Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Obama, Perry, Rove, Santorum, Carney & 
...Dean on Rick Perry and the Fed
Obama says that he has it tougher than Abe Lincoln

Ron Paul would not step in if Iran attacks Israel
Obama's Magical Misery Tour buses made in Canada
Show No. 148-2011

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Opening • Rush Limbaugh mentions the Obama entourage video • Audio: Counting the vehicles in the Obama entourage in Iowa • Obama's buses aren't likely green • Audio: Counting the vehicles in the Obama entourage in Minnesota • Audio: Rick Perry on Fed transparency • Jay Carney warns Rick Perry about Fed comment • Rant: Rick Perry already has the White House responding • Audio: Obama cuts Rick Perry some slack over military comments • Audio: Rick Perry responds to Obama: Action speaks louder than words • Audio: Rick Santorum says Rick Perry stepped on it a couple of times; DC is not Austin • Audio: Howard Dean says Rick Perry could be giving Mitt Romney the advantage • Karl Rove on Perry and the Fed • Sidebar: Karl Rove's criticism of Christine O'Donnell: We need conservatism & intellect • Audio: Karl Rove on Rick Perry's comments • Obama Magical Misery Tour buses made in Canada • Audio: Jennifer Donohue: It's over for Mitt Romney • Rasmussen survey: Perry at 29%, Mitt Romney at 18% • Rant: Prosperity and Christianity • Audio: Life Today: James Robison with Rabbi Daniel Lapin • Israel, America and Christianity •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Part Two of James Robison's interview with Rabbi Daniel Lapin • Music: 'The Magical Misery Tour' • Sore back update • How to get the 'Obama Sucks' ring tone • Obama says he has it tougher than Abraham Lincoln • Boehner criticizes Obama's bus tour and lack of new ideas for creating jobs • Congressional Black Caucus tired of defending Obama • Audio: Maxine Waters talking with black voters in Detroit about not putting pressure on Obama • CBC is running cover for Obama: Black unemployment is much higher than the national average • Gerard DePardieu takes a leak in the plane • Audio: Jon Stewart wants Ron Paul to get more media attention • Audio: Ron Paul wouldn't step in if Israel were attacked by Iran • Audio: Dick Morris on London riots and class warfare in America •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama entourage leaving Decorah 8/16/11
YouTube: Obama entourage in Minnesota @ Zumbrota Ford
Real Clear Politics: Perry Doubles Down On Fed: "Open Up And Be Transparent"
National Journal: White House Warns Perry Should Watch What He Says
Real Clear Politics: Obama To Perry: "Be A Little More Careful About What You Say"
Real Clear Politics: Perry Responds To Obama: "Mr. President Actions Speak Loud Than Words"
Real Clear Politics: Rick Santorum To Rick Perry: "We're Not In Texas Anymore"
Real Clear Politics: Howard Dean: "Ruthless" Bush Team "Going To Take Perry Out"
Talking Points Memo: Karl Rove Piles On Rick Perry: Bernanke Line 'Not A Presidential Statement'
NY Post: President Obama on Midwest tour with bus made in Canada
Real Clear Politics: N.H. Political Analyst: "It Is Over For Mitt Romney"
Rasmussen: GOP Primary: Perry 29%, Romney 18%, Bachmann 13%
Life Today: James Robison with Rabbi Daniel Lapin
The Daily Caller: Abe Lincoln | Barack Obama | Federalists | Presidential Critics
The Daily Caller: Obama Bus Tour | John Boehner | Speaker of the House
Washington Examiner: Black caucus: Tired of making excuses for Obama
YouTube: 08.16.11: Rep. Maxine Waters - Criticizing Obama + the Black Community
E Online: What a Pisser! Gerard Depardieu Urinates on Plane
The Daily Show: Ron Paul & the Top Tier - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 08/15/11
YouTube: Ron Paul? "I'm Trying To Change The Course Of History"

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