Friday, July 29, 2011


Black Middle Class is eroding in Obama's America
Gridlock is a good thing, compromise is a bad thing

The Tea Party should be run like the Boy Scouts
Show No. 134-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Overview: The debt ceiling debate • Obama to blame? Or the Republicans to blame? • The Super- Committee • Charles Krauthammer, Allen West and Dick Morris say this is the best we can hope for • Audio: Jimmy Z report on The Super- Committee • Clips from  John Boehner on Rush Limbaugh, talking about the 'joint select committee' • The Super- Committee could propose higher taxes quite easily • Emphasis: How the 12 member committee is put together • 'New legislative body' sounds unconstitutional • Reid and Obama are not supporting the Boehner bill • Business as usual • Rant: The only option Obama had was to put the country in $3 trillion more debt • If you were a debt counselor, what would you tell the US government? • Immense pressure on freshman conservative House members • Boehner ads Balance Budget Amendment to his compromise bill • Black middle class taking a beating in Obama's America • Audio: Fox News report • Audio rewind: Dick Morris on the black support for Obama • Reading: BET article on continuing black support for Obama • Obama losing some support on the jobs issue • Reading: Star Parker doesn't think black support for Obama is race-based • Black church attendance: Depends on what kind of church they're going to • 'Many blacks still don't want to be free and accept the responsibilities' --Star Parker • Audio: Good ol' Jeremiah Wright • My response on Star Parker's blog • Audio: Bill Cosby on voting for Obama • Rant: Why the Tea Party needs to be run like the Boy Scouts of America • Audio: John McCain's 'Hobbit' insult of the Tea Party • Audio: McCain with Sean Hannity • (A big thank you to Gary at for the links to the sound-bytes of McCain and Hannity's interview)

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'My Buddies the Bloods', Jimmy Z • Audio: Black YouTube schmo goes after 'Obamba' and 'Taylor Smith' • Explaining the song and the YouTube clip • Rant: Obamba lost respect from that guy • Audio: Hannity with John McCain, part two • McCain says he'd put his fiscal record up against anyone, Tea Party or non-Tea Party • My position: Gridlock is a good thing • Audio: Caller to KFI talk about who they blame for the impasse • Rant: One caller can't believe the debate has turned into politics • Rebecca says it's Bush and Cheney's fault • Two presidential terms - 10 years • Obama is not to blame • No details on Obama's plan because he doesn't have a plan • Jeff blames Congress, says the Tea Party should compromise • Rant: Our goal is not to shut the government down, it's to stop spending • We have to face this battle • Audio: White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley on Obama's secret plan • The story of the 'Obamba' tribe in Africa • Audio: Dick Morris says Obama is owned by the left • Reading Ray's email • Audio: Jay Carney: We have to take action •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Jimmy Z: Consider the 'Super Committee' & Forget the Debt
The Hill: Support shifts as Boehner adds balanced-budget amendment
Fox News: African-American Middle Class Eroding As Unemployment Rate Soars
YouTube: Dick Morris: Finally, Now Obama Gets the Blame!
BET: Barack Obama Losing African-American Support Over Economy
Urban Cure: Star Parker: Why do blacks still let Obama off the hook?
YouTube: McCain Mocks The Conservative Mentality
Fox Nation: Hannity Shoot-out With McCain Over Tea Party 'Hobbit' Smear
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel: Callers say who they blame for the debt ceiling impasse
YouTube: CNN: WIlliam Daley: Boehner & Obama haven't spoke
YouTube: Carney: If We Have No Other Alternative We Will "Take Action"


Webmaster said...

Jimmy Z,

Thanks for the attribution on Freedom is Knowledge's contribution to your show's audio links yesterday.

You and I and many others are the New Internet Media that provides a lot of the information that anyone can quickly study on what’s going on around them. We do this so in the end conservatives can make an intelligent decision on running the “Republic” based on our similar values. And we work out of our homes, for God sakes!

For instance, my conservative site has hundreds of links for daily news postings near the top of the homepage, which is so easy to find. From Christian based news to conservative news, and then onto pure secular news, it’s all there in a click of the mouse. And previous news is archived by category so people can study trends.

This 69-year old Webmaster, running a conservative Web portal, has done all the research on major conservative news sites so that busy families don't have to take the time to find them.

Sometimes I think that so many Americans have become self-involved with their own importance that they think they're the only society on earth with intelligence. Yet they don't get how the rest of the world is seeing them as elitist fools, simply relying on tiny daily talking points and calling it intelligence as if passed around by lightning bugs that fly from here to there for an instant in time then gone.

In the end it really isn't the fault of liberals and progressives wanting to keep people stupid so they can run the show. It's that too many Americans actually seem to let them put on a leash; "Turn this way. Wait, no that way.” “Move on, nothing to see here."

I am putting a video up that will blow your mind on what could be the intelligence of some American voters. I knew it was bad out there, but I didn't know it was actually stupid-bad out there.

Hopefully it will be up Monday. I will let you know. It makes the woman who said Obama would pay her rent and fill her gas tank as if from Harvard. Wait, that may not be a good analogy.


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