Friday, August 26, 2011


CA Dream Act will give tax payer money to illegals
Now comes the big push to normalize pedophilia

Illegals will get CA college grants instead of citizens
Show No. 155-2011

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Opening • Overview of today's big show topics • The move to normalize pedophilia • California Dream Act would give public funded college grants to illegals • Reporting Robert on Facebook to the FBI • Insinuated threat to Obama • The White House Insider passed around again • Boasting about guns and ammo • Man from the South says the South is ready to rise again • Threats to Obama, me and the FBI • Robert is a bad example of conservatism • Reading: 41% of Republicans would not vote for Sarah Palin • Obama spent millions at Yahoo and Google to promote Obamacare • Musicians, environmentally protected materials and the Lacey Act • Piano importer almost went to jail for wrongly filled out paperwork • US Congress amended the Lacey Act in 2008 • THE CALIFORNIA DREAM ACT • Audio: John & Ken coverage • Gil Cedillo,  California legislator working for illegals from Mexico • Citizens will take a back seat to illegals for college grants • Arnold Schwarzenegger would never sign this 'Dream Act' • LA Times article • Rant: I don't care if CA is flush with cash, illegals don't get a penny • Audio: Message I left for Gil Cedillo • CA voter's information guide: Democrats tout college tuition rates under Jerry Brown in 1975 •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Clip 2 from John & Ken • Gil Cedillo's focus is always handing money to illegal aliens • I don't care how someone got here illegally: No such thing as 'through no fault of their own' • Even Democrats can't believe they want their tax dollars to go to illegals before their own children • Chancellors are giving away tax money to illegals while the state is broke • Rant: Americans cannot allow Democrats to destroy California: It's time you got involved • This is La Raza • Why doesn't Gil Cedillo work in Mexico to improve life for Mexicans? • Cedillo is guilty of treason • This hurts the middle class the worst • Tuitions and fees skyrocketing and they're handing tax payer money to illegals • Audio: Message left for Gov. Brown • Audio: Richard Hernandez says we must pay for illegals to go to college • THE PUSH TO NORMALIZE PEDOPHILIA • The book on the NJ reading list had a lesbian scene with a 31 year old woman, and a 13 year old girl • Fox News column by Dr. Keith Ablow • Moral judgment and psychiatry • The APA made homosexuality normal in 1973 • Elvis Nixon article • Homosexuals have been pushing for normalized pedophilia for years • Ruth Bader Ginsberg co-wrote a report recommending the age of consent be lowers to 12 • Children should be allowed to express themselves sexually • NAMBLA • Coming up Monday: The Topless rally in Asheville, NC • The protesting topless women are never worth seeing topless • Couple of phone calls • Bill Handel's show uses the 'Genital' song •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Facebook: White House insider claims race wars are planned (Bogus blog post)
Facebook: Cathy: Woman defended Robert's threats and rants
Facebook: Robert: Insinuated - at least - a threat to Obama
The Politico: Sarah Palin out for two-fifths of Republicans, poll finds
Klein Online: White House spent millions to sell Obamacare on Yahoo, Google
Wall Street Journal: Guitar Frets: Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear
WRI: Is Your Company Prepared for the Lacey Act? (2009)
KFI AM 640: John & Ken: California Dream Act and Gil Cedillo
KFI AM 640: John & Ken: California Dream Act coverage
LA Times: California Dream Act one step closer to reality
Wikipedia: Jerry Brown, Governor of California twice now
Voter Guide: CA Voter Information Guide November 2, 2010
LA Times: California plunges to bottom in new business creation
MultiAmerican: Will the second part of the California Dream Act become law?
YouTube: California Dream Act Passes Assembly
Fox News Radio: School Reading List Includes Lesbian Sex, Gay Orgy
Fox News: Paving The Way For Condoning Child Rape
Elvis Nixon: Leftists Normalizing Pedophilia
World Net Daily: Bunch of boobs! Police accused at GoTopless event
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel: Handel on the News 8/26/11

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