Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Outrageous: Romney is responsible for gay marriage
Prayer ban at a Texas high school overturned

Pelosi's interview on Face the Nation last Sunday
Show No. 102-2011

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Opening • Obama is losing his cool with youths • MITT ROMNEY: MASSACHUSETTS' RINO GOVERNOR • Tea Party Express' Amy Kremer already say they'll support Romney • Audio: Short clip of Amy Kremer • Audio: Mitt Romney believes in man made Global Warming • Audio: Rush Limbaugh comments • Romney answers Planned Parenthood questionnaire in 2002: Support Roe v. Wade? Yes • Audio: Ann Barnhardt on Romney • Reading: Romney was against same-sex marriage in 2007 • Reading: The US has gay marriage because of Mitt Romney • Homosexual marriage is still illegal in Massachusetts • Latest Palin poll: Only 23% believe Palin is qualified • Generic ballot shows GOP a few points ahead of Obama • Audio: Richard Gere thinks Obama has done 'extraordinary job' • Alec Baldwin considering run for Mayor of NYC • Breaking down Nancy Pelosi interview on Face the Nation • Verge of a double-dip recession • Pelosi and the Democrats added over $3T to the debt in two years • Pelosi doesn't want to talk about past •

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Opening • ANTHONY WEINER UPDATE: HE'S A GONER • Fully naked picture exposed: This is a US Congressman? • Weiner constituent on the radio says she doesn't care how sick Anthony is • Flirting is cheating • Audio: TV talk hosts in Rhode Island giggling over Weiner(s) • Continuing Nancy Pelosi interview on Face the Nation • Obama 'has improved the situation from what it might have been' • Nancy Pelosi says she cares about what the American people want • Debt and deficit soared under Nancy Pelosi • THE 600th SHOW!Flash-back to Jimmy Z's debut, January 17th, 2009 • Commentary by Jimmy Z 3 days before the Obama inauguration • Glenn Beck's Pay Per View show online • THE TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION PRAYER BAN • Irreparable harm • Audio: Fox News report • Freedom of speech includes prayer • Federal court overturns the ban • Audio: Fox News covers the court reversal of the prayer ban • Audio: Agnostic family refuses to attend graduation • Audio: Intro to Ms. Hildenbrand's Valedictorian speech •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Atlantic Wire: On college campuses, Obama's not cool anymore
Fox News: Tea Party group to back any GOP nominee, including Romney
NY Daily News: Mitt Romney, GOP Presidential hopeful, says global warming is real
YouTube: Mitt Romney believes Global Warming is man-made
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh: Say bye-bye to the nomination Mitt Romney
Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney's conversion
Citizens4Freedom: Mitt Romney, go home
YouTube: Ann Barnhardt: Romney go home
NY TImes: Romney's tone on gay rights is seen as shift
AFA: Bryan Fischer: The US has gay marriage because of Mitt Romney
Rasmussen: 49% see Romney as qualified to be President, less confident of others
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Generic Presidential Ballot
YouTube: Richard Gere: Obama's done an 'extraordinary job'
Popeater: Alec Baldwin 'wouldn't rule out' run for NYC mayor
YouTube: Alec Baldwin to daughter: 'You're a thoughtless little pig'
YouTube: CBS News: Nancy Pelosi blames unemployment on Boehner, GOP
Newsmax: Glenn Beck launches subscription site
Fox News: Federal judge prohibits prayer at Texas graduation ceremony
YouTube: Prayer banned from Texas graduation
Fox News: Federal court lifts ban on public prayer at Texas high school graduation
YouTube: Court allows prayer at graduation
YouTube: Angela Hildenbrand full speech


John said...

I think what I'm hearing today makes my point that I guess I didn't make in my comment on yesterdays show.
I like Palin. I believe she loves our Nation. I do not like all that she has done. You have made that case very well IMHO.
Romney is a far greater concern than Palin is. He would not be much of an improvement if any to Backtrac Obama...
We don't need the president to create jobs. We need the president to get out of the way!
Pelosi laughing stock! Would be funny if it wasn't so sadly true...

Jz said...

I agree with you. My only problem with Palin is that she does not attract any independent, moderate and democrat votes. That's a big problem. I don't believe she can win. The surveys seem to bear that out.

Then we come along some of the statements she's made, and that makes it tougher for her to win, even IF she was right about the footnote in Paul Revere's history.

I want to win. That's all. I think Palin would be a much better president than Obama, and that's not the best compliment anyone ever gave the woman.

Beverly Huffman said...

just remember JZ, Sarah Palin has not announced she is running, I tend to believe that her numbers reflect that, I also think if she announces a run, she will lead the pack, at least if in fact LTC Allen West does not change his mind.

Jz said...

Neither candidate is generating a lot of support outside of their conservative base, and Allen West doesn't have the name recognition that Palin has. Popularity within the conservative base does not translate outside of the base - at least not yet, and hasn't for a year for Palin.