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Finally, the US Supreme Court has ruled that a 19 year old scumbag (probably a leftwinger too - most violent criminals are democrats - ask me why, please ask me why!) has no right to sue law enforcement for chasing him and 'causing' him to lose control of his car.

Back on March 19, 2001, Victor Harris rolled his car down an embankment and became a quadriplegic. Aww, if only the criminal had just pulled over! He sued and the US Supreme Court said, "too bad douchebag. You get NOTHING."

By 8 to 1, the justices found in favor of the Coweta County deputy sheriff, Timothy Scott, and against the driver, Victor Harris, who was 19 when his car hurtled down an embankment and overturned, leaving him a quadriplegic, on the night of March 29, 2001.

The court found, contrary to Mr. Harris’s contention, that the deputy’s decision to ram the car was reasonable under the circumstances. The facts in the case — supported by a videotape of the chase, which reached speeds of 90 miles an hour on rain-slicked roads — were so damning against Mr. Harris that there was no need for a jury to consider them, the justices ruled, again contrary to Mr. Harris’s argument. --New York Times

This is justice. We are THRILLED. Chalk one up for the good guys this time.


Collect 'em, trade 'em, pass 'em around!

Los Angeles schools encourage illegal immigration

In Los Angeles, there will be a special curriculum tomorrow, teaching students how to write a petition and contact their legislators to affect change in immigration laws.

We can’t ask 'WTF?' loud enough!

Why is public school teaching this kind of two-bit illegal immigrant activism? Because public schools are funded on per-student attendance and more students means more money. Also, the illegal immigration proponets are building a campaign called “when black and brown work together we are stronger.”

Smart, because right now, the black community is pissed off about how many of their low wage jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants at even lower pay. What a mess! And the public schools are working to make it WORSE.


Collect 'em, trade 'em, pass 'em around!

Bay Area bridge bites Rosie in the ass

What was it Rosie said? Oh yeah - she said mockingly that the World Trade Center building collapse was the "first time fire has melted steel." Her intent was to proclaim that steel is not melted by fire. Sure it is. More importantly though, steel is weakened by fire, and that's what led to the collapse of the World Trade Center.

But now, after this happened in the bay area, our girl Rosie has been very quiet.

Very, very quiet indeed.

Just like all leftwing moonbats, she will not be admitting how stupid she was.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Alec Baldwin's appearance on The View

Is this just spin? Perhaps. But what I see is a strikingly honest analysis of a bitter ongoing divorce, and a string of horrors that led to his meltdown. The website and person in particular that Baldwin speaks of as being a tabloid trough feeder is Harvey Levin of who first published the nasty tape.

We think that whoever* provided the tape of the call to the public did at least as nasty a deed as the message itself. Give both Parts 1 and 2 a watch. I'd enjoy knowing what you think AFTER you watch the video clips. --JZ

*It is said to be Kim Basinger, the ex wife, and logically it almost has to be.

For Part 2, simply click HERE.


Frist: Fred Thompson Will Run and Win
Friday, April 27, 2007 8:19 a.m. EDT
This article was written by Paul Bond.

The question of whether Fred Thomspson will run for president has been settled: He’ll run, and he’ll win. That is if one is to believe the prognostic powers of Thompson’s friend Bill Frist, the former U.S. Senate majority leader.

Frist gave his prediction Tuesday at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, where he shared a stage with Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, former Congressman Harold Ford Jr., former head of the Republican National Committee Kenneth Mehlman, The Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington and editor in chief of U.S. News & World Report Mortimer Zuckerman.

"I have a relationship with all these people — a bad one,” quipped Ailes, just before pressing each on their presidential prediction. Mehlman said Rudy Giuliani will be the next president while Huffington predicted Barack Obama. Zuckerman said the next president will be Michael Bloomberg, the Republican New York mayor who, like Thompson, hasn’t declared himself a candidate.

Only Ford demurred, telling Ailes that, as chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council he’d rather not show favoritism to one Democratic candidate over others. Huffington also noted that former Vice President Al Gore has been losing weight, a sure sign (maybe) that he’s thinking of throwing his hat into the ring.

Not so fast, joked Ailes. Gore is losing weight "because he thinks Greenland is gonna break off and he’ll have to run” from it. Ailes, known for his good-natured barbs at these sorts of events, prodded the sold-out audience to read Huffington’s blog,, daily, even though it contains "a reasonable amount of nonsense.” When the inevitable topic of the Iraq war came up, Huffington proclaimed, "The American Army is broken.” Ailes likened fighting terrorists in Iraq to dancing with a bear: You don’t stop until the bear says it’s time to stop.

The Milken event ran Sunday-Wednesday. Other participants included Sen. John Kerry, his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, tennis star Andre Agassi, actors Michael J. Fox and Kirk Douglas and Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corp., parent company of Fox News Channel, the New York Post and dozens of other media assets worldwide.

Murdoch defended George W. Bush and criticized the media for endlessly bashing the president while downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism. "I’m a supporter of President Bush, but I do believe he’s a bad — or inadequate — communicator,” Murdoch said. While Bush is personally persuasive, strong and articulate, "he seems to freeze whenever a television camera appears.”

© NewsMax 2007. All rights reserved.

Thompson remains our pick for President in '08 without hesitation. --JZ


By Oliver North April 27, 2007

If Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is right, nearly 60 percent of Americans agree with him that the war in Iraq is already lost. And if he is correct in saying that losing the war will increase Democrat majorities in future elections, then it may be fair to conclude that Americans now love losers. I'm not buying any of it -- and neither are the troops who are fighting this war.

In the days since Reid announced "this war is lost," I have heard from dozens of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Guardsmen and Marines that I have covered in eight trips to Iraq and two to Afghanistan for FOX News. Some of those who correspond with me are there now, others are home. Some are preparing to deploy again. None of them agree with Reid's assessment.

One e-mail from Ramadi, Iraq observed: "Good thing this guy Reid wasn't around in 1940 when Winston Churchill promised the people of Great Britain nothing but 'blood, toil, tears and sweat.'" Another, a Guardsman who recently returned from Mesopotamia with a Purple Heart, noted that Reid has become "Al Qaeda's most powerful ally." A Marine corporal I last saw along the banks of the Tigris River -- now a Mississippi State University student -- asked me, "Do those people who think we've lost this war have any idea what things will be like if we really do lose?" It's an important question that none of the potentates on the Potomac who just voted to withdraw U.S. troops appear willing to address.

According to military folklore, Napoleon kept a corporal at his side to ensure that the orders issued in battle were understandable by the troops who had to carry them out. Whether true or not, it's time for Reid and Nancy Pelosi to find such a corporal who will ask them such questions, for if the Democrats continue their current course, we may well lose this war -- and they will have embraced defeat and all that comes with it.

What would losing the war in Iraq mean? It's a picture so dark and depressing that it makes the collapse in Vietnam, 32 years ago next week, look like a Sunday school picnic. The fall of Saigon was horrific for the people of Vietnam and their neighbors in Cambodia and Laos. More than 5 million became refugees and by the most conservative estimates at least a million others perished.

For most Americans, the consequences were minimal. The vast majority of the 2.8 million of us who had fought and bled there mourned the loss of 58,253 of our comrades, swallowed the bitterness of defeat and got on with our lives. Our nation spent a few hundred million tax dollars on refugee relief and resettlement, and tried to forget what people in Reid's party called "the long nightmare of Vietnam."

But classified U.S. intelligence assessments, military contingency plans and staff studies evaluating the consequences of a precipitous U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, coupled with the lack of funding for political reform measures, as contained in the legislation just passed by Reid's party, paint a far more dismal picture than anything that happened after Vietnam.

-- Within months, an immediate upsurge in vicious sectarian violence fomented by Iranian intervention on behalf of Shiite militias and Wahabbi-supported, Al Qaeda-affiliated terror groups. As U.S. forces retreat to a half-dozen staging areas for retrograde through Kuwait and Jordan, American casualties will dramatically increase as suicide bombers seek "martyrdom" in their victory.

-- Inside of 18 months, the fragile democratically elected government in Baghdad will collapse, precipitating a real sectarian civil war and the creation of Taliban-like "regional governments" that will impose brutal, misogynistic rule throughout the country. The ensuing flood of refuges into Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iran will overwhelm relief organizations, creating a humanitarian disaster making what's happening in Darfur pale by comparison.

-- The Kurds in northern Iraq are likely to declare an autonomous region that could well result in Turkish, Iranian and even Syrian military intervention.

-- In the course of withdrawing U.S. combat brigades and support units, billions of dollars in American military equipment and ordnance will have to be destroyed or left behind. More than $40 billion in reconstruction projects for schools, health-care facilities, sanitation, clean water, electrical distribution and agricultural development will be abandoned. Plans to exploit the new West Qurna oil field in southeastern Iraq will be forsaken.

-- The governments of Kuwait, Jordan, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, intimidated by Iranian boldness in acquiring nuclear weapons, will likely insist on the withdrawal of American military bases from their territories. Such a move will jeopardize U.S. naval operations in the Persian Gulf and logistics, intelligence collection and command and control facilities supporting operations in Afghanistan.

-- As Iraq becomes a battleground for the centuries-long Sunni-Shia conflict, radical Islamic terror organizations will use the territories they control to prepare and launch increasingly deadly terror attacks around the globe against U.S. citizens, businesses and interests.

Reid and his cohorts in Congress who believe "this war is lost" have acted to ensure that it will be. No one asked them: "If we lost, who won?" The answer should be obvious.

Reid has really hurt the democrats - he is going to end up having helped the Republicans in 2008; Mark my words. You heard it here first. --JZ

Thursday, April 26, 2007


• Liberals have committed to this tactic


Jimmy Z, Lost Angeles

It's come down to this. Even the San Francisco Chronicle has ceased calling the bill in Washington a "troop funding bill;" now it's the Troop Exit Bill. Check it out HERE.

So that's it. This is what the democrats are going to hang 2008's run for the White House on - we tried to get the troops out of the war. This is all they can muster, this is what they wanted to do if they got control of Congress.

This is their best effort, this is what appeases their moonbat base. The anti-war kook fringe funds them through Soros and his ilk, so they really had no choice. This is their big stand.

Never mind that they are NOT the commander in chief. The Constitution does not see it that way; we do not see it that way, and anyone who knows the least tiny bit about the Constitution does not see it that way.

But Harry Reid (who ought to resign) and Nancy Pelosi (who tried to begin her own private foreign policy and was slammed by right and left alike!) are struggling against the Constitution to bring our troops home. They are much like a vile leftwing moonbat we know elsewhere online who once said that we ought to fight the terrorists here, on our own soil, not over there on their soil.

If Reid and Pelosi got their way, that's what would happen. The bottom line, my friends, is that this President might be imperfect, and this President may not be handling the border like we would have it done, but this President is stronger than many others, because he stands up for what he believes in and he tells Reid and Pelosi to take a hike.

The bill will be vetoed, and the truth will be out there for all to see: democrats in congress sought to undermine our war effort, pulled the rug out from underneath our military, and tried to do an end around on our country's Constitution. And in 2008, we will be reminding Americans of this.

Only the Soros/Moore moonbat crowd will appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Stone or no stone for Cho?
Jimmy Z, Lost Angeles

It is astounding that we've 'educated' (indoctrinated) our children with such a misguided sense of compassion, they cannot set up a memorial to the innocent without including the mass murderer. Using this logic, shall we include the islamo fascist terrorists in the 9-11 memorial in New York City? Shall we put up a plaque honoring the deaths of the two rotten apples that shot up Columbine? Maybe we should honor some of the living killers too. Maybe a nice puff piece on Charles Manson - after all, he's been not murdering for a long time now. Or Mark Chapman - he's getting along well these days. He killed John Lennon, but what the hell. He should be honored for sticking it out and getting his life back - what do you say?

No, there ought not be a stone out there for Cho within the memorial for the 32 innocent people he killed. We wish we were a student there. They'd have to cuff us and take us away before we'd cease removing whatever stupid stone these misguided morons place in his name. One student cited her sense of morality as she replaced the stone. Good God Almighty, what have we done to America's children?

Dig it yourself HERE.

Plus: Already, a judge calls a mistrial because of Virginia Tech massacre

A judge has called a mistrial because of Cho shooting up Virginia Tech - a lawyer defending a man accused of pulling a gun on two golfers said that his client couldn't get a fair trial now because he's Korean American. The judge FELL FOR IT.

So why don't we let all the Korean American murderers and gang bangers and rapists and burglers and armed felons of every kind off with a pass because, after all, no one can get a fair trial now that Cho killed a bunch of innocent people.

We are not so much blaming the lawyer - that's his job to come up with any cockamamie way to get his client off - but the judge should be smarter than that. Wait, we suppose if it were a liberal judge, this kind of moonbat behavior is to be expected.

Digest it HERE.


Here is another reason why we admire her so much: Ann Coulter on gun laws
Photo courtesy

Nuts in the crosshairs
By Ann Coulter
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

For cranky right-wingers who think politicians don't listen to them, this week I give you elected Democrats running like scared schoolgirls from the media's demand that they enact new gun control laws in response to the Virginia Tech shooting.

Instead, Democrats are promoting a mental health exception to the right to bear arms. We've banned mass murder and that hasn't seemed to work. So now we're going to ban mass murderers. Yes, that will do the trick!

This is a feel-good measure that is both wildly under-inclusive (the vast majority of nutcases receive no formal court adjudication of their nuttiness) and wildly over-inclusive (the vast majority of nuts don't kill people). The worst thing most nuts do is irritate everybody else by driving their electric cars on the highway.

As lovely as it would be, we cannot identify mass murderers before they have broken any law, and mass murder is often the first serious crime they commit. No one can be locked up permanently for being potentially dangerous.

Even stalking laws can put away a person known to be dangerous for only a few years -- at best -- which is generally not worth spending a day sitting in court, facing your stalker, and then waiting a month for the court order.

So on one hand, the mental health exception is a feel-good measure that would be largely pointless. But on the other hand, it's no skin off my back. Liberals go to therapy. Conservatives go to church. And I think we'd all sleep better knowing that David Brock could not buy a gun.

In fact, I think we should expand the mental illness exception to cover First Amendment rights as well as Second Amendment rights.

I note that before mass murder, the only harassment the Virginia Tech killer was guilty of involved speech: creepy e-mails, creepy short stories, creepy phone calls. Stalkers, too, engage in frightening speech -- but that is protected. Revealing a stalking victim's address is "speech" but is little different from being the one to pull the trigger.

This small measure would have taken Dan "What's the Frequency, Kenneth" Rather off the airwaves years ago, preventing him from presenting doctored National Guard documents to the American people to try to throw a presidential election. A mental illness bar would deal a quick blow to Air America and both its remaining listeners. It would also free up about 90 percent of the Internet.

And it would end the public lunacy of Jim Wallis, the Democrats' Christian. Wallis' first remark on the massacre at Virginia Tech last week was to hail the remarkable "diversity" of the victims. True, Cho murdered 32 people in cold blood. But at least he achieved diversity!

Anyone who thinks a single-minded fixation on diversity must be the ultimate goal of every human endeavor, including mass murder, is not the sort of person who should be able to buy a gun or to publish his daft ruminations in public forums.

But just to get this straight: Democrats are saying we should be able to jail "strange" or "angry" people, but we can't deplane imams who demand extra-length seatbelts after boarding?

Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed the public expressions of shame and contrition from the Korean-American community after the Virginia Tech shooting? Of course, no one blames this exemplary community for the actions of one nut. The Koreans are manifestly law-abiding and decent -- nipping at the heels of Italians as the greatest Americans and tied for second with the Cubans.

Indeed, I believe this marks the first time a Korean has killed anyone in the United States, not involving an automobile. Nonetheless, Korean congregations, community groups and the family members themselves are issuing statements of sorrow. Not "pleas for tolerance." But sorrow. Remorse. Remember those? They were big back in the day.

If the Koreans can do it, why can't the Muslims? What explains the lack of a Muslim guilt impulse -- so normal, as seen in the case of the saddened Koreans -- after dozens of terrorist attacks on Americans?

How about a Muslim exception to the Second Amendment? That would have prevented the Virginia snipers from killing 10 people within three weeks in 2002. But most important: It would help us achieve "diversity" in our gun law prohibitions.

We also note that the creepy notes, stalking, and online harassment by mass murderer Cho fits the M.O. of a lot of nasty online leftwing moonbats. For them, it's never been about politics, but about harassment, stalking and intimidation through all kinds of threats over the internet. This is blatant cowardice - of course, Cho himself was the ultimate coward as well. So we wonder, will the next Cho be another liberal, perhaps a leftwing moonbat we know? Could be... could be... --JZ

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Reid Must Resign
Mark Levin photo courtesy
by Mark Levin, in his
National Review Online Blog

Attacking Alberto Gonzales is like clubbing a baby seal. He's weak. He was always weak. He was weak when he served as White House counsel. He was weak when he was confirmed by the Senate for attorney general. And he was weak during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. Now, before there was Gonzales, there was John Ashcroft. He was always strong. He was strong when he served in the Senate. He was strong when he was confirmed by the Senate for attorney general. And he was strong when he testified before the 9/11 Commission. They said he had to go because he was strong.

Everyone knows what's going on here. The Democrats, who started this, want Gonzales's head on a stake as another supposed example of administration corruption. They want the public to believe that the firing of these eight U.S. attorneys is the equivalent of Watergate. These are the same Democrats who defended Janet Reno to the end despite real malfeasance, including the Elian Gonzales disaster, the WACO massacre, and the deadly expansion of the legal wall between the CIA and FBI. In comparison, Gonzales is Oliver Wendell Holmes. But Republicans have had enough of him. They see him as incapable of defending himself, let alone advancing a conservative agenda. And they hope to replace him with someone more to their liking, which will never happen given this Senate. In the big scheme, none of this matters, and the public could care less. The president’s ratings aren’t affected by this. This is an inside-the-beltway manufactured scandal.

(By the way, I say this as someone who has never been impressed with Gonzales, Harriet Miers, and so many of the people the president holds close.)

Far more relevant, consequential and disturbing is the behavior of the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, who by word and action is actively undermining our fighting men and women in Iraq. His legislative efforts to starve our armed forces in the middle of a war are as contemptible as anything I’ve witnessed in my 25 years in Washington. And yesterday he made a statement that was so disgraceful and brazen that it could have been uttered by Tokyo Rose during World War II or Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War. The difference, of course, is that Reid is the highest ranking Democrat in the United States Senate.

For those who are so pre-occupied with Gonzales that they may not have heard it, this is what Reid said yesterday: "I believe ... that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week."

So, Reid announces to our brave volunteers that their country is sending them to a lost war. And he announces to our enemy that victory is within their reach — just keep up the killing a little longer. During my radio show last night, I received a call from a Gold Star father. He was outraged by Reid’s comment. He has called before and has become a good friend. But I’ve never heard him as angry and frustrated as he was last night.

Rather than join the chorus demanding Gonzales's resignation, let me be the first to demand Reid's resignation. And let's see how many pundits, conservative and otherwise, will join me.

* * *

Also, this audio: Dick Cheney fires back and Harry Reid, and all Reid can do is call Cheney an "attack dog." Typical liberal ad hom politics - Cheney was so civil, yet so pointed, when he dismantled Reid, all Reid could do is whine about it. Licking his wounds, Reid cowers in fear and shame.

Want to hear why Reid is whining and cowering?
Click HERE for the audio.

• Should have told them to piss up a rope

Use of Wiccan Symbol on Veterans’
Headstones Is Approved


WASHINGTON, April 23 — To settle a lawsuit, the Department of Veterans Affairs has agreed to add the Wiccan pentacle to a list of approved religious symbols that it will engrave on veterans’ headstones. The settlement, which was reached on Friday, was announced on Monday by Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, which represented the plaintiffs in the case.

Though it has many forms, Wicca is a type of pre-Christian belief that reveres nature and its cycles. Its symbol is the pentacle, a five-pointed star, inside a circle.

Until now, the Veterans Affairs department had approved 38 symbols to indicate the faith of deceased service members on memorials. It normally takes a few months for a petition by a faith group to win the department’s approval, but the effort on behalf of the Wiccan symbol took about 10 years and a lawsuit, said Richard B. Katskee, assistant legal director for Americans United.

The group attributed the delay to religious discrimination. Many Americans do not consider Wicca a religion, or hold the mistaken belief that Wiccans are devil worshipers.

“The Wiccan families we represented were in no way asking for special treatment,” the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United, said at a news conference Monday. “They wanted precisely the same treatment that dozens of other religions already had received from the department, an acknowledgment that their spiritual beliefs were on par with those of everyone else.”

A Veterans Affairs spokesman, Matt Burns, confirmed that the “V.A. will be adding the pentacle to its list of approved emblems of belief that will be engraved on government-provided markers.”

“The government acted to settle in the interest of the families concerned,” Mr. Burns added, “and to spare taxpayers the expense of further litigation.” There are 1,800 Wiccans in the armed forces, according to a Pentagon survey cited in the suit, and Wiccans have their faith mentioned in official handbooks for military chaplains and noted on their dog tags.

At least 11 families will be immediately affected by the V.A.’s decision, said the Rev. Selena Fox, senior minister of Circle Sanctuary, a Wiccan church in Wisconsin.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Sheryl Crow Proposed Limitation on How Much Toilet Paper We Use
Posted by Lynn Davidson on April 22, 2007 - 20:35.

I think I might know the reason that Karl Rove didn’t want Sheryl Crow touching him. He’s read her blog, and he knows where her hand has been. What is it with these environmentalists and scatology? First there was “The Year Without Toilet Paper” in the New York Times, and now this. Muzak-friendly pop-rocker, Sheryl Crow and “An Inconvenient Truth” producer and private-jet aficionado Laurie David are on a cross-country college speaking tour to promote the idea of anthropogenic global warming. Crow is blogging her experiences at the Huffington Post, and this time, she really came up with a Duesey (emphasis mine throughout).

Apparently, Crow wants to save the Earth one toilet paper square at a time. She proposed “a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting” and perhaps “just washing that one square out.” She doesn’t seem to want to pass a law, just culturally berate us into obedience. Here is Crow’s “easy way” to be part of the solution to anthropogenic global warming:

Although my ideas are in the earliest stages of development, they are, in my mind, worth investigating. One of my favorites is in the area of forest conservation which we heavily rely on for oxygen. I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting. Now, I don't want to rob any law-abiding American of his or her God-given rights, but I think we are an industrious enough people that we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required. When presenting this idea to my younger brother, who's judgment I trust implicitly, he proposed taking it one step further. I believe his quote was, "how bout just washing the one square out."

I’d like to say she was kidding, but based on other global warming “solutions,” it is hard to tell. Wacky ideas abound. A man-made volcano shooting sulfur into the air, giant “space umbrellas” and even getting rid of toilets so we can compost our own waste in a box underneath the sink.

So, when Crow said that instead of paper napkins, we use a detachable “dining sleeve” on specially designed clothes to wipe the mouth:

I also like the idea of not using paper napkins, which happen to be made from virgin wood and represent the height of wastefulness. I have designed a clothing line that has what's called a "dining sleeve." The sleeve is detachable and can be replaced with another "dining sleeve," after usage. The design will offer the "diner" the convenience of wiping his mouth on his sleeve rather than throwing out yet another barely used paper product. I think this idea could also translate quite well to those suffering with an annoying head cold.

Sounds nutty, but it is any different than space suits keeping cow farts from killing Mother Earth or counting on UFO's to prevent global warming?

It’s too hard to tell when environmentalists are kidding. I’m not even sure if they know. One thing I do know is that the recent push of environmentalism into common culture is no accident. David told the Guardian that after the 2004 elections, she vowed to devote a year to “changing the national debate about global warming.” She exposed her methods with one revealing quote from a conversation with Robert F. Kennedy Jr, “We need to infiltrate popular culture!” That they did. I just hope that while they are infiltrating, they use hand sanitizer.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Bill Keller's Devotional looking at the massacre at Virgina Tech


Why does God let tragic events like the Virginia Tech massacre to happen? In the aftermath of the horrible tragedy that took place on the Virginia Tech campus Monday, I want to dedicate this Devotional today to the families who lost loved ones as well as to the entire Virginia Tech and Blacksburg communities. The prayers of all those in the vast, worldwide Liveprayer family are with you in your time of loss and grieving. I pray that during these difficult days, you will find the peace and strength of Christ to sustain you and help you to move forward. May the hand of Almighty God be upon you in a special way!

A horrible tragedy like what happened Monday always causes people to ask the inevitable question, "Why does God allow such events to occur that take the lives of innocent people?" People reason that if God is all powerful, that if nothing happens apart from His allowing it to happen, then why would He allow something like this to occur? That is a fair question. I have found over the years, that it is a question asked more by non-Believers than Believers. People who have rejected the Christian faith will often point to these types of events to justify their rejection of the Truth. However, it is a legitimate question and the answer is simply we do not know.

In Isaiah 55:8,9, God's Word says, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." The simple fact is there is very little that happens that we know why it happened. God is sovereign. God doesn't have to check with us before He does anything. God has His plan and purpose that is going to unfold regardless of the free will choices we make. We can choose to live in obedience to God and enjoy the blessings of our obedience, or rebel against God and deal with the consequences of our rebellion. Either way, God's plan will be fulfilled, with or without us.

The cold hard truth is that much of what happens in life we will simply never know "why." This is where our faith must come into play. There are simply times in our life we must trust God that no matter what is going on in our life, He is watching over us, He is in control, and He will see us through. It is in these moments when there are more questions than answers that our faith must become real. We simply must trust God. We live in a fallen, sin-filled, and evil world. Evil is all around us and until Jesus returns, we will always be faced with the evil acts of one man on another.

We trust people all the time, every day, in many different circumstances. Every time we get behind the wheel of a car we trust other drivers to obey the laws and drive properly. Every time we get on a plane we are trusting the pilot to get us to our destination safely. Many work in dangerous careers where they are trusting the people they work with. In many cases, we don't even know these people we are trusting to do the right thing so we don't die! IF WE CAN TRUST PEOPLE WE DON'T KNOW EVERY DAY WITH OUR LIVES, WE CAN CERTAINLY TRUST GOD WHO CREATED US IN HIS OWN IMAGE, LOVES US, AND ONLY WANTS THE BEST FOR US!

The reality is, in the United States there are apx. 300 million people. We live in a free society. In all honesty I am more shocked that what happened Monday doesn't happen more often. I see God's grace at work in the fact this doesn't happen somewhere every day! Do you realize that we have the better percentage of two full generations who have grown up not going to church, a large percentage in broken and blended homes with no faith background at all.

In addition to the Godless and unstable environment so many grow up in, there is a large and growing percentage of society that is anti-social and has little contact with other people. More people than ever are on mind-altering medication daily for depression and other mental llnesses. They don't handle the problems of life well. Millions of people get most of their mental stimulus from the media, TV, the movies, publications, the Internet and live in a world that blends fantasy and reality.

With no faith, on medication, living in between reality and fantasy, it is easy for these people to cross the line into hopelessness. Add to the mix a very real enemy whose stated goal is to kill, steal, and destroy, planting evil thoughts in their head, and it is a miracle of God, a true sign of His grace and mercy, that we don't deal with these types of horrible tragedies every day!

Two things that have disturbed me during the past few days has been the media coverage and the gutless words of the "Christian representative" at the Convocation Service Tuesday attended by President Bush. The media, especially the 24 hour cable news stations, FOX, MSNBC, and CNN, have become experts at turning these tragedies into "around the clock entertainment" and cashing in on the great ratings they bring. It is terrible that 33 innocent people lost their lives on Monday, but I wonder why the media doesn't cover as zealously the murder of over 4,000 innocent babies in this nation...EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I sat in my office Tuesday afternoon and watched the Convocation Service on the Virginia Tech campus. Of course they had the Muslim Imam without shame telling people the non-existent false god of Islam allah was the answer. You had a woman representing the false religion of Buddhism without shame quoting his ridiculous philosophies of life. Last to speak was a spineless gentlemen who was there to represent the Christian faith. HE NEVER ONCE MENTIONED THE ONLY NAME THERE IS FOR PEOPLE TO CALL ON IN THEIR TIME OF NEED... JESUS!

I didn't expect him to have the courage to ask people to accept the Lord, though he should have. I didn't except him to have the courage to tell people that there is only one true hope for men in times of grief and sadness, though he should have. I DID EXPECT HIM TO AT LEAST SAY THE NAME OF JESUS! A worldwide stage, an opportunity to share with those who are hurting, looking for hope in the midst of this tragedy, and not one mention of Jesus Christ!

I love you and care about you so much. The great lesson of the Virginia Tech massacre is that we must be ready to stand before God at any moment. Many say they will think about the spiritual side of their life "later." Well, the cold hard reality is that you may not have "later." You can die in an instant, and at that moment, your eternal fate is sealed. You either know Jesus as your Savior or you don't. You are either destined to hell for all eternity or assured of being with God your Creator for all eternity.

There is of course only ONE hope for all men, and that is Jesus Christ. If there is one lesson from this Virginia Tech massacre for all people to learn, it is that life is very brief, very fragile, and can end in an instant without any warning. I can assure you that as those college professors went to teach their classes on that Monday morning, as those students got up to start another week of classes last Monday, NOT ONE OF THEM ever expected to die in their classroom! I remind you often that the Bible teaches tomorrow is promised to none of us. Each day is literally a gift from God. That is also why God says that TODAY is the day of salvation. There is no guarantee you will have tomorrow.

Let me ask you a question today. If your life ended in the next 10 seconds, if your heart stopped beating for whatever reason this moment and you are standing before God, are you ready for that moment? As you read these words, do you have the 100% assurance that if you died today you would be forever with Jesus? If you have never made that commitment of your heart and life to Jesus by faith, if you aren't 100% certain you will be with the Lord when you die, please take a moment to go to the link below. Pray and ask God to open your heart to receive His love today. Watch the short video clip, read the words, and make the most important decision you will ever make as you accept Jesus Christ into your heart and life by faith and receive the promise of God that when your brief journey through this life is over, you will be forever with Him!

What happened Monday in Blacksburg on the campus of Virginia Tech was a sad day for this nation. It was an isolated event that only reinforced how evil this world we live in really is. Until Jesus returns and this world as we know it ends, there will always be the type of horrific events we witnessed this past Monday. These events show us how desperately men need to have a personal relationship with Christ and how desperately this world needs to repent and turn back to God!

As we remember those who lost their lives Monday, remember their families who are grieving, remember all those in the Virginia Tech and Blacksburg communities, may those who know Jesus as their Savior be motivated to do our part each day to bring Christ to the people we meet each day in our lives. JESUS IS THE ONLY HOPE AND ANSWER THERE IS!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller


Save the planet from CO2


"Thank you for killing yourself,
you polluting bastards."
--Mom Earth

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Saturday, April 14, 2007



A day of moonbats professing a belief in hysteria
Jimmy Z, Lost Angeles

From their insipid website,

"On this historic day, Americans called on their leaders to act immediately to stop global warming. In all 50 states, at more than 1400 iconic places across the nation, we have united around a common call to action: "Step It Up Congress: Cut Carbon 80% by 2050." Your move, Congress."

First overwhemlingly absurd assumption: Humanity has the power to STOP the globe from warming. Preposterous! We certainly haven't warmed the globe in and of ourselves - hell, we haven't even helped the process. Back during the industrial revolution, what was the globe doing as we poured filth and carbons into the sky? Cooling, folks - cooling.

So guess what? We aren't going to be cooling the globe because of something Congress does. We aren't going to change the globe's temperature by anything a bunch of people with too little to do, and so few accomplishments of their own, come up with like this next overwhelmingly absurd assumption:

In four decades we'll cut carbon dioxide emissions by eighty percent. 80%! How many carbon dioxide spewing, exhaling human beings must be killed to accomplish this? Fools!

Next, we have this piece from a (where else?) New York-ish moonbat news-rag:

"Americans worried about climate change gathered Saturday on ski slopes and in cities for a nationwide day of demonstrations aimed at drawing attention to global warming. More than 1,300 events were organized in every state under the banner Step It Up 2007 to push Congress to require an 80 percent cut in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

"When it comes to global warming, I don't exactly think President Bush is doing such a hot job," said 12-year-old New Yorker Tiffany Cordero. "A lot of people are thinking just of now. But we won't have a 'now' if we don't focus on the future."

"Tiffany delivered a speech for a rally in lower Manhattan's Battery Park, overlooking New York Harbor, where people dressed in blue -- some equipped with scuba gear and beach balls -- gathered to form a Sea of People human line to symbolically mark New York's future coastline."

Aye caramba! These moonbats are depending on the expertise of an emotional 12 year old chicken little-girl. Egads.

Folks, I rest my case.

By the way kids, their website blog has comments closed. Looks like the facts are not something they want posted on their website. "Accept the faith of global warming hysteria and do not challenge us with the facts!" they appear to be saying. Holy cow.

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CBS' 60 Minutes tried their best to make Rick Berman look bad, but Mr. Berman immediately became one of my personal modern day heroes

This guy is fighting the good fight. I am posting all of the 60 Minutes piece; you can hit the site and stream the whole video by simply clicking HERE. It is long but too important to leave any of it out. --JZ

Meet Rick Berman, A.K.A. "Dr. Evil"
April 8, 2007(CBS)

Rick Berman takes a certain pride, even joy, in the nickname Dr. Evil. But the people who use it see nothing funny about it—they mean it. His real name is Rick Berman, a Washington lobbyist and arch-enemy of other lobbyists and do-gooders who would have government control, and even ban, a myriad of products they claim are killing us. Products like caffeine, salt, fast food and the oil they fry it in. He's against Mothers Against Drunk Driving, animal rights activists, food watchdog groups and unions of every kind.

As correspondent Morley Safer reports, Berman believes we are fast becoming a nation of passive children rules by the iron thumb of self-appointed "nannies" and he gets paid good money to keep all those Mary Poppinses at bay. And they have reserved a special place in hell for him.

"Let me just take you through some of the things your critics have said about you. Sleazy, greedy, outrageous, deceptive, ineffective except when it comes to making money for yourself, corporate lackey who is one of the scariest people in America," Safer remarks.

"You know, I grew up in the Bronx. Name-calling is not the worst thing that I've been subjected to," Berman replies. Rick Berman is lawyer and a lobbyist—which some might say is bad enough, but he would say lawyer and lobbyist for personal freedom.

"If the government is truly interested in my health and welfare, I'm appreciative of it. But, I think I can take care of myself," Berman tells Safer. Berman claims that we are quickly becoming a "nanny state," an overregulated society with ever-declining freedom of choice from how much we earn, to when we may drive, to what we eat.

He has particular contempt for so-called "food cops" who claim to know what’s best for us.

"They create this Chicken Little mentality that the sky is falling over everything," Berman says. "You know, the latest study says this, the latest study says that. And they drive the government to satisfy that artificial public need." Berman blames activist, safety and watchdog groups—“do-gooders run amok” he calls them—for trying to scare America into submission. He points to those endless reports, often contradictory, which offer us a dizzying array of fearful news about everyday food and drink that might just kill you: like tuna fish, chicken, diet soda, salt, and that demon, trans-fats.

"You can't make up your mind until you have information from both sides and I don't think that the other side should be allowed to talk and the response be intimidated into submission or silence. And so I'm the other side," Berman says. The other side as in big business, mainly the food, beverage and restaurant business, which have a vested interest in encouraging people to continue to eat, drink and be merry to their heart’s delight.

Berman’s the booze and food industry’s 6'4", 64-year-old weapon of mass destruction. They hire him to front for them in the "food wars." "The businesses themselves don't find it convenient to take on causes that might seem politically incorrect, and I'm not afraid to do that," Berman says.

Asked if has become a major tool for corporate America, Berman says, "My mission is not to defend corporate America.""You're a hired gun," Safer remarks. "Well, I go out to people and I say, 'Look, if you believe in what I believe, will you help fund it?' Now, I don't know if that's a hired gun or not. But, the point is, yes, I do get paid for educating people. If that's my biggest crime, I stand accused," Berman says.

And it's not just the "food police" Berman goes after: it's anyone who seeks to limit or regulate our way of life, like animal rights activists, trial lawyers, and his current favorite, union leaders.

And Berman uses ads to drive home the message.

"You know what I love? Paying union dues, just so I can keep my job," one TV ad says. "I really like how the union discriminates against minorities!" "Nothing makes me feel better than knowing that I'm supporting their fat-cat lifestyles. Find out the facts about union officials at" "Thanks, union bosses!"

"There's no sense in putting out a 17 page scientific report that nobody will read. So, I put out a 30 second commercial that makes the point," Berman explains. But the "point" is not made by Berman and Company. He has come up with a clever system of non-profit educational entities. Companies can make charitable donations to these groups, which have names like Center for Consumer Freedom and Center for Union Facts. They are neutral sounding but "educating," with a particular point of view, all perfectly legal. [Like education in general, especially in our leftist universities, is NOT education 'with a particular point of view?' Come on Morley - you have GOT to be kidding! --JZ]

Berman and his staff of young crusaders attack the nanny culture by combing through watchdog and government reports, seeking inconsistencies, overstatements, seizing on the one fact here or there that might discredit the research. And Berman says he's rarely disappointed. He blasts MADD for no longer being run by mothers, and PETA, who he accused of killing animals in its care. And he questions the danger of mercury in tuna; he says it’s massively over-hyped.

Web sites devoted to nanny bashing and ads showing children being exploited by union bosses are all in a day's work for Rick Berman. In the end, Berman says it's all about "shooting the messenger. Shooting the messenger means getting people to understand that this messenger is not as credible as their name would suggest," Berman says.

While those tactics have made him rich and powerful, they have also made him mightily unpopular. Even in a mudslinging city like Washington, it’s difficult to find someone who provokes as much venom as Rick Berman.

"He’s a one-man goon squad for any company that’s willing to hire him," says Dr. Michael Jacobson, who heads the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a healthy food advocacy group. Jacobson has been the point man in the "food wars" for decades.

Jacobson's declaration of war on obesity has often brought him face to face with "Dr. Evil."

"Berman is against every single measure, no matter how sensible. He’d have no restrictions on tobacco advertising, junk foods galore in schools. No minimum wage," Jacobson tells Safer. "He wants to leave corporate America unfettered of any regulations that protect the public's health." Jacobson says corporate America simply hires Berman to say the nasty things they wouldn’t dare say themselves.

"He's a hit man. He's dishonest, deceptive, he makes things up," Jacobson says. "He does things that the companies can't do or say themselves, badmouthing just about anybody who says anything critical of industry." Who are the companies that support Berman?

"The food industry, the beverage industry, alcoholic beverage industry, the restaurant industry's a major supporter. He doesn't disclose the names of his funders," Jacobson says. But a partial list of Berman’s clients was leaked to the media some years back. Names included Coca-Cola, Tyson Chicken, Outback Steakhouse and Wendy’s.

Berman will not confirm or deny. "You're not going to get a lot of companies who want to say that I'm funding Rick Berman to go after you. They're just not going to do it," he says. Asked if these companies are embarrassed about being associated with him, Berman says, "I think it all comes down to not wanting to be targeted. I mean, I get attacked. But, I don't get attacked for my information. I get attacked personally."

And though his business rakes in millions, Berman says it’s not about the cash. It’s a calling.

"I didn't need to be doing this. I'm doing this because it's a passion of mind. I believe in what I'm doing," Berman tells Safer. "But, you're also doing it for the money. C'mon, admit it," Safer says. "I was making a lot of money before I ever started this firm. I do it because I believe in it. I do it because it’s the right thing to do," Berman replies.

Berman says his methods are fair, and that he is only responding to his opponents, who consistently use scare tactics. He has spoken out against trans-fat, that controversial frying oil under attack by city councils around the country. Berman says it’s hardly the poison its enemies claim it is. "People should not be led around by the nose with bad information," Berman says. "You can make up your own mind as to whether or not margarine is really rat poison as some people have said."

"Oh come on…," Safer remarks.

"But, that's what they've said," Berman replies.

"You just love it when they do that, though, don't you?" Safer asks.

"Well, they're so stupid when they do that because they leave themselves open for criticism," Berman says. "And that's the tension between these communication battles. Somebody exaggerating the hell out of a story and someone like myself coming in and saying, 'What in the world were you thinking."

And on the very genuine issue of increasing obesity in this country, Berman's blood boils when people describe it as an "epidemic" or "disease."

"There are people, the morbidly obese who truly do have a problem in this country. I mean, these are the people who when you see them walk down the street, you get the feeling that their butt is another zip code. OK, I understand that. Okay? That's a problem. Those people are at a health risk. But this whole issue that it's a disease, that it's not your fault that you're fat. I mean, if this is a disease, this is going to be the only disease in the country that you could solve by taking long walks and keeping your mouth shut. This is a personal responsibility issue in most cases," Berman says.

"I understand that and a lot of social activists and the government to some extent is trying to get these people to change these bad habits," Safer remarks. "I have no problem with education. But, education turns into regulation, you know?" Berman says. "As the government gets deeper and deeper into people's lives, they start to dictate more and more. If a bartender can cut you off for visibly being intoxicated, why won't we get to the point where a restaurant operator is not allowed to let you order dessert? I mean, you could get there."

"Oh, it sounds ridiculous, right? 'Well, I can't imagine that.' But, imagine ten steps to get there and all of the sudden it doesn't appear so crazy," Berman adds. And that is how Dr. Evil frames almost any issue he fights—resist or big nanny will crush you. He says MADD won't be happy until there is a breathalyzer in every car. Caffeine and salt will disappear, America will be regulated to a police state, one without French fries or foie gras.

"We all need to take a deep breath. We all need to look at the real science, at the real statistics and I am not opposed to stopping any of the stuff that's really bad. But, I am opposed to making the problem seem worse than it is. And these groups will make it seem so bad so it justifies their Draconian solutions," Berman says.

But Michael Jacobson says Berman, in his malevolence, is distorting deathly serious issues that will have long term effects on Americans. "An occasional hot dog is not gonna kill anybody. But, when you're having fettuccini Alfredo one night and the next day you have a double whopper with cheese at Burger King and the next day you go over to Denny's and you have one of their enormous breakfasts, that's what's killing us. Half a million people die every year of heart disease," Jacobson says. [Wait! Hold up! Who is Jacobson to tell anyone what they can't eat, and how often they can't eat it? To hell with this guy! The FACT is that we are FREE to eat at Denny's every day if we like! The scary thing is that this guy is serious! --JZ]

Asked if Berman believes in what he does, Jacobson says, "He's a PR guy. How you can believe anything he says? I think he's in favor of making a lot of money."

"Is he a man without conscience, you think?" Safer asks.

"I haven't seen a conscience. You know, I don't know. You know, he's willing to defend any of these companies, the purveyors of cigarettes and booze and unhealthy foods," Jacobson says. "But I think he does hit a nerve in this country when he goes after the nanny state that everything you do is being controlled by Big Mother," Safer remarks. "Yeah. Isn't it terrible? We have health departments that are trying to clean up restaurants, environmental agencies that are trying to clean the air and the water. It's just terrible," Jacobson says. "I think it's great that government sometimes protects the public's welfare. And he's there protecting industry."

Berman concedes government has a role, but says for the most part the marketplace will self-regulate.

"If the other side thinks that I'm all of these bad things, the one thing that they must think is I'm effective, or else they wouldn't be bitching about it so much," Berman says. "The fact is you enjoy being the contrarian. You like to be out there," Safer says.

"Well, I don't want to be in a business where it's a me-too thing, where everybody's saying the same thing, and I'm saying, 'Oh by the way, I agree,'" Berman replies. "I'm not afraid to say that the emperor has no clothes."

Berman says he rates his success by one simple measure: is he making people think twice?

As for his critics, Berman says, "I say to them, 'Look, once you get past the name-calling, tell me what's wrong with our statistics. Tell me what's wrong with our science.' Have I said anything that's wrong, or am I just objectionable? And if I'm objectionable, I say, 'Take a deep breath and get over it. I'm not going away.'"

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Britain will allow cowardly sailors to sell their stories

This has been bugging me for some time - like, wouldn't it be interesting if Iran had kidnapped some AMERICA Marines; you know, United States Marine Corps Jarheads, and put them in front of tape recorders and cameras, and told them to 'admit' they were in the wrong place and all these crummy things they made the British chowderheads do? And wouldn't you expect that the US Marines would probably have told their captors to go piss up a rope?

But not these Brits - they did whatever they were told, and now they've come home to make some money selling their stories.

Can it get anymore disgusting than this? If this isn't the beginning of the end of Western Europe, I don't know what is. What SHOULD be happening is that their superior officers should throw them in the brig for a year or so for being cowards. Bah! I feel dirty just READING crap like THIS. --JZ