Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sen. Cornyn: Gun scandal goes all the way to the top
Obama calls kid calling for higher taxes 'well informed'

Rep. Joe 'You lie!' Wilson vindicated by health law
Show No. 149-2011

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Opening • A few thoughts about Christine O'Donnell • Stock market down again; Obama is still President • Audio rewind: Maxine Waters talks about President Obama not visiting black neighborhoods • Maxine Waters with black preacher organ • 'Unemployment is unconscionable' • Audio: Louis Farrakhan says the soldiers are the terrorists • Sad rape and sexual harassment statistics from NPR • Illogical conclusions of Farrakhan • Fast & Furious gun running scandal update • Audio: Sen. John Cornyn with Laura Ingraham on the investigation • How much did Eric Holder know? • Cornyn: 'It goes all the way to the top' • Back pain and back exercises • Audio: Ed Schultz cuts the tape and smears Rick Perry • Audio: Ed Schultz with yet another apology • 'Big black cloud' of debt said to be Barack Obama • Audio: Al Sharpton says Rick Perry is 'swift-boating' Barack Obama • Audio: Michael Steele says Sharpton is 'taking it too far as usual' • Sidebar: Typical story tools of television cop shows • Comment from Obama fan on YouTube video • Audio: April 2011: Ed Schultz says Obama is one of the smartest presidents we've ever had • Rant: Obama the freakin' genius • Ed Schultz: The Republicans are racist • Audio: Obama in front of a corn field and a tractor, talking about how much he loves America •

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Opening • Reading Dick Morris: Obama's ratings will continue to fall • Ron Paul says that Rick Perry makes him sound like a moderate • Audio: Obama says college kid who says wealthy should pay more for Social Security 'well informed' • Rant: Why there's a cap on the Social Security tax • Not well informed, he's well indoctrinated • Pajamas Media article disappears • CNN interview with Obama: Talking about terrorism • Chris Christie said to be considering running for president • Audio rewind: Jimmy Z reading transcript of Tea Partier Ryan Rhodes talking with Obama in Iowa • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks with Ryan Rhodes on his show • Audio: Heckler at Romney appearance illustrates the difference between liberals and democrats • Audio: Joe Wilson says he was right when he yelled out 'You lie!' • Democrats argue with the White House over campaign funds for 2012 • The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Kel and Robert • Jefferson did not hold an Iftar dinner • Thoughts on Ron Paul • Audio: The Jesus Christ Show: Caller's fiance died in an auto accident •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Real Clear Politics: Top Black Dem: "We're Supportive Of The President But We're Getting Tired"
YouTube: Farrakhan: American Soldiers Not Fort Hood Shooter Are Terrorists
NPR: The Nation: The Plight of Women Soldiers
LA Times: ATF promotes supervisors from border gun operation
YouTube: Fast and Furious Agents Promoted by Obama Administration; Gunrunner Promotions
Contact Senator John Cornyn, Arizona
Contact Representative Darryl Issa, California
Examiner: MSNBC's Ed Schultz edits video of Gov. Rick Perry to smear him as a racist
Huffington Post: Ed Schultz Apologizes For Rick Perry Error: 'It Was A Mistake'
YouTube: NBC Anglophobic Al Sharpton - Perry Said Black Cloud - Resist We Much!
YouTube: How Texas 'Hangman' Rick Perry is Trying To 'Swift-Boat' President Barack Obama
MrcTV: NBC News Lets Sharpton's False Racism Implication Against Perry Stand
Newsbusters: Ed Schultz: 'The Republican Party Stands For Racism'
Newsbusters: Corn Field/John Deere Backdrop 'I Love America So Much': How Dare We Claim Misery Tour Political?
Yahoo News: Ron Paul: Rick Perry makes me look moderate
Real Clear Politics: Obama Calls Young Man "Well Informed" For Saying Wealthy Need To Pay Fair Share
Pajamas Media: Obama Hints That The Biggest Domestic Terrorist Threat Is Not Islamism But Right-Wing Americans
CNN: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
CNN: Transcripts: Wolf Blitzer interview with President Obama 08/15/11
YouTube: Obama & Blitzer Fear Mongering on the Upcoming 10th Anniversary of 9/11
The Street: Christie to Test 2012 Presidential Waters: Report
Rush Limbaugh: Ryan Rhodes Calls the Program from Iowa
Fox News: Heated Exchange Over Social Security at Romney Iowa Event
Real Clear Politics: "You Lie!" Congressman: I've Been Proven Correct
The Politico: White House, Senate Democrats clash over campaign cash
KFI AM 640: The Jesus Christ Show: Living your sacrifice 8-14-2011
The Jesus Christ Show official website

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