Thursday, June 2, 2011


As Egypt falls to Sharia, we have Obama to thank
Oklahoma City pharmacist guilty of murder:

Shot and killed armed robber in store, 16
The Jimmy Z Lesbian Chat Room story, circa 1992
Show No. 098-2011

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Opening • The issue with Weiner: His politics are worse than his lewd pictures • Weiner's voting record • As Egypt falls to radical Islam, we have Obama to thank • Audio rewind: Jimmy Z reading Dick Morris in February: Obama is losing Egypt • Audio: Dick Morris on saving Israel • Palin bus tour update • SarahPAC treasurer's odd and humorous description of her goal • Trump and Palin's Pizza summit • Audio: The Jesus Christ Show: Holy Host explains why God forces no one into Heaven

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Opening • Jimmy Z rock block • The Jimmy Z Lesbian chat room story • Audio: Dick Morris: Goodbye to mortgage interest deductions? • THE OBAMA ECONOMY IS FALLING • New jobs creation drops significantly • All indicators dropping off the charts • The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Ray on Bono • Audio rewind: Idiot Bono and his spew about automatic weapons being used in Mexico • Oklahoma City pharmacist found guilty of first degree murder • Shot armed robber, 16 •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
American Thinker: Weinergate: Distasteful, but now a public issue
On The Issues: Anthony Weiner voting record
Human Events: Egypt rushes toward Sharia and war
Dick Morris: Obama is losing Egypt
The Jimmy Z Show: Thursday, 3 February 2011
YouTube: Morris TV: Saving Israel
Washington Post: Sarah Palin readies bus tour amid 2012 speculation
The Politico: Sarah Palin goes behind enemy lines
LA Times: Donald Trump: Sarah Palin would 'love me to get back' in Presidential race
YouTube: Donald Trump talks 3rd party candidacy
The Jesus Christ Show home page
KFI AM 640: The Jesus Christ Show
Wikipedia: The Spice Girls
YouTube: Dick Morris: Goodbye mortgage interest deductions
CNBC: Horror for US economy as data falls off cliff
CNBC: Employment: Job cuts continue but down 21%
Bloomberg: ADP: US added fewer workers in May
LA Times: Bono in Mexico chastises US for weapons that arm the drug cartels
Google search: Pharmacist guilty of murder
Daily Mail: Self defense or murder? Pharmacist gets life sentence
YouTube: LIfe in prison for shooting armed robber


John said...

A lot packed into the show today!
Loved the bit from the JC show! Gonna try and connect with it next time. 9 hours time diff!
I have a lot I want to comment on, but limited time... Will send latter! Thanks for all you do Jim!

Jz said...

If you go to the KFI link, you can listen or download at least 5 or 6 weeks of the JC Show.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

It appears from the video that it was actually the kid that got away, was the one with the gun. It looks like the kid who got shot, did not have the gun.

However, even if that is the case, there was a gun, and such would have sent any normal person into survival-mode and could have viciously angered a person. --Both of which, I believe happened in this case.

I believe that the pharmacist, who was once a military man, went into survival-mode and that his anger went sky high. --Yes, he appears to be totally calm, but that could have simply been his military background.

He clearly was no longer in survival-mode, when he got the other gun and shot the kid numerous more times. It seems to me that he had a calm, but extreme anger that was driving him at that time. At that moment, that man was in combat with the enemy. He was keeping a cool head, while his anger emotions were leading him.

It is an atrocity that he is now facing life in prison, for basically, being human. He had a human reaction to dealing with having a gun pointed in his face.

The fault lies with the two boys, even the one who appears to not have had a gun (this is because he was party to his friend who used the gun.)

If anything the surviving kid, the one with the gun, should be held responsible, because it was due to that gun that was pointed at the pharmacist, that caused the outcome of the other kid's death.

But nonetheless, the pharmacist's actions were caused by the kids' actions and justifiably, and he should not spend a day in jail.

I have a suggestion for those family members. Raise your children right and they won't get shot, holding up a pharmacy. duhhh!!!!

I'm not happy the child is dead, but there are certain laws of the universe, things that happen, if you do this or that. And if you and your friend hold up a store, at gun-point, you do run the risk that someone behind that counter, might just be trained in dealing with an enemy.


John said...

I agree with Debra's take... Sad story but life has choices and consequences...