Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Commentary & Analysis: Rioting & Looting in London
GOP retains control after union recall in Wisconsin

Brilliant Al Sharpton commentary: Resist we much!
Show No. 143-2011

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Opening • Watching an old western on TV: Terror in a Texas Town • Interest rates give stocks a rise yesterday but another big drop today • Commentary and analysis: The Riots in London • The riots are not about the police shooting a black gang member • Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron • What happens in America with a Conservative president and Republican majorities in the Senate and the House? • Time to bring in the military and consider martial law • Photos of looters being published in newspapers • Twitter refuses to shut down rioters' accounts • Freedom of expression • Twitter defends itself 'irrespective of any view we may have about the content' • Audio: Heartbreaking ABC Nightline report on rioting in London • Rant: I hate looters • Gun control keeps the British from being able to defend themselves • Iran's Ahmadinejad calls for the UN • Audio: Limbaugh: Why the London Riots are Happening • BBC reporter talking with rioters • It's about the rich • How rioting might break out in the US • 'There is no happiness in socialism' • Audio: Brilliant Al Sharpton commentary on MSNBC

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Opening • Music: 'Blue Suede Show', Jimmy Z • Feds consider renting out foreclosure property • Bank in Texas calls it quits over regulations • Newsbusters down temporarily • Audio: George Will defends the Tea Party from accusations of terrorism on ABC This WeekThe Wisconsin Recall Elections • Republican retain control, liberals lose • Government workers should not be unionized: Take the job or not • Rant: Public school teachers unions have ruined me on teachers • Audio : Fox News report on Wisconsin recall elections • Democrat says 'this is about the people', but it's about the unions • Audio: MSNBC: Pep rally style election coverage in Wisconsin • Ed Schultz makes accusations of vote shenanigans without any proof • Democrats, not Republicans, commit voter fraud • Environmentalists want enemies to die • Fullerton Police update • Police refuse to discuss incident with investigators • Audio: KTLA 5 report on the latest • Rush Limbaugh agrees with 'Resist we much' as well • Audio: Jim DeMint on Geithner's prediction that we would never lose our AAA credit • Audio: Great rant by Rick Santelli: Without the Tea Party our credit rating would be BBB • 

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
BBC: London rioters: 'Showing the rich we do what we want'
Guardian UK: UK riots: Iran calls on UN to intervene over 'violent suppression'
ABC News: Violent Riots Rage Through London
The Sun: SHOP A MORON: Photos of looters and rioters
Daily Mail UK: UK riots 2011: Spooks on the trail of BlackBerry Messenger ringleaders
Daily Mail UK: UK RIOTS 2011: Manchester and Midlands burn but London is 'under control'
Rush Limbaugh: London Liberals Riot Against "Conservatives" and "Rich People"
Breitbart: Greatest Al Sharpton Clip, Ever
AP: Gov't considers turning foreclosures into rentals
Wall Street Journal: Fed Up: A Texas Bank Calls It Quits
Conservative Byte: George Will Confronts MSNBC pundit who Compared Tea Party to Terrorists
Fox News: Wisconsin GOP Holds Off Democrats in Recall Elections
Breitbart: MSNBC Delivers Shameful Pep Rally Election Coverage
Newsbusters: Environmentalists to Civilization: Drop Dead!
LA Times: KTLA 5: D.A. sees no signs of 'intentional killing' by Fullerton police
Real Clear Politics: Obama On Credit Downgrade: Our Problem Is "Lack Of Political Will"
Real Clear Politics: Sen. DeMint: No American President More Anti-Business Than Obama
YouTube: Rick Santelli Rant: We'd be rated BBB without the Tea Party

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