Thursday, August 11, 2011


The socialists' attack on the Electoral College
Who needs Barack Obama talking about Jesus Christ?

Homosexuals want Bert & Ernie to be 'allowed' to marry
Show No. 144-2011

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Opening • Democrats doubt Obama can win re-election • Republican debate tonight • Is Sarah Palin avoiding the debates on purpose? • Obama is not left enough for the Democrats • Music: 'Barack the Magic Negro', Paul Shanklin • Audio: Rush Limbaugh's new motto: Resist we much! • Black journalists are upset with Al Sharpton getting a TV talk show • Audio: Chris Matthews slurs Rush Limbaugh over integration in the military • Liberals upset and frustrated over Obama's poor performance • The Jay Carney Audio Bytes Review: Crazy Things Jay Says • Long list of excuses for the economy not creating jobs • The House GOP is 'incredibly juvenile' • Economy has 'vastly improved' since Obama becamse President • Obama has led in the fight against debt • Unemployment benefits could create up to 1 million jobs • Audio: Mitt Romney responds to Obama campaign plans • Rant: Romney did what our GOP nominee must do: Avoid the personal attack and zero in on Obama's record • Rant: Since Obama is not a Christian, why would we want him to talk about Christianity?

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Obama says that 'Islam has always been a part of our American family' • Obama likes the Ramadan Inn more than the Holiday Inn • Obama observing Rama- Lama- Ding Dong • Commentary on Obama and Islam from counterterrorism expert • With a new President, the secretaries of various departments are gone • The Leftist Attack On the Electoral College • California signs on to the popular vote movement • Presidential popular vote is unconstitutional • Editorial calls for the end of the Electoral College • Commentary at the Weekly Standard • Audio: Sarah Palin commercial for her bus tour • Audio rewind: Sarah Palin speaks out in support of John McCain • Audio: Bert & Ernie on Sesame Street • Petition to 'allow' Bert and Ernie to get married • Children's Television Workshop responds to the petition • The difference between homosexuals and fags • Sick stuff, seeing homosexuals in puppets • Audio: Bill Press on the 'super committee' • Audio: Judge Napolitano says the 'super committee' is unconstitutional • Audio: Bill O'Reilly: The riots in London could be a warning to us • Audio: Dick Morris previews tonight's debate •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Telegraph UK: Democrats doubt Barack Obama's reelection chances
YouTube: Barack the Magic Negro - Paul Shanklin
Rush Limbaugh: The Reverend Sharpton Reports
Newsbusters: Matthews' Shameless Smear: Rush Wants to End Integration of Schools and Military
Real Clear Politics: Tapper Peppers Carney: What Is Obama Doing To Create Jobs?
Real Clear Politics: Carney: House GOP Acting "Incredibly Juvenile"
Real Clear Politics: Carney: Economy Has "Vastly Improved" Since Obama Was Sworn In
Real Clear Politics: White House's Carney: Obama "Has Clearly Led In" Fight Against Debt
Real Clear Politics: Carney: Unemployment Benefits Could Create Up To 1 Million Jobs
Real Clear Politics: Romney Responds To Obama Campaign: "It's Going To Get Real Ugly"
Real Clear Politics: Obama: "Islam Has Always Been Part Of Our American Family"
Newsmax: FBI Has Mixed Views of Obama Administration
San Francisco Chronicle: California joins move to revamp Electoral College
LA Daily News: Equal vote: It's time for the US to move away from  Electoral College
Weekly Standard: California Joins Popular Vote Charade
Real Clear Politics: Sarah Palin Ad For New "One Nation" Bus Tour
YouTube: Classic Sesame Street - Ernie And Bert - Shopping List
CBS 2 Los Angeles: Group Pushes To ‘Let Bert And Ernie Get Married’ On Sesame Street
Huffington Post: Sesame Street Response To Bert And Ernie Marriage Petition
Real Clear Politics: Bill Press: Is The Bipartisan Super Committee Constitutional?
Wall Street Journal: Republicans Choose Deficit-Panel Members
YouTube: Unconstitutional Super Congress Slipped Into Debt Ceiling Deal
Real Clear Politics: O'Reilly: Will Violent Class Warfare Break Out In America?

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