Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Obama appoints radical lesbian to the EEOC
The Jimmy Z Show Interview:

Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter Jr., author of 'The Liberal Mind'

Show No. 063-2010

Click HERE to listen (one hour)
Opening • Father of dead US Marine ordered to pay 'God hates fags' protesters! • Obamacare increases outsourcing jobs to India • Obama appointee to the EEOC, Chai Feldblum, radical lesbian homosexual activist • Amish and Muslims exempted from Obamacare? • Obamacare could send premiums up 17% for young adults • Andrew Breitbart responsible to prove no Tea Partiers used the N word! • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter Jr. • What makes liberals so power hungry? • The need to control • The right to privacy is supposedly important to liberals • Imagine Republicans nationalizing the student loan program • Audio: Alcee Hastings, making up the rules as they go along • John McCain funded by George Soros

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video

Liberty Mind: The Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter website
National Post: Father of dead soldier ordered to pay Westboro Baptists $16,000
Christian Science Monitor: US healthcare reform is boon for India outsourcing companies
YouTube: Obama and Outsourcing, CNN
Opposing Views: Lesbian Law Prof & Obama appointee Chai Feldblum dangerous for America
Christian Post: Groups blast Obama's appointment of gay activist
YouTube: Obama's EEOC nominee shares her strategy for mainstreaming the gay agenda
YouTube: 'Gay sex is morally good' says Obama appointee
American Thinker: Amish, Muslims to be excused from Obamacare mandate?
AP: Health premiums could rise 17% for young adults
Big Journalism: Breitbart must prove Tea Partiers did NOT use the N word
WND: John McCain funded by Soros since 2001

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


'Christian' militia members arrested, thank God
Healthcare foes accused of racism by Jeremiah Wright

Show No. 062-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Obama Songs Montage • Rant: Obama taking over the student loan program • What if Bush and the GOP had nationalized student loans • Complaint about my Wednesday Show, March 1 • Rant: A guy writes 'without question' voting machines are compromised • Rant: If Obama was thrown out of office, 'everything he did would [supposedly] be nullified' • Correcting myself on flying the flag upside down • 'Martial law will be imposed after April 19' • Christian militia raided, militia member arrested • Nothing 'Christian' about militia groups • Gangs passing out free heroin samples • Junk food is as addictive as heroin • Thanks to Jim McMahon Chicago for introducing me to Alex of Hyphenated American • Sean Penn costar rips Sean Penn a new one •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Christian militia groups • Audio: Maria Conchita Alonzo on Sean Penn • Reading: Maria Conchito Alonzo's open letter to Sean Penn • Pennsylvania man charged with threatening to kill Rep. Eric Cantor • Foes of health care bill are 'racist' • Confusing Mitt Romney with being conservative • Reading: Pat Sajak on Obamacare and racism • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Obama's 'bounce' after signing Obamacare • Obama still selling Obamacare • The coming conservative victory •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Examiner: 'Christian' militia group planned mass murder of law enforcement officers
Renew America: Nothing 'Christian' about the Christian militia groups
LA Times: Hollywood gang spreading heroin in Glendale, La Crescenta
My Fox Tampa Bay: Study says junk food as addictive as heroin
Sean Penn under fire from former costar
Politics Daily: Man charged with threatening to kill Rep. Eric Cantor
Breitbart: Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Opposition to Obamacare based on hatred for 'people of color'
NY Times: The rage is not about health care by Frank Rich
Human Events: Opposed to Obamacare? You must be a racist by Pat Sajak

Monday, March 29, 2010


Rape: A way of life for women in the Congo
The Jimmy Z Show Interview:
Alex of the 'Hyphenated American' blog

Show No. 061-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • 'People Got To Be Free', The Rascals • Rant: Making up the rules as they go along • FBI raids militia groups in three states • 'End time battles' • Rant: These militias are not helping • One man's militia is another man's terrorist group • Militias in the name of Jesus • Audio: Jesus Christ Show host on end times prophecies, etc • The Congo: The horror of rape used as a weapon of war • Reading: What life is like today for women in the Congo • British woman returns to the Congo, and experiences much worse than her imagined worst case scenario • Interview preview: Two clips from the pre-interview discussion •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Alex of the 'Hyphenated American' blog

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CNN: At least 7 arrested after raids in 3 states
AP: Official: Gun charges after FBI raids in Midwest
Fox News: Arrests made in alleged militia activity in Midwest
Guardian UK: Why Congo is the world's most dangerous place for women
Washington Post: Congo's rape epidemic worsens during US backed military operation
NBC Law and Order SVU homepage
YouTube: SVU season 11, episode 16, part 4/5

The Hyphenated American Blog
Paintings posted by Hyphenated American

Friday, March 26, 2010


Bill Keller on Rev. Jim Wallis
Analysis: Conservatives accused of violence
California about to vote to make pot legal

Show No. 060-2010 All shows ©2010 The Jimmy Z Show, all rights reserved

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Greetings • Audio: Obama collectors' plate TV ad • Priceless plate for 19 bucks! • Ann Coulter's column, 'Oh, Canada!' • The US is following Canada in terms of political correctness • Informing Christians' critique of Ann Coulter • On 'enraging liberals' • Canada vs. countries in the middle east • Stirring the pot & being willing to fight leftists on their level • Observation: Articles that speak of a lethargic economic recovery • Bill Keller on Jim Wallis of the 'religious left' • Darrell Issa of CA will call for a special prosecutor to investigate the White House • Effects of Obamacare already showing • Audio: Kevin Jackson on MSNBC with David Schuster • In Denver, a liberal vandalized Democratic HQ • Review & Analysis: Conservative 'violence' accusations • Democrat lawmakers meet with the FBI • Audio: Jim Clyburn on conservatives 'esculating' violence •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Responses and rebuttals in comments • Public school helps 15 year old get an abortion without telling the parents • Reading: Bill Keller's devotional on public schools and abortion • Audio: Book review on YouTube: Obama Zombies • Andrew Breitbart bets $10k that the leftists can't prove that anyone used the N word • Audio: Ed Schultz exhibits his own particular brand of lunacy - again • Audio: Limbaugh says we have to defeat 'these bastards' • Iowa man joins protest of Obamacare • Rant: If we don't turn the country around in November, we really might face violence • Jokedid time: Indian wants coffee • California will vote to legalize pot in November • Audio: House leader Hoyer confronted on Obamacare taxes • Audio: Rush Limbaugh and leftists inciting violence on TV! • Senate refuses to exempt military, disabled and children from new prosthetic taxes • Karl Rove: What Republicans should do now • Thoughtful quote: 'The Multitude of Fools' •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: The Obama Collectors' Plate
Townhall: Ann Coulter: Oh, Canada!
Informing Christians: Protest cancels Ann Coulter's speech in Ottawa
LivePrayer: Who is right between the religious left and the Christian right?
CBS News: GOP lawmaker Darrell Issa poised to call for special prosecutor
Wall Street Journal: Obamacare's effects are already showing
Breitbart: Kevin Jackson debates David Schuster on tea party violence
Denver Post: '08 Presidential race worker held in damage to Colorado Democrat HQ
Washington Post: Lawmakers concerned as health care takeover foes resort to violence
ABC 7 Denver: Markey received threats over health care vote
The Politico: Coffin placed on Carnahan's lawn
AP News: Dems deal with threats over health care support
YouTube: Clyburn: Health care opponents aiding terrorism
Citizen Link: Teen abortion angers Seattle mom
LivePrayer: Why is a school helping a 15 year old get an abortion?
YouTube: Obama Zombies, by Jason Mattera
Big Government: How the civil rights movement jumped the shark
YouTube: MSNBC's Ed Schultz - I'd cheat to keep Brown from winning in Massachusetts
YouTube: MSNBC's Ed Schultz - It's time for socialism in talk radio
Washington Post: Iowa man joins protest against Obama and health care reform
AP: California voters could legalize pot in November election
YouTube: House Majority Leader Hoyer confronted over Obamacare taxes
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals play victim, seek to criminalize opposition to Obama
CNS News: Senate refuses to exempt veterans, disabled & children from new tax on prosthetics
WSJ: Karl Rove: What Republicans should do now
Facebook: Thoughtful quote on 'The Multitude of Fools'

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Senate Socialist-Democrats vote to fund Viagra
for convicted sex offenders

Zero Tolerance revisited

Show No. 059-2010

Click HERE to listen (one hour)
Opening • Mini-Rant: 'Threats of violence' • My
new curse word: Pelosi • Obama still selling
Obamacare • Audio: Round table on health care
takeover • Tom Coburn's amendment to
cut off funding of Viagra for convicted sex
• Audio: My fantasy commercial for
Tom Campbell vs. Barbara Boxer • Zero
Tolerance revisited • Audio: The Jesus Christ
Show talks about Zero Tolerance • Michael
Stollaire & Jimmy Z
taxation in California

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video

Reuters: Iowa city first stop on Obama healthcare blitz
Taipan Publishing: National health care sent back for revote
Real Clear Politics: Special report on health care bill
Coburn's erectile dysfunction amendment killed
The Jimmy Z Show: October 13, 2009
The Jesus Christ Show homepage
Michael Stollaire for Congress
California Board of Equalization letter, Retroactive taxes back to 2007

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Dennis Prager: We are now in a civil war
National Review: 5 reasons not to despair

Show No. 058-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Ann Coulter's trip to Canada • Freedom and free speech in Canada • Audio: John Dingell talking about controlling the American people • Costs of the health care bill will be high • Reading: Beware the emboldened left • Dennis Prager: It's a civil war - what we do now • Facebook: People still focused on the birth certificate •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Birth certificate continued • Alcee Hastings: Impeached judge • Rant: Convicted and impeached, Hastings becomes a Congressman • Audio: Limbaugh: Who did the leftists defeat? The American people • The morality of Obamacare • Was Bart Stupak bribed for his vote? • Stupak challenger making headway • Obamacare and Eugenics • Healthcare costs and affects this year • 10 facts about health care in America pre-Obamacare • Five reasons NOT to despair • Hyphenated American: It's a sin to despair • 5 tactics to watch for from the Socialist Democrats • Audio: Al Sharpton says Americans voted 'overwhelmingly' for socialism • Dennis Prager commentary: The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Ottawa Citizen: University of Ottawa speech cancelled
Vancouver Sun: Ann Coulter will file grievance with rights panel
CTVBC: Coulter speech cancelled over fears of violence Coulter's Ottawa speech cancelled over 'public safety' fears
Breitbart: Shocking audio: Rep. Dingell says Obamacare will eventually 'control the people'
JS Online: Costs of this debacle will be high
American Spectator: Beware the emboldened left
Dennis Prager: It's a civil war - What we do now
YouTube: Rep. Alcee Hastings actually said
Examiner: Impeached Federal Judge-now-Congressman Alcee Hastings
Rush Limbaugh: We should all have Shirley's 'sick feeling' in our stomachs
Debra JM Smith
Code Red: Was Bart Stupak bribed with airport funding?
Real Clear Politics: Stupak challenger makes friends
Red State: Stapak amendment exposes Obamacare's dirty little secret: Eugenics
Bloomberg: Health care overhaul changes to start taking effect this year
NCPA: 10 surprising facts about America's health care
National Review: Five reasons not to despair
Hyphenated American: Let's win one for the Gipper!
WND: Coming tactics from the leftists in DC
YouTube: Al Sharpton says Americans voted for socialism
YouTube: Dennis Prager: The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Next time, the Republicans must make up the
rules as they go along

Limbaugh: America hanging by a thread

Show No. 057-2010

Click HERE to listen (one hour)
Opening • Song: 'When The Deal Goes Down', Alcee Hastings • Rant: When the Republicans take the majority, we will make up the rules as we go along • Going over my 2010 Census form • Focus on race, especially Hispanics • Additional intrusive Census questions • Hollywood curiosities • Octomom to lose her house • Sandra Bullock's husband's former relationship with a porn actress • Lindsey Lohan looking like she's in her 30s • Senate Parliamentarian shuts down first GOP argument • Grassfire Nation's useless plan to deliver protest notes to Congress • Rant: We are past the point of delivering pieces of paper to Congress • Audio: Rush Limbaugh, America is hanging by a thread

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video

Google Images: Lindsey Lohan in court
The Hill: Senate Parliamentarian rules against the GOP in first objection
Rush Limbaugh: America hangs by a thread
Grassfire Nation homepage

Monday, March 22, 2010


Alcee Hastings: There are no rules, we make 'em up
Believe it! Obama has been good for America

Show No. 056-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Even liberals are going to hate Obamacare • Democrats put healthcare takeover together, it's going to be great! • Time to channel our anger into productivity • Republicans heroic yesterday in DC • Bart Stupak's game • The bill is bad regardless of abortion spending • All democrats in DC are leftists • Keep working to involve people around you • The protest on April 15 in DC needs to be bigger than ever • On tax protesting • Many folks are still not paying attention • Items in the bill and when they kick in • Audio: Bart Stupak said he would vote for this bill regardless • Audio: Debbie Wasserman Schultz • Audio: Michele Bachmann with Bill O'Reilly • Audio: Rush Limbaugh starting his show today with Stupak • Reading: Immigrant from Russia writes of socialism • Audio: Pat Cadell with Hannity yesterday •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Reading: Our four basic alternatives at this point • Audio: John Boehner yesterday • Audio: David Dreier yesterday • Audio: Alcee Hastings: 'Rules? We make 'em up as we go along' • Audio: David Plouffe vs. Karl Rove (guess who wins!) • Reading: Food for thought, To rise or kneel • Mississippi high school lesbian causes cancellation of prom night • Ellen makes a hero out of the high school lesbian • Audio: Smokey Robinson on having a thick skin and being thankful • Audio: Glenn Beck on the birth certificate issue • Reading: Obama is a good thing for America • Poll: Up to 1/3 of doctors will consider quitting •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Reuters: Factbox: US Healthcare bill would provide immediate benefits
Lonely Conservative: Stupak's been lying all along!
Fox News: Health care fight's not over
Hyphenated American blog: I want my country back!
Fox News: Democrats' "Jonestown Moment" Time for drastic measures
YouTube: John Boehner
YouTube: Alcee Hastings: "There are no rules here" (No kidding)
ABC News: Plouffe and Rove battle it out over health care reform
Facebook: Food for thought: To rise or kneel
Associated Content: Mississippi high school students ban gay students from prom
My Fox Phoenix: Canceled prom over lesbian date gets new offers
The Ellen Show: Lesbian heralded as a hero
YouTube: Smokey Robinson at SXSW, 2010 Keynote
YouTube: Glenn Beck admits 'ignorance'
Aspen Times: The Redneck Tree Hugger
Life Site News: Poll reveals 1/3 of US doctors would consider quitting over Obamacare

Friday, March 19, 2010


Let the democrats be devious & use every trick
Review: 45 goals of communism in 1963
The IRS is more powerful with Obamacare

Show No. 055-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE
to download
Opening • Audio: Tim Conway Jr. on KFI 640: The government is against us, trying to take over everything, becoming socialist • Audio: Howard Stern on democrats & the FCC • Rant: Remaining confident • Reading: The end of the American Republic • Rant: The liberal agenda is more important that what the people want • Reading: I'll be happy if Pelosi uses the Slaughter Shenanigan • Reading: What are the democrats really up to over the long run? •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • 1963: The 45 goals of Communism in the US • Dr. Carl Mumpower & Jimmy Z • Third Party thinking can derail our victories • Rasmussen three way ballot • The fantasy of creating a viable third party • Audio: Mark Levin - the history of third party candidates • The Politico pulls a story at the request of the democrats • Memo in question: Democrats plan 'doc fix' in the spring after reform is passed • Internet Broadband 'surcharge' coming • Obama nationalizing student loans as part of the healthcare bill? • The IRS becomes more powerful with healthcare reform • Audio rewind: George Stephanopoulos challenges Obama • CBO score is fiction • Audio: Paul Ryan on Limbaugh, explains the process • Gallup has Obama at lowest rating yet • Rasmussen explains Obama suffers every time he pushes Obamacare •


Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KFI ON DEMAND: Downloads and listening
Breitbart: Howard Stern blasts the FCC and democrats as communist
Conservative Camp: The end of the American Republic
The Jimmy Z Show Blog: I'll be happy if Pelosi uses the Slaughter Shenanigan
RNI America: Playing for keeps in the crafting of a socialist democracy
Free Republic: 45 declared goals of communism
Rasmussen Reports: Three way generic ballot results
The Candid Conservative Home Page
The Candid Conservative on Podomatic
The Politico: Democrats challenge authenticity of 'doc fix' memo
Before It's News: Democrats plan 'doc fix' after reform is passed
PC Mag: Do you want to pay a 'National Broadband Fee'?
Washington Post: Obama's student loan plan moving forward with health bill
Washington Examiner: Student loans get the Obamacare treatment
The Hill: Republicans assail IRS provision in health care bill
YouTube: George Stephanopoulos is incredulous with Barack Obama
National Review: Daniel Foster - What CBO Score?
Rush Limbaugh: Rep. Paul Ryan on health care chicanery
Gallup: Obama's approval rating lowest yet, Congress down to 16
Rasmussen Reports: The Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Pelosi may use 'deem & scheme' to pass healthcare
Obama surrenders gulf oil drilling to Russia

Show No. 054-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Obama interviewed on Fox News yesterday • Highlights and lowlights • Drilling the President on 'deem and scheme' • Obama: The process is always ugly • Obama: Lying about the economy • Audio: Reasons Kucinich dislikes the bill he's going to vote for • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on 'deem and pass' • Reading: Stanford Law School Director on the Slaughter Shenanigan • 'Hero' in bank robbery now sues bank • Audio: KABC 7 report • Rant: The bank owes him nothing • Audio: Canadian Gordon Sinclair in June, 1973 • Our National Anthem by Carrie Underwood • Rant: Poor Prime Minister of Haiti got his feelings hurt •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • CA City trying to shut down a home Bible Study • Candidate for Governor in New York about to switch parties • Healthcare bill updates and analysis • Democrats ready to take a vote on Sunday • Insurance premiums will go up under Obamacare • Obama's '3,000% claim' • Walgreens will not accept new Medicaid patients in Washington State • Pelosi, 'deem & scheme' and Sunday's vote • Stupak has been under immense pressure • Idaho and Virginia ready to sue; 36 other states following • Obama may have bought the votes of two CA congressmen • Dick Morris commentary: What will happen to health care in America? • Obama's plan to undermine education • Reading: Obama surrenders gulf oil to Russia • Website plug: 'Wake Up America & Face The Dragon' • In Texas, conservative curriculum approved • Audio: Obama supports collection of DNA upon arrest •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama on Fox with Bret Baier
YouTube: Kucinich: Yes to health care bill
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats violate Constitution to 'deem' Obamacare law
Heritage Foundation: Yet another reason Obamacare would be unconstitutional Synonyms for 'deem'
KABC 7: Man shot while foiling bank robbery sues bank
American Rhetoric: Online speech, Gordon Sinclair - 'TheAmericans'
Fox News: Southern California City says home Bible group must get permit
NY Times: Steve Levy plans switch to GOP
AP: House dems on track for vote on $940 billion health bill
AP: Fact Check: Premiums would rise under Obama plan
American Thinker: 'You will see premiums fall by as much as 3,000%'
Seattle Times: Walgreens will take no new Medicaid patients after April 16
Bloomberg: Pelosi tactic for healthcare vote would raise legal questions
The Hill: Stupak: Health fight has been 'living hell'
AP: Idaho first to sign law aimed at healthcare plan
Washington Post: Cuccinelli's office confirms Virginia will sue over healthcare
NRCC: Two democrat congressmen from CA may have been bought
St. Louis Today: Costello resisting White House pleas on healthcare
Washington Post: Republicans already planning to appeal healthcare
Dick Morris homepage
Washington Times: Obama surrenders gulf oil to Russia
Wake Up America & Face The Dragon homepage Conservative backed curriculum ok'd for history classes
The Politico: President Obama backs DNA tests in arrests

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The America Flag is not flying in Haiti
Healthcare bill: updates and analysis
Girl Scouts & a Planned Parenthood sex guide
Show No. 053-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Bill Keller: The healthcare debate • Dennis Kucinich caves • Audio: CBS News healthcare report • MA Treasurer Cahill not happy with state run health care • Mayor Villaraigosa in Lost Angeles - Raise DWP rates 8% to 28% for green initiatives • Rant: Eco-nazis • St Patrick's Day: The Real Story • Song: O'Bama Boy • Audio: The True Story of St. Patrick • St. Patrick, Champion of Life • Audio: Limbaugh on liberals going nutty over Justice Thomas' wife • Audio: Andrew Klavan: The liberal argument 'Shut up!' • Audio: Jack Cafferty goes after Pelosi again •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Obama 'threatens' not to campaign for House members who vote no on healthcare • Obama helps and democrats lose • Democrats blew their opportunity • Chat room days: Jimmy Z the Egomaniac • Outrage: American Flag is NOT flying in Haiti • Rant: No American flag? We're leaving • General Patraeus: 'Don't ask, don't tell' • Healthcare: Clyburn says vote could be past Easter • Poll: Swing districts oppose health care • Audio: Clips of a cocky Robert Gibbs on Fox News Sunday • Girl Scouts distribute Planned Parenthood sex guide!

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
LivePrayer: The Biblical Truth about the healthcare debate
Fox News: Kucinich says he'll vote for the healthcare bill
Boston Herald: Cahill rips governor on healthcare plans
LA Times: DWP rates may rise between 8% and 28% to pay for mayor's green initiatives
YouTube: O'Bama Boy
YouTube: The story of St. Patrick St. Patrick, champion of life
Rush Limbaugh: Scandal: State-run media says Ginni Thomas listens to Rush!
YouTube: Klavan on the culture: The democratic argument is 'shut up' Wife of Supreme Court justice holds 'tea party'
LA Times: Justice's wife launches 'tea party' group
Newsbusters: Jack Cafferty: Pelosi 'beyond sleazy' for endorsing Slaughter Solution
Telegraph UK: Barack Obama threatens to withdraw support from wavering democrats
Bloomberg: Pelosi says democrats will have votes for healthcare
Navy Times: Flap flies in Haiti over US flag absence
Huffington Post: David Patraeus on 'don't ask don't tell'
The Hill: Clyburn says health care vote could push past Easter Holiday
Wall Street Journal: Swing districts oppose health care reform
YouTube: Robert Gibbs on Fox News Sunday
C-Fam: Girl scouts distribute Planned Parenthood sex guide at UN meeting

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Michael Stollaire Pt. 2
Americans are being targeted in Mexico - Stop going!

Show No. 052-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE
to download
Opening • Audio - Obama: Health insurance premiums will decrease 'up to 3,000%' • Earthquake this morning in LA • The Slaughter Rule rises again: Pelosi likes it • Rant: Americans do not want this bill! • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Sarah Palin: Campaigning for John McCain • McCain is the enemy • The 'McCain brought Palin to prominence' myth • Moderate and liberal Republicans don't much like Sarah Palin • Audio: Two reports on Mexico from KABC 7 • Rant: When will Americans stop spending American money in Mexico?

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Michael Stollaire (Part 2) • Reading: Heritage Foundation piece on the unconstitutional Obamacare bill

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama says premiums will decrease by '3,000%!'
Washington Post: House may try to pass Senate health care without voting on it
KABC 7: Mexico travel alert after 2 Americans killed
KABC 7: Spring breakers head to Mexico despite warning
LA Times: 2 Americans and a third victim are killed in Mexico shootings
US State Dept: Mexico Travel Warning
Heritage Foundation: The Slaughter Rule: Another reason Obamacare is unconstitutional

Stollaire for Congress website
Michael Stollaire on Facebook
Michael Stollaire on Twitter
Email Mr. Stollaire:

Saturday, March 13, 2010


No home Bible studies in Gilbert, AZ
The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Michael Stollaire

Show No. 051-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Meeting good conservatives on Facebook • Runaway Toyota Prius questions • Audio: Mike Pence on the health care bill • Our National Anthem • Gilbert, AZ orders adults to stop their home Bible Study!Glenn Beck accused of attacking Christian churches • Audio: Glenn Beck on liberal churches, 'social justice', 'economic justice' • Beck explains in more detail what he is talking about • Audio: Beck on European fascism, communism •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Intro • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Michael Stollaire, candidate for Congress, CA 28th

This interview with Mr. Stollaire continues on Monday Tuesday. Don't miss
the next Jimmy Z Show. Click 'Email the show' above and join the
email subscriber's list right away.

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
AP: Runaway Prius case presents nagging questions
YouTube: A message from Congressman Mike Pence
World Net Daily: Arizona city forbids Bible studies in homes
Examiner: Some Christians call for boycott of Glenn Beck
Judicial Watch: LA County spends $600 million on illegals
California Use Tax information

Stollaire for Congress website
Michael Stollaire on Facebook
Michael Stollaire on Twitter
Email Mr. Stollaire:

Friday, March 12, 2010


The danger homosexuals bring to the military!
Latest on Slaughter rule & Republican reaction

Show No. 050-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Good news vs. frustrating news • Tangent: Reporting internet trouble to your ISP • 9th Circuit Court in CA upholds 'under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance • Rant: Atheists' faith that God does not exist • Michael Newdow, wacky atheist • Newdow: He was raped by his daughter's mother • 'Under God' and 'In God we Trust' • 'Restore the Pledge' website • Reading: Harry Reid's wife and daughter in serious auto accident • Greece: The government drove the people to riot • Audio: Rush Limbaugh discusses Joy Behar's accusations • Reading: Homosexuals bring great health risks to the military •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The latest right wing extremist whack job on Facebook • Update: The Slaughter Solution • Audio: Republican Senators stand against the Slaughter Rule • Roll Call: Senate Parliamentarian throws out Slaughter's idea • Media Matters tracks Limbaugh's show online • Democrat pollsters warn Democrats regarding health care 'march of folly' •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
AP: Court upholds 'under God' in Pledge of Allegiance'
Wikipedia: Michael Newdow
Brown Alumni Magazine: Mr. Newdow goes to Washington
Restore The Pledge: Newdow's website dedicated to removing 'under God'
NY Times: Reid's wife and daughter in accident
Daily Mail UK: Up to 60,000 people take to the streets to protest government
Rush Limbaugh: And then there's Maude... Behar
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality: Don't Ask, Don't Bleed
National Review: Full court press on the Slaughter Rule
Roll Call: Ruling Kills an Option for Moving Health Bill
Media Matters: The Limbaugh Wire for 3/11/10
Washington Post: Patrick Caddell & Douglas Schoen, If democrats ignore health care polls

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Shenanigans! Democrats will stop at nothing!
Johnny Weir: Too gay for homosexuals
Show No. 049-2010

Click HERE to listen (one hour)
Opening • Sore lower back • Congressional shenanigans: The Slaughter Rule • Outrageous and blatant disregard for our Constitution • Can you blame some folks for becoming extremist? • Take a vote? No! We'll just 'deem' the bill passed • Democrats would vote for the new rule and not the bill itself • Debra JM Smith & Jimmy Z • Slaughter's offices in New York and Washington DC • Where does the Constitution allow national health care in the first place? • Audio: Nancy Pelosi idio-sms • Electronically altered Pelosi • Johnny Weir, Olympic skater • Johnny Weir won't come out - but why? • Audio: Johnny Weir talking to the LA Times • Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, etc • Audio: Johnny Weir responds to questions about his gender •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video

Life News: Democrats may use Slaughter Rule to pass health care
NY Post: Nancy's nutty new rules
Washington Examiner: House democrats looking at 'Slaughter Solution' to pass Obamacare
YouTube: Johnny Weir talks with the LA Times about Lady Gaga, etc
Pop Watch: Johnny Weir responds to commentators who questioned his gender
Blog Critics: Skater Johnny Weir verbally attacked by gay commentator
Informing Christians website

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The US is less respected thanks to Obama
Dan Rather's watermelon remark

Show No. 048-2010

Click HERE to listen (one hour)
Opening • Salutations • Audio: Sean Penn advocates prison for anyone who calls Hugo Chavez a 'dictator' • Audio: Sean Penn wishes rectal cancer on those who view him with cynicism • Audio: Rep. Cleaver says that Obama does not have the votes he needs to pass Obamacare • Rant: The American people do not want socialized medicine! • Obama vilifies health insurance companies, plans to hand them $336 billion • Opinion: Americans believe Obama has hurt America in the eyes of the world • Audio: Dan Rather makes racist remark on Chris Matthews • Audio: 60 black ghetto names • Dennis Prager: Why leftists don't care about $9.7 trillion in debt • Disturbing religious violence in Nigeria • Tiger Woods' porn actress mistress appears at an Oscar party with Gloria Allred • Senate warns employees to avoid the Drudge report • Audio: JD Hayworth on the Mark Levin show •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video

YouTube: Michael Moore and Sean Penn with Bill Maher
CBS News: Sean Penn on Haiti's 'difficult nightmare'
Real Clear Politics: Obama doesn't have the votes to pass health care
ABC News Blog: Obama seeks to vilify health insurers
Washington Times: Poll shows Obama, Dems losing ground
Newsbusters: Dan Rather 'articulate' Obama couldn't even sell watermelons
YouTube: Top 60 ghetto black names
Townhall: Dennis Prager, Why democrats don't care about a $9.7 trillion debt
Newsmax: Hundreds slaughtered in Nigeria religious violence
ThainDain: Tiger Woods' mistress Joslyn James attends Oscar party
Drudge Report: Senate warns employees to avoid the Drudge Report
Mark Levin Fan: JD Hayworth sets out to park McCain and the Zig Zag express