Monday, June 13, 2011


A 'race factor' is always there according to James
Farrakhan on LeBron James, the NBA and the JEWS

Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum: Great interviews
Show No. 105-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • 'Racism' in the NBA: LeBron James does not get a championship • He's no Kobe Bryant, no Magic Johnson, no Michael Jordan • Audio: ESPN commentary: It's an 'absolute fact' that there's always a race factor in the NBA and NFL • The line is blurred - Athletes can never be viewed as humanitarian  • Black entertainers performing for non-black fans • Rant: If this is so bad for black athletes, they should just quit! • Players strike possible in the NBA • LebBron James is taking the backlash because of this blurred race factor • Deemed a failure if you don't win the big game • $14.5 million to play basketball • People are uncomfortable because James wants to switch teams • Audio: Breaking down Louis Farrakhan on LeBron James, the NBA & Jews • Farrakhan going through Jewish names • Playing in the NBA is working on the master's plantation • Rant: If you're an NBA slave, leave • Miami Heat making money off of 'three Negroes' • Farrakhan is either hating Jews, or naming Jews • Owners of teams get rich when athletes play (this is bad you see) • 'Every black man today that's rich, he has friendship with a Jewish person' -Louis Farrakhan • GOP debate coming tonight • YouTube Schmo talks about LeBron: Have you had your 'nigger moment'? • Bringing up playing the face card is insulting • Schmo says Jews are calling Obama Hitler • Charles Barkley on LeFraud James • Jesse Jackson invokes all kinds of slave issues •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • A few comments on Anthony's Weiner • Audio: LeBron James interview on CNN that started it all • Black players in the NBA: 82% in 2009 • NBA hails its own diversity • Writer figures LeBron James stands by what he says no matter how stupid he is • Critics of LeBron are racist • Audio: LeBron predicts at least 8 championships • LeBron is about business, you see • ESPN commentary: Very little effect on LeBron's image • Audio: More commentary on ESPN • Reading: Black protectionism rallies around LeBron James because others dislike him • Audio: Miami Heat players mock Dirk Nowitsky playing with a fever • Audio: Dirk Nowitsky takes the high road • Racist LeBron James: A loser in 2011 • Rant: Anthony Weiner's new pictures: Let him stay! • Obama silent on Weiner • DEBATE PREVIEW (or POSTVIEW) • Tim Pawlenty on Fox News Sunday • Rick Santorum on Meet the Press •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: LeBron James on the 'race factor' of his criticism
Wikipedia: Jalen Rose
YouTube: Farrakhan on LeBron James and Jewish control
Elvis Nixon: GOP debate tonight on CNN: What to watch for
YouTube: Farrakhan on LeBron James (commentary)
ESPN: NBA Finals 2011: Dallas Mavericks trip making life difficult on the Heat
YouTube: Charles Barkley destroys LeBron James
Newser: Jesse Jackson: Dan Gilbert acts like LeBron James is a 'runaway slave'
Bleacher Report: LeBron James and Maverick Carter: Racism a factor in decision
Bleacher Report: LeBron James thinks we're super duper duper racist
NBA: NBA gets high marks for diversity in new study
YouTube: LeBron's interview with ESPN
YouTube: LeBron James predicts Miami will win 8 championships or more
ESPN: LeBron James, manager Maverick Carter: Race played role in media coverage
USA Today: African American community continues to have LeBron's back
Hip Hop Wired: LeBron James says racism played a factor in public opinion
YouTube: Dirk responds to mocking over illness
Huffington Post: Eric Cantor: Dems should push harder for Weiner resignation
Human Events: Weiner is now considering resigning
Fox News Sunday: Interview with Tim Pawlenty
NBC News: Meet the Press interview with Rick Santorum


Jerry said...

What makes me an "anti American"

If, theoretically this country had another revolution/civil war and Obama remained in Power and wrote a new declaration of independence with these words "All BLACK MEN are created equal" (which he WOULDN'T DO--but just for arguments sake)

he would by that act alone prove himself better than Thomas Jefferson, as it would be an honest statement unlike Thomas Jefferson who lied through his teeth when he said "All men are created equal" as the man had no intention of giving all men equal rights. That document meant nothing for Native Americans and Blacks ... It was mainly a propaganda tool to whip up support among the middle and lower classes for the revolutionary war.

Jefferson wrote noble things - that he was against slavery - but he kept over 200 slaves till the day he died. He talked out of both sides of his mouth. If a politician THESE days was that hypocritical, you can be sure he wouldn't be a popular man.

Either way, I have much more in common with Jefferson and the founding fathers than you do. They too were not loyal to the country where they were born. You have much more in common with the Tories. You wish to encourage and in some cases even FORCE allegiance to the flag.

What is a "patriot" of the United States, anyway? Loving ones country? You mean the land? I love the land - some beautiful places here. You mean the people? The generations of people who occupy the land now are definitely not United and more often than not are not WORTHY of anyone paying allegiance too. Conservatives *AND* liberals are both a pathetic bunch. Humanity has taken a nose dive. Why should I be loyal to a country of people I no longer respect?

I bet you think it's the countries IDEALS being what we should pay respect to. We've had a LOT of noble ideals over the years since the founding - but those ideals were born of a lie. All men weren't created equal and this country was not created under god - it was created under the blood of many millions of innocent natives and servants.

Tell me why you want to label me an anti-American and what does that mean? I am not ANTI American ideal -- but we have never reached that ideal or even come close (except during WW2, perhaps) -- the people who occupy this land now don't hold a candle to the greatest generation who fought in that war -- so no - I don't have the respect for America that I would have had under my grandfathers day in the 20s, 30s, 40s.... The people now are not worthy of respect that they were then...

TruthMatters4Me said...

This is the same guy who just posted the "anti-american" comment .. Just using my nickname for now.

Anyway Jimmy, I'm not trying to troll you or get a rise out of you. My final point - It would be wrong for me to expect the founding fathers to be Jesus-like with perfect morals in the time they lived. I very much support the IDEALS they established.

It's just that I've seen a lot of people from your side suggest I'm a traitor and should be hung because they assume I'm really anti-American. I'd like you to explain what you think is wrong with my ideology :

America is only as good as the people leading it at the time and the actions they are undertaking under America's name. I didn't support a lot of wars we got involved in -- but because we're doing it in the NAME OF AMERICA - I would be ANTI AMERICAN to criticize "us" for that. That's so fundamentally flawed ...

There are many things that was done IN THE NAME OF AMERICA that are morally wrong. I think the founders would have rolled in their graves if they knew some of the atrocities committed using the flag of America.

A conservative patriot tends to support America regardless .... A leftist patriot such as myself supports the ideals of America but chooses not to support the notion that all that is done under the flag is GOOD and I don't think we should fly flag in support of morally corrupt actions.

TruthMatters4Me said...

You see people in other countries burning our flag ... Well if we didn't muddy the reputation of that flag electing leaders who do bad things under the banner of that flag - they wouldn't hate it so much!!!

The ideals America was founded on are infallible (except they weren't are are still not conformed to)
=== But when we use AMERICA /FLAG to commit wrongs, we are tarnishing the reputation of those "ideals" and our legacy.

Cain said...


No one’s keeping you here, LEAVE if you don’t have respect for the ideals and people of This Country.

It was who believed in the ideals of This Country who eventually ended slavery and segregation

And by the way, Leftist “Patriot” is an oxymoron.


Jz said...

Let me add: No one wrote "all WHITE men are created equal." When they wrote those words, "all men are created equal", they set into motion events that would free the slaves.

TruthMatters4Me said...

"No one’s keeping you here, LEAVE if you don’t have respect for the ideals and people of This Country. "

I will never *EVER* leave this country. I love where I live. You obviously have no respect for anyone you disagree with in this country either, (which are in the 10s of millions) so why don't you follow your own advice?

You obviously have a reading comprehension problem. I admire the ideals this country was founded on, however hypocritical the people who wrote them were in their own lives.

You really are a fascist -- you are pretty much saying "Respect people like me (conservatives) or LEAVE ... - By the way, I'm more of a moderate - I have some conservative view points - I just do NOT respect the conservative movement or many of the people in that movement. They are hypocritical, dishonest, petty and many are hate driven .

P.s. People like me are HERE TO STAY and MULTIPLY...

People like you RIGHTLY get mad when someone burns the flag (Which is a wrong thing to do - the flag does not represent the twisted ideals of modern conservatives - -
But when someone does something as bad as burn the flag (i.e. carry on illegal and immoral WARS in the name of that flag -- you hoot and holler USA USA, absolutely muddying the noble concepts this countries founders gave us.

TruthMatters4Me said...

"No one wrote "all WHITE men are created equal." When they wrote those words, "all men are created equal", "

Jimmy, that's dishonest at best. They didn't write "All white men are created equal" but they might as well have. True equality didn't happen till after the 60s and the people who have been pushing for equality in the mid to late 20th century were labeled as PROGRESSIVES and SUBVERSIVES by conservatives. The Lincoln Republicans were the only ones to ever do the G.O.P. any honor. Lincoln was a good man and HE is the one who set in motion everything it took to end slavery. You think he got his morals over the hypocritical words Thomas Jefferson wrote nearly 100 years earlier? I think not...

Jefferson wrote about the evils of slavery but didn't do anything to cut down or stop owning slaves (Over 200) till the day he died. That is some DAMN twisted Morals. Do as I say, not as I do - the American conservative MOTTO.

TruthMatters4Me said...

"And by the way, Leftist “Patriot” is an oxymoron."

Don't even presume , jerk ...

You think showing loyalty to America is wrapping yourself in the flag and supporting ANYTHING America does , just because it's America...

Again, America is only as good as the leaders who are making the decisions at the time in the name of USA... Just because I'm not one of those guys who goes USA USA USA everytime we drop a bomb on some people (Vietnam for instance) doesn't mean I'm not a patriot. Your blind enthusiasm for any American cause - Good or bad - will some day lead to the violent destruction of Humanity ....

But just so long as you good Christians end up killin them EEEVIL librals and muuuslims, it's going to be alright by you!

TruthMatters4Me said...


If you are going to make accusations against me: Quote what I said that is so Anti-American -- You obviously have a reading comprehension problem as I said the opposite that you accused me of -- I said that I respect American IDEALS -- just that we haven't lived up to them, despite the slow progress we HAVE made. We've also backslid faster than moving forward.

Jz said...

There's nothing dishonest about it at all. The fact is, they wrote 'all men'. They didn't give it a caveat. If anyone should be upset with them it would be women, but we got that straightened out too.

TruthMatters4Me said...

"The fact is, they wrote 'all men'. They didn't give it a caveat."

That's not the final point. What they wrote and what the founders DID were two different things.

Alas , we finally made it but not because of any effort on Papa Jefferson and company to attempt to affect any true change in equality of all men during their time. Perhaps what they wrote DID influence people on down the line who had enough courage to actually CHANGE things. The people who actually wrote those noble words seemingly lacked the courage of their own conviction. Otherwise Jefferson would have dumped the slave ownership the moment he realized slavery wasn't humane.

Otherwise they would have given indentured servants, blacks and Indians the same freedoms their white contemporaries had. (Oh and women too)

Oh well ..Either way, done with this argument. Nothing else can be said -- What I said here is the truth.

Jz said...

A silly, circular, repetitive and shallow argument. The fact is that without that document that those founders wrote, we might have a slave culture to this day. They deserve your thanks, not your ignorant derision.

TruthMatters4Me said...

I actually respect what the founders DID do for the country ...I'm glad they did what they had to to defeat the fascist British empire.

I'm sorry you think it's a shallow and silly argument to point out the simple truth though -- the fact that Thomas Jefferson wrote that "All men are created equal" and also wrote about how barbaric slavery was, yet he did nothing to change his own dependance on slavery.

The point is - that these incredible men who helped shape our country were flawed individuals, not God's saints that some "patriots" make them out to be. I like where I live yet I don't believe in forced and petty allegiances to a flag. (The flag is your KING) Especially a flag under which many atrocities just as bad as the Nazi genocide of Jews were committed.

Sorry, but I don't limit myself to only reading revisionist history books that sugar coat our past and make light of mass murder that was committed as a justifiable side effect of "progress" ...

The fact that I accept these things makes me an enemy to many on the right for some reason. Some on your side (perhaps you, yourself) think I should be hung as a traitor for DARING to have such "radical" views. That kind of forced allegiance fascism is what puts you in line with the Torry's and I believe with all my heart that the founders would have fought against such attitudes if they were around today.

Goodnight Jim.

Jz said...

Everyone is a flawed individual. Making that statement is meaningless. But this statement reveals your very immature view of history, and how much you DO NOT know about the founding of the nation:

"the fact that Thomas Jefferson wrote that "All men are created equal" and also wrote about how barbaric slavery was, yet he did nothing to change his own dependance on slavery."

You're looking at the man through the eyes of someone hundreds of years later. You have no concept of the time. The fact that he wrote about it does not require him to have freed his slaves. Where would they have gone, douchebag? Jefferson: "oh no! Leave those Negroes alone - I freed them!" Are you completely and utterly daft?

No, you're just young and you've been ill prepared for understanding in your time in the ravaged public school system.

TruthMatters4Me said...

"and how much you DO NOT know about the founding of the nation:"

I've read a lot about our history ... The fact that ole Chris Columbus came over here and wiped out millions of Arawaks just to steal their gold ...He was as bad as Hitler as far as genocide goes.

I know that millions of black slaves were murdered or died from the brutality of slavery or just the shipping over here like sardines in a can.

I know that we (our white American ancestors) stole millions of acres of native American's land , raped their women, and committed mass genocide many times worse than the Jewish Holocaust ...

How is that immature? It's just a brutal reality they don't teach you in sunday school.

America is doomed -- we have too much blood on our hands and the chickens are about to come home to roost. I hope to God that the Muslims don't take us over, as they have a brutal and evil history as well... I do know that Karma is going to exact a brutal toll on America ... Perhaps the Native Americans and Blacks will inherit these lands after the ash settles - would be a just ending considered they've paid for it many times over and deserve these lands much more than "US" ...

TruthMatters4Me said...

"Where would they have gone, douchebag? Jefferson: "oh no! Leave those Negroes alone - I freed them!" Are you completely and utterly daft?"

You're the douchebag .. I suppose Honest Abe should have thought like you " Where will these people go -- They have no where to go so why should I free em" ...

"No, you're just young and you've been ill prepared"

I wouldn't PRESUME if I were you. You are way out of your league.

Jz said...

You truly are a product of the revisionist history you've been taught through the years.

Jz said...

Now you want to talk about Abe Lincoln? Which is it? Jefferson or Lincoln? Because there are decades between them. So, if we're talking about Jefferson, I asked you a question. If we're talking about Lincoln, I guess I should say 'checkmate' on your Jefferson crappola. Your pick.

TruthMatters4Me said...

I was responding to your point that "the negros would have had no where to go" .. That's kind of silly - Society would have been no more accepting of a free black man in Jefferson's time than in Lincoln's ...Actually, society was probably LESS receptive and accepting of a free black man in Lincoln's time as racism and negative views toward the black race had another hundred years to become ingrained in society ... Jefferson could have freed them if he wanted and if money wasn't of higher concern than morality to him.

Anyway enough of this. Go back to your sugar coated history books that only give the BAD ASPECTS a tiny footnote. I'll stick with the real deal.

Jz said...

I'll take the truth over your revisionist hatred for America - any day. The fact is, Jefferson was one of the men who set the freedom of slaves into motion. Considering how slowly such things happen, the fact that it did within about 80 years is quite something to be proud of. But you choose to hate over it. Why? Because of the indoctrination you have received. Far better to be educated and happy, don't you think, instead of indoctrinated and pissed off? See ya.

TruthMatters4Me said...

I don't hate Jefferson over it .. settle down ; I was just trying to rattle some cages and get some fierce debate going. It's been too quiet around here since I've been gone ;)

I'm not pissed. Twas all for show ... I do recognize our history is not as rosy as many of our textbooks paint it. I didn't read any hatred toward our founders from Zinn, despite how I came off.

Later Jimbo... Dinner's ready.

TruthMatters4Me said...

Care to explain how Howard Zinn's "A people's history of the United States" is revisionist history? like I said, other historians don't dispute his facts...Even conservatives historians don't (including the guy who wrote "A patriot's history of the United States in response to Zinn's famous book) The only thing in dispute is the fact that Zinn doesn't spend a lot of time going over the many good things America has done. Plenty of history books cover the good stuff.

Anyway, I like ya Jim .. Just don't lie. It might stir up some resentment ;) .. Seriously - You wouldn't be able to find anything factually incorrect in a peoples history even if you wanted to.


Jz said...

Quite pleased to in fact. It doesn't take years of study to smell revisionism from miles away.

"Zinn told one interviewer that he had set "quiet revolution" as his goal for writing A People's History. "Not a revolution in the classical sense of a seizure of power, but rather from people beginning to take power from within the institutions. In the workplace, the workers would take power to control the conditions of their lives." Perhaps it is we who should begin a quiet revolution of our own, and take back the power that Howard Zinn has to tell America's story."

Jz said...

You've been had. I knew it, now you know it too.

TruthMatters4Me said...

Actually Jimmy...If you really knew me and knew how I like to look at all sides of an issue, you would realize the only person who has been had here is YOU...

By the way, I enjoyed the "Bettina Esser" critique of Zinn that you linked. Not sure how you consider Bettina Esser the be-all-end-all debate on Zinn's work but if things are that simple for you to come to conclusions on, more power to ya.

She did have some good points. Especially the idea that it's GOOD TO HAVE a solid balance on historical viewpoints. Sorry Jimbo, You haven't nailed me yet. I'm not one of these college dopers who only rely on Zinn.

TruthMatters4Me said...

I do respect Esser's perspective...She's very educated and points out some drawbacks to only relying on Zinn - which leads to slanted worldview.

"I have no problem with students reading Zinn, as long as they have the time and equal support to read other material. One doesn't have to read the entire book to get the picture, and one should not be required to buy it and dissect it like a homiletic text. There are other books on the market that offer alternative points of view and create balance. "

You seem to imply that that Zinn lies in his book. (makes up history) ...Esser didn't even suggest that -- I don't think she would have said the above if that were the case.

Jz said...

You're done here. Move on.