Tuesday, August 16, 2011


SonlitKnight: We can run a ham sandwich against
...Obama in the 2012 election
Obama Ag Secretary: Food stamps are a stimulus

Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Face The Nation
Show No. 147-2011

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Opening • Sore back • Obama's bus tour is the result of the Tea Party • Latest Rasmussen numbers show Obama deeper into negatives • Congress should investigate the Obama bus tour: Why are the tax payers footing the bill? • Audio: Obama's bus tour is a campaign tour • Obama blaming Congress and talking re-election • Audio: Rick Perry on Obama and jobs • Audio: Jay Carney explains why the taxpayers are paying for this campaign bus • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z: Latest Rasmussen survey • Taxpayers and Obama's bus tour • We can nominate anyone to run against Obama • Obama has 4% strong approval from independents • Hillary not running in 2012 • Ham sandwich vs. Obama • Rick Perry was a democrat and worked with Al Gore • This country needs a repudiation of Obama, Democrats and socialism • Music: Someone else recorded 'The Magical Misery Tour' song parody! • Music: 'Obama Sucks', by Jimmy Z • Audio: Obama confronted by Tea Partiers during the bus tour • Audio: Obama explains why Americans would be mandated to buy health insurance • Obama's sound bytes are the same talking points over and over again • Audio: Immigrants upset about finger prints that lead to deportation of illegals

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Rick Perry on the Fed and printing more money • Agriculture Sec. says that food stamps are stimulus • Audio: Chris Christie: America needs a leader not afraid to take risks • Grocery store unions and grocery store pensions.  Pensions! • Audio: Obama will have an economic plan in September • Audio: Great Romney commercial about Obama • Audio: Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Face The Nation • Debbie refuses to answer the question • Americans are 'appreciative' of Obama's hard work • Unemployment up and food stamp users way up, but Debbie says Obama 'inherited' a huge problem • Contrasting Obama's job nationally with Perry's job in Texas • Audio: Jesus Christ Show on Mega-churches • Romney notes the 'Magical Misery Bus Tour' • Shocking interview with brother of the man suspected of killing his two year old daughter: 'He was a good father'

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Politico: $2.2 million for Secret Service's new armored buses
YouTube: Fighting words from the president
YouTube: Obama Bus Tour Touting 'Job Creation' On Taxpayer's Dime
YouTube: Obama's Magical Misery Tour song parody
YouTube: Obama's bus tour slams into Tea Party wall
YouTube: Obama: Individual Health Insurance Mandate 'Should Not Be Controversial'
Texas Tribune: Court Rules Against Individual Health Care Mandate — Attorney General's Office
YouTube: President Obama How we can put Americans back to work right now
ABC News: Protesters demand end to fingerprint sharing program 'Secure Communities'
OC Register: Meeting today on controversial immigration program
Real Clear Politics: Rick Perry: Federal Reserve Acting "Treasonous"
Real Clear Politics: Obama Ag Secretary Vilsack: Food Stamps Are A Stimulus
Real Clear Politics: Gov. Christie: People Want A President Who Will Lead, Take Risks
Real Clear Politics: Obama Will Announce Specific Economic Plan In September
Gallup: Obama's Weekly Job Approval at 40%, Lowest of Administration
Real Clear Politics: Mitt Romney Ad: Minnesotans Slam Obama Economy
Real Clear Politics: Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Obama In "Good Shape"
KFI AM 640: The Jesus Christ Show: Living your sacrifice 8-14-2011
The Jesus Christ Show Website
ABC News: Obama Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low in Gallup Poll
New York Post: Mitt Romney mocks President Obama 'Magical Misery Tour' of midwestern states
KTLA 5: AMBER ALERT: Amber Alert Cancelled After Father, Toddler Found Dead
My Fox 40: AMBER ALERT: Brother of Amber Alert Suspect Blames the Court System
CBS Sacramento: Brother: Man Driven To Brink By Brutal Custody Battle
News 10:Family of Amber Alert victims blames mother for death of father and daughter
News 10: Family blames mother for death of father and daughter

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Kelly from Canada said...

Great - another Honor killing. I'm surprised the mother was spared. Crime appears to go up during Ramadan. I wish it could be explained.

Two guys were caught slaughtering a sheep to celebrate this holiday - in a Toronto park- at night, two weeks ago.