Friday, October 30, 2009


Pelosi blocks the public at health care bill unveiling
Ted Nugent interview Vegas at the SHOT Show

Show No. 210-2009

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Opening • 'The Days of B. Hussein' - Jimmy Z • This morning's Two-Minute Warning™ • 2,000 pages • Audio: John Boehner • New taxes in the new House bill • Rant: Health care required by the government & Obama's tax pledge • GOP asks Harry Reid to publish the health care bill online • Pelosi's unveiling of the health care bill closed to the public • Audio: People being denied access to the steps of the capitol building • 'Death panels' remain in the House bill • The unemployment extension is attached to another bill • Air America 'poll' shows Americans willing to pay higher taxes • Doug Hoffman's great piece, Take back the party!

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Reviewing the coming elections next Tuesday • Joe Lieberman • Audio: Wonderful interview with Ted Nugent at the SHOT Show • Lieberman moving to the right • Audio: Rush Limbaugh goes nuclear over stimulus 'jobs creation' • James David Manning banned from Youtube

Click HERE to see the scariest Halloween mask EVER!

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: House Minority Leader on health care reform bill
GOP website: Health care solutions for America
YouTube: Boehner, Democrats' bill a government takeover
Washington Examiner: 13 new tax hikes found in 1,990 page house bill
The Hill: Senate GOP to Reid, publish health care bill online
Washington Times: Democrats handpick reform bill audience
Breitbart TV: Pelosi's public unveiling of public option closed to public
Breitbart TV: Pelosi denies public access to public space for public plan announcement
Fox News: So-called 'death panel' measure survives in house health bill
Air America: Senate standoff wringing unemployment benefits dry
Air America: Poll shows America willing to pay higher taxes
NY Post: Doug Hoffman, Take back the party!
YouTube: 2008 SHOT show interview with Ted Nugent (Part 1)
YouTube NRA Videos channel
ABC News: Sen. Joe Lieberman says he'll back Republicans in 2010 midterms
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh goes nuclear on dishonesty of Obama admin over jobs
AP: Stimulus jobs overstated by thousands Pastor David Manning banned from YouTube
YouTube: The White Rodney King

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Thomas Sowell on the dismantling of America
Sarah Palin continues to be hated, feared

Show No. 209-2009

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Opening • Shot fired into the home of CNN's Lou Dobbs • Rant: Why is all of this happening now? • Audio: Lou Dobbs on the battle for the soul of America • Reading: Thomas Sowell • On federal bailouts of newspapers • Levi Johnston continues his Hate Palin campaign • Rant: The media hate Sarah Palin that much • on the rudeness that spreads swine flu • Rep. Steve King with NFL Commissioner testifying • Reading: Four (so far) charged in Richmond High rape case

Show Notes • Linkage • Audio/Video
YouTube: Shot fired into home of Lou Dobbs of CNN
Jewish World Review: Thomas Sowell, Dismantling America Piece by Piece
The Politico: Palin hits Levi & CBS
Elvis Nixon: ObamaCare and swine flu spread through rudeness
Washington Independent: Rep. Steve King to NFL Commissioner, apologize to Rush
San Jose Mercury News: Four charged in Richmond High rape case

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Health care overhaul updates and analysis
Reid and Obama can't get the votes they need

Show No. 208-2009

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Greetings and rare tape of Obama speaking while loaded • Opening • Health Care bill updates and analysis • Audio: Today's Two-Minute Warning™ • Reading: Obama's Doctor Shortage • Swine flu vaccine shortage and lines IS ObamaCare in action • Audio: Harry Reid announces Senate health care bill with public option • Harry sounds smarmy • Q & A with Harry Reid • Reid on Republican help • Lieberman will filibuster the Reid bill • Audio: Reid on Lieberman decision • Reading: WellPoint study shows ObamaCare increases costs • Newsmax article, Reid's plan DOA • Sen. Blanche Lincoln concerned about public option bill • Audio: Keith Olbermann throws a hissy fit over Lieberman

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
WSJ: Obama's Doctor Shortage
Wikipedia: John Galt, Ayn Rand character
YouTube: Senator Reid, health care bill will include 'opt-out' option
The Politico: Lieberman says he'll filibuster Reid plan
WSJ: WellPoint studies show ObamaCare increases costs
Newsmax: Harry Reid's public option plan dead on arrival
Arkansas News: Lincoln has concerns about 'opt-out' public option
YouTube: Olbermann goes after Liebermann

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


US official resigns over Afghan war
Joys of Muslim women

Show No. 207-2009

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Opening • Bit: Obama and our Highway to Hell • 8 US troops die, new deadliest month in Afghan war • US Official resigns over Afghan war • Former Catholic Bishop dies & what a life he lived • Give up meat to save the planet • Climate change meeting depends on Obama • Nativity scene ended after 63 years • The latest on Doug Hoffman and the NY-23 race • Great poll news • Something really scary for Obama democrats • Joys of Muslim Women • Daily Presidential tracking poll • Obama to appear in Virginia to stump for Deeds

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video

AP: 8 US troops die, new deadliest month in Afghan war
Washington Post: US official resigns over Afghan war
LA Times: Former Catholic Bishop G. Patrick Ziemann dies at 68
Times Online UK: Climate Chief Lord Stern, Give up meat to save the planet
WND: Ok for 63 years, now Jesus in manger gets dumped
Times Union: NRCC attacks conservative Republican Hoffman
Real Clear Politics: New poll, Hoffman leads
Club For Growth: New Hoffman poll
Weekly Standard: NRCC to attack Hoffman
Washington Times: Something really scary for Obama's democrats
SBY News: Joys of a Muslim Woman
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
YouTube: Obama to stump for Deeds in Norfolk

Monday, October 26, 2009


Chuck Norris on the Climate Change Treaty
Americans trust Republicans more on
ten of the biggest issues we face

Show No. 206-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Facebook blather: People joking about a rope, a tree & a hanging • Audio: The Monday Two-Minute Warning • ObamaCare preview: Shortages and lines • Except from Obama's 'thesis' in college was a fake • Audio: Obama on the Constitution and redistribution of wealth • Audio: Obama on the flawed Constitution • Rant: It was the Constitution that ended slavery • Chuck Norris on Obama's 1-world government • Obama won't talk climate change in Copenhagen • White House will not allow 'czars' to testify before (the democrat led) Congress • 180 acre solar panel plant to power 3,000 homes and businesses

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Song parody: 'Reverend Al' (featuring audio production adjustments by Jimmy Z!) • Comparison of who Americans trusted one year ago with who American trust today: We are winning • The GOP is trusted by Americans on all ten issues • Audio: Jimmy Z's speech at the Antelope Valley Tea Party • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • What the Rasmussen surveys mean • Conservative candidates in New York & Florida • Palin on Hoffman • Audio: John MacArthur on Barack Obama

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama constitution quote in context
WND: Obama's 1-world government by Chuck Norris
Times Online UK: Obama won't talk climate change in Copenhagen
CNS News: White House to keep Obama's 'czars' from testifying
AP: Largest solar panel plant in the US
Rasmussen: American trust on the issues Oct. 2008
Rasmussen: American trust on the issues Oct. 2009
YouTube: John MacArthur calls Obama a 'Non-Christian'

Friday, October 23, 2009


50 year old cartoon predicted the future
Obama & the redistribution of wealth

Show No. 205-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Swine flu vaccine • Louis Farrakhan • We could feed the world • Reading: Limbaugh on Farrakhan • Conservative groups & coming together • RINOs, the GOP & elections in one year • The definition of 'Fascism' • Email • Newt Gingrich • Say a prayer for Monica • Jethro writes about 'Taking Chance' • LA Times review of 'Taking Chance' • Future World Currency website • Dinosaur cartoon • 50 year old cartoon predicted the future • ElvisNixon website overview • Easily offended folks •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Contessa Brewer on MSNBC calls Jesse Jackson 'Al Sharpton' • Obama thesis paper excerpt surfaces • Audio: Obama in 2007 on redistribution of wealth • Audio: Obama supporters show off their smarts • Audio: Jon Corzine & Barack Obama • Rant: These people who vote for democrats • Jimmy Z says 'go to church' • Canada Free Press, great opinion piece • White House attempts to keep Fox News out of the news loop • Audio: Reports regarding Fox News • Obama dithering on Afghanistan • New unemployment claims rise • Impact of 'stimulus' will 'level off' • 10pm Leno ratings falling • Obama's poll rating drop worst in 50 years

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Fox News: H1N1 Vaccine developed to kill people
Rush Limbaugh: Stack of Stuff quick hits page
LA Times: Review, HBO's 'Taking Chance'
Future World Currency home page
The Jimmy Z Show: Dinosaur cartoon
YouTube: 50 year old cartoon predicted the future home page
YouTube: MSNBC's Contessa Brewer calls Jesse Jackson 'Al Sharpton'
American Thinker: Obama's Columbia thesis excerpt surfaces
YouTube: President Obama stumps for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine
Canada Free Press: This isn't change, it's treason
YouTube: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN refuse administration request to block Fox News
Reuters: Afghan troop decision possible before vote result
Fox News: New unemployment claims rise more than expected
AP: Romer, Impact of stimulus will level off
THR Feed: FX's 'Anarchy' is first basic cable series to beat Leno
Telegraph UK: Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years

Thursday, October 22, 2009


White House to cut executive pay by 90%
Arizona muslim runs daughter down

Show No. 204-2009

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Opening • Communism or fascism? • White House to cut pay of executives • Audio: Obama says Republicans 'do what they're told' • Democrats lose big test vote on health care • Senator Leyhe can't say where the Constitution authorizes government to force Americans to buy health insurance • Rant: Government cutting companies' salaries • Where are the thoughtful liberals? • Obama 'inhilator' bit • Dodgers • Reading: Just say no to blasphemy laws • Arizona muslim runs daughter down with the car • Where is N.O.W.? • 2nd stimulus plan? No, this would be the third • Tyrone on YouTube speaks about Obama in New Orleans • FCC Net Neutrality update

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CNBC: US said to order deep pay cuts at bailed out companies
Brietbart: Republicans 'do what they're told'
NY Times: Democrats lose big test vote on health legislation
CNS News: Senate Judiciary Chair can't identify Constitutional authority
USA Today: Just say no to blasphemy laws
Atlas Shrugs: Arizona muslim runs down daughter for being 'westernized'
Arizona Daily Sun: 2nd stimulus in the works
YouTube: Rich white liberal democrats more important to Obama
Wake Up Black America blog
Faultline USA: FCC moved to codify network neutrality principles

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Limbaugh address the moral decay in America
Republicans act like democrats, still expect
you to vote for them

Show No. 203-2009

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Opening • Audio: Cavudo discusses Republican votes and liberal candidates • Reading: Doug Hoffman addresses Dede Scozzofava • Drudge Report focuses on the declining US dollar: Oh no! • Audio: FCC to vote on Net Neutrality • It looks like the NFL didn't forbid Limbaugh from being an owner • The only good environmentalist is the one who kills himself • Audio: Tony Katz at the Antelope Valley Tea Party • Democrats work on health care bill behind closed doors • Rant: Transparent? No Bi-partisan? No • Jack at CBC says 'we can do better' • Audio: RNC video at YouTube • Audio: Rush Limbaugh, One species knows God •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Tea Parties challenge GOP RINOs Contact Newt Gingrich's spokesman
Michelle Malkin: A message from conservative candidate Doug Hoffman
The Politico: Zeroing in on the dollar's decline
YouTube: FCC to vote on Net Neutrality
Washington Post: Small group now leads closed door health care reform
Conservative Blogs Central: Conservatives, you can do better than this!
YouTube: Behind closed doors
The Jimmy Z Show Blog: Antelope Valley Tea Party Speeches

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The first of many of Sunday's speeches
Showing your receipt on the way out the door:
Is it a deal breaker? Have you lost liberty?

Show No. 202-2009

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Opening • Salutations • On showing your receipt on the way out of a store • Antelope Valley Tea Party Speech: Drew Mercy • Recording the speeches • Beverly Huffman's hard work • Militant Consumerism: The Big Store Receipt Check Scandal • The battle against shoplifting and the free market • Reading: The Consumerist, Home Depot security guard harasses customer • 'Call the police and call your lawyer' • On engaging the services of a lawyer over showing a receipt • Comments from folks on Facebook • The Boiled Frog analogy • Guilty until proven innocent • Crazy man says Obama is making previous presidents look bad • More comments from people who hate showing their receipts • Hyperbolic analogies • Kidnapping (!?) • I just walk right on by • Let the police search you without cause • God protect them if they put a hand on me to stop me • Police state • No different than pulling every customer into a room • A camera in the shower • Comparing checking your receipt to being molested

Show Notes • Links
Antelope Valley Tea Party info Home Depot needs to check your receipt

Monday, October 19, 2009


Obama to cede US sovereignty?
Juan Williams called a porch monkey by
a racist black liberal

Show No. 201-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE
to download
Opening • Salutations • Hip internet networking sites • Facebook networking • Be informed • Harvey Milk Day • Pass this program along • The Sunday trip to Lancaster • Church • People who spoke at Tea Party • Letter from Steve • On sponsoring or supporting the show • On the climate change treaty • Audio: Lord Christopher Monckton

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • More on 'ceding' US sovereignty • The pyramid scheme story • Audio: Representative speaks about the UCI Anteaters • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Christie in New Jersey & McDonnell in Virginia • Balloon Boy • Audio: We did it for the show • Update: Rifqa Bary • Juan Williams called a porch monkey

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
C. Mason Weaver website
YouTube: Obama poised to cede US sovereignty
CNN: Balloon Boy incident was a hoax
YouTube: Falcon Heene admits 'we did it for the show'
Newsmax: Rifqa Bary family risks deportation
LA Times: Obama The 'Magic Negro'
YouTube: Juan Williams called porch monkey
YouTube: Juan Williams takes on the race baiters

Friday, October 16, 2009


Obama promised health care costs would decrease
The left keeps Limbaugh from buying the Rams

Show No. 200-2009

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Opening • Salutations • Dick Morris on the costs of Obamacare • Heritage Foundation analysis of Obamacare • Audio: Corrine Brown on the floor of the House, praising the Florida Gators • Audio: Sheila Jackson Lee goes after Rush Limbaugh on the floor of the House • Where was she when Perez Hilton was attacking a beauty contestant? • Rant: This is not her business • 200th Show today • Call the NFL, don't watch the NFL • Commentary all over the internet • John Ziegler, Jason Whitlock, Kevin Jackson, American Thinker, Tammy Bruce, Mark Cuban

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Dick Morris: High price of ObamaCare
Hawaii Free Press: $8338 per year, Obamacare invades your wallet
YouTube: Corrine Brown, Go Gatas
LiveLeak: Corrine Brown 'gradulating' the gator football team
YouTube: Democrat congresswoman blasts Limbaugh on the House floor
Big Hollywood: Limbaugh needs to keep fighting
Fox Sports: Goodell should say no to Limbaugh
The Black Sphere: Rush Limbaugh and 'silly Negroes'
American Thinker: Liberals fumble again
Facebook: Tammy Bruce, Rush's Rams
USA Today: Mavericks' owner says NFL 'would be crazy' to approve Limbaugh
BlogMaverick: Mark Cuban's column re Rush Limbaugh
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh's comments on Donovan McNabb

From The Jimmy Z Two Minute Warning™
Times Dispatch: NC state senator shoots, wounds intruder
John Jacob: NC gun control democrat RC Soles shoots intruder

The Antelope Valley Tea Party this Sunday
Call the NFL: (212) 450-2000

Thursday, October 15, 2009


17 year old Christian girl ordered back to
her Muslim parents

Chris Matthews fantasizes about someone killing
Rush Limbaugh

Show No. 199-2009

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Opening • Jimmy Z's history with the LA Rams • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on the new owner of the Miami Dolphins • Ah, poetry in music • Analysis: Pop music and the election of Barack ObamaCourt orders Rifqa Bary back to Ohio • Islam is not a religion of peace • Reading from Biblical Integrity, 'They just don't understand' • Comments on the Jaycee Lee Dugard photo on People Magazine • Obama insult carved into golf green • The Jimmy Z Two-Minute Warning™ on Facebook • Tentative inspections program allows Russia to inspect US sites • Apartment complex bans the American Flag (ban later lifted) • Audio: Chris Matthews fantasizes about someone killing Rush Limbaugh • Obama and Democrats losing support from independents

Show Notes • Linkage • Audio/Video
Rush Limbaugh: The NFL's newest owner, Fergie Court orders Rifqa Bary back to Ohio
Biblical Integrity: 'They just don't understand'
YouTube: Disturbing 9-1-1 call, 'I'm dying! I'm dying!'
The Jimmy Z Friday Show™ covering Rifqa Bary
WHDH: Symbol carved into green at Lakeville Golf Course
Fox News: Tentative inspections program to allow Russia to visit US sites
KATU: Apartment residents told to take down US Flags
YouTube: Chris Matthews fantasizes about someone killing Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh: Response to Matthews
CS Monitor: Democrats losing independents

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Obama praises Snowe for 'courage'
Rush Limbaugh, what he didn't say

Show No. 198-2009

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to download (one hour)
Opening • Excommunication of Olympia Snowe, RINO • Audio: Obama praises Snowe • Rant: RINOs get praise from the media and democrats • Audio: Interview with Olympia Snowe • Dollar loses reserve status to yen and euro • Reading: Obama must start punching harder • Rush Limbaugh, fabricated quotes, and the bid to purchase the Rams

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama praises Snowe's courage
Politics Daily: Snowe votes with democrats
YouTube: Republican votes yes on health care bill
NY Post: Dollar loses reserve status to yen and euro
Financial Times: Gideon Rachman, Obama must start punching harder
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh racist quotes
Rush Limbaugh: State run media scum smear Rush using fabricated quotes

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Zero tolerance policy may send 6 year old to
reform school for 45 days

Governor Schwarzenegger - spineless loser

Show No. 197-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE
to download
Opening • Zero tolerance could send 6 year old to reform school for 45 days • Email from listeners • Another great piece from, Fleeing liberal churches? The intolerance of 'tolerance' • Steve Wynn on Fox News Sunday with Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm • Schwarzenegger signs all kinds of liberal bills • Homosexual bills signed by the Governator • Harvey Milk Day in California •

Hour TWO • Click HERE
to download
Schwarzenegger signs ammunition bill • NRA Email regarding ammunition bill • Monty Python 'Military Fairies' sketch • Day of silence in schools Oct 20 against abortion • RINO Lindsey Graham working with John Kerry on Climate Change bill • Supposed racist Rush Limbaugh quote and the bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams • Audio: Limbaugh on the Rams purchase • AfroConservative: Liberal democrats destroyed the Black Family • Charlie Rangel and the democrats who support him

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Zero tolerance controversy, 6 year old student
NY Times: It's a fork, it's a spoon, it's a ... weapon?
ElvisNixon: Fleeing liberal churches? The intolerance of 'tolerance'
Rush Limbaugh: Steve Wynn schools Jennifer Granholm on how to create jobs
Christian News Wire: Governor signs two pro-homosexual bills
Newsmax: Schwarzenegger oks day honoring gay activist Milk
CNS News: California lawmakers push 'Harvey Milk Day' Schwarzenegger signs handgun ammo registration bill
YouTube: Monty Python 'Military Fairies' sketch
Christian News Wire: Hundreds of thousands of students will refuse to speak
Fox News: Graham backs push for climate change legislation
ESPN: Union opposes Rush Limbaugh's bid to buy St. Louis Rams
Smash Mouth Politics: Quotation attributed to Limbaugh is a damnable lie
Rush Limbaugh: A response to hateful slander
AfroConservative: Liberal democrats destroyed Black America
The Politico: House ethics panel expands Charlie Rangel probe
Lindsey Graham website

Monday, October 12, 2009


Republicans are doing us harm on the internet
Audio Frenzy: Obama's silly Nobel prize

Show No.196-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Vacation • Nobel prize • Bono & U2 • Bono deserves ten Peace Prizes • Smocks for doctors at the White House • Republicans who harm us on the internet • Snooper • Fake email passed around the cyber world • Angie's post on Facebook, Starbucks supposedly refuses coffee for the troops • Comments & responses under the false story about Starbucks • People comment with evidence showing the story is false • Dept. of Defense article • Patricia writes about 'calumny' • My stories and information are backed up here on the show page •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Epilogue of the last hour • Audio Frenzy: Obama's silly Nobel prize • Crowd gasps when Obama's name is announced • Michael Steele's comments • Barbara Boxer whines about Michael Steele • John Bolton on Obama's silly prize • Dr. Boyce Watkins on Obama's prize • George Stephanopoulos laughs at Donna Brazile • Obama admits he lacks accomplishments • Rush Limbaugh regarding the media's cow over SNL Obama sketch • SNL: Obama accepts Nobel prize • White House communications director whines about Fox News • American Flag with Obama's face

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Facebook: Angie's post of a false story about Starbucks and comments
The Jimmy Z Show: Screen capture of Angie's post and comments
Defense Dept: Starbucks story
Urban Legends: Starbucks story
Snopes: Starbucks story
Boycott Watch: Starbucks story
Debra JM Smith: Obama's Nobel prize
YouTube: Announcement, Obama wins the peace prize
Washington Independent: Michael Steele attacks Obama over Nobel prize
YouTube: Barbara Boxer whines over criticism of Obama Nobel prize
YouTube: John Bolton on Obama Nobel prize
YouTube: Black scholar Dr. Boyce Watkins on Obama Nobel prize
Newsmax: Stephanopoulos laughs, Brazile says prize 'well deserved'
YouTube: Obama on his Nobel prize
Rush Limbaugh: State run media has a cow over SNL Obama sketch
YouTube: SNL mocks Obama's Nobel prize
CNN: White House aide whines about Fox News
Atlas Shrugs: Not a photoshop, Obama flag flying
The Jimmy Z Show: Photoshop, Obama flag burning

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Rush Limbaugh gloats on Friday
Big Bird and Michelle Obama

Show No. 195-2009

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Opening • Saturday Night Live with Obama • Rush Limbaugh gloating • Obama begs, Michelle plays the violin • Rush Limbaugh sings 'Mmm Mmm Mmm' with Jimmy Z's music • Lloyd Marcus' 'Twenty Ten' music parody • Big Bird gives Michelle Obama grief on Sesame Street • Newsmax interview with John Boehner

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video

YouTube: SNL pokes fun at Obama for his lack of accomplishments
Rush Limbaugh: The Ego has landed
YouTube: Twenty Ten by Lloyd Marcus
Talking Points Memo: Conan, Big Bird gets right wing crazy with Michelle Obama
Newsmax: Interview with Rep. John Boehner