Saturday, February 28, 2009


Bill Keller on Abstinence
Ann Coulter on public schools

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes. The Jimmy Z Show is always in high resolution stereo.

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The National Anthem (The Cactus Cuties) • Opening sequence • Christianity, government, and this show • Bill Keller: Abstinence, teen mothers and fathers • Homosexual comment: Your God will not be tolerated • List of homosexual churches, checked for accuracy

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Radio chip in driver's licenses? • Obama's enormous, gargantuan budget • Eww! Cloth 'toilet wipes'? • Steven Crowder humor: The Koran Challenge • Ann Coulter slams Stimulus/porkulus public school spending

Click HERE for Part Three
Ann Coulter continued • Toilet 'per flush' tax • Obama goes after assault weapons • National Trust bank's spending spree in Los Angeles • Obama refused comment on the National Trust partying • Senator Robert Byrd stands up to Obama's power grab • Pat Buchanan: Courage Mr. Holder, face the illegal alien problem • Audio: Dick Cheney on terrorism

Show notes & links:
• Abstinence, teen mothers and father HERE
• Radio chip in driver's licenses HERE
• Obama's enormous, gargantuan budget HERE
• Cloth toilet wipes? HERE
• Ann Coulter slams public school spending HERE
• Toilet 'per flush' tax in Australia HERE
• Obama seeking ban on assault rifles HERE
• Northern Trust bank's spending spree HERE
• Obama refuses comment HERE
• Senator Robert Byrd stands up to Obama HERE
• Pat Buchanan: Courage Mr. Holder HERE
• Dick Cheney warns of new attacks HERE
• Full sized version of chat at right HERE
..(FYI, the chart is causing much consternation among the left-wing moonbats!)

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Friday, February 27, 2009


Breaking: Economy contracts dramatically
Nobama spreading the economic panic
Kuwaiti professor's plan to kill 300,000 Americans

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes. The Jimmy Z Show is always in high resolution stereo.

Click HERE for Part One

Nobama gives oversight job to Jimmy Z • Opening sequence including Obama Victory Toilet parody • Dick Morris: It's Obama spreading the panic • Bloomberg: U.S. Economy- GDP Shrinks 6.2%, More Than Previously Estimated • Chart: Obama deficit is stunning by comparison • Black & Right: Obama's domestic surveillance • asks people to report those who do not support Obama

Click HERE for Part Two
Obama-bot report continues • Vow to Obama • Topics at • Comments at Black & Right • Looking over the discussion at the Youth Brigade thread • Porn ads at • 'A Guy Named Obama' (music from Paul Shanklin) • Kuwaiti professor outlines plan to kill 300,000 Americans • Jimmy Z stunned by video removal at Youtube • God is THE four letter word in US schools

BIG hat tip to Bob Parks' Black & Right

• Dick Morris: It's Obama spreading the panic HERE
• Bloomberg: US economy shrinks 6.2% thanks to Obama HERE
• Chart: Obama deficit is stunning, enormous HERE
• Black & Right: Obama's domestic surveillance HERE
• Obama supporters are watching you HERE
• The Obamaforum topics list HERE
• List of parents who don't support Obama thread HERE
• Kuwaiti professor's plan to kill 300,000 Americans HERE
• God is the four-letter word in public schools HERE

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Jimmy Z's Address to the people
Homosexual militants & Youtube
people attack the truth

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Jimmy Z's address • Opening sequence • Michael Swift's 1987 pro-homo rant IN FULL • Pro-homosexual on Youtube attacks Jimmy Z with vulgar messages

Click HERE for Part Two
The Nobama Speech, clip-by-clip • Obama, the new Reagan? • No drilling for oil under Nobama • Nobama says he does not believe in bigger government! • 'Nobody messes with Joe' • Create or save 3.5 million jobs • Econazis • 'Electric rates will necessarily skyrocket' • Corporate tax increases

Show notes & links:
• Michael Swift's gay militant rant HERE
• Text of Nobama's speech HERE
• Text of Bobby Jindal's response speech HERE
• Obama is Reaganesque? HERE

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


LAPD policy prevents officers from wearing helmets!
Log Cabin Republicans (homosexual militants)
ought not be a part of the Republican Party

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Matrix bit • Opening sequence • Mark Levin: 'An apology to MY kids' • Policies intended to destroy America • Killing the stock market, banking, health care, oil • Conversation with a Carter Administration conservative • Show page information and listening to The Jimmy Z Show

Click HERE for Part Two
Email: The History of Gun Ownership • The LAPD policy of not using helmets where protests may become violent • Paul Jacob: Obama 'transparency' • The SuperBowl ad that NBC rejected • Log Cabin Republican homosexual activists ought not be a part of the Republican Party

Show notes & links:
• The Mark Levin Show HERE
• LAPD policy prevents officers from wearing helmets HERE
• SuperBowl ad NBC rejected HERE
• Log Cabin Republicans attack Peter LaBarbera HERE

Monday, February 23, 2009


The democrats are seeking chaos
Cops in Oklahoma seize anti-Obama sign

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening sequence • World Net Daily: Obama & the democrats' goal is Directed Chaos • Audio: Oscar winner/homosexual activist speaking last night (boo-hoo) • Quoted: Gay revolutionary Michael Swift, 1987 • RamZPaul: Heterosexual college ladies basketball player comes out of the closet • Cops seize man's "Abort Obama" sign

Click HERE for Part Two

Eric Holder calls Americans 'a nation of cowards' • Huff'n'puffington writer says pork-ulus bill will pay for itself • Ben Stein's stimulus/pork-ulus comments • Audio rewind: Example why The Jimmy Z Show can't be a part of the nonsense at BTR, the infamous Jan & Robby clip • Jimmy Z Show ratings, from one to ten; ten being best • Comments on youtube: 'Believing in abortion' • Closing sequence

Show notes and links:
• Directed chaos is the goal HERE
• RamZPaul on the coming out of a heterosexual ladies b-ball player HERE
• Cops seize man's anti-Obama sign HERE
• Huff'n'puffington Post writer says pork-ulus will pay for itself HERE

Thanks again for your support! The Jimmy Z Show: Too big to be subordinate!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


TMZ did the public a service releasing photo
12 year old girl delivers speech against abortion

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening sequence • Courageous, anonymous comment regarding Ahholt Schwarzenegger • Chris Brown, Rihanna & TMZ releasing the disturbing police photo • Note I wrote to TMZ • The cowardice of beating women • Police down played the beating • Police investigate the release of the photo • The sadness in her face

Click HERE for Part Two
John Ziegler's 'How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted' documentary film trailer • 'We are the ones we've been waiting for!' • 12 year old girl delivers passionate speech against abortion • 'A person is a person, no matter how small' • How about the choice to have sex in the first place? • The responsibility to protect her body belongs to the woman • Obama 'stepped down' to the Oval Office • Rush Limbaugh's open letter to President Obama • The democrats are willing to limit free speech

Click HERE for Part Three
Rapid fire topic review: Pelosi's visit with the Pope • Bill Keller & 'Swimming With The Sharks' • The horrifying chimpanzee story in Connecticut • Al Franken's $50,000+ tax debt exposed • McCain's review of the Stimulus Conference Report • Youtube comment to your host and the Jimmy Z response rant

Show notes, exhibits & links:
• Chris Brown arrest report HERE
• TMZ report and original photo release HERE
• Readers respond to Chris Brown beating Rihanna HERE
• Boxing champ invites coward Chris Brown to a real fight HERE
• Rapper Jay Z threatens Chris Brown HERE
• John Ziegler's 'Media Malpractice' film trailer HERE
• Article: 12 year old girl's speech against abortion HERE
• Video:12 year old girl's speech against abortion HERE
• ABC's Terry Moran says Obama 'stepped down' to be in the Oval Office HERE
• Rush Limbaugh's open letter to President Obama HERE
• The Pope smacks down Nancy Pelosi HERE
• Bill Keller: Swimming With The Sharks HERE
• Woman nearly killed by wild chimpanzee HERE
• RamZPaul's interview with a chimpanzee trainer HERE
• Al Franken admits $50,000+ tax debt HERE
• John McCain's review of the Stimulus Conference Report HERE

At right is a Jimmy Z fan's cartooning of your host; although clearly an amateur's work, we really do appreciate the effort by a youngster who obviously enjoys the program. Thanks a lot and know that you are appreciated here at The Jimmy Z Show!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


More Republicans sell out in California
Pastor faces two years for peaceful
protest on public sidewalk

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Barack Obama greeting • Opening sequence • California's liberals raise taxes in a recession • Twitter peeps • Rahm Emanuel's ethics problems pile up • Chuck Norris: Congress' clueless credit system • Funny Jimmy Z stutter

Click HERE
for Part Two

RamZPaul's interview with Dana Cody, defending pastor/abortion protester Walter Hoye • The Bible under attack, Newsweek says it supports same-sex marriage • Bible Morons • Arrested for photographing a train • $2.3 million for drunk who, while tanked, fell onto subway tracks

Linkage/show notes:
• California's liberals raise taxes in a recession HERE
• Rahm Emanuel's ethics problems pile up HERE
• Chuck Norris: Congress' clueless credit system HERE
• RamZPaul's interview with Dana Cody HERE
• The Bible under attack, Newsweek says Bible supports same-sex marriage HERE
• Arrested photographing a train HERE
• $2.3 million for drunk who, while tanked, fell onto subway tracks HERE

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Atheists, irrational beliefs & extremism
Obama succeeds at ending 1994's Welfare Reform

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening sequence • Late night: Who's funny? • Bill Maher, angry extremist • Maher film trailer • 'Religulous' tanked at the box office • The irrational faith of atheism • Honoring B. Hussein Obama with Hail to the Chief • Rant: The $75 billion mortgage bailout & the problem the democrats created

Click HERE for Part Two
Ghost Busters bit • Audio: Talk Shoe clip, vulgar BTR show hosts talking dirty • Independent conservatism & not being a part of BTR • White House taking over the census • Roland Burris changes his story again, goodbye Roland • Rush Limbaugh analyzes Obama's welfare reform statement from 1998 • Newsweek cover story regarding The Bible and gay marriage

Today's links and show notes:
• Bill Maher film trailer HERE
• 'Religulous' box office numbers HERE
• $75 billion mortgage rip off HERE
• White House to take over census HERE
• Roland Burris changes story for the fifth time HERE
• Obama's 1998 statement regarding welfare reform at HERE
• Obama's 1998 statement regarding welfare reform at youtube HERE
• Newsweek cover story: The Bible says gay marriage is ok HERE

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


SNL sketch blows, Jimmy Z takes a critic apart,
Democrat paid $200,000 interest on a loan to herself

Plus: A California downpour
Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening sequence • Voice mishaps • Saturday Night Live writes Jimmy Z into a sketch! • Jimmy Z piece regarding Obama's Las Vegas statement • Hate-comment from BTR cliquer • California downpour outside: A sound-effect atmospheric moment • Jimmy Z responds to the cliquer critique • Las Vegas is more than sex and gambling (duh)

Click HERE for Part Two
Rain continues • Digital TV switch upcoming • The Saturday Night Live conservative sketch in its entirety (with commentary) • 'Obamanomics' has already failed': commentary from a friend of the show • Grace Napolitano (D - Los Angeles) collected over $200,000 interest on a loan from herself

Show notes & links:
• Grace Napolitano collects $200,000+ interest on loan to herself HERE
• Saturday Night Live conservative sketch HERE

Friday, February 13, 2009


Liberal democrats are showing you what Nancy Pelosi wants to do to the nation. Are you paying attention?
The show segment runs approximately 22 minutes.

Click HERE for The Jimmy Z Show
Topics: Jimmy Z Returns! • The Rant: California is being killed by liberal democrats / Pay attention because this is what they want to do to the nation (want to hear what a guy getting over a head cold at 3 in the morning sounds like?)

Read the Jimmy Z blog post HERE
Check out the crazy comment and response! More on the next show!
Thanks for listening everybody!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The inexperience of Nobama rises again. After speaking out against corporate retreats in Sin City, the Mayor of Las Vegas is asking Nobama for a clarification.

Seems the Mayor has received phone calls from folks saying that since their 'messiah' has said that it's bad to go to Vegas, they aren't going.

The Mayor is not amused.

But this is what you get with inexperience. Nobama doesn't realize what can happen when he speaks out of turn. Without careful thought, Nobama can ruin things in this economy.

Now think: This isn't about Vegas as much as it is an illustration of Nobama's use of words. For a long time now, this US President and 'leader' of the free world has -- as Rush Limbaugh said today -- spoken of doom and hopelessness every opportunity he gets to open his pie hole.

You don't think this has an effect on Americans? You don't think the world markets aren't affected by Nobama's endless spewing of pessimism? If Nobama's unthoughtful remark about Vegas can hurt Vegas' tourism, of course Nobama's planned pessimistic attacks of our economy HURT THE ECONOMY WORSE!

It isn't even arguable: Nobama is hurting our economy.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009




Once again, liberals live in freakin' la-la land. Right in the middle of a nasty recession (caused by liberals of course), liberals in California are proposing an incredible $14 billion in tax increases in the state with the highest taxes in the union.

Further, they propose this as the state is losing businesses and jobs at a faster pace than most of the rest of the nation.

Liberal democrats are hoping for a 12% increase in the state income tax (adding a full cent tax for every dollar purchase) AND adding many new items to the taxable list including automobile repair.

Additionally, liberal doofs are looking to add 12 cents tax to a gallon of gas, making the total tax per gallon of gas over 50 cents. That means a gallon of regular which sells for $2.19 would be about $1.68 without all of the taxes added.

Another whopper democrats can't wait to add is the doubling of the car registration 'value' tax. For example, registration of a year old vehicle that cost $30,000 new could go from about $300 to $575 or so.

The liberal swine also like the idea of an income tax surcharge. Yes, you guessed it -- TAXING your income tax. Holy mackerel.

Liberals have NO idea how to govern. At this time, the state of California is about to die -- literally -- and the liberals here are working to force more productive citizens out of the state.

Don't even ask about that octuplet mom -- tax sucking loser that she is!

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)



The democrats so fear the American people finding out the truth from Republicans, they deemed it necessary to remove them from the stimulus talks altogether. *LOL* How sweet is that?

And without realizing it, the witless Pelosi and Reid have done our side a delicious favor. When the details of this plan come out (and they will); when Americans realize that they've been had (and they will); when the stimulus fails to do anything to improve the economy (and it will), Republicans will be able to honestly tell voters, "we had no part of the bill. Democrats like Pelosi and Reid saw to that."

Watch your tracking numbers at Rasmussen. The democrats are setting themselves up for a big, big fall.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)


Obama tells the same lies on ABC tonight

Asked tonight on ABC why he can't get Republican support for his stupid pork-plan, Nobama said (lie #1) Republicans were continuing the same fighting from before (they are standing firm against socialism and against a bill that is not good for America).

Nobama also said in the same sentence (lie #2) that he is doing what Americans want him to do (check out the two commentary posts below -- clearly Americans are not supporting /Nobama porkulus).

Then, again, Nobama said that Americans made clear on election day they want his pork bill to the tune of over a trillion dollars (when you add in interest), even though none of this crap was proposed during the campaign. That's lie #3.

Nobama is practicing the well known rule of propaganda practiced often by leftiists: Tell a lie often enough and sheeple will believe it.

Not here. Jimmy Z will stand up to this dishonest man Nobama and post the truth every time he sits on TV and lies to all of us.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Mr. Nobama has been a good source of laughs if nothing else.

Funny story a couple days ago -- where Mr. Nobama said that his desire to operate in a bipartisan, work-together, reach-across-the-aisle manner takes a back seat to getting HIS porkulus plan shoved up America's posterior HIS way at no less than breakneck speed -- HIS speed FIRST. Then, later, when it suits his (small case) majesty Nobama, he might get around once again to talking about bipartisanship.

Is there anything funnier than a liberal talking about bipartisanship?

Is there anything more predictable than a liberal going back on his word?

Do any of you recall President Nobama on the campaign trail telling Americans "uh, I will.. um.. work in a bipartisan way, uh.. after I get a big trillion dollar scam passed, um, whether or not I get it, uh.. written in a bipartisan manner .. uh, and we'll get around to bipartisanship .. uh' later"?

Neither do I.

Reminder: "Hypocritcal liberal" is redundant.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

• HOPE FOR NOBAMA'S CRITICS (That's you and me)

More today from Scott Rasmussen & Rasmussen Reports:

Is the country on the right track? With the pessimism growing regarding Nobama's pork-ridden 'stimulus' hoo-hah (see previous post below), one would have to assume that people wouldn't think so -- and one would be right.

Throughout America, only 29% of Americans feel as though we are on the right track, and fully 62% say no, we are going the wrong way. Maybe Americans haven't all bought into Obamania.

Remember, this data is from Rasmussen, America's most reliable and trustworthy pollster.

Obama's best optimism comes from young America, but hold on; even among young people age 18-29 only 37% feel that we're on the right track. Oops. Half of those young people, 50%, do not share that view and believe instead that we are on the WRONG track.

Racially, blacks in America are quite happy, probably believing in race over substance. Over half believe we are headed the right way. As I have illustrated in previous shows, this is trusting in color over character. Nobama is, after all, the most inexperienced man to hold the office of President.

Lastly, Republicans show once again how much smarter they are than democrats. Nearly half, or 48% of democrats think we are headed down the right road with the pork-ulus plan.

But Republicans know that we are not. Only 13% have fallen for 'hope & change' and think this is the right road. I love being in the smart group!

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)


I thought that I would throw some Rasmussen numbers around this morning. I need to give my conservative friends heart -- and twist the knife and cause the left to moan in pain some more.

Mr. Nobama 'enjoys' a 39% 'strongly approve' number: This number tells us that (1) Nobama's support is falling and doing so quickly and (2) Nobama has had virtually zero days of a '100 day presidential honeymoon'.

The other problem Nobama wrestles with is great distrust in terms of his porky 'stimulus' plan, which most Americans know isn't much of a stimulus plan at all. In fact, most of the money won't be set into motion for over two years!

Support for Mr. Nobama's porky pigulus plan was only 45% two weeks ago. Last week it fell to 39%, and the latest Rasmussen number is down to 37%. Rasmussen, the country's most reliable pollster, will release new numbers later this week.

Americans don't seem to be very enthusiastic about Nobama's porky plan, and without question, this distrust will continue to lead the (small case) messiah down the road of political unpopularity.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

Monday, February 9, 2009


A current poll shows that Nobama's approval numbers are now in free fall. Already. This soon. During the 'presidential 100 day honeymoon' no less!

To what does Obama owe this tailspin in loss of the American people's confidence? Himself of course... the panic, the shrill and desperate tone of his latest appearances, the outrageous fear-mongering he offers Americans at every opportunity, the repeating of his dire warning that if we don't do it his way now, the economy will "never" recover.

Too funny!

A scant two plus weeks ago, Nobama was enjoying a nearly 80% approval by Americans -- because, to be terribly blunt, he hadn't done a damn thing yet. As soon as he took office; as soon as he began WORKING, everything went kaflooey.

Now, his approval rating is closing in on 50%. This is an epic drop in confidence, predicted by myself some time ago (although I never dreamed I'd be enjoying this kind of decline so soon!).

I will go out on a limb (hardly a big risk!) and say that Nobama's poll problems are not close to being over. Looking at the economy, the Middle East and Mexico's decline into political melttdown, Nobama has many opportunities ahead to let his inexperience shine.


(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)


Over and over again, Mr. Nobama keeps saying that his plan will save or create 3 million jobs. How funny is this? *L* There is no way to confirm this kind of claim; that is why Obama keeps repeating it -- word for word -- at every opportunity.

Today he is off campaigning again, this time for the Nobama/Pelosi/Reid Socialism (Pork-ulus/stimulus) bill. Funny isn't it how his frustration over congressional fighting had him bolting to Camp David for the weekend.

No one will ever be able to verify that Nobama's claim to be able to save 3 million jobs will come to pass. As Paul Ramsey said in a recent video-blog post, as long as 3 million Americans remain employed, he can claim that he saved those jobs!

Time to wake up Americans. Nobama is using smoke and mirrrors, lies and dishonesty to sell his Democratic Party stimulus bill. Limbaugh just reported that Nobama stated just now that people can't spend money if they don't HAVE money. Then Limbaugh opined, "that never stopped government."

SHOW UPDATE: Your host has been down with the flu all weekend. Also, the JZ show tech staff doesn't work weekends, so the timing was about right for illness. I'll let you know status of the show & computer repairs as soon as possible. Until then, best regards from a recuperating Jimmy Z!

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Holy cow! Obama figures that his stimulus bill is so vital, so important, he is OUTTA THERE! Off and out of town for a weekend in Camp David.

Remember when Bush would be thrashed by the Obama-loving press? The media who chose to let journalism die?

Geez, this president is weak.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)


So the guy who ran on 'hope' is now spending day after day after day telling Americans -- and the rest of the world -- that without his package of pork and political hokum, crisis will turn to catastrophe and the into the end times (in his words, a ruination we could never return from).

Anyone remember how often the leftwing moonbats told us Bush was fear-mongering?

Now of course, Nobama gets a pass. Never mind that he is not offering any bi-partisanship, and no hope -- just Obama Brand Pork Rinds.

Remember this next time Obama goes into another "I won" hissy fit. Many more such ocassions are coming because his level of experience keeps him thinking,"I won, do it my way or I'm taking my ball home."

Once again today, Nobama blew it and told us about doom to come in his weekly bitch and moan. This is going to be so much fun!

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

Friday, February 6, 2009


I'll keep you posted right here!
No one is more disappointed than I am.
The Jimmy Z Show will return asap.

(Reporting from the Jimmy Z Mobile Unit)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Thursday Show - in STEREO

Jimmy Z exposes even more democratic

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening • Rant: Obama's fear mongering: The recession might prove irreversible/Stimulus-schmimulus • Wall Street's reaction to Obama's pay cap • Audio: Obama says 'I won' (in a more elaborate way)

Click HERE for Part Two
Obama admits 'we screwed up' • Reuters celebrates Obama admitting 'we screwed up' • Audio: Cheney's comments regarding terrorism • Audio: The Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson says racists elected Obama • Rant: Racism and voting for Obama/Christianity and Obama • US Energy secretary warns of doom for California • Rasmussen: Only 37% now favor Obama stimulus • Rant: To hell with humans, protect the smelt • already complaining about Obama • Commentary: Obama's comments at the National Prayer Breakfast

• Obama warns of need for stimulus right away HERE
• Stimulus bill gets housing tax perk HERE
• GOP wields more influence over stimulus bill HERE
• What's in the stimulus plan? HERE
• Stimulus plan stuffed with the wrong ideas HERE
• AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image HERE
• Dismay on Wall Street over Obama pay cap HERE
• US sets pay limits for bailed out execs HERE
• Obama announces pay caps; video HERE
• Reuters praises Obama admitting 'we screwed up' HERE
• Dick Cheney's comments regarding terrorism HERE
• Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson talks about racists voting for Obama HERE
• Rasmussen reports only 37% favor Obama stimulus bill HERE
• Energy sec warns of doom for California HERE
• complaining about Obama already HERE
• Bill to allow water distribution in California HERE

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

• The Dr. Peter Tans Interview with RamzPaul

The Integrated Man, Paul Ramsey,
interviews Dr. Peter Tans

From The Integrated Man:

"I was honored to interview Dr. Pieter Tans, Chief Scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Dr. Tans is considered to be one of the leading and most influential climate scientists in the world.

I asked Dr. Tans his opinion of Steve Chu’s (Secretary of Energy) statement to the media that California is in danger of losing its agriculture due to climate change. Dr. Tans explained that this is a real concern due to the lack of snowfall to provide water for the plants. We discussed that building new damns may be a partial solution to capture the water that runs off from rainfall."

For more click here:

. .

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Tuesday Show - in STEREO

Christian Bale goes off on Barack Obama!
Each segment is approximately 31 minutes long.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening sequence • The Jimmy Z Show is commercial free! • Annoying commercials • Audio clip: Christian Bale goes off on Barack Obama! • Obama in trouble, stories available on the internet • CNN analysis: Obama's Ethics vow at risk • Rant: This is how democrats do government, dirty deeds • Obama and the birth of Mob-ocracy in America

Click HERE for Part Two
Mob-ocracy continued • Rant: Face the blow-back and find out if Obama is a natural born citizen • Rant: Michael Phelps smoking a bong • Poll: Reaction to Obama's executive orders • Rant: To torture or not to torture • Porn interrupts Super Bowl in Tuscon • Obama snubs nation's heroes: First president to skip Ball honoring Medal of Honor recipients • Black & Right: Obama 1260am Talk Radio fails • Amazing repeating gif file: Hillary Clinton refuses Bill's kiss

Show note links and stuff:
• CNN Analysis, Obama's ethics vow at risk HERE
• Obama and the birth of mob-ocracy in America HERE
• Micheal Phelps smoking a bong HERE
• Performance Czar Nancy Killefer gone HERE
• Poll: Reaction to Obama's executive orders HERE
• Porn interrupts Super Bowl in Tuscon HERE
• Obama snubs nation's heroes HERE
• Obama 1260am Talk Radio fails HERE
• Gif file of Hillary Clinton refusing Bill's kiss HERE

Listen and learn! The Jimmy Z Show

Monday, February 2, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Monday Show - In STEREO

Bob Parks Interview Today!
Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening sequence • Different ways to listen to The Jimmy Z Show • The origin of the name Jimmy Z • A bit of the BlogTalkRadio story • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Bob Parks of Black & Right • Liberal hypocrisy • Finding stories for Black & Right • Presidential Sucker Syndrome (PSS) • Obama's inability to do what he said he would do • Bush's New Tone

Click HERE for Part Two
Interview with Bob Parks continued • Democrat agenda is not good for the country • Stimulus, schmimulus • Government waste • Gitmo • Black voters & reparations: A review of history • Democrats Still Lying Through Their Teeth • Bob Parks TV Show • Youtube and a conservative alternative: • Free expression on college campuses (for liberals)

The Bob Parks/Black & Right links:
Black & Right HERE (conservative alternative to youtube) HERE
'Democrats still lying through their teeth' by Bob Parks HERE

Also folks, be sure to check out The Jimmy Z Weekend Show immediately below this post - lots of great, shocking topics including a teacher who was having her first graders pledge allegiance to Obama!! Every edition of The Jimmy Z Show is a can't miss show!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Weekend Show - in STEREO

More issues and topics than any other internet show!
Each segment is approximately 30 minutes in length.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening • Steelers favored, Americans pull for Arizona • Springsteen apologizes for Walmart deal, keeps money • Comment to Obama regarding abortion • Kutcher's Punk'd show makes fun out of house fires and car jackings • Via email: Ann Margaret, class act • Shocking: Pledge to Obama's image on overhead projector in first grade • Cher compares zoo elephants to slavery • Idiot woman with octuplets

Click HERE for Part Two
Audio: Paul Ramsey reviews stimulus bill defense commercial • Obama vs. Limbaugh analysis on CNN • LAPD officer shot by gangbangers outside his home • Michelle Malkin probably loves The Jimmy Z Show/No such thing as bad publicity • Senator says the Obama stimulus won't work • Obama spanked by military court judge • Hate mail to Michelle Malkin - hysterial liberals more hysterical, less tolerant than ever • Chuck Norris on Rick Warren's inauguration prayer • Close

Show notes and reference links:
• Springsteen apologizes for Walmart deal HERE
• Americans expect Pittsburgh to win, pull for Arizona HERE
• First graders pledge allegiance to Obama image HERE
• Cher compares elephants in the zoo to slavery HERE
• LAPD officer shot by gangbangers outside his home HERE
• CNN analysis of Obama vs. Limbaugh HERE
• Octuplets for single mother of six HERE
• Ramzpaul discusses Stimulus commercial HERE
• Senator says Stimulus bill won't work HERE
• Obama spanked by military court judge HERE
• Chuck Norris regarding Rick Warren's prayer HERE
• Michelle Malkin hate mail HERE

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