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A Best Of Show today:

August 2: The liberal assault on the Tea Party

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Obama snubs VFW, but Gov. Rick Perry speaks
Brilliant Rocky & Bullwinkle 'Goof Gas' bit

Marco Rubio: The Democrats worst nightmare

Fast & Furious fallout: ATF Demotion & US Atty resigns
Show No. 157-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • News on the Lady Gaga front • Gaga can't even enjoy all of her success • Listener commentary from Facebook and email • Doug on the damage in Vermont from Hurricane Irene • Teri writes about the 'birther' issue and something more important • Frank Marshall Davis • Audio: Obama losing Latinos: Dick Morris • Rant: Why the GOP candidates are not talking about immigration law • Reading: Human Events: Marco Rubio, the Democrats worst nightmare • Reviewing the outrageous Democrat filibuster of Miguel Estrada (2001) • What happens if Democrats go after Marco Rubio on the Natural Born Citizen issue • Break • The Jimmy Z Show archives • Audio: Interview with Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitars, talking about the Federal raid • Production disruption • Imported woods from India to be finished by American workers • Several hundred workers sent home, cost to Gibson $1 million • 'They're stalking us. They're waiting for us to do something wrong' • Musician friends did not comment • FAST AND FURIOUS FALLOUT • Obama Administration already begins damage control •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Effen' song parody • VFW accuses Obama administration of snubbing the organization • Audio: Some of Rick Perry's comments to the VFW • Audio: Colin Powell hasn't decided on supporting Obama for re-election yet • Eric Cantor calls for repeal of Obama's job destroying regulations • Obama's illegal 'Uncle Onyongo' Obama gets the same immigration lawyer as Obama's sister • Rant: Do you think Uncle Onyongo will be deported? • Audio: Hysterical bit of Rocky & Bullwinkle: Goof Gas • Audio: Al Gore equates global warming deniers with racists during the Civil Rights era • Tiered electricity rates punish Americans for using more • What if they sold gasoline this way? • The Obama bus tour wasn't a bus tour at all: Obama and the buses flew from site to site!

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Facebook: Jimmy Z: Hour One of The Jimmy Z Monday Show & comments 8/29/11
Facebook: Photos of damage and destruction in Vermont
Teri O'Brien website
Illinois Review: "Natural Born Citizen" Brouhaha: It's the fact it was asked
Human Events: Marco Rubio: The Democrats' Worse Nightmare (November 2010)
Breitbart: Gibson Guitar CEO on Obama DOJ Raids: ‘We’re Being Persecuted’
The Politico: Kenneth Melson, acting ATF chief, steps down
KFYI: That Was Fast & Furious: U.S. Attorney For Arizona, Dennis Burke Resigns
Fox News: VFW Accuses White House Of Snubbing Annual Convention
AIP News: For first time in 112 years no one from the White House at the VFW convention
YouTube: Gov. Rick Perry Speech to National VFW; Special Salute to Heroes of Vietnam
YouTube: Colin Powell Not Yet Decided on Supporting Obama Re-Election in 2012
Newsmax: Poll: Just 43% of NJ Voters Want Obama Re-election
Daily Caller: Eric Cantor | Job Destroying Regulations | Barack Obama
Washington Times: Obama's illegal uncle arrested; almost hits cop car; tries to call White House
YouTube: Rocky & Bullwinkle: The Goof Gas Attack Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4
YouTube: Al Gore Claims AGW Critics Akin to Racists During Civil Rights Movement
Live Leak: The so called “Bus Tour” was not a bus tour at all
YouTube: Obama Fumbles with Gas Price Question

Monday, August 29, 2011


Bloomberg excludes clergy, prayer from 9/11 memorial
Michele Bachmann can reduce gas prices to $2 again

US Marines ordered not to fart: Offensive to Afghans
Show No. 156-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Flood of new conspiracy theories follow Hurricane Irene • Criticizing Obama if he stays on vacation or returns to Washington • Christwire website is all hoax stories • Christwire hoax about black looting and rioting in New York • Irene hype: Hurricane could have gone category 4 • Hurricane evacuation was a 'conditioning exercise' for Obama declaring martial law • Microwave HAARP weather control nonsense • Idaho man being prosecuted by the feds for killing a grizzly bear in his back yard • Coverage from Huffington Post, KHQ-TV and MSNBC • US Marines asked not to fart: Offensive to sensitive Afghan Muslims • Jerry Lewis dumped from the Labor Day Telethon • Mayor Bloomberg excludes clergy and prayer from the 9/11 10th anniversary memorial

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: Lou Rawls sings 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot', from The Big Valley • Audio: The Jesus Christ Show: What if God does or does not exist? • Caller has become a cynic, doesn't trust organized religion • Faith in many things that are not part of 'religion' • Blaming God for what others do in the name of God • What does it mean to live a 'good' life? • If there is a God, there would be eternal punishment • Church is not required, but necessary for Christians • Bloomberg: We are all Muslims during Rama-lama-ding-dong • Audio: Rick Perry in Iowa • Audio: Rick Perry montage and views on the border • Music: Al Gore's stupid poem sung by Jimmy Z • Al Gore says eat less meat to help global warming • Audio: Some Al Gore clips • Audio: Dick Morris on federal funding for the Mosque at Ground Zero • Dick Morris petition to block funding • Audio: Dick Morris on Obama and gas prices • Audio: Michele Bachmann says she can send gas prices back to $2 per gallon • Rant: Of course she can! •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Newsflavor: White House Insider (FAKE): Obama Rushed to Hurricane Irene "Photo-Op"
Facebook: White House Insider (FAKE): Obama Rushed to Hurricane Irene "Photo-Op"
Christwire (HOAX SITE): New York Blacks Start Obligatory Looting, Rioting in Face of Hurricane Irene (FAKE!)
Telegraph UK: Perfect Storm of Hype: Politicians, the media and the Hurricane Irene apocalypse that never was
Project N Search: MARTIAL LAW: Hurricane Irene Evacuations a Conditioning Exercise (CONSPIRACY THEORY)
YouTube: Hurricane Irene - HAARP Evidence (CONSPIRACY THEORY)
Huffington Post: Man Could Face Jail Time For Killing Grizzly In His Yard
MSNBC: Man Claims Self Defense In Shooting Grizzly; Feds File Charges
Newsy: Feds Charge Man for Killing Grizzly Bear
KHQ: Man Claims Self Defense In Shooting Grizzly; Feds File Charges
Military Times: For Marines in Afghanistan: be careful where you fart
Wall Street Journal: 9/11 Exclusion of Clergy and Prayer Spurs Outrage
CNN: 9/11 Ceremony won't include clergy or formal prayers
CNN: New York's Bloomberg: We are all Muslims
YouTube: Lou Rawls sings on "The Big Valley" (Forward to 5:30)
KFI AM 640: The Jesus Christ Show 8/28/11
The Jesus Christ Show home page
YouTube: Rick Perry Speaking in Ottumwa Iowa. Aug. 27, 2011
YouTube: Rick Perry AGREES with Obama: Open Borders for America (montage)
The Politico: Gore: Eat less meat to fight warming - Robin Bravende
UStream: Alex Bogusky chats with former Vice President Al Gore
Dick Morris Poll: Americans who don't want tax dollars funding a mosque at Ground Zero
YouTube: Michele Bachmann: 'Baseless' Two Dollar ($2) per gallon Gas Claim

Friday, August 26, 2011


CA Dream Act will give tax payer money to illegals
Now comes the big push to normalize pedophilia

Illegals will get CA college grants instead of citizens
Show No. 155-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Overview of today's big show topics • The move to normalize pedophilia • California Dream Act would give public funded college grants to illegals • Reporting Robert on Facebook to the FBI • Insinuated threat to Obama • The White House Insider passed around again • Boasting about guns and ammo • Man from the South says the South is ready to rise again • Threats to Obama, me and the FBI • Robert is a bad example of conservatism • Reading: 41% of Republicans would not vote for Sarah Palin • Obama spent millions at Yahoo and Google to promote Obamacare • Musicians, environmentally protected materials and the Lacey Act • Piano importer almost went to jail for wrongly filled out paperwork • US Congress amended the Lacey Act in 2008 • THE CALIFORNIA DREAM ACT • Audio: John & Ken coverage • Gil Cedillo,  California legislator working for illegals from Mexico • Citizens will take a back seat to illegals for college grants • Arnold Schwarzenegger would never sign this 'Dream Act' • LA Times article • Rant: I don't care if CA is flush with cash, illegals don't get a penny • Audio: Message I left for Gil Cedillo • CA voter's information guide: Democrats tout college tuition rates under Jerry Brown in 1975 •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Clip 2 from John & Ken • Gil Cedillo's focus is always handing money to illegal aliens • I don't care how someone got here illegally: No such thing as 'through no fault of their own' • Even Democrats can't believe they want their tax dollars to go to illegals before their own children • Chancellors are giving away tax money to illegals while the state is broke • Rant: Americans cannot allow Democrats to destroy California: It's time you got involved • This is La Raza • Why doesn't Gil Cedillo work in Mexico to improve life for Mexicans? • Cedillo is guilty of treason • This hurts the middle class the worst • Tuitions and fees skyrocketing and they're handing tax payer money to illegals • Audio: Message left for Gov. Brown • Audio: Richard Hernandez says we must pay for illegals to go to college • THE PUSH TO NORMALIZE PEDOPHILIA • The book on the NJ reading list had a lesbian scene with a 31 year old woman, and a 13 year old girl • Fox News column by Dr. Keith Ablow • Moral judgment and psychiatry • The APA made homosexuality normal in 1973 • Elvis Nixon article • Homosexuals have been pushing for normalized pedophilia for years • Ruth Bader Ginsberg co-wrote a report recommending the age of consent be lowers to 12 • Children should be allowed to express themselves sexually • NAMBLA • Coming up Monday: The Topless rally in Asheville, NC • The protesting topless women are never worth seeing topless • Couple of phone calls • Bill Handel's show uses the 'Genital' song •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Facebook: White House insider claims race wars are planned (Bogus blog post)
Facebook: Cathy: Woman defended Robert's threats and rants
Facebook: Robert: Insinuated - at least - a threat to Obama
The Politico: Sarah Palin out for two-fifths of Republicans, poll finds
Klein Online: White House spent millions to sell Obamacare on Yahoo, Google
Wall Street Journal: Guitar Frets: Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear
WRI: Is Your Company Prepared for the Lacey Act? (2009)
KFI AM 640: John & Ken: California Dream Act and Gil Cedillo
KFI AM 640: John & Ken: California Dream Act coverage
LA Times: California Dream Act one step closer to reality
Wikipedia: Jerry Brown, Governor of California twice now
Voter Guide: CA Voter Information Guide November 2, 2010
LA Times: California plunges to bottom in new business creation
MultiAmerican: Will the second part of the California Dream Act become law?
YouTube: California Dream Act Passes Assembly
Fox News Radio: School Reading List Includes Lesbian Sex, Gay Orgy
Fox News: Paving The Way For Condoning Child Rape
Elvis Nixon: Leftists Normalizing Pedophilia
World Net Daily: Bunch of boobs! Police accused at GoTopless event
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel: Handel on the News 8/26/11

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Marco Rubio's speech at the Ronald Reagan Library
Changes to Social Security and Medicare are a must

Q&A with Marco Rubio after his speech
Show No. 154-2011


One Hour • Click HERE to download
Opening • I need a laugh track • Phone calls? Not likely • Marco Rubio: Potential favorite to be the Republican Vice Presidential nominee • Nancy Reagan almost collapsed at the Reagan library • Audio: Marco Rubio's speech at the Ronald Reagan Library • Born and raised in Ronald Reagan's America • The Cold War • America: Free and prosperous, and compassionate • We used to take care of ourselves • Social Security • Obama has accelerated policies that were already in place • Access to the free enterprise system • Regulatory framework • We must make changes to Social Security and Medicare • We will pay into a system that we will never fully access • Socialism and communism • Doomed to fail • Rubio's grandfather • Our common destiny • Marco Rubio laughs off the idea of a VP run • Rant: The definition of 'natural born citizen' • Audio: Question and Answer with Marco Rubio • Run for VP • Party of Property and Compassion • Sidebar: Comment on the greedy MLK family • Rubio: Hispanics and conservatism • Tax code • Weakening the national defense • Liberal policies and spending • On The Tea Party in America •

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What's worse? MLK's sculpture is made in China!
Resist MSNBC much: Al Sharpton has his show

Sarah Palin complains about typical media punditry
Show No. 153-2011


One Hour • Click HERE to download
Opening • Salutations about watering and whatnot • Still haven't got to phone calls • Empty coffee cup • Rant: Martin Luther King's family was paid $800,000 to use his likeness for the Washington DC Memorial • Audio rewind: Martin Luther King Jr. talking about his children's character • Greedy pigs • Money off their father's memory • Residuals from MLK's quotes and likeness • Fund raising to pay the family $800,000 • What's worse, the sculpture was done in China!NJ school reading list includes graphic depictions of lesbian sex and a homosexual orgy • Inappropriate for 'some of the kids' • Rant: Don't complain anymore about public school: Just get your kids out • School board read the books and found them to be appropriate • Philadelphia shooting at a recreation center • Audio rewind: Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia goes after thugs (excerpts) • Al Sharpton gets his own show on MSNBC • Resist we much of course • Jimmy Z explains why MSNBC gave Sharpton a show • Sure, he's a dimwit - but he's black • Music: 'Resist We Much', featuring Al Sharpton • Media uses Allen West's brother against him: What about Obama's Aunt? • Sarah Palin upset with Karl Rove and others for guessing if she's going to run or not

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Earthquake in DC felt from Toronto to Atlanta
Coal plants to come under new, strict regulations

The 'White House Insider' is a writer's gimmick
Show No. 152-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Sarah Palin's pending announcement: Will she run or won't she? • Rasmussen numbers do not look good for Palin • Rant: THE BIRTHER UPDATE • Birthers still think they can remove Obama from office • Race riots • Obama and the Democrats must be rejected at the polls • Court decision coming up in Hawaii • The theory of nullification • Here's what needs to happen in January 2013 • People think Obama can be arrested at the White House and removed • No court will act conclusively before the election • The American citizens don't want to go through this kind of battle • The Jimmy Z Argument: We have 14 months before the election we must win • Bit: Argument clinic • FCC dumps 'the fairness doctrine' • Audio: Dick Morris on whether or not Palin will announce • 'The White House Insider' is not real: HillBuzzEarthquake in DC • Audio: Coverage from two talk stations in the DC area • ABC News reports • Comparing to earthquakes in CA • Washington DC reports • Evacuations throughout the east • People thinking about 9-11 • The washing machine analogy • Going down: Latest Obama poll data • Gallup approval down to 38% • Rasmussen tracking number down to -26 •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Earthquake notes • Felt from Toronto to Atlanta • Richter Scale information and earthquake sizes and frequency • Headlines at Drudge • Is the Washington Monument tilting? • Audio: Report from DC on the memorials • What a symbol of our times if the Washington Monument fell • Obama's latest numbers at Rasmussen • Ron Paul does better against Obama than Sarah Palin does • OBAMA'S COAL PLANT REGULATIONS WILL SKY ROCKET ELECTRICITY RATES • Audio: Obama in 2007 on coal electric plants • Audio: Obama says energy rates will 'necessarily skyrocket' • Washington Post: New coal regulations will shut down coal electric plants • Rant: We don't need less electricity! • More on Rick Perry and Karl Rove • Music: 'The Man Who Shot Osama Bin Laden' • Rick Perry scares the GOP establishment hacks • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Rick Perry and the GOP establishment • Audio: Kevin Jackson educates a young liberal protester • Christine O'Donnell spins her poor performance on the Piers Morgan program •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
HillBuzz: Ground Report: Is the Ulsterman “White House Insider” real?
Fox News: FCC Drops 'Fairness Doctrine'
630 AM WMAL: Earthquake in DC coverage
WTOP FM: Earthquake in DC coverage
Gallup: Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Rasmussen: Obama Approval Index History
Wikipedia: Richter magnitude scale
Real Clear Politics: CNN Reports: Some Stones Loose At Washington Monument After Quake
Rasmussen: Obama 39%, Paul 38%
Washington Post: Getting ready for a wave of coal-plant shutdowns - Ezra Klein
The Telegraph UK: Karl Rove and the Democrats desperate to stop the Rick Perry posse
YouTube: Paul Shanklin: "The Man Who Shot Osama Bin Laden"
National Review: Let the Perry Hatred Begin - Rich Lowry
Rush Limbaugh: Perry Scares GOP Establishment
World Net Daily: O'Donnell calls interview with Piers Morgan 'decidedly creepy'
YouTube: Christine O'Donnell's Anti-Masturbation footage from MTV

Monday, August 22, 2011


Obama continues to blame the GOP in Washington
MSNBC uses Rep. Allen West's brother against him

New poll shows Palin would lose to Obama, 50-33%
Show No. 151-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Cardasian Wedding • Obama jobs proposal already meets with Republican resistance • Audio: John Conyers wants to march on the White House and protest Obama • Audio: Allen West's 'democrat plantation' comment on Fox News • Audio: Maxine Waters responds to West's comment • Audio: Allen West's brother, Arlen West, says that Allen's plantation talk is not productive • Rant: Fake 'White House Insider' interviews online • Audio: MSNBC's Ed Schultz uses Allen West's brother against him • Audio: Ed Schultz reads Allen West's statement •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Grocery store strike likely in Southern California • Rant: The union bosses and union workers keep working during a strike • Audio: Maxine Waters says the Tea Party can go straight to hell • Audio: Karl Rove on the Bush Team vs Team Perry • Audio: Michael Bloomberg encourages more immigration for jobs growth • Audio: Ed Gillespie says Obama is in over his head • Audio: Sound from Obama's CBS News interview • Obama blames Congress for his falling approval rating • Daily Presidential Tracking Poll at Rasmussen has Obama at a negative 24 • Audio: Obama's weekend address: Blaming everyone but himself • Audio: Krauthammer on Obama complaining rather than leading • Audio: Dick Morris: Will Obama's approval drop further? • Audio: Ohio Gov. John Kasich with the Republican response • Audio: Clips of Christine O'Donnell on Mark Levin: She's better with a friendly host • Stunner: New Rasmussen poll shows Palin losing 50% to 33% vs. President Obama

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Huffington Post: Obama Jobs Plan Meets Early Resistance From Republicans
MRC TV: Rep. Conyers to Obama: "We've Had It", Calls for Protests at the White House
YouTube: Rep. Allen West: Liberal Black Leaders Overseeing 21st Century Plantation
Wikipedia: Allen West
The Politico: Maxine Waters responds to Allen West comments
Newsmax: Maxine Waters Ask Blacks for Permission to Attack Obama
YouTube: Maxine Waters Responds To Allen West's "Plantation Bosses" Comment
Daily Caller: Maxine Waters: The Tea Party can go straight to hell
Facebook: Scariest article about Obama (fake interview with 'insider')
MSNBC: MSNBC Uses Allen West's Brother In Attack Against GOP Congressman
Patch: Grocery Workers Set Stage for Strike
LA Times: Rep. Maxine Waters: 'The tea party can go straight to hell'
Real Clear Politics: Karl Rove: No Rivalry Between Bush Team And Perry Team
Real Clear Politics: Bloomberg: Open Borders Immigration "Single Biggest" Way To Create Jobs
Real Clear Politics: Gillespie: Obama In Over His Head
CBS News: Obama Interview: The complete transcript | 8/18/11
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
YouTube: Obama: Politics Preventing New Jobs
Real Clear Politics: Krauthammer: Obama Complaining Rather Than "Dealing With Events Like A Leader"
YouTube: Dick Morris TV: Will Obama's Approval Will Drop Further?
YouTube: Weekly Republican Address 8/20/11: Gov. John Kasich (R-OH)
YouTube: Mark Levin Interviews Christine O'Donnell On Her New Book Trouble Maker
Rasmussen: Obama 50%, Palin 33% | 8/22/11

Friday, August 19, 2011


Christine O'Donnell's abysmal interview on CNN
Rick Perry says we need to stop apologizing

GOP establishment hack defends
...Obama over Tea Party

Show No. 150-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Obama vacation days vs. George W. Bush vacation days: Surprising • Outrageous: Florida high school teacher suspended and may be fired for writing his opinion about same-sex marriage on Facebook • Uh oh, he mentioned the Bible: He's a goner • Facebook pages for and against him • Obama edict bypasses Congress on The DREAM Act • Jan Brewer slams Obama • Rant: No such thing as law- abiding undocumented workers • Audio: Christine O'Donnell blows a big question in the Delaware debate, October 2010 • Audio: Part 1 of my dissection of Christine O'Donnell on the Piers Morgan show

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Part 2: Jimmy Z dissects Christine O'Donnell's abysmal performance on the Piers Morgan program • Cowardice on display: How hard is it to answer the question about same-sex marriage? • Piers Morgan was rather polite about the whole thing if you ask me • Christine O'Donnell says 'Ok, I'm being pulled away' and leaves the program • Rant: Is this the best the Tea Party can offer America? Really? • Music: Johnny Cashless sings 'Obama's Prison Blues' • Rick Perry updates • 18 criticisms of Rick Perry answered • Rick Perry the Great Campaigner • Perry receives the Defender of Jerusalem Award • Texas forces closures of some Planned Parenthood offices • Audio: Rick Perry in 2009: States Rights & Federal Oppression • Audio: Rick Perry says the left doesn't like us, so we shouldn't try to 'curry favor' with them • Music: Ray Stevens, 'Obama Money' • Music: 'Obama Sucks', Jimmy Z • Audio: Rush Limbaugh comments on GOP establishment hack who defends Obama from the mean ol' Tea Party •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Presidential Candidates: 2012 Election News & Opinion: President Obama's vacation days
Fox News: Florida Teacher Suspended For Anti-Gay Marriage Posts On Personal Facebook Page
Facebook: Support Jerry Buell; Mount Dora High School Teacher of the Year suspended
Facebook: DON'T support homophobic Jerry Buell. Keep him suspended
Red State: I Refuse to Obey the Law
Washington Times: Obama to deport illegals by 'priority'
KTAR Radio: Brewer: Obama plan is `backdoor amnesty' for illegals
The Jimmy Z Show: Tuesday, July 27, 2011
YouTube: Christine O'Donnell's Supreme Court Gaffe
YouTube: Christine O'Donnell Walks Out On Piers Morgan
Real Clear Politics: Christine O'Donnell Walks Out Of Interview With CNN's Piers Morgan
YouTube: Video Johnny Cashless Sings, "Obama's Prison Blues" :: Impeach Obama Campaign
Pesky Truth: Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry Answered
Texas Monthly: Rick Perry, The Great Campaigner
Texas Governor: Gov. Rick Perry: [Press Release] Gov. Perry Receives Defender of Jerusalem Award
Life Site News: Numerous Planned Parenthoods close in wake of new Texas law
YouTube: Gov. Perry Backs Resolution Affirming Texas Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment
YouTube: Rick Perry: The Left Is Never Going To Like Us So Stop Trying To Curry Favor
YouTube: Ray Stevens - Obama Money
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Establishment Defends Obama Against Rude Tea Party

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sen. Cornyn: Gun scandal goes all the way to the top
Obama calls kid calling for higher taxes 'well informed'

Rep. Joe 'You lie!' Wilson vindicated by health law
Show No. 149-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • A few thoughts about Christine O'Donnell • Stock market down again; Obama is still President • Audio rewind: Maxine Waters talks about President Obama not visiting black neighborhoods • Maxine Waters with black preacher organ • 'Unemployment is unconscionable' • Audio: Louis Farrakhan says the soldiers are the terrorists • Sad rape and sexual harassment statistics from NPR • Illogical conclusions of Farrakhan • Fast & Furious gun running scandal update • Audio: Sen. John Cornyn with Laura Ingraham on the investigation • How much did Eric Holder know? • Cornyn: 'It goes all the way to the top' • Back pain and back exercises • Audio: Ed Schultz cuts the tape and smears Rick Perry • Audio: Ed Schultz with yet another apology • 'Big black cloud' of debt said to be Barack Obama • Audio: Al Sharpton says Rick Perry is 'swift-boating' Barack Obama • Audio: Michael Steele says Sharpton is 'taking it too far as usual' • Sidebar: Typical story tools of television cop shows • Comment from Obama fan on YouTube video • Audio: April 2011: Ed Schultz says Obama is one of the smartest presidents we've ever had • Rant: Obama the freakin' genius • Ed Schultz: The Republicans are racist • Audio: Obama in front of a corn field and a tractor, talking about how much he loves America •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Reading Dick Morris: Obama's ratings will continue to fall • Ron Paul says that Rick Perry makes him sound like a moderate • Audio: Obama says college kid who says wealthy should pay more for Social Security 'well informed' • Rant: Why there's a cap on the Social Security tax • Not well informed, he's well indoctrinated • Pajamas Media article disappears • CNN interview with Obama: Talking about terrorism • Chris Christie said to be considering running for president • Audio rewind: Jimmy Z reading transcript of Tea Partier Ryan Rhodes talking with Obama in Iowa • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks with Ryan Rhodes on his show • Audio: Heckler at Romney appearance illustrates the difference between liberals and democrats • Audio: Joe Wilson says he was right when he yelled out 'You lie!' • Democrats argue with the White House over campaign funds for 2012 • The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Kel and Robert • Jefferson did not hold an Iftar dinner • Thoughts on Ron Paul • Audio: The Jesus Christ Show: Caller's fiance died in an auto accident •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Real Clear Politics: Top Black Dem: "We're Supportive Of The President But We're Getting Tired"
YouTube: Farrakhan: American Soldiers Not Fort Hood Shooter Are Terrorists
NPR: The Nation: The Plight of Women Soldiers
LA Times: ATF promotes supervisors from border gun operation
YouTube: Fast and Furious Agents Promoted by Obama Administration; Gunrunner Promotions
Contact Senator John Cornyn, Arizona
Contact Representative Darryl Issa, California
Examiner: MSNBC's Ed Schultz edits video of Gov. Rick Perry to smear him as a racist
Huffington Post: Ed Schultz Apologizes For Rick Perry Error: 'It Was A Mistake'
YouTube: NBC Anglophobic Al Sharpton - Perry Said Black Cloud - Resist We Much!
YouTube: How Texas 'Hangman' Rick Perry is Trying To 'Swift-Boat' President Barack Obama
MrcTV: NBC News Lets Sharpton's False Racism Implication Against Perry Stand
Newsbusters: Ed Schultz: 'The Republican Party Stands For Racism'
Newsbusters: Corn Field/John Deere Backdrop 'I Love America So Much': How Dare We Claim Misery Tour Political?
Yahoo News: Ron Paul: Rick Perry makes me look moderate
Real Clear Politics: Obama Calls Young Man "Well Informed" For Saying Wealthy Need To Pay Fair Share
Pajamas Media: Obama Hints That The Biggest Domestic Terrorist Threat Is Not Islamism But Right-Wing Americans
CNN: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
CNN: Transcripts: Wolf Blitzer interview with President Obama 08/15/11
YouTube: Obama & Blitzer Fear Mongering on the Upcoming 10th Anniversary of 9/11
The Street: Christie to Test 2012 Presidential Waters: Report
Rush Limbaugh: Ryan Rhodes Calls the Program from Iowa
Fox News: Heated Exchange Over Social Security at Romney Iowa Event
Real Clear Politics: "You Lie!" Congressman: I've Been Proven Correct
The Politico: White House, Senate Democrats clash over campaign cash
KFI AM 640: The Jesus Christ Show: Living your sacrifice 8-14-2011
The Jesus Christ Show official website

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Obama, Perry, Rove, Santorum, Carney & 
...Dean on Rick Perry and the Fed
Obama says that he has it tougher than Abe Lincoln

Ron Paul would not step in if Iran attacks Israel
Obama's Magical Misery Tour buses made in Canada
Show No. 148-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rush Limbaugh mentions the Obama entourage video • Audio: Counting the vehicles in the Obama entourage in Iowa • Obama's buses aren't likely green • Audio: Counting the vehicles in the Obama entourage in Minnesota • Audio: Rick Perry on Fed transparency • Jay Carney warns Rick Perry about Fed comment • Rant: Rick Perry already has the White House responding • Audio: Obama cuts Rick Perry some slack over military comments • Audio: Rick Perry responds to Obama: Action speaks louder than words • Audio: Rick Santorum says Rick Perry stepped on it a couple of times; DC is not Austin • Audio: Howard Dean says Rick Perry could be giving Mitt Romney the advantage • Karl Rove on Perry and the Fed • Sidebar: Karl Rove's criticism of Christine O'Donnell: We need conservatism & intellect • Audio: Karl Rove on Rick Perry's comments • Obama Magical Misery Tour buses made in Canada • Audio: Jennifer Donohue: It's over for Mitt Romney • Rasmussen survey: Perry at 29%, Mitt Romney at 18% • Rant: Prosperity and Christianity • Audio: Life Today: James Robison with Rabbi Daniel Lapin • Israel, America and Christianity •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Part Two of James Robison's interview with Rabbi Daniel Lapin • Music: 'The Magical Misery Tour' • Sore back update • How to get the 'Obama Sucks' ring tone • Obama says he has it tougher than Abraham Lincoln • Boehner criticizes Obama's bus tour and lack of new ideas for creating jobs • Congressional Black Caucus tired of defending Obama • Audio: Maxine Waters talking with black voters in Detroit about not putting pressure on Obama • CBC is running cover for Obama: Black unemployment is much higher than the national average • Gerard DePardieu takes a leak in the plane • Audio: Jon Stewart wants Ron Paul to get more media attention • Audio: Ron Paul wouldn't step in if Israel were attacked by Iran • Audio: Dick Morris on London riots and class warfare in America •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama entourage leaving Decorah 8/16/11
YouTube: Obama entourage in Minnesota @ Zumbrota Ford
Real Clear Politics: Perry Doubles Down On Fed: "Open Up And Be Transparent"
National Journal: White House Warns Perry Should Watch What He Says
Real Clear Politics: Obama To Perry: "Be A Little More Careful About What You Say"
Real Clear Politics: Perry Responds To Obama: "Mr. President Actions Speak Loud Than Words"
Real Clear Politics: Rick Santorum To Rick Perry: "We're Not In Texas Anymore"
Real Clear Politics: Howard Dean: "Ruthless" Bush Team "Going To Take Perry Out"
Talking Points Memo: Karl Rove Piles On Rick Perry: Bernanke Line 'Not A Presidential Statement'
NY Post: President Obama on Midwest tour with bus made in Canada
Real Clear Politics: N.H. Political Analyst: "It Is Over For Mitt Romney"
Rasmussen: GOP Primary: Perry 29%, Romney 18%, Bachmann 13%
Life Today: James Robison with Rabbi Daniel Lapin
The Daily Caller: Abe Lincoln | Barack Obama | Federalists | Presidential Critics
The Daily Caller: Obama Bus Tour | John Boehner | Speaker of the House
Washington Examiner: Black caucus: Tired of making excuses for Obama
YouTube: 08.16.11: Rep. Maxine Waters - Criticizing Obama + the Black Community
E Online: What a Pisser! Gerard Depardieu Urinates on Plane
The Daily Show: Ron Paul & the Top Tier - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 08/15/11
YouTube: Ron Paul? "I'm Trying To Change The Course Of History"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


SonlitKnight: We can run a ham sandwich against
...Obama in the 2012 election
Obama Ag Secretary: Food stamps are a stimulus

Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Face The Nation
Show No. 147-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Sore back • Obama's bus tour is the result of the Tea Party • Latest Rasmussen numbers show Obama deeper into negatives • Congress should investigate the Obama bus tour: Why are the tax payers footing the bill? • Audio: Obama's bus tour is a campaign tour • Obama blaming Congress and talking re-election • Audio: Rick Perry on Obama and jobs • Audio: Jay Carney explains why the taxpayers are paying for this campaign bus • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z: Latest Rasmussen survey • Taxpayers and Obama's bus tour • We can nominate anyone to run against Obama • Obama has 4% strong approval from independents • Hillary not running in 2012 • Ham sandwich vs. Obama • Rick Perry was a democrat and worked with Al Gore • This country needs a repudiation of Obama, Democrats and socialism • Music: Someone else recorded 'The Magical Misery Tour' song parody! • Music: 'Obama Sucks', by Jimmy Z • Audio: Obama confronted by Tea Partiers during the bus tour • Audio: Obama explains why Americans would be mandated to buy health insurance • Obama's sound bytes are the same talking points over and over again • Audio: Immigrants upset about finger prints that lead to deportation of illegals

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Rick Perry on the Fed and printing more money • Agriculture Sec. says that food stamps are stimulus • Audio: Chris Christie: America needs a leader not afraid to take risks • Grocery store unions and grocery store pensions.  Pensions! • Audio: Obama will have an economic plan in September • Audio: Great Romney commercial about Obama • Audio: Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Face The Nation • Debbie refuses to answer the question • Americans are 'appreciative' of Obama's hard work • Unemployment up and food stamp users way up, but Debbie says Obama 'inherited' a huge problem • Contrasting Obama's job nationally with Perry's job in Texas • Audio: Jesus Christ Show on Mega-churches • Romney notes the 'Magical Misery Bus Tour' • Shocking interview with brother of the man suspected of killing his two year old daughter: 'He was a good father'

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Politico: $2.2 million for Secret Service's new armored buses
YouTube: Fighting words from the president
YouTube: Obama Bus Tour Touting 'Job Creation' On Taxpayer's Dime
YouTube: Obama's Magical Misery Tour song parody
YouTube: Obama's bus tour slams into Tea Party wall
YouTube: Obama: Individual Health Insurance Mandate 'Should Not Be Controversial'
Texas Tribune: Court Rules Against Individual Health Care Mandate — Attorney General's Office
YouTube: President Obama How we can put Americans back to work right now
ABC News: Protesters demand end to fingerprint sharing program 'Secure Communities'
OC Register: Meeting today on controversial immigration program
Real Clear Politics: Rick Perry: Federal Reserve Acting "Treasonous"
Real Clear Politics: Obama Ag Secretary Vilsack: Food Stamps Are A Stimulus
Real Clear Politics: Gov. Christie: People Want A President Who Will Lead, Take Risks
Real Clear Politics: Obama Will Announce Specific Economic Plan In September
Gallup: Obama's Weekly Job Approval at 40%, Lowest of Administration
Real Clear Politics: Mitt Romney Ad: Minnesotans Slam Obama Economy
Real Clear Politics: Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Obama In "Good Shape"
KFI AM 640: The Jesus Christ Show: Living your sacrifice 8-14-2011
The Jesus Christ Show Website
ABC News: Obama Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low in Gallup Poll
New York Post: Mitt Romney mocks President Obama 'Magical Misery Tour' of midwestern states
KTLA 5: AMBER ALERT: Amber Alert Cancelled After Father, Toddler Found Dead
My Fox 40: AMBER ALERT: Brother of Amber Alert Suspect Blames the Court System
CBS Sacramento: Brother: Man Driven To Brink By Brutal Custody Battle
News 10:Family of Amber Alert victims blames mother for death of father and daughter
News 10: Family blames mother for death of father and daughter

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Rush Limbaugh says Romney has learned his lesson
Ann Coulter now on GOProud's advisory board

The Weekend Special is commercial free!
Show No. 146-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Coffee montage • Audio: Rick Perry announces his campaign for President • Audio: YouTube Schmo talks about Rick Perry • 10 reasons liberals don't like Rick Perry • Audio: Sarah Palin still considering a run for President • Prediction: Logically it seems that Palin has decided not to run • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks about quoting candidates in a debate • Audio: Ron Paul on Iran and nukes • Audio: Limbaugh on Ron Paul • Audio: Dick Morris analysis of the debate • Audio: Obama's weekly address byte • Audio: Pat Toomey sound byte • Romney unscathed • Rush Limbaugh says Romney learned his lesson •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Rush Limbaugh says that Romney has learned the 'RomneyCare' lesson • The kind of GOP President we need • The kind of President Romney would be • Conservative satirist exaggerates a confrontation with Sen. Dick Durbin • Obama's new mileage requirements for long haul trucks • Electric vehicles from the Union of Concerned Scientists • Vehicle average requirement of 54.5 mpg in 2025 • Higher fuel standards mean higher death toll • Audio: Matthews criticizes Rick Perry • Perry dresses very fancy • UK looks to Bill Bratton for police advise on gangs • Bill Bratton says that gun control laws made the riots less dangerous • Consumer confidence lowest in 30 years • 2010 elections the decisive moment in Obama's presidency • Audio: Sen. Jim DeMint on Obama's presidency • New Quinipiac poll shows New York state disapproves of the job Obama is doing • Audio: Newt Gingrich on the Super Committee idea • CNN reports that there aren't enough 'rich' to tax • Ann Coulter moves to the dark side; She's now on the GOProud advisory board

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wikipedia: Rick Perry, Governor of Texas
YouTube: Rick Perry Announces Run for President
YouTube: Rick Perry announces run for president
YouTube: Rick Perry Announces Presidential Run
YouTube: Two gram bong hit (Sound effect; Jimmy Z does NOT endorse any recreational drug use)
Think Progress: Top 10 Things Texas Gov. Rick Perry Doesn’t Want You To Know About Him
Fox News: Sarah Palin on 'Hannity' Part 1
Rush Limbaugh: Review of the Republican Debate: Fox News Got Show They Wanted
Fox News: Ron Paul: Why Shouldn’t Iran Want a Nuclear Weapon?
YouTube: Ahmadinejad wants to wipe Israel off the map
YouTube: President Obama's Weekly Address - Putting the American People First
YouTube: Toomey - Govt. should get out of the way 8-13-2011
Fox News: Romney Unscathed, Pawlenty Wounded and Newt the Big Surprise
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Remains the Front-Runner
Washington Times: Did media cover up Sen. Durbin's confrontation with reporter?
Daily Press: Obama sets fuel efficiency standards for big rigs
San Francisco Chronicle: Obama sets fuel-efficiency goal: 54.5 mpg by 2025
Washington Examiner: Higher fuel standards mean higher death toll
Union of Concerned Scientists: UCS: Independent Science, Practical Solutions
YouTube: Chris Matthews Blast Entire State of Texas as Ignorant
YouTube: Police 'anger' over Supercop move
YouTube: Bill Bratton To Advise On UK Gangs: Former NY Police Chief Heads To London
Weekly Standard: Morning Jay: Obama Has No Clue What To Do With Himself
Real Clear Politics: Sen. DeMint: Obama Administration Most "Anti-American" In My Lifetime
Quinipiac: New York voters disapprove of Obama's job as president
Fox News Insider: Newt Gingrich: Super Committee Is Washington’s Dumbest Idea
CNN: Tax increase for the rich? Might be only 3% of taxpayers
Dallas Voice: GOProud taps Coulter for advisory board, 'gay icon'