Wednesday, July 6, 2011


WH: Spread the sacrifice and spread the prosperity
Glenn Beck and family attacked in New York park

Obama could bypass Congress to raise debt ceiling
Show No. 119-2011

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Opening • The feral cat update • My two cats • Indoor cats and outdoor cats • The difference between dogs and cats: Dooty • Keith, Mormonism and forming partnerships • Finishing up Keith's comment • Hatred and wickedness • Keith predicts I would delete his comment • Comment from Canada: Kel on Obama and Canadian oil • Obama tries to stop a Texas execution • Diplomatic representation • May put American citizens arrested abroad in jeopardy • Foreign lawyers and the UN seek to create a new layer of death penalty appeals • 'They want to create so many hurdles that it is impossible for America to carry out the death penalty' • Audio: WH Press Secretary: Spread the sacrifice, spread the prosperity • Audio rewind: Obama on redistribution of wealth • Nutjob threatens to kill the president over two months • Obama, democrats consider White House bypass of congress to raise the debt ceiling • More information on Joplin, Missouri and how you can help • Stimulus cost: $278,000 per job • Stimulus is actually causing the economy to shed jobs over the last six months • New Presidential candidate: Thaddeus McCotter • Audio: McCotter speaking •

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Opening • Music: 'America Rising', Jimmy Z • Audio: Dick Morris: Early polls matter • Audio: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Face the Nation • Training 'displaced' workers • Spending tax money • Political malpractice • Audio: The GOP and Jeff Landry block Obama recess appointments • Rant: When the GOP does something right, get on the phone and let them know • Jimmy Z Comment Line • Ed Azner • Disrespecting female candidates • Jeremiah Wright • Glenn Beck and family attacked in New York park • I believe this is a true story; there's no reason for Beck to make this up • Anyone who knows how liberals behave on the internet will not doubt Beck's story • This is a scary story actually • Comment from liberal beneath the video • Audio: Liberal kid roars his hate for Glenn Beck • Bold and brave liberal mob mentality •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Jimmy Z Show: Friday comments, Keith on Mormonism
Facebook: Comment from Kel
YouTube: Ezra Levant - Ethical Oil - part 1
Guardian UK: Obama tries to stop execution in Texas of Mexican killer
Daily Caller: Lawyers protest Gov. Perry for not haulting execution
Breitbart: WH: Americans Want Something that ‘Spreads the Sacrifice and Spreads the Prosperity’
NY Daily News: Man Hospitalized After Threatening POTUS
CBS News: Will Obama bypass Congress on debt ceiling?
Wikipedia: Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
Huffington Post: Chuck Schumer: 14th Amendment Option 'Certainly Worth Exploring'
Reboot Congress: Rush Limbaugh Visits Joplin as the City Begins to Rebuild
Weekly Standard: Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job
ABC News: $278K per Stimulus Job? White House Says No
ABC News: Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter Set to Launch Presidential Campaign Saturday
YouTube: Thaddeus McCotter Address to 2011 RightOnline Conference
YouTube: Dick Morris: Early Polls Matter
CBS News: Antonio Villaraigosa on Face the Nation
My Daily Soapbox: US Congressman, Jeff Landry Presides Over House, Blocks Recess Appointments
Jeff Landry, Congressman from Louisiana
YouTube: Glenn Beck claims he and his family were attacked in NY park during outdoor movie

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