Friday, July 1, 2011


Navy and Air Force still flying strikes over Libya
Obama breaks federal law, grants $80k to ACORN!

Oil prices back to before Obama tapped reserves
Show No. 116-2011

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Opening • Christian conservatives and Glenn Beck • Mormonism vs. Christianity • Glenn Beck talking about God • Very basic differences between Mormonism and the Bible • Audio: Clips from the World View Weekend video that upset the 'Christian' conservatives • Is it not time to understand what Glenn Beck believes? • Examples of odd-ball religions and New Age philosophies in Beck's book • More clips from the World View Weekend video • Beck's god is not THE God • Faith and politics are inextricably woven together • Threads with over 60 comments deleted by Beverly • Striving not to offend Mormons • Rant: We're talking about speech here, words that offend people so much the words must be stopped • Audio: Bill Handel's detailed explanation of the Obamacare appellate decision • Bush appointee • Government can make you buy health insurance • 6th circuit court: The commerce clause can control anything it wants • Inaction is action • Supreme Court can do anything it wants with the Commerce Clause • Air Force and Navy still flying hundreds of strikes in Libya

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Opening • Music: '(We Didn't Send You In Just To) Ride On The Wave', Jimmy Z • Audio: Mark Halperin calls Obama a 'dick' • Was it more offensive to viewers, or more insulting to Obama? • Rant: If Obama was behaving like a dick, it wasn't an insult - it was descriptive • Palin a bitch or Ingraham a slut? Poor comparisons by Obama supporter • White House calls it inappropriate • Jentezen Franklin: We have to honor Obama • Things we Christians ought not call Obama • Defining 'dick' • White House Press Secretary Jim Carney • Is my Michelle Obama song inappropriate? • Music: 'The Ballad of Michelle Obama', Jimmy Z • Audio: LA County and The Muslim Brotherhood • Hillary Clinton opens formal communication with The Muslim Brotherhood • ACORN groups changing their names • HUD hands money to ACORN group • Ban on federal funding of ACORN violated by the Obama administration • ACORN's close ties to Obama • $13.2 million increase to HUD • Fed investigators exposed more fraud • Inspector General calls for more investigations • Contact information for GOP chairs in House Committees • The Obama economy • Stimulus had little impact on boosting the economy • Oil prices already back to where they were before Obama released oil

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
World View Weekend: Glenn Beck's New Book Reveals He is mixing Mormon & New Age
Facebook: Jimmy Z removed from Facebook group for discussing Mormon issue
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel on Obamacare appellate decision
Air Force Times: AF, Navy still flying Libya missions
YouTube: Morning Joe: Mark Halperin calls Obama a DICK on live television
YouTube: Morning Joe: Mark Halperin calls Obama a DICK on live television (comments)
The Politico: Mark Halperin apologizes for Obama gaffe
Daily Mail UK: Mark Halperin suspended indefinitely for insulting Obama during live TV debate
Walid Shoebat: LAPD Infiltrated By Muslim Brotherhood
Commentary Magazine: U.S. Recognizes Muslim Brotherhood. Will Hamas Be Next?
The American Spectator: Obama Gives New Grant to ACORN; Did He Violate Federal Law?
Judicial Watch: JW Probe: Obama’s HUD Violates ACORN Funding Ban
House of Representatives: Committees list
Speaker of the House: John Boehner
CNBC: Fed's Massive Stimulus Had Little Impact: Greenspan
CNN Money: Oil prices: back to before the strategic reserves were tapped


Keith Katsikas said...

Your Anti-Mormon show on Friday was just totally over the top. I never thought I would say this about you, but you really ARE a hater. You have a twisted view of Mormonism and Christianity. Though you believe you're telling the truth, your "truth" comes from years of being mislead and confused by anti-Mormon rhetoric spewed openly on the pulpit by wicked preachers. Any church that preaches hatred toward another church or a group of people is wicked and seriously needs to step back and reevaluate themselves. I once had a great deal of respect for you. We became great friends and worked well together. I loved your show and wanted to help you grow and you wanted to help The RIGHT Movement grow. We were friends! But then you discovered that I was mormon and almost immediately the table turned. It is YOU who are not a true Christian because you haven't even a fundamental understanding of Christianity, let alone, Mormonism. Perhaps if you studied the King James Bible and compared its verses with Mormon Doctrine (there are official books on the subject that do exactly that) perhaps you would become enlightened to some truths you think are crazy. On the other hand, perhaps if you went to the source ( or, who knows... perhaps A MORMON) and figured out what Mormons REALLY believe instead of trusting anti-Mormon writers and speakers, then you'd realize that 85% of what they say and write is total fiction, and the 15% that holds some truth is spun into something far less than accurate. I have little doubt that you will delete this post the instant you see it, so I don't hold much hope that your listeners will have a chance to read it, however I do hope that you will read it and possible come to terms with the thought that just maybe, you could be wrong about something, and you should do some REAL research before talking bullshit!

Jz said...

I know Mormons won't like it - I can't avoid the Beck/Romney/Huntsman Mormon issue anymore - not and be true to my faith. If anyone has "years of being misled" to deal with, it would be followers of the teachings of Joseph Smith.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

Keith, you are seriously messed up.