Friday, August 12, 2011


Glenn Beck predicts havoc, race riots and
...a president's assassination
Ranting about radio hosts that ply fear mongering

Tough questions from Fox News are appropriate
Show No. 145-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Listening to Andrea Shea King last night on Ghostfighter • Fox News should be hard on everyone, including the GOP candidates • Riffing on candidates debating each other and Obama • Ron Paul won according to Ron Paul supporters • On Gingrich and marriage • Glenn Beck, fear mongering and adrenalin • Beck making gloomy predictions on his show • Audio: Andrea Shea King talks about Beck endorsing Michele Bachmann (His first endorsement was Ron Paul) • The importance of defeating Barack Obama in a landslide • Audio review: Allen West, the debt deal and standing strong on principle • Rant: Allen West was wrong and Michele Bachmann was right • Andrea Shea King talks about Beck predicting race riots • Audio: Glenn Beck talks about the coming race riots and assassination • People were predicting similar things for the 2010 elections • Comments on my Facebook thread: Jimmy Z called 'delusional' • Deja vu: Glenn Beck is the 'only one' trying to wake Americans up • Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia speaks in church last Sunday (Part 1) •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'He Lies', by Jimmy Z • Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia speaks in church last Sunday (Part 2) • Comparing Nutter to Sharpton • 'Resist we much' • Reading: Press release on the Mayor's website • New curfew and enforcement of law in Philadelphia • Parents to be held criminally responsible • Rant: Glenn Beck's fear mongering does a disservice to politicians like Mayor Nutter • Audio replay: Glenn Beck predicts race riots and assassination • Rant: Beck is entirely irresponsible • Happenstance that I was made aware of Beck's predictions on his show • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Ray, Robert, Rick and SonlitKnight • Obama talking about Islam • Jay Carney's comments • Rick talks to teachers about the coming spending cuts • Rant: Teachers talking tough • Buyer's remorse over Obama • Secret Service and Biden's conflict of interest • McCain calling Tea Party caucus 'Hobbits' • Norway mass murder • Providing ammunition for the left to use against us •

1 comment:

Brian(Robot) said...

I think that if B.O. loses, there will be riots. Not necessarily "race" riots, but the usual collection of quota-blacks and Anarchists-Communists will riot, claiming "vote fraud", "racism" etc.

I seriously doubt the riots would be as big the London riots, but I'm betting there will be riots if B.O. loses.