Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Health insurance costs skyrocket prior to elections!
Don't expect the media to begin reporting the news
WE are the media now - know it, embrace it
Show No. 162-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Glenn Beck & Mormon beliefs • It is possible that some Mormons are saved: An example • Homeowners Association in AZ battles against the flying of the Gadsden flag • ACLU joins with the homeowner • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Public opinion turning against Obamacare • Democrats actually thought Obamacare would help them in November • Health care costs rising right before the midterms • The coming Republican tsunami • The economy is genuinely hurting a lot of people • Vote Republican in November • Drudge Report story about redecorating the Oval Office •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Prayer montage for America & Jimmy Z • Rant: Al Sharpton's rally had about 3,000 people • We haven't seen any aerial views of both rallies • Education Secretary urges his staff and employees to go to Sharpton's high school pep rally • New York Times calls Beck 'weepy' • Rant: Who needs to be told to go vote in November? • Audio: Glenn Beck on the crowd in DC • I enjoyed sitting at home, sipping coffee in the air conditioning, watching the rally • Huffington Post's 'ridiculous' attire pictures of rally attendees • Newsweek numbers the crowd at less than 100,000 • Rant: Stop expecting the main stream media to report the news • WE are the media now! • Journalism in the major media has died • Audio: Called slams Al Sharpton on CSPAN • Audio: Al Sharpton accuses Beck, Palin of hijacking MLK's Dream • Audio: Sharpton montage from the high school pep rally • Audio: Nico comments on Beck's rally on the day of MLK's 'Dream' speech • Signoff •

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Monday, August 30, 2010


The Glenn Beck speech in full from Washington DC
Obama reports US to UN for human rights violations
Shocking video: Denver police excessive force
Alex the Hyphenated American joins Jimmy Z
Show No. 161-2010


Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Glenn Beck, God, Jesus & Outrage • Thomas Jefferson on Jesus and Christianity • Perhaps up to a million people • Comparing Al Sharpton's high school pep rally to the Restoring Honor rally • Which rally carried forward 'The Dream' as stated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr • Audio: Portion of Dr. King's 'I Have A Dream' speech • The last thing Sharpton wants to be is judged by the content of his character • 'No justice, no peace' • Glenn Beck's speech • The racism of Al Sharpton • Facebook story about a neighbor calling Glenn Beck a racist • Maybe it's time to stop getting along with liberals • Bad cue on the bumper music, oops • Obama proposes IRS probe for organization • Obama reports the United States to the UN for human rights violations • Outrageous: Editorial outlines the damage done in report to the UN • Jan Brewer's response to the UN report • Audio: Obama's latest interview • Obama spins the BP oil spill; less oil because of the White House • Obama spins the economy • Obama spins the mosque 'near' Ground Zero • Obama spins his Christianity • Obama spins Glenn Beck's rally in DC • Denver police out of control, clear case of excessive force: shocking video •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Alex, The Hyphenated American • Military voters sold out by the Pentagon • NASA and Islam • Obama going after your 401(k) • Taxes • Democrat support for Muslims • The Hamasque at Ground Zero • On Obama being a Christian • Where Obama was born • Corruption and The Black Caucus •

Hour THREE • Click HERE to download
Opening • GLENN BECK: RESTORING HONORThe Glenn Beck Speech in it's entirety

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Thursday, August 26, 2010


72 dead in rural Mexico connected to drug wars
11 year old girl 'masturbates' in 'Mad Men' on TV
Democrats privately acknowledge: No recovery
Show No. 159-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Comment Line: Ray calls about his 'R' word email • On giving words such power over us • Audio: Jimmy Z reading Ray's email from a few days ago • Comment Line: SonlitKnight's 4 part series: The Election is entering a new phase • Obama's numbers on Rasmussen • Recovery Summer • Hardening political opinion • THE SUMMER OF RECOVERY • Public works projects do not recover the economy • My world famous David Axelrod impression • Job creation is not happening • Audio: Obama says China's infrastructure is better suited than the US • 60 mile traffic jam in China • 72 bodies found in rural Mexico • Don't spend your money vacationing in Mexico • Gangs kill migrants who don't pay for trafficking • 28,000 dead since December 2006 • More mass graves • Audio: PBS report on 72 dead in Mexico •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Mad Men: 11 year old actress 'masturbates' on TV • Childhood masturbation & the parenting lesson in 'Mad Men' • Clinical psychologist says this is normal, parents need to avoid shaming children • 'What is wrong with you?' • Where are the parents of the young actress? • I need to dig up Rush Limbaugh's comments on this • Howie Mandell on America's Got Talent criticized young dancers for a routine that as not age appropriate • Democrat jokes 'Nancy Pelosi could fall ill and die' • Democrats privately concede 'Recovery Summer' not happening • Democrats campaigning against Bush again • Biden's prediction: 500,000 jobs a month • Florida polling: Marco Rubio ahead by 10 points • Rasmussen survey: Americans trust Republicans on all 10 major issues • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • The Trust survey • Electoral vote redistribution • Governors and redistricting • Audio: Bruce Springsteen endorses Barack Obama, 2008 • Audio: Christopher Hitchens endorses Barack Obama, 2008 •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Politico: Obama, Biden declare 'Recovery Summer' (June, 2010)
YouTube: Obama says China's infrastructure is better suited than US
MSNBC: Worst traffic jam ever? Gridock spans 60 miles in China
Wall Street Journal: 72 bodies found in rural Mexico
YouTube: 72 bodies found in connection to Mexican drug war
CBS News: What can 'Mad Men' teach parents about childhood masturbation
BlogTown: Mad Men Monday
CBS News: Bobby Bright jokes Nancy Pelosi might die
The Politico: Democrats privately fear House prospects worsening
US News & World Report: Not even Bush can save democrats from falling economy
The Daily Caller: GOP reminds Biden of recovery forecast
Washington Post: Biden predicts economy will create 500,000 jobs a month soon
National Review: Bennet Bombshell: Trillions in debt, 'nothing to show for it'
Rasmussen Reports: Election 2010: Florida Senate race
Rasmussen Reports: Trust on the issues survey
270 to Win: Electoral votes in 2012
Washington Examiner: Redistricting could prolong the Democrats' pain
YouTube: Barack Obama endorsement: Bruce Springsteen
YouTube: Christopher Hitchens endorses Obama

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Home sales slack off dramatically, slowest in years
SHOCKING privacy ruling from the 9th Circuit Court

3 teens killed in Columbia on Facebook hit list
Show No. 158-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Drudge Report economic headlines • Lyrics: Brother Can You Spare A Dime • Music: 'Brother Can You Spare A Dime', Al Jolson • Depression or recession? • Biden says there is 'no doubt we are moving in the right direction' • Audio: John Boehner: Obama should fire his economic team • Voting for Scott for Governor in Florida • Home sales slack of dramatically • Letterman slams Obama for another vacation • Ron Paul supports the mosque at Ground Zero • Audio: John Boehner on conservative government • Audio: Q&A with John Boehner •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • SHOCKING: Government can sneak onto your property and place a GPS monitor on your vehicle without a warrantSonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Primary results: Alaska, Arizona & Florida • Obama, Clinton and Carter • Audio: Sylverster Stallone with Howard Stern & Bill O'Reilly • Getting 'The Expendables' made • The liberal reviewers help conservative movies • Webpage: Sylvester Stallone a hypocrite on gun rights • Disturbing story: Facebook hit list in Columbia •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Just Some Lyrics: Brother Can You Spare A Dime, Al Jolson version
YouTube: Al Jolson, Brother Can You Spare A Dime
The Swamp: Biden: 'We've seen this movie before'
YouTube: John Boehner, Obama should fire economic team
Fox News: Scott shakes up Florida Governor's race
CNBC: Economy caught in depression, not recession
CNBC: New home sales sink to lowest pace on record
Tulsa World: Inhofe criticizes McCain on election day
CBS News: Letterman knocks Obama for latest vacation
Power Line: Imam Rauf and Ron Paul, bedfellows
YouTube: Leader Boehner rips Obama a new one
YouTube: Leader Boehner, the adult conversation
Time/Yahoo: The government's new right to track your every move with GPS
Breitbart: Stern interviews Stallone on being a right wing outsider in Hollywood
The Howard Stern Show Website (adult content)
Breitbart: Stallone, 'America apologizes too much'
Rifle Gear: The hypocrisy of Sylvester Stallone
CNN: 3 Colombian teens on Facebook hit list killed in past 10 days

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The new LA showpiece: $578 million public school
Obama's failed stimulus cost more than the Iraq War

Students at Lincoln Memorial told to stop singing the
National Anthem; they were breaking federal law
Pat Boone: The mosque at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Show No. 157-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Email from Ray: Offensive words • Real hatred: King Samir Shabazz hates 'every last iota of a cracker' • Music: 'The Coffee Song', Frank Sinatra • Mrs. Olson knew how to make coffee, alright • John McCain is likely to win in Arizona • Rant: Conservatives and social conservatism • Bloggers in Philadelphia must buy a $300 business license • Government avoids 'discretion and common sense' • NEW $578 MILLION SCHOOL IN LA • Three public schools in Los Angeles debut in three years cost taxpayers $1.2 billion • Audio: Drinking with Bob: The $578 million school • Obama's failed stimulus program cost more than the Iraq War • High school kids on a tour of Washington DC told the stop singing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial • Audio: Fox News report and interview • Rant: Let's go sing at the Lincoln Memorial! •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: The kids singing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial (civil disobedience) • Rant: Why haven't these kids been arrested for breaking federal law? • The US Park Police explain why our National Anthem is verboten at the Lincoln Memorial • Audio: The US Air Force Academy Choir • Rant: Retards are in charge of our country • Audio: A Prayer for America by Michael Youssef • THE MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO • Audio: Mosque at Ground Zero Imam Faisal Rauf in 2005 • Reading: Pat Boone: The mosque at 1600 Pennsylvania • Audio: Charles Krauthammer on Obama and Islam • Audio: Ted Olson, 'conservative' lawyer, on the mosque at Ground Zero • Audio: Dr. Thomas Sowell's one sentence of advice • Audio: Israel preparing for war • Dept. of Defense calls the Ft. Hood massacre 'workplace violence' • Maxine Waters blames ethics problems on the Bush Administration

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CNBC: McCain, others face key tests in Tuesday's Primaries
Washington Examiner: Philly requiring bloggers to pay $300 for a business license
City Paper: Pay up: Philadelphia charges bloggers $300 fee for a business license
AP: LA unveils $578 million school, costliest in the nation
YouTube: $578 million dollar school, by DrinkingWithBob
Washington Examiner: Obama's failed stimulus program cost more than the Iraq war
Christian Coalition: Kids told they can't sing the National Anthem at Lincoln Memorial
Fox News: Students at Lincoln Memorial told to stop singing the National Anthem
YouTube: Security tries to stifle National Anthem at Lincoln Memorial
YouTube: Imam Rauf exposed: 'America has Muslim blood on it's hands'
World Net Daily: Pat Boone: The mosque at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Real Clear Politics: Krauthammer: Obama has an 'affinity' for Islam
MSNBC: Ted Olson on the mosque at Ground Zero
Facebook: A word of advice from Dr. Thomas Sowell
Reuters: US court rules against Obama's stem cell policy
Breitbart: Israeli official warns, 'we're preparing for war'
Creeping Sharia: DoD's final report classifies Fort Hood jihad as 'workplace violence'
Fox News: Facing ethics charges, Rep. Maxine Waters points finger at Bush administration

Monday, August 23, 2010


Jennifer Aniston uses the R-word & people flip out!
Conservatives caving to the homosexual agenda

Coulter slams conservatives, cozy with homosexuals
Show No. 156-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Jimmy Z comment line • Freedom Lover's post regarding the Ted Hayes speech • California GOP kills resolution supporting Arizona and SB 1070 • Meg Whitman and her director of Latino outreach do not support SB 1070 • Lt. Gov. Abel Maldanado • Net Talk World announcement • Jennifer Aniston's use of the R-word • Audio: The Rhode Show (Providence, RI) commentators flip out over use of the R-word • Jimmy Z responds to these 'retards' • Rant: It's not the word, it's the emotion and hate behind the word • 'I'm this, you're that' • The K-word • The B-word • The C-word • Rant: Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me • CONSERVATISM MOVING TOWARD CAPITULATION WITH HOMOSEXUALITY • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks about bringing Elton John to perform at his wedding • Audio: Mark Levin talks about Elton John at Limbaugh's wedding •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'The Ballad of Ben Gay' • Rant: I'm not saying people should hate Elton John • Audio: Michael Savage on the Limbaugh wedding & Elton John • Elton John, Rush Limbaugh & homosexual marriage • Elton says he has no legal rights in California • Limbaugh said to believe homosexuality is determined by biology • Where does 'building bridges' lead? • ANN COULTER • Ann Coulter, World Net Daily & Joseph Farah • 'Fake Christians' • Audio: Ann Coulter on Fox News' 'Red Eye' • Rant: What comes after homosexual marriage • Have sex behind closed doors, I don't care, but when you force society to accept you, we get to have our say • Ann Coulter slamming conservatives like Joseph Farah, cozy with homosexual activists • Coulter applauded by 'young conservatives' • Liberals and homosexuals are enjoying the conservative infighting • 'Conservative' website Red State argues for conservative support of homosexual marriage • Audio: 'Conservative' lawyer Ted Olson fights Prop 8 in CA • Newsweek argues homosexual marriage is a conservative value • Audio: Glenn Beck tells Bill O'Reilly that homosexual marriage is not bad for the country • Americans For Truth: Why Glenn Beck is Wrong • Letter to Elizabeth Hasslebeck from Peter LaBarbara •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Freedom Lover: Images from the Stand for Arizona rally the MSM will never show
LA Times: Election 2010: State Republican Party looks to turn the page
Washington Independent: CA GOP kills resolution supporting Arizona Immigration Law
YouTube: The Buzz: Jennifer Aniston under fire
YouTube: Jennifer Aniston blasted for using the R-word
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh wedding, Elton John Part 1
YouTube: Mark Levin on Rush Limbaugh's wedding
YouTube: Michael Savage: Elton John at Limbaugh wedding is like...
On Top Mag: Limbaugh says he shares Elton John's view on homosexual marriage
Washington Post: Why Limbaugh loves Elton John
World Net Daily: WND drops Ann Coulter from Miami event over homoconflict
World Net Daily: Ann Coulter on WND: 'They're a bunch of fake Christians
YouTube: Red Eye: Ann Coulter dropped by WND over homosexuals
World Net Daily: Ann Coulter slams Farah as 'swine', 'publicity whore'
Politics Daily: Ann Coulter applauded by young conservatives for 'Homocon' speech
GOProud: Ann Coulter dropped from right wing event for liking homosexuals
On Top Mag: Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck labeled 'deserters' over homosexual rights
Capitol Hill Blue: Ann Coulter bitch slaps Joe Farah
Red State: The conservative case to rethink homosexual marriage
MSNBC: Video: Anti-Prop 8 attorneys discuss victory
Newsweek: The conservative case for homosexual marriage
Talking Points Memo: Glenn Beck: Homosexual marriage is not a threat to the country
Americans For Truth: Why Glenn Beck is wrong
Americans For Truth: Letter to Elizabeth Hasslebeck

Friday, August 20, 2010


NY Times changes article, removes quote by imam!
WND drops Ann Coulter for Homocon appearance

American Spectator: Obama worse than Carter
Show No. 155-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • THE ECONOMY AND JOBS • Audio: Obama on small business Jobs Bill • Three points rebutted • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Jobs Bill • Tumbling back into recession • Democrats hurt by the economy, Obama's mosque viewpoint • THE MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO • Audio: Howard Dean talks about the mosque in radio interview • AP orders stopping the use of 'ground zero mosque' • NY Times changes article, removes quote • Pamela Geller threatened on Twitter • Democrats in trouble in NY over Obama's mosque support • Time poll shows that 24% of Americans believe Obama is a muslim • ARIZONAAudio: Stirring speech by Black Patriot Ted Hayes • Rant: Black Americans are waking up •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • From Facebook: Dr. Laura's free speech rights • The coming tsunami of racist activists • Dr. Laura's response was brilliant • Audio: Newsmax interview with Dr. Laura • ANN COULTER TO SPEAK AT HOMOCON • Audio: Jimmy Z in February talking about GOPride at CPAC • World Net Daily drops Ann Coulter from Taking America Back conference • PETA throws a fit over chimpanzee appearance in commercial • Dodge removes the monkey from the ad • Reading: Worse than Carter • Joel Achenbach defends Obama's Christianity! • Border Patrol retreats from some border locations - because it's too dangerous • Public schools making adjustments to calendars for muslim holidays • Chris Christie has the mosque at Ground Zero issue wrong • Music: 'My Sharia Law', Jimmy Z

To friends of the show: I should tell you that I'm under a great deal of pressure these days, for many reasons. I have, for the most part, maintained a good outlook, but sometimes the little things get to me - like pop ups on the internet. There is no excuse for delivering a bad word. I'm not even trying to excuse it, but in the event that you heard it I ask you to forgive me - and pray for me. This show means a lot to me and I would very much like to keep it going. The next phase will need a miracle or two, which I am sure God is capable of, but in the meantime I confess that I can be - at times - vulgar and I apologize for that. I am embarrassed and ashamed, but I've always been imperfect. Tomorrow is a new day, and I will begin again. --Jz

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
LA Times: Obama now blames congress for poor job numbers
YouTube: Obama 'GOP, stop blocking US jobs in small businesses'
Rush Limbaugh: Obama pushes more porkulus, doubles down on economic failure
AP: Spike in layoffs feeds fear of faltering economy
CNBC: Weekly jobs claims post surprise jump, hit 500,000
YouTube: Howard Dean on the Mosque at Ground Zero
Red State: The Associated Press takes sides again
Atlas Shrugs: NY Times scrubs Imam Rauf's controversial Ground Zero remark
Atlas Shrugs: Washington Post headline incites violence against mosque opponents
AP: Mosque debate divides democrats, especially in NY
Time: Time poll finds 61% of Americans oppose Ground Zero mosque
YouTube: Ted Hayes at the Stand for Arizona rally
Facebook: Candidate Robert Broadus
Newsmax: Dr. Laura Exclusive: 'Bullying' attacks on free speech un-American
YouTube: CPAC embraces homosexual sponsors
World Net Daily: WND drops Ann Coulter from Miami event over Homoconflict
YouTube: Michael C. Hall - Dodge Tent Event commercial
LA Times: Dodge removes Suzie the Chimp from its Tent Event commercial
LA Times: Dodge pulls chimp from 'Tent Event' commercial
The Week: Dodge's 'invisible monkey' PETA jab
YouTube: Invisible monkey Dodge commercial
American Spectator: Worse than Carter
Washington Post: The Washington Post's Joel Achenbach
CNS News: Arizona Sheriff says Border Patrol has retreated from parts of the border
Fox News: Debate grows as US Schools adjust calendars to observe Muslim holidays
Rush Limbaugh: Christie has it backwards

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Pew finds 1 in 5 Americans believe Obama is a Muslim
Keith Olbermann: There is no Ground Zero Mosque
Show No. 154-2010

Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: The new 'Obama is a plant' hooey being spread around • Jimmy Z: Honest and truthful • Pew poll: 18% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim • Americans are confused • 10% of democrats believe Obama is a Muslim • Huffington Post says Obama being a muslim is a myth • Obama's 'Christian' faith • We know who and what Obama is by his agenda • Audio: Why Obama is not a Christian, reason 1 • Reading: Dick Morris, The Ground Zero Mosque: The Real Issue • Audio: Keith Olbermann says, 'There is no Ground Zero Mosque' • Point by point commentary by Jimmy Z • SonlitKnight comments on Olbermann's tirade • America must realize the seriousness of this threat • Audio: Debra Burlingame on Fox News, The Ground Zero Mosque • Quick stories: Muslim girl wears head scarf at Disneyland • Tenth Circuit Court calls crosses along a Utah highway, remembering fallen Highway Patrolmen, is unconstitutional •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Pew Forum: Growing number of Americans say Obama is a Muslim
Huffington Post: Obama Muslim myth on the rise
Washington Post: Poll shows more Americans think Obama is a Muslim
YouTube: Why Obama is not a Christian, Reason 1
Dick Morris: The Ground Zero Mosque: The Real Issue
YouTube: Keith Olbermann special comment: There is no Ground Zero Mosque
YouTube: Debra Burlingame discusses Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf & Pelosi comments
LA Times: Disney restaurant hostess sues for permission to wear hijab
Wall Street Journal: Utah highway crosses violate establishment clause

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dems court illegals & do great harm to Black America
Discussion: Dr. Laura and using the word 'nigger'

Lie about having a Medal of Honor is protected speech
Show No. 153-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Nancy Pelosi wants an investigation into groups protesting the building of the Ground Zero mosque • Rant: Who made the GZ mosque a national issue? Barack Obama! • Audio: Nancy Pelosi on the GZ mosque, religious beliefs and New York City • Rant: Nancy Pelosi thinks that Ground Zero is about a 'zoning issue' • Killer of 14 year old girl in Houston had been deported back to Mexico twice • Rant: The great things illegals bring to Houston • The Black American angle: When will black America wake up to the harm being done to them by illegal aliens? • 'We are the media now' • Outrage: 9th Circuit Court finds that lying about receiving the Medal of Honor is protected free speech • Rant: The court said no one is harmed by someone lying about receiving a Medal of Honor • THE DR. LAURA 'NIGGER' RANT • Warning: The 'N-word' will be spoken during the discussion of the 'N-word' • Audio: Real hate: King Samir Shabazz hates crackers • Audio: CBS News report, censored, regarding Dr. Laura show • Rant: Hate is offensive, the discussion of the word 'nigger' is not • Audio: Full 'N-word' call on the Dr. Laura show • Rant: What Dr. Laura said is not racist - it's true •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Introduction to Chris Rock's comedy routine • Audio: Chris Rock: Black people and niggers (Those are Chris Rock's words - not mine) • Dr. Laura decides to end the show, but whether or not it's because she has been criticized remains to be seen • Rant: Was the caller's complaint valid? • Audio: Larry King interviews Dr. Laura • Larry King: 'The non -N- person' • Audio: 'The Real McCoy Politics' on Dr. Laura • Dr. Laura filled with hate, can't stop saying the N-word • Audio: 'The Pen Rev' on Dr. Laura • Time for your comments • Audio: Part 3 of Coral Ridge's series 'Radical Rulers' • Israel has just days to strike Iran's nuclear complex • Alex Jones and InfoWars call for a revolution against 'neocons' • Joseph's comments on Facebook • 2 legged dog inspires injured troops •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
NY Daily News: Nancy Pelosi wants investigation into Ground Zero mosqe opposition funding
Washington Times: Rep. Pelosi calls for investigation of WTC mosque opposition
NBC New York: Mosque developer rejects meeting with Patterson
Houston Chronicle: Suspect in Houston teen's killing was deported twice
San Francisco Chronicle: Lying about Medal of Honor is no crime
Marine Corps Times: Court again strikes down Stolen Valor Act
YouTube: Dr. Laura's N-Word rant
Media Matters: Full Audio: Dr. Laura's N-word rant
Michelle Malkin: Dr. Laura announces end of her radio show
CNN: Video: Dr. Laura tells her side
YouTube: Racist Dr. Laura 'nigger' rant issues official apology on Larry King
YouTube: Dr. Laura to end radio show at year's end after bad word was said
Jerusalem Post: Israel has days to strike Bushehr
Facebook: Joseph's page; connect with as friend to read
The Sun UK: 2-legged help paw heroes

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Comment: 8 killed in desert truck racing accident
Now taxpayers bail out Teamster pensions!

The Jz Interview: Jayson & Connor, 'The Junior Factor'
Show No. 152-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Caller Comments • Steve: Flight attendant is no hero • Reading: Flight attendant comments on Steven Slater • Sidebar: Mobile phones in restaurants, at movie theaters • Flight Attendant may score his own reality TV show • SonlitKnight: The political analogy of The Wizard of Oz & Barack Obama • Freedom Lover: The mosque at Ground Zero • Mother suffocates two of her children, stages fake auto accident • Desert truck race crash kills 8 • Taxpayers to bail out Teamster pension plan • Streisand and Katzenberg don't show up at Obama fund raiser • Traffic snarled in LA for Obama Hollywood fundraiser • Audio: Birthers called all sorts of names by Jeffrey Toobin • Toobin isn't answering any charges • Rant: Just so you know, The Birther Issue really is going nowhere • Congressional report accuses Obama White House of criminal activity •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Jayson and Connor from The Junior Factor • ElvisNixon on the Obama Ramadan dinner lacking any homosexuals in attendance • False story: Muslims are not abandoning the Ground Zero mosque • Audio: Obama criticizes Americans For Prosperity • Rant: What Obama doesn't know, I found in a few seconds • Obama's effort to demonize oil companies, banks, etc • Obama administration reconsiders ban on oil drilling • Gallup approval number for Obama is now 42, lowest yet • Another fake story going around: SB 510 does not make it illegal to grow your own food • 'WHISTLE-BLOWER' PVT BRADLEY MANNING • Traitor or hero? • Activists call Manning a hero • Huffington Post runs cover for Manning • Should Manning be executed? • Wikileaks is not intimidated by the Pentagon •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wall Street Journal: JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater: Is he a hero?
NY Daily News: Reality TV stoops to new low if Steven Slater is validated on TV
Wikipedia: Political interpretations of The Wizard of Oz
Today's Politics by Freedom Lover home page
NY Daily News: Mom Shaquan Duley charged with smothering two of her children
AP: BLM to review off-road wreck that killed 8 fans
National Review: Casey to put taxpayers on hook for Teamsters' shenanigans
The Politico: Streisand and Katzenberg skip democratic fundraiser
ElvisNixon: Hypocrite Obama hits Hollywood, stops traffic
YouTube: CNN round-table: birthers called racists, kooks, freaks and lunatics
World Net Daily: Scathing report slams Obama's 'covert, criminal activity'
The Junior Factor home page
ElvisNixon: No homosexuals at Obama's Ramadan dinner
Haaretz: Muslim leaders to abandon plans for Ground Zero mosque
Daily Caller: UPDATED: Muslim leaders to abandon plans for Ground Zero mosque
YouTube: President Obama insults Americans for Prosperity
Americans for Properity: About page
WLOX: US looks at drilling ban
Gallup: Front page with latest Obama approval number, lowest yet at 42
YouTube: SB 510 makes it illegal to grow, share, trade or sell homegrown food (false)
Food and Safety News: Information regarding SB 510
Telegraph UK: Bradley Manning, 'whistleblower'
CNN: Anderson Cooper 360: Activists rally to 'free Bradley Manning'
Huffington Post: Pvt. Bradley Manning and the New York Times
Washington Post: Army linked to Wikileaks hailed as antiwar hero
AP: Wikileaks says it won't be threatened by the Pentagon

Monday, August 16, 2010


Obama steps into mosque issue, spins like crazy
Walid Shoebat talks to Hannity about GZ mosque

Is Sharia law taking shape in Minnesota?
Show No. 151-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • 'Islam Oddity', Jimmy Z • Obama and the mosque at Ground Zero • Audio: Obama supports the mosque during the Ramadan dinner at the White House • Audio: Peter King comments on Obama's mosque comments • Audio: Commentary from Waking Up America, Bill Hobson • 'Stunned' by Obama • Obama spins this way and that • Obama causing trouble for democrats across the country • Palin blasts Obama on mosque comments • John Boehner & Newt Gingrich on mosque comments • Hamas shares Obama's views regarding the mosque at Ground Zero • Audio: Pamela Geller, David Lane with Sean Hannity • Rant: David Lane, frothing jackass • Salon calls Obama 'courageous' in mosque spinning • Carly Fiorina on the Obama comments • Audio: Face the Nation commentary with Bob Schieffer and guests • Audio: Walid Shoebat, former Islamic Jihadist with Sean Hannity (radio) Part 1

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Part 2 of Hannity's interview with Walid Shoebat • Rant: Islam, 'peaceful' muslims and 'radical' muslims • Audio: Minnesota dealing with Sharia law & cab drivers, employees at Target • Rant: I'd like to eat a pulled pork sandwich in a muslim's cab • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Obama is trying to please everyone • Obama is no Clinton • Clinton had Dick Morris working with him • Obama's economy worse than anything Reagan or Clinton faced • Let Obama veto Republican economic legislation • Poll examples that show the trends in America • Rangel and Waters • Audio: Bryan Suits, on KFI, talks about Islam and the mosque • Music: 'God Bless Arizona', Ray Stevens •

CALL AND COMMENT - ANY TOPIC, ANYTIME: 714-90-JZJZ-1 (714-905-9591)

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama backs 'Ground Zero' mosque
YouTube: President Obama speaks out about mosque controversy
YouTube: Rep. Peter King discusses Obama's comments on the Ground Zero mosque
YouTube: Obama's mosque mess, Waking Up America
AFP: Controversy swells as Obama supports Ground Zero mosque
The Politico: Mosque flap swirls around Obama
Atlas Shrugs: Palin blasts Obama on Ground Zero mosque
AP: Hamas leader: Ground Zero mosque must be built
YouTube: Pamela Geller on Hannity with Atty David Lane
Salon: President Obama defends mosque near Ground Zero
LA Times: Fiorina says mosque near Ground Zero is a 'local issue'
CBS News: Obama divides political spectrum
Shoebat.com: Walid Shoebat interviewed on Hannity radio
YouTube: Minnesota under attack from Sharia Law
KFI am 640
YouTube: God Save Arizona

Friday, August 13, 2010


Bill Keller interview: The 9/11 Christian Center in NYC
More lies: Obama lies over 7 times in under 2 minutes

7 year old's lemonade stand shut down in Oregon
Show No. 150-2010

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Opening • Jobs picture making things worse for Obama and the Democrats • Elections look bad for incumbents • Consumer spending threatened • Investors losing confidence in the economy • Trade gap widest since October 2008 • The Obama economic agenda • Audio: Harry Reid on Hispanic Republicans • Audio: Marco Rubio responds to Harry Reid's statement • Comparing democrats and Republicans with these two examples • Audio: Ben Quayle on Obama • The Death of Ted Stevens • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Ted Stevens, the 2008 election & Democrat tactics and shenanigans • Two New Hampshire democrats joke about Sarah Palin's death • Audio: Bill Keller talks about Islam vs. Christianity • Bill Keller Interview: The 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Center •

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Opening • The story behind the Blackberry Burqa satire • Audio: Jimmy Z from last Tuesday, taking the burqa story seriously • Laughing at Jimmy Z • Nation by nation look at the Blackberry complaints • Audio: Obama's 7 lies in less than 2 minutes • James Caan, Hollywood conservative • Website difficulty • Calling iPower & being told it's my fault • Odd page at Organizing for America website: Victory of Mexico over Arizona • The Onion: Satire of Christian charity workers (not especially funny) • 7 YEAR OLD'S LEMONADE STAND SHUT DOWN • Music: 'Lemon Tree', Triny Lopez • Possible $500 fine • Anarchists support the lemonade stand • Reopened lemonade stand makes big money • PROP 8 UPDATE • Judge lifts stay, keeps it in place for one more week • Neither the Governor or Attorney General in CA will defend the will of the people in court • Bill White says Rick Perry wants to be 'treated as master' • From the UK: 10 reasons Obama's presidency is in meltdown • Michelle Obama set to campaign for democrats in the midterms! • Andy Griffith pitching Obamacare law to seniors in a TV commercial • Audio: The Andy Griffith ad on TV •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wall Street Journal: Democrat seats vulnerable on jobs
AP: Jobs picture dims as unemployment claims rise
Weekly Standard: Harry Reid says Hispanics can't possibly be Republican
YouTube: Marco Rubio responds to Harry Reid's 'outrageous' remarks
YouTube: Ben Quayle's commercial
Ben Quayle for Congress website
Fox News: Felons voting illegally may have put Franken over the top
The Politico: NH dem wishes Palin ill
NY Daily News: Second NH dem under fire for joking about Palin's death
YouTube: Bill Keller: Mohammad or Jesus? Christianity or Islam?
The 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero
MSNBC: Nation-by-nation look at Blackberry controversy
YouTube: 7 Lies in under 2 minutes
Fox News: James Caan refuses to be the typical Hollywood liberal
Barack Obama - Organizing for America: Rachel Maddow, Leister Ranch Celebration
The Onion: Christian charity raising money to feed non-gay famine victims
CBS News: Inspectors shut down girl's lemonade stand
NY Daily News: Health inspector shuts down 7 year old's summer lemonade stand
Wallet Pop: Lemonade stand defended by anarchists
UPI: Controversial lemonade stand makes over $1,800
San Francisco Chronicle: Prop 8 judge lifts stay, homosexual marriage still on hold
Talking Points Memo: Bill White tells black audience, Rick Perry wants to be 'treated as master'
Telegraph UK: The stunning decline of Barack Obama; 10 reasons why Obama is in meltdown
The Politico: White House to deploy Michelle Obama for midterm campaigns
AP: Andy Griffith's new role: Pitching Obamacare to seniors
YouTube: Andy Griffith's Obamacare commercial

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Black patriots answer charges of Tea Party racism
Dick Morris: We need to let the states go bankrupt

SonlitKnight predicts The GOP ticket for 2012
Show No. 149-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Issues from Facebook • Obama signs bailout for union workers in states • Teachers unions, public employee unions • Rant: Liberals believe corporate taxes don't get passed on to consumers • How are the democrats paying for this union bailout? • Rant: I am now anti-teacher • A call for teachers to stop paying their union dues • Audio: Black patriots gather for press conference in Washington DC regarding accusations of racism in the Tea Party movement • Audio: 'Race should never be an issue' • Rant: Waking up family members who hate politics • File problems with the computer • Jimmy Z: When we gather in groups by race, we are playing the liberals' game • Brian's writes follow up commentary on black conservatives • Someone removed stickers from Brian's car - on the church lot! • Dick Morris articles • Ethical reforms Republicans should embrace • Memo to Republicans: Depersonalize the campaign • Why we need to let the states go broke • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Why Dick Morris is right •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • SonlitKnight continued • Governors are going to have to lead their states into bankruptcy • Chris Christie battling unions in New Jersey • The Electoral College • Democrat governors pledge to spend $50 million • SonlitKnight predicts the GOP Presidential ticket in 2012 • President and vice-president picks on record as of 11 August 2010 • Bill Keller due to join us tomorrow or Friday, will talk about The 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero • Rant: Answering the Islam lie with the truth of Christianity • Audio: John Lennon on socialism and Presidential hero worship • ICE officers union votes 'no confidence' in ICE leadership • ICE union believes ICE leadership is pro amnesty • Audio: Fox News: The Electoral College scandal with Michael Reagan • Audio: Portion of a message by Joel Osteen: Change your perspective, be thankful

Joel Osteen: Change your perspective and be thankful: .....

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