Monday, August 8, 2011


Tea Party beware: Allen West backed, voted for deal
Congratulations Mr. Obama: The economy is in ruins

Great bits from Deion Sanders Hall of Fame speech
Show No. 141-2011

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Opening • Salutations and opening comments • Obama appears to have accomplished his goals to destroy our economy • Charles Payne said that he was glad this finally happened • Rant: Obama's rhetoric:  Threatening over and over again to default on US debt payments • House members, even Tea Party conservatives, voted for Boehner's plan • Allen West supported and voted for the Boehner-Reid plan • Audio: Rush Limbaugh's stunning show opening • Barney Frank blaming the military for the lowered credit rating • China the number one borrower • 'Engineering the decline of the America Republic' • Now Obama is calling for cutting our defense • S&P has said we are spending too much • Silver lining? Obama is a debt man walking • Obamageddon, Barackocalypse Now • Class warfare • Bill Maher and Christina Roemer: We are f*ed • Bit: Obama's economic plan in December 2008: 'We won't just throw money at the problem' • Cowardice and the Republican Party • Allen West the first Tea Party name in the House to support Boehner's plan • Audio: Allen West on Fox News twice talks about why he supports John Boehner's debt deal • Rant: Allen West made a huge mistake • Gen. George Patton's poem: I Am Fear • Audio: Rick Perry: God is wise enough not to be affiliated with any political party •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Bit: Shovel Ready jobs didn't pan out • Audio montage: Some highlights from Rick Perry's appearance at The Response • Audio montage: Atheist YouTube schmos online upset with Rick Perry praying in public • Atheist tells us what the Bible says • Amazing how many atheists pay a lot of attention to God's people • I can't find a video on Youtube that supports Rick Perry at The Response • Bit replay: Obama's economic plan in December 2008: 'We won't just throw money at the problem' • Audio: Best moments of Deion Sanders speech at the Football Hall of Fame • Audio: Dick Morris predictions have come true • John Boehner blames Democrats • Reading: Wayne Allyn Root: Obama left the economy in ruins • Stock market tumbles over 630 points •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rush Limbaugh: Home page
Fox News Insider: Allen West on Why He Supports Speaker Boehner’s Plan
YouTube: Allen West (R-FL) Says He'll Support the Boehner Plan
Facebook: General George Patton: "I AM FEAR"
YouTube: Rick Perry: God is wise enough not to be affiliated with any political party
YouTube: Gov. Rick Perry at AFA's "The Response" Reliant Stadium Houston TX
YouTube: Rick Perry Prayer rally stirs controversy in Texas My Response
YouTube: Praying Won't Save the World
YouTube: My Rick Perry Rant
YouTube: Governor Perry Teabagging for Jesus
YouTube: Pray for Texas, or Laugh at it?
YouTube: My response to Rick Perry's the Response
YouTube: My Ridiculous Response to Rick Perry's "The Response"
YouTube: Responce to "The Response"
YouTube: What's wrong with Rick Perry and "The Response"?
YouTube: Best of Deion Sanders Hall of Fame speech
Newsmax: Boehner Blames Democrats for Credit Downgrade
Newsmax: Obama Has Left the Economy in Ruins
CNBC: US Stocks: Dow Plunges over 630, S&P and Nasdaq Sinks 6%

1 comment:

Brian(Robot) said...

Count me among the "foolish", but I hate Obozo and hate liberals even more. Especially after listening to those mindless, atheist animals bashing the Rick Perry prayer rally.

I really want to see the looks on the faces of those fools when they're standing before G-d. I'd like to hear what excuses they make for not believing in Him.

I just hope(and yes, PRAY) I'm not standing amongst them on Judgement Day.