down again • Audio: Blacks brawl in DC Caribbean Days • Black gang beats white student who requires facial reconstructionTried under lynching lawGangs of blacks attacking whites in Illinois

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wikipedia: Feral cat
Fox News: Michele Bachmann talks earmarks, Obamacare, same-sex marriage
Fox News: John Kyl talks debt debate in DC
Google Search: 'michelle bachmann flake'
NBC Dallas Ft. Worth: Lady Gaga Sued Over Japan Relief Bracelet Proceeds
CNN: TSA stands by officers after pat-down of elderly woman in Florida
News Herald: Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search
Google Cache: The Peoria Chronicle (Questionable site)
The Jimmy Z Show: Screen capture, The Peoria Chronicle
YouTube: Peorians living in fear (reading the article)
Non Profit Organizations: Altamont Park Neighborhood Association
The Gateway Pundit: Black Youths March screaming 'We Need to Kill All White People!'
World Star Hiphop: Shyt Really Got Real: DC Caribbean FestBrawl At Howard University
Black & Right: Nigga Moment Of The Day
Daily Mail UK: Teenage gang charged under lynching law after attack on 18-year-old
Right Wing News: Liberals’ Frankenstein Monster Runs Amok in Chicago

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