Friday, June 17, 2011


Breaking down the GOP debate highlights
Sen. Jim DeMint on Cut, Cap & Balance Pledge

Bachmann, Santorum, Pawlenty & Gingrich shine
Show No. 108-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Dave Redl's email to me regarding Ron Paul • Jimmy Z on Ron Paul (the basics) • Homosexual marriage and court decisions over the voters wishes • The fiscal emergency: Audio: Mark Levin interviews Senator Jim DeMint • Government cuts are not really cuts at all • The Cut, Cap & Balance Pledge • Audio: Dick Morris on the War in Wisconsin • Electric cars aren't so green after all • BREAKING DOWN THE GOP DEBATE • Herman Cain on permanent tax cuts and the private sector • Rick Santorum on the economy • Mitt Romney on the economy • All GOP candidates are going after Obama • Newt Gingrich on jobs and what worked with Reagan • Michele Bachmann announces her candidacy • Ron Paul answers: Has Obama done anything right? • Bachmann on Obamacare •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Will Anthony Weiner run for his same seat in the special election? • THE GOP DEBATE CONTINUED • Bachmann on Obamacare and jobs • Romney on Obamacare • Pawlenty pulls back and won't challenge Romney on 'ObamneyCare' • Gingrich avoids insurance mandate question • Annoying moderator keeps mumbling and grunting • Santorum on big issues, fair government and the tea party • Bachmann on the tea party • Herman Cain on common sense solutions • Bachmann on tax rates • Santorum on manufacturing, cutting capital gains taxes • Pawlenty on right-to-work legislation • Gingrich on right to work and the National Labor Relations Board • Rant: Why do people hate Newt so much? • Santorum on TARP, auto bailout • Bachmann on TARP's $700 billion blank check • Santorum on Medicare and the deficit • Romney on the debt ceiling • Bachmann on the debt ceiling • Pawlenty on 'separation of church and state' • Santorum on faith and reason • Ron Paul on faith and politics • Rant: Prayer is free speech • Gingrich on loyalty to the United States • Romney on wings: Spicy or mild? • Bachmann on homosexual marriage • Questions to the panel on the Defense of Marriage Act & Don't Ask Don't Tell •

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Jz said...

To my friend Adam (or whatever your real name is): You don't even VOTE. Your political opinions mean ZERO. I apologize to my listeners and those who happen to read the comments that you've written, because you are meaningless in America. You are a whiner. A typical liberal. You bitch and complain about conservatives; you lie and carry on about the virtues of Obama, but in real life, politically, you are worthless. You criticize what I think, what I believe, what I promote and what I propose on this show but what do you do? You sit and you cry and you moan and you sneer and you blather about US! But do you do anything productive? Anything helpful? Anything that contributes to transforming America into what it once was? Nope, you do nothing. You don't even bother to vote. You are a fool. And no matter how many comments you write under however many different fake names, you will not be published at The Jimmy Z Show™. NOT because you don't agree with me, but simply because you are a worthless bitchy bellyaching sniveler who does not vote. So, you're a goner. Now grouse about that for awhile.