Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Glenn Beck oversteps with Hitler Youth comment
Why Obama insists on raising the debt ceiling so high

GOP revolts against Boehner's compromise plan
Show No. 132-2011

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Opening • Wrongheaded: Glenn Beck likens Norwegian socialist youth camp to Nazi Hitler Youth • The youth camp was not a kind of summer camp • Kimberly's Facebook comment: 'Easily compared to Nazi Hitler Youth' • Wikipedia article • Audio: Glenn Beck ties socialist camp in Norway to Hitler Youth • Linking Norway mass murderer to Islam • Good Muslims and bad Muslims according to Glenn Beck • Rant: Where are the 'reasonable' Muslims speaking out against the radicals? • European cities being overrun • Right and left in Europe is fascism and communism • Audio: YouTube Schmo: Dr. Jim Garvin goes off on Congress and President Obama • Rant: Republicans are doing a better job than I thought they would • Why Obama does not want to revisit the debt ceiling issue again before the election • Newsmax articles: Obama may use default to punish the GOP • Audio: Mark Levin: The President doesn't borrow money, Congress does • Law professors encouraging Obama to operate against the Constitution • Rant: Now that we're all complaining, what should we do? • Audio: Limbaugh on 'an increasingly lawless president' • Audio rewind: Obama talking to La Raza • Boehner and McConnell plans include a 'super congress' or 'super committee' • Huffington Post details the 'super committee' abilities and powers • Audio: Limbaugh talks about what John Boehner told him about the 'super committee' •

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Opening • Music: 'Gone', Jimmy Z cover of Madonna tune • Audio: Limbaugh starts his show this morning talking about 'our petulant and inept President' • We're just not into you Obama • New poll show Obama losing ground with democrats, African Americans • Obama's base is crumbling • Obama focusing on 'balanced approach' to appeal to independent voters: Obama is campaigning, not negotiating a debt deal • Audio: Obama bits and pieces in keyword montages • Obama talks again about the 'expensive' prescription plan • Keeping your money in the form of lower taxes is 'government spending' we cannot afford • Obama concerned about high debt and deficit • Both parties are to blame • Corporate jets, oil companies, rich people like Obama • Rant: Why didn't Obama give up his tax breaks? • 'No way to run the greatest country on earth' • Obama dropping his hands on the podium over and over again • Audio: John Boehner's comments on the debt ceiling debate from Monday • Boehner mentions the 'super congress' • GOP revolts against Boehner's compromise plan • Problems with the 'super committee' • Editorial: Obama does not want to visit the national debt again before the election • Audio: Obama talking about setting aside personal grievances • Rant: What God is he asking to bless America? • Audio: Chris Matthews, David Korn and Howard Fineman discuss the GOP and the debt ceiling debate •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Daily Mail UK: Norway shooting: Glenn Beck compares Anders Behring Breivik's victims to Hitler Youth
Wikipedia: Workers' Youth League (Norway)
LA Times: Norway attack: Youth camp official played dead to survive shooting
YouTube: Beck: Youth Camp Attacked In Norway "Sounds A Little Like The Hitler Youth"
YouTube: Glenn Beck`s Hitler Youth Camps
Facebook: Norwegians suffer terrorist one-two punch
The Moderate Voice: On Crime and Punishment: Shining A Light On Norwegian Prison Sentences
YouTube: Are you kidding me? A regular guy comments on the Debt debate
Newsmax: Reid, Democrats Back Down on Tax Demands in Latest Plan
Newsmax: Judd Gregg: Obama Can Punish GOP with Default
Weekly Standard: Obama: Borrow $2.4 Trillion—Roughly What We Borrowed During WWII
Mark Levin Show: Listen on Demand
Huffington Post: 'Super Congress': Debt Ceiling Negotiators Aim To Create New Legislative Body
Rush Limbaugh: Where We Stand: What Speaker Boehner Told Me This Morning
Commentary Magazine: Our Petulant and Inept President
Washington Post: More Americans unhappy with Obama on economy, jobs
LA Times: New polls confirm Obama's Democratic base crumbles
YouTube: President Obama Addresses the Nation on Dangers of Default
YouTube: John Boehner's republican response on debt crisis
Washington Times: House GOP revolts against Boehner plan
Real Clear Politics: Obama: "Set Personal Grievances Aside For The Greater Good"
Times Dispatch: Budget talks: President 'No'
Real Clear Politics: Matthews: GOP Sounds Like Apartheid Era Whites In South Africa


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