Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The President will speak at La Raza conference
Obama: ICE to be more lax with illegal immigrants

Jon Stewart on FNS says he doesn't have an agenda
Show No. 110-2011

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Opening • Jon Huntsman: The next John McCain • Audio: AP News report • Huntsman is pro homosexual civil unions • Audio: Huntsman's announcement • Audio: Joel Skousen on Jon Huntsman, RINO • Audio: Fake TV ad for Jon Huntsman • Announcement publication blows the spelling of his name • Barack Obama about to endorse homosexual marriage? • Bill Keller on homosexual marriage and Obama • Newsweek article from 2008: The Bible is ok with homosexual marriage • God's template for marriage: Adam and Eve • The Bible is both DEscriptive and PREscriptive • God & Jesus are way beyond our politics • How faith and politics are approached by liberals and conservatives • Homophobia and Southern Baptists • Audio: Jon Stewart says that Fox News is a 'propaganda delivery system' • Audio: Breaking down Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday • Media bias not toward a liberal agenda • Rant: When the purpose is political commentary, there is an agenda •

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Opening • Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday continued • Denies being an activist with his comedy • Rant: Political comedy that is bi-partisan from Jay Leno • Audio: Richard Jeni's brilliant bit on political left and right • Diane Sawyer report on SB 1070 in Arizona • Misinformed Fox Viewers: Does this means that Fox is misinforming people? • Talking about Obama's administration • Jon Stewart says the conservative movement has be relentlessly activist for 40 years • Rant: Over the past five decades the left has been changing America, not the right • McCain says illegal aliens may be responsible for Arizona fires • Rant: Illegal aliens are not supposed to be here • Obama tells ICE to soften it's approach with illegal immigrants • La Raza suggested the new rules • Obama to speak to La Raza Conference in July • Obama took an oath to be president • Rant: Illegal aliens should be going home • Call the USGA regarding NBC's edit of the Pledge of Allegiance • Please donate to the union battle in Wisconsin • Stimulus data shows that Obama accomplished squat •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama Ambassador May Be GOP Wild Card in 2012
YouTube: Huntsman: 'Today I'm a Candidate' for President
YouTube: Jon Huntsman - another useless GOP presidential candidate
Radio Liberty Home Page
YouTube:A Common Sense Campaign for America
ABC News: Huntsman Campaign Launch Begins Day with Misspelling of His Own Name
Live Prayer: Newsweek Proclaims that Gay Marriage is Biblical
Newsweek: Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy
Life Site News: A June surprise: Is President Obama about to endorse gay marriage?
Associated Baptist News: Mohler says Baptists must repent of homophobia
YouTube: Jon Stewart vs. Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday 6/19/2011
AP: McCain under fire for blaming blazes on immigrants
Daily Caller: Immigration Border Rules | White House
JS Online: Where Obama will and won't speak
The Presidential Coalition: Donate to Wisconsin fight
Investors Business Daily: Did Obama Really Prevent A Second Great Depression?
Philly.com: N.J. Senate passes health care, pension bill


Brian(Robot) said...

I was a bit surprised to hear you play a piece from Radio Liberty. I know Dr. Stan personally. I listen to his show occasionally and he is a "truther" as are several of my other friends.

He sometimes has good guests like Mr. Skousen and other times he has some goofy one's.

Dr Stan is from the Santa Cruz area


Jz said...

Thank you for the information. I felt a little suspicious when I read the synopsis on the Google search. But the info on Huntsman seemed to be upright. I don't want to delve into trutherism, but that one bit about Huntsman was illustrative I think of the problem we have in the GOP. Thanks again.

Brian(Robot) said...

When it comes to political and Christian issues, Dr Stan and the vast majority of his guests are dead on.