Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Liberal hissy-fit: Assault on the Tea Party movement
NY Times Op-ed, 'The Tea Party's War on America'

Liberals don't even call terrorists 'terrorists'
Show No. 136-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Liberal Democrat hypocrisy on parade • Audio: Obama in January 2011 calling for civility in political dialogue • Audio: Margaret Carlson accuses the Tea Party of being terrorists • Violent imagery in political speech • Nihilism vs. terrorism: The same thing • The left sounds more like nihilists than the Tea Party • Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Mike Doyle go crazy, calling Tea Party Republicans terrorists • We're supposed to be using 'words that heal' • Audio: Sarah Palin on TV talking about the Tea Party being said to be terrorists • We are not the Silent Majority anymore • Audio: Van Jones speaking out against the Tea Party • '60 to 70%' of Americans agree with Van Jones, so he says • Tea Party is 'threatening harm' to America • 'You don't put a gun to the heads of Americans' • Obama is destroying the economy, not the Tea Party • Changes to Social Security are needed to save it • Leave Grandma alone • Rant: The Tea Party desperately needs to be organized • Audio: The Jesus Christ Show host talks about what defines Christianity • It's time for the Tea Party to define the essentials of it's politics • Reading: My comments on the debt deal written Sunday • Jimmy Z Comment Line: SonlitKnight on Obama's economy •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Don't Take My Pikchaw', Jimmy Z • Reading: Joe Biden was the 'point-man' for the debt deal • Biden denies calling the Tea Party terrorists • Audio: Bill O'Reilly with examples of liberals likening the Tea Party to terrorists • 'Tea Party guys are like strapped with dynamite standing in the middle of Times Square at rush hour' • The left wants the American people to identify the Tea Party with terrorism • Audio: Bernard Goldberg with Bill O'Reilly: Liberals don't even call terrorists terrorists! • March 2009: Janet Napolitano refused to use the word terrorist • 'The politics of fear' used all the time by liberals • Michele Bachmann's petition • Audio: Joe Scarborough hypocrisy exposed by Newsbusters • Audio: Senator Jeff Sessions with Piers Morgan • Outrageous NY Times Op-ed piece: The Tea Party's War on America • Upside down thinking from NY Times columnist • Writer wanted Obama to bypass Congress and raise the debt limit himself • Reading: The Hill reports that Democrats were furious with Obama over the debt deal • Nancy Pelosi quotes • Audio: Al Sharpton's incoherent commentary on the Tea Party •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama At AZ Shooting Memorial-Full Speech-HQ Video
Newsbusters: Krauthammer Scolds Margaret Carlson for Saying Tea Party 'Strapped Explosives to the Capitol'
Dictionary.com: Define Nihilism
The Politico: Biden: Tea partiers like 'terrorists' - Jonathan Allen and John Bresnahan
YouTube: Van Jones - Tea Party Terrorists
KFI AM 640: The Jesus Christ Show: What defines Christianity
Facebook: Extreme tea?
Facebook: Once again, my commentary in response to THE DEAL
LA Times: Biden denies likening Republicans to terrorists in debt talks
YouTube: Liberal Media Exposed - Attacking Tea Party As 'Terrorists'
America's Watch Tower: Janet Napolitano Refuses to Use the Term “Terrorist”
YouTube: Hypocrite Scarborough Laments Comparing Tea Party to 'Terrorists'
YouTube: Sessions Responds To Biden: Terror In The Hearts Of The Big Spenders
NY Times: Joe Nucero: The Tea Party’s War on America
The Hill: Dems furious, see deal as GOP win
National Review: A Post-American Planet - Mark Steyn
Breitbart: NBC News’ Sharpton Airs Lame Segment Calling Tea Party ‘Monster’ that will destroy You’

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