Friday, August 5, 2011


CNN's Bashir attacks Tea Party as potentially violent
Al Gore wants a middle east style revolution in America

Poll: Americans support enforcing immigration laws
Show No. 139-2011

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Opening • Fullerton City Councilwoman supports not naming the police officers involved in the beating • Audio: Television reports from racist Wisconsin State Fair attacks • Both reports avoid stating that black suspects were beating whites specifically • Audio: Union workers boo and jeer Gov. Scott Walker • Deep fried butter?! • Cursing out the unions, screw 'em • Obama's time is over • Reading: Business Insider article about the racially motivated attacks • 15 year old boy beaten, kicked, stomped on • The difference between black people and n-words • Audio: Hysterical bit by Chris Rock: Black people and niggaz • Rant: Chris Rock's definitive difference • 'It ain't us it's the media' • Don't feel false guilt: It's ok to laugh • Rant: Don't emotionalize politics • Bobby Jindal speaks about 'hating' Barack Obama • 'President Obama loves this country' he says • Audio: Martin Bashir on CNN assaults the Tea Party with a psychiatrist • Portion of Maureen Dowd's column in the New York Times • Psychiatrist: Goals that can't be achieved • Rant: Cutting spending is 'unachievable' • Likening the Tea Party to children who throw tantrums • 'Could potentially become a violent movement' • Rant: If anyone is going to become violent, it's going to be the left • Liberals always project what they are doing onto conservatives •

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Opening • Food stamps, now EBT cards, are accepted at fast food restaurants now • Food stamps are your tax dollars • Audio: E-Trade baby commercial parody • Obama approval drops with independents, moderates and conservative democrats • Audio: Al Gore says the US needs an 'American Spring' • 'An American version of Tahrir Square' • Olbermann: Liberals are 'angry' • Audio: Fox News 'The Five' talking about Al Gore • Rant: A former US Vice President is calling for a Tahrir Square revolution in America • Audio: Some idiot has the same birthday as Obama • Audio: Obama at his birthday fund raiser sounds plastered • Audio: Jay Carney looking for a silver bullet • Audio: Donald Trump with Greta Van Susteren • In Minnesota the Republicans won by standing their ground • Rasmussen Poll: Americans favor immigration law enforcement across the board • Audio: NRA News interview with Rep. Darrell Issa on the gun running scandal •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KFI AM 640: John & Ken interview Fullerton Councilwoman
YouTube: RAW: WI State Fair turns violent, arrests made‬‏
YouTube: Black Racist Obama Supporters Attack Innocent Whites At WI State Fair
YouTube: Police Investigating Multiple Beatings Near State Fair Park‬‏
Fox 11 (Wisconsin): State Fair protesters against Gov. Scott Walker
Business Insider: Dozens Of Black Youths Attack Whites At Wisconsin State Fair
YouTube: hris Rock - Black People Vs Niggaz (VULGAR LANGUAGE)
The Politico: Bobby Jindal urges caution on Obama in RNC speech
Newsbusters: Bashir Brings on Addiction Expert to Analyze Tea Party: 'Could become violent'
Weekly Standard: MSNBC Host, Guest Consider Whether Tea Partiers Are Addicts, 'Delusional'
NY Times: Maureen Dowd: 'Washington Chain Saw Massacre'
We The People 911: Jack In The Box Now Accepting EBTs
LA Times: California Welfare Casino | Welfare aid cards valid at casinos
YouTube: E-Trade Baby Loses Everything
CNS News: Gallup: Obama’s Approval Hits All-Time Lows With Independents, Moderates & Consv Dems
Real Clear Politics: Al Gore: "We Need To Have An American Spring"
Fox News: Al Gore Calls for 'American Spring'
YouTube: BarackObamadotcom's Channel
YouTube: Barack Obama is 50 years and says "Yes we can"‬‏
Fox News: White House Shifting Blame for Slumping Economy?
Fox News: Trump: Obama Made U.S. Laughingstock
National Policy Institute: POLL: Record Support for Arizona-Style Immigration Laws
YouTube: NRA News: Rep. Darrell Issa on Latest Fast and Furious Hearing

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