Saturday, August 6, 2011


Battleground states are turning into red states
DeMint and Bachmann call for Geithner's resignation

Instant conspiracy theory for SEALs in Afghan crash
Show No. 140-2011

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Opening • Call from Ray regarding Sen. Chuck Schumer • Audio: Chuck Schumer taunts Houston, Texas regarding space shuttle for display • Radio station in Houston calls Schumer's office • Jimmy Z calls Schumer's office • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z: Obama's defeat will be Reaganesque • Carter vs. Obama on the economy • Disguising true economic numbers • 137,000 unemployed people disappear • 10 reasons Obama is in serious trouble • Credit downgrade • Government cuts in reality decreasing spending increase • Cutting everything 8% achieves the goal • What President Knight would do • Feds spend quarter-trillion the first day of debt ceiling increase • Bush factor gone • Is Obama failing on purpose or is he inept? • Liberals turning on Obama • Swing states in play • The American people know the economy is worse • Battleground states becoming Red states • Obama's polling numbers crumbling • The economy gives Obama an enormous defeat •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • JIMMY Z ROCK BLOCK • 'Obama Sucks' by Jimmy Z • 'Obama bin Lyin' by Jimmy Z • Navy SEALs die in helicopter crash • Conspiracy theorists jump right onto the story • News information verifies that the SEALs involved in the crash were not those who captured and killed bin Ladin • If you are distributing news online, you are a journalist • Discouraged democrat voters • Vicious attacks on Republicans to come in 2012 • What Republicans are going to have to do in January 2013 • Unemployment • Private sector growth has not be happening • Panic coming to Democrats • Obama's 'hippity hop' party at the White House • Obama speaking with a bunch of people sitting behind him • Breaking down a bit of Obama' latest 'jobs speech' • 'Singular focus' • Total net new jobs Obama created: 17,000 • Obama declares 'we are going to get through this' • Breaking down Obama's weekly address • 'Washington lives within its means like families do' • 'Put politics aside' • Again with putting construction workers back to work with government money • Jimmy Z: 'He speaks feces' • Jim DeMint and Michele Bachmann call for Tim Geithner's resignation • Rush Limbaugh: There aren't enough rich to close the deficit •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Sen. Charles Schumer: Contact
YouTube: Q Zoo Morning Zoo Houston: Calls NY Senator Chuck Schumer's office about Shuttle
Ham Sandwich 4 Prez: Ham sandwich vs Obama: 10 definitive evidences that Obama is in very serious trouble
USA Today: Beneath jobs report surface lie some ugly truths
Shut King: Bin-Laden Navy Seal Hit Team - Killed Today - Set Up By President Obama?
AP: SEALs killed in Afghan crash on rescue mission
YouTube: President Obama Announces Jobs Initiative for Post 9-11 Veterans‬‏
YouTube: Obama Weekly Address - 8-6-11
Yahoo News: Fox News website calls Obama’s birthday party a ‘Hip-Hop BBQ’
Daily Caller: DeMint calls for Geithner’s resignation in wake of credit downgrade
YouTube: Michele Bachmann Calls on President to Demand Geithner's Resignation
Rush Limbaugh: There Aren't Enough "Rich" to Tax
Daily Mail UK: IRS: Not enough rich to cover the deficit « Don Surber

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