Monday, August 1, 2011


SonlitKnight on GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell
Marco Rubio's stand-up floor speech in the Senate

Speaker Boehner's Powerpoint presentation to the GOP
Show No. 135-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Monday salutations • Some thoughts on the debt deal • The bigger issue: Mitch McConnell will be majority leader for the Republicans • Audio: Rush Limbaugh overview on the debt deal • No tax increases • The Bush Tax Cuts may or may not be extended • The CBO score includes the end of the Bush Tax Cuts • Articles claim the Tea Party won big • Defense takes a major hit • Credit rating will be downgraded • The 'super- committee' will look for revenue if the Bush Tax Cuts are extended again • Obamacare tax increases still there • Jimmy Z overview: We have one of three houses in Washington DC • Obama was going to decide to default or not • This could be a true compromise • The 'super- committee' make up • Audio: Michele Bachmann's Greek rhetoric • Americans have had it with this debt debate • SonlitKnight on Mitch McConnell and the coming Republican majority • Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have been great for Democrats • What Boehner should have said • Rant: Let's stop these temporary tax cuts •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'O-ba-ma Ba-ba O-ba-ma', Jimmy Z • Audio: Marco Rubio on the debt debate (Friday) • What goes on in DC is normal • Democrats have not offered a budget • Obama's absurd budget • Obama quotes on raising the debt limit • Short discussion/ debate with John Kerry • Downgrading • Regulatory and tax reform • Wishes he could really compromise • On saving America • Rant: Marco Rubio is the kind of conservative we need to fill Washington DC with • Reading: John Boehner's Powerpoint presentation to the Republicans in the House • Some of the things the debt deal accomplishes • How the Balanced Budget Amendment plays into the plan • Some more about the 'super- committee' • White House is still ready to use the Bush Tax Cuts • Audio: Sen. Lee from Utah talks about the deal • Audio: Breaking down Obama's comments after the deal was struck • Raising the debt ceiling in one fell swoop vs. cutting a pittance over 10 years •  The rich have been 'exempt' and must 'kick in' • Obama is dark cloud over the US economy • The White House fact sheet • The Hill: When a cut is not really a cut • Audio: Woman on Youtube upset over increased prices at Netflix

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
US News: Debt Deal Puts Off Hard Choices for Now
Rush Limbaugh: Home page
UPI: President and Tea Party win big, the national interest be damned
Washington Post: White House, GOP already fighting over fine print
Human Events: Obama Calms the Left Vowing to Revisit Tax Hikes on the 'Rich'
CNBC: US Stocks Fall After ISM, Euro Zone Fears Return
CNS News: Bachmann: Debt Limit Deal Means ‘We Embrace Being Greece’
MSNBC: 10 signs the double-dip recession has begun
YouTube: Sen. Rubio: "Save the Whole House or It Will All Burn Down"
Scribd: John Boehner's Powerpoint presentation to the House
Chicago Tribune: For Obama, Bush tax cuts shadow further debt talks
CNN: Sen. Lee threatens to filibuster debt ceiling vote
Obama for America: 2012 | The President's message on the debt agreement
White House: Fact Sheet: Bipartisan Debt Deal: A Win for the Economy and Budget Discipline
The Hill: When a cut is not a cut
YouTube: What Should I Do?: The Netflix Price Increase

1 comment:

Jim McMahon said...

I agree with you Jimmy. Marco Rubio is smart, articulate and truly loves America. In my opinion, he has to be one of, if not THE best member of Congress. He would make an excellent President. It's a damn shame he's not constitutionally elible to be POTUS. He was born in 1971 and his father didn't petition for U.S. citizenship until 1975. And as everyone knows, BOTH parents must be at least "Naturalized" citizens at the time of your birth for you to be considered "Natural Born."

And we can't have another usurper illegally occupying the Oval Office.