Sunday, May 30, 2010


Memorial Day observed in words and music
Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Z, Trace Adkins,
Leeann Rimes & much more

Show No. 103-2010

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Show notes, audio & video and links available at The Jimmy Z Show Blog

VJ Day, Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945 from Richard Sullivan on Vimeo.

65 Years Ago Richard's Dad shot this film along Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki capturing spontaneous celebrations that broke out upon first hearing news of the Japanese surrender. Kodachrome 16mm film: God Bless Kodachrome, right? Richard was able to find an outfit ( to do a much superior scan of this footage to what he had previously posted, so he re-did this film and replaced the older version There are still images from this amazing day, in color, at

Friday, May 28, 2010


Mexico tells Obama: Don't use the National Guard
to stop illegal immigration

San Francisco ready to allow illegals to vote
Obama takes control in the Gulf (6 weeks later)
Show No. 102-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • 'Now The Homos Can Finally Belong', Jimmy Z Song Parody • Salutations • House votes to repeal 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' • Audio: ABC News report on photographs of homosexual soldiers • Republicans can't get democrats to vote for securing the border • Obama won't be sending troops to stop illegal immigration • Mexican Embassy statement telling Obama not to interrupt illegal immigration • San Francisco readies to allow illegals to vote • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on racism in the United States • Chris Christie lets a teacher have it • Audio clips: Obama's press conference • Obama takes control (six weeks later) • Reading: Government is going after bloggers next

Hour TWO • Click HERE
to download
Opening • Horrific crime in Texas back in January • Audio: Obama avoids Sestak question at press conference • 'Reality Check' with Michael Stollaire • European economic problems • What Americans can do • Massachusetts cuts of illegal aliens • 12 year old girls from Guatemala as prostitutes in Los Angeles • Arizona update: Bands who are boycotting Arizona • Phoenix Suns owner got $140 million from Obama's TARP plan •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Now The Homos Can Finally Belong
ABC News: House votes to repeal 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'
Fox News: Republicans denied border security beef up
Breitbart: US Troops won't be used to stop illegal immigration
Fox News: National Guard won't be on front lines in Arizona
Mexican Embassy: Mexico statement concerning US National Guard deployment
World Net Daily: San Francisco says let illegals vote in elections
Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One
YouTube: Chris Christie tells teacher she does not have to teach
YouTube: Obama stops new oil production and blames Bush
Washington Post: Obama struggling to show he's in control of oil spill
Big Government: Bloggers beware - they're coming after you
Houston Chronicle: Charge filed in Bellville slayings
The Fox Nation: Obama completely dodges Sestak questions
Telegraph UK: US money supply plunges at 1930s pace
Telegraph UK: Is Europe heading for a meltdown?
Washington Post: One false move in Europe could set off global chain reaction
The Jimmy Z Show Blog: Notes from 'Reality Check' with Michael Stollaire
The Boston Channel: Senate oks illegal immigrant crackdown
FBI: Human Trafficking and 12 year old prostitutes
Biz Journals: Rage Against The Machine and others boycott Arizona
Examiner: Phoenix Suns owner gets $140 million from Obama and TARP
News Real Blog: The Phoenix Suns: Progressive X's and O's

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Obama will not be at Arlington on Memorial Day -
(He's not the first to skip it by the way)
Bush finally blamed for the Gulf oil spill
'Reality Check' with Michael Stollaire
Show No. 101-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • The overwhelming number of things happening in America • National Debt over $13 trillion now • Audio: James Carville blasts Obama over Gulf oil spill • Obama will not be at Arlington on Memorial Day • Other Presidents have skipped the Arlington ceremony • Music: 'America The Beautiful', Jimmy Z • Here we go: Bush finally blamed for the Gulf oil spill • Audio: Chris Dodd blames Bush for the oil spill and Don Imus freaks out • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Predictions on the elections in November • Obama's falling popularity • Hoax story at EU Times website

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • 'Reality Check' with Michael Stollaire • Obama sending 1,200 troops to the border • Gulf oil spill • Bank account information in the finance reform bill • New 1099 form rule • Idea regarding transcription • Sarkozy threatens to pull out of the Euro • Music: 'America The Beautiful', Debra JM Smith • Potential for impeaching Obama over the Sestak scandal • Audio: The Jimmy Z Show, February 23 • Audio: Sean Hannity and Dick Morris on the Sestak scandal • Reading: Michelle Malkin on the Sestak scandal • Breitbart's report on Obama sending 1,200 troops •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Real Time National Debt Clock
Huffington Post: James Carville to Obama on oil spill: 'Get down here and take control!'
Michelle Malkin: Obama to skip wreath laying ceremony at Arlington on Monday
Media Matters: Right wing media attack Obama over Memorial Day plans
Defense Department: George W. Bush at Normandy on Memorial Day
Real Clear Politics: Sen. Chris Dodd blames Bush for Oil Spill
LA Times Blogs: Democrats blame Bush for Gulf oil spill
Canada Free Press: Obama serves 14 state Governors with warnings of arrest (hoax)
World Net Daily: Sestak White House scandal called 'impeachable offense'
The Jimmy Z Show: February 23, 2010
YouTube: Dick Morris says that Obama had to know about Sestak job offer
Michelle Malkin: Look who's behind the White House/Sestak stonewall
Breitbart: Obama to send (as many as) 1,200 troops to the southern border

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Alice Cooper's statements of faith on Youtube
Immigration news and Arizona update
Alex, the Hyphenated American blogger returns
Show No. 100-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE
to download
Opening • LA Labor groups organize bus trip to Arizona • Facebook announcement: Bus loads of hispanics will go to AZ without any identification • Call for musicians to boycott AZ largely ignored • Concerts go on • Border Patrol agents attacked daily • Slipknot bassist Paul Gray found dead • Audio: Live clip from a Slipknot show • Audio: Alice Cooper talks about being a Christian, part one • Music: 'Blue Suede Show', Jimmy Z • Audio: Alice Cooper talks about being a Christian, part two • Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation website •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Alex, the Hyphenated American Blogger with Jimmy Z • Topic: Can you compare Obama to Hitler and the Nazis? • Discrimination • Seduction of being catered to by government • Concentration camps for Asians • Talk to people who have succeeded • Can the Black community change it's culture? • Living a lie • Conservatives need to fight back • On school vouchers • Audio: BlkManHatesObama on Felipe Calderon • Deval Patrick says Obama's critics are 'almost at the level of sedition' • Jokedid: Obama meets the Founding Fathers • Customer stuck with $1,000 in counterfeit bills he received at the US Post Office •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
LA Weekly: LA labor organizers plan trip to AZ to flaunt immigration law
SCPR: LA activists plan to travel to AZ to protest illegal immigration law
Fox News: Calls to cancel concerts in AZ over immigration law largely ignored
CNS News: Border Patrol agents assaulted daily
Gather: Bassist for Slipknot, Paul Gray, found dead
YouTube: Alice Cooper speaks about his Christian faith
YouTube: Alice Cooper on being a Christian
Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation home page
YouTube: **** you, Mexican President Calderon
Boston Globe: Patrick says Obama critics are 'almost at the level of sedition'
LA Times: Customer stuck with counterfeit money from the US Post Office

Monday, May 24, 2010


Harvey Milk Day (belated): Audio, groans & sighs
Woody Allen wants Obama to be dictator for a time
Closure: One more time on the Beyonce dancers
Show No. 099-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Phoenix Sun Steve Nash, Canadian, on the Arizona immigration law • Calderon impressed a House Rep from Arizona • Arizona seeks to oust teachers who can't speak or teach English • Greta Van Susteren posts a letter from then Governor Napolitano begging for help with illegal immigrants in AZ • Saturday was Harvey Milk Day • Audio: Harvey Milk Day review • Audio Set: Homosexuals and lesbians celebrating Harvey Milk • Sidebar topic: Lesbian girls Youtube channel • Sexual confusion boasted about on Youtube • Hair cuts and 'The L Word' television show • Crazy man talks about Jesus and homosexuality • Rant: Homosexual parents and straight parents •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • A small town in Arkansas mourns two slain police officers • Audio: Report from Arkansas • Woody Allen wants to give Obama dictatorial power • Reading: Commentary on Woody Allen's ridiculous statement • Audio: Charles Krauthammer: The Obama administration is lawless • Audio: Black man on Youtube comments on little girls dancing video • Audio: The View talks about dance video • Rant: What parent doesn't want their talented children to be seen? • Audio: ABC interviews one girl's parents • Debunking the Bunk: Taking apart the parents' rationalizations • Scott Brown's true colors • The Gulf oil spill & Governor Jindal's accusations •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Bright Side of the Sun: Steve Nash calls Arizona immigration bill 'very misguided'
Wikipedia: Steve Nash, NBA player
The Politico: Calderon hits US from House floor
Fox News: Arizona seeks to reassign heavily accented teachers
Gretawire: This will knock your socks off; Look at the date and who signed it
ABC 7 News: California, other states to honor Harvey Milk
YouTube: The spirit of Harvey Milk alive and well!
YouTube: Day 111: Harvey Milk Day :)
YouTube: Harvey Milk Day! Alex Sanchez, But I'm a Cheerleader & Jane Lynch
YouTube: 7 Awesome Lesbians' Channel
YouTube: Harvey Milk Day
YouTube: Harvey Milk Day results
YouTube: Jesus loves homosexuals
NY Times: A small town in Arkansas mourns two slain officers
YouTube: Two West Memphis officers slain, two suspects dead
Entertainment: Woody Allen says Obama should be granted dictatorial powers (seriously)
Vision to America: Woody Allen to make Obama dictator in chief
LA Times Blogs: Obama decides to unilaterally announce secret US missile tests
YouTube: Krauthammer: This administration is lawless
YouTube: Controversy over girls doing Beyonce dance
YouTube: Hot Topics, Dance competition, The View
ABC News: Parents defend little 'single ladies'
American Thinker Blog: Scott Brown shows his true colors
Washington Times: Palin notes oil aid to Obama campaign
Audubon: Oil spill update from the field: Furious leaders defy BP & Coast Guard

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Feds may not process illegals from Arizona
Senate passes finance bill, allows government to
collect personal bank acct info, ATM receipts
Show No. 098-2010

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Opening • Felipe Calderon's speech and Tom McClintock's
response • Audio: Tom McClintock talks with John &
Ken on KFI
• Democrats are seeking to divide the country •
The opposite of E Pluribus Unum • Mexico's immigration law
is brutally exclusionary • The American people need to
decide if they want a country where sovereignty means
something • Are we heading toward some kind of civil war
over our sovereignty? • DHS official says feds might
not process illegals from Arizona
• Rant: Feds who
aren't doing their job telling Arizona that they're going about
enforcing immigration law the wrong way • Audio: Felipe
Calderon talks about guns • Editorial: Washington Times rips
Calderon a new chimichanga • Rant: The 80% figure is a lie •
Congress has automatic pay raises • Why and when • In
2009, the Senate voted to continue automatic pay raises •
Democrats pass finance reform bill that allows the
government to collect personal bank records,
balance information & ATM receipts
• Steve joins me
for immediate reaction and comments •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: John & Ken interview Tom McClintock
Fox News: Top official says feds may not process illegals from AZ
YouTube: President Felipe Calderon wants to influence our politics
Washington Times: Calderon's shot at American guns
US Gov Info: Congress votes itself a pay raise
CBS News: Congress keeps automatic pay raises
CNS News: Senate Democrats pass bill allowing govt to collect addresses

Friday, May 21, 2010


Metropolis reissue is a jaw dropping experience
Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter Jr on illegal immigration
Felipe Calderon confronted by Wolf Blitzer
Show No. 097-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Pacman on Google • Yesterday's drive to Los Angeles • 1927 science fiction film 'Metropolis' by Fritz Lang • Lost footage found in South America • Driving into Los Angeles • Traffic congested from an immigration protest that closed Wilshire Blvd • The cost to citizens by these protests • Rant: I hope the protesters keep being as obnoxious as possible • Protesters possibly delaying ambulance access to hospitals • UCLA student & illegal alien Nancy Meza led the protest • City of Costa Mesa is a 'rule of law' city • Another big lie: 'No human is illegal' • Audio: John and Ken rail against the protest and Ms. Meza • Poll shows increased support in AZ for immigration law • Photos of the immigration protest closing Wilshire Blvd • Audio: 'Come To The USA' by Ray Stevens • Economic news: Jobless claims rise • Dow drops yesterday 376 • Roubini predicts worse to come •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter Jr. joins Jimmy Z • Immigration and the liberal mind • Government indifference • Liberals want to intrude everywhere but immigration • Voters to come • Holder and Napolitano never read the AZ law • Obama's humiliation to come • Audio: Democrats cheering the Mexican president • Audio: Rush Limbaugh comments on Wolf Blitzer's confrontation with Felipe Calderon • Calderon is Obama's Senor Wences • Audio: Tom McClintock's response to the Mexican president • Elvis Costello cancels Israel concerts • Bill Keller on plans for a Jesus cartoon on Comedy Central • Audio: Jesus Christ Show host talks about a proposed Jesus cartoon

LibertyMind: The official website of Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter Jr.

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KINO: The official 'Metropolis' film page
YouTube: The Complete Metropolis - Official Trailer
LA Times Blogs: LAPD arrests 9 in immigration march that blocked Wilshire
OC Weekly: Rule of Law City Costa Mesa
LA Times: Costa Mesa declares itself a 'rule of law' city
KFI AM 640: John and Ken on demand
KTAR: Poll shows support for immigration law
LAist: DREAM Act protest shuts down Wilshire Blvd.
YouTube: DREAM Act protest shuts down Wilshire Blvd.
YouTube: Ray Stevens: 'Come To The USA'
AP: Jobless claims rise by largest amount in 3 months
AP: Stocks dive, Dow off 376 on world economic worries
CNBC: Stocks to drop 20% more, cash the safest place says Roubini
YouTube: Calderon on AZ immigration law before Congress
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh tears Calderon a new one
YouTube: Senor Wences on The Ed Sullivan Show
YouTube: Tom McClintok's response to President Calderon
Guardian UK: Elvis Costello cancels concerts in Israel
LivePrayer: Mocking Jesus is the new national sport
The Jesus Christ Show homepage

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Audio, Senator Boxer accused of racial politics
Episcopal church fully embraces homosexuality

Show No. 096-2009 (Original show date July 17, 2009)

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Stung again in the ocean! • Tragedy in Huntington Beach Jr. Lifeguard program • McDonnell for Governor in Virginia with SonlitKnight • Email pile • site tracks new $17.9 million website • Me The People, flags at half mast • Would government health care let people die? • Lee Iococca piece from 2007 • Mark Weiss of Talk Radio For Change • Promoting the General Welfare

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
More from the email pile • Dick Morris Audio: Obama's plan for bank nationalization • Dick Morris Audio: Obama's broken tax promises • Dick Morris, BAM's slipping grip on the public • Obama's shifty economics • Audio: Senator Barbara Boxer accused of racial politics • Email debate: Jimmy Z flays a liberal in a 'reply all' • Audio: James David Manning on coming riots • The Episcopal Church fully embraces homosexual ordination • Congressional budget office: Spending 'unsustainable' • Biden and Rep. Cantor go back and forth over stimulus • Pentagon orders soldier fired for challenging President • Gallup Poll, Romney and Palin • Thug politics: Obama and GOP cause stimulus fight in Arizona • Obama opposes House plan to protect GM and Chrysler dealerships

Show notes • Links • Audio/Video
Tragedy in Huntington Beach Jr. Lifeguard program site tracks new $17.9 million website
Me The People, flags at half mast
Dick Morris Youtube, Obama's plan for bank nationalization
Dick Morris Youtube, Obama's broken tax promises
Youtube: Senator Barbara Boxer accused of racial politics
Youtube: James David Manning on coming riots
The Episcopal Church fully embraces homosexual ordination
Congressional budget office: Spending 'unsustainable'
Biden and Rep. Cantor go back and forth over stimulus
Pentagon orders soldier fired for challenging President
Gallup Poll, Romney and Palin
Thug politics: Obama and GOP cause stimulus fight in Arizona
Obama opposes House plan to protect GM and Chrysler dealerships

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Jan Brewer stands tall speaking out against Obama
Apostate Episcopals ordain first lesbian Bishop
Show No. 095-2010 - This is Show No. 350 overall.

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Obama welcomes the President of Mexico • Audio: Mexican President Felipe Calderon swipes at Arizona law • Audio: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer stands up tall • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Analysis of yesterday's elections • Specter's seat and Murtha's seat • Blanche Lincoln and Rand Paul • Obama's Rasmussen number • The coming assault on Chris Christie • Poor girl at Hooters asked to lose weight • Rant: The freedom of companies to build their own reputation • Obama is 0 for 4 in campaigning for democrats • Audio: Rand Paul begs Obama to campaign for the democrat in Kentucky •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Lesbian song • Episcopals ordain their first lesbian bishop • Rant: The Episcopal church is 100% apostate • Arizona's letter to Mayor Villaraigosa over boycott • AZ could stop providing electricity to Los Angeles • Reports from KABC, KCBS and KNBC in Los Angeles • Reading: Jimmy Z on Facebook • Changing my mind on Debbie Schlussel's article • Audio: Drinking with Bob goes off on the mosque at Ground Zero • Analysis and response: Debra JM Smith says adults are making something out of nothing • McDonald's rapper found innocent of disorderly conduct • For some inexplicable reason, Blumenthal lies about serving in Vietnam • Senators loading finance reform bill with pork • 16 illegals sue Arizona rancher! • Obama complains about 'anti-government' rhetoric • Audio: Obama says at a certain point, you've made enough money • Disappointment: Rick Perry spoke out against AZ immigration law

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama tells Mexican President 'we are not defined by our borders'
YouTube: Mexican President Felipe Calderon
NECN: Gov. Brewer calls Obama 'the comic in chief'
NY Times: After 30 years and party switch, career curtain for Specter
Fox News: Democrat holds Murtha seat in special election
Fox News: Lincoln, Halter resume warfare after Tuesday's inconclusive primary
Washington Post: Rand Paul, the tea partiers
Fox News: Blumenthal walks on the backs of those who served in Vietnam
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking poll
Videosift: Palin's 'son' Trig is really her daughter's
Chris Christie: Office of the Governor website
NECN: Hooters employee says company told her to (gasp!) lose weight
Real Clear Politics: Rand Paul begs Obama to campaign for democrat in KY
LA Times: LA region's first two female Episcopal bishops ordained
Hot Air: AZ utility board member responds to LA boycott over SB1070
KNBC 4: Power play over immigration law
KABC 7: Arizona punches back, threatens LA's power
KCBS 2: Arizona to Los Angeles: Boycott us, we'll cut your electricity
Facebook: Jimmy Z: 'Regarding Debbie Schlussel & the mosque at Ground Zero
YouTube: Mosque built at Ground Zero
Debra JM Smith: Adults making something out of nothing
YouTube: McDonald's Rap
News Observer: McPrankster found not guilty in Utah rap case
NY Times: Blumenthal's words differ from his history
McClatchy: Senators load financial overhaul with irrelevancies
Washington Times: 16 illegals sue Arizona rancher
Breitbart: Obama takes aim at anti-government rhetoric
Real Clear Politics: 'I do think at a certain point you've made enough money'
Chron: Perry against Arizona law for Texas

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Racist LA teacher tries to spin his revolution rant
Recall Ixtox 1 spill in 1979? Gulf oil spill in context
Show No. 094-2010

Click HERE
to download
Opening • Audio: Michael Savage goes off on Luis Gutierrez,
Obama, and illegal immigration • Audio: Mark Levin on coming civil
disobedience • Audio: Fox News interviews LA high school
teacher and La Raza activist Ron Gochez
• Jimmy Z un-
spins along the way • Audio: Gallup New Mexico bans business
with Arizona • BP Oil spill in context • Debbie Schlussel writes
that the 'Ground Zero Mosque' in NY City cannot be stopped •
Audio: Pamela Geller appears on the Huckabee show • Expects
Muslims to be sensitive to others being insulted • Audio: Leo
LaPorte left Facebook - here's why •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Michael Savage explodes over illegal immigration & Obama
YouTube: Mark Levin, Civil disobedience is coming
Gateway Pundit: Griff Jenkins interviews La Raza teacher Ron Gochez
YouTube: Gallup New Mexico to Arizona: No mas official business
Climate Progress (cache): BP undersea volcano spews 3 million gals a day
Wikipedia: Oil spills in history Ixtoc 1 oil spill: flaking of surface mousse in the Gulf of Mexico
Debbie Schlussel: To those opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque
Atlas Shrugs: Pamela Geller on 911 Mosque at ground zero
Facebook: Leo LaPorte Facebook rant

Monday, May 17, 2010


Jesus Christ Show: Vulgar dance moves disheartening
Chilling sex offender decision at the US Supreme Court
Show No. 093-2010

Click HERE to download
Opening • Weekend trip to the Car Show & the resulting digital
photography • Audio: Jesus Christ Show host comments on the
7 year old dance video • Articles related and my rant • Video link:
Little Miss Sunshine's title character's strip tease • More articles •
Mother defends the kiddie porn dancing • Facebook: Nice article
about conservatives supporting the GOP • Rant: Criticizing those
who are just now paying attention to politics • Supreme Court
decision regarding sex offenders • Chuck Norris piece about the
UN Arms Treaty supported by President Obama • Audio: Lt. Col.
Oliver North talks about our military •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video McGuire's & The Good Guys present the OC Car Show
KFI AM 640: On demand page for The Jesus Christ Show
The Jesus Christ Show website
Washington Post: Stripping 7 year olds of their innocence
YouTube: Abigail Breslin Strip in 'Little Miss Sunshine'
Box Office Mojo: Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
St. Louis Today: 7 year olds gyrating to Beyonce get 2 million hits
Zimbio: 7 year old 'single ladies' dance sparks outrage
Facebook: Bill Rhetts: More hypocrisy of the GOP re the nomination of Elena Kagan
LA Times: Supreme Court gives Congress 'broad authority' in ruling
WND: Give Me Liberty or ... by Chuck Norris
NRAGive: Lt. Col. Oliver North speaks about our military

Friday, May 14, 2010


Chris Christie rips into reporter at news conference
Labor calls on DHS to stop working with AZ cops
Amazing impersonation of Danny Glover
Show No. 092-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Screwed up opening • Obama in Buffalo defending his jobs agenda • Audio: Obama speaking in Buffalo, revising history • Commentary and analysis of Obama • Audio: Mark Levin comments on Obama's fictional recovery • Music: 'Welcome to Mexifornia' (Lyrics by SonlitKnight) • Audio: Chris Christie slams a reporter • Reading: Jews who cheapen The Holocaust by Dennis Prager • Obama cuts anti-terror funding in New York City • News media ignores LA Teacher/La Raza radical Ron Gochez • AFL-CIO calls on Homeland Security to cease working with Arizona law enforcement • Eric Holder admits that he has not read the AZ law despite criticizing it •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Droid phone runs the Jimmy Z Show • Sarkozy talks about pulling out of the Euro • 70% of Massachusetts voters are against paying for illegals • City of Austin joins in the idiocy, boycotts Arizona • Austin TV station's 'In depth look at Nation's response to Arizona' • Audio: McCain sounds like he wants to secure the border • Audio: Eric Holder can't talk about 'radical Islam' • Audio: The View plays Laura Bush on Larry King • Laura Bush is pro homosexual marriage and pro choice • Homosexual theme: The Ballad of Ben Gay • Homosexual couples challenge federal marriage law • Country singer comes out as a lesbian • She's 'pretty well adjusted' • LGBT community upset over DC Mayor's appreciation of a woman who works with ex-homosexuals • Video of teacher beating a 13 year old student • White House keeps Supreme Court nominee insulated from the press • Audio: Kagan blows her presentation to the Supreme Court • Reading: Kagan blatant chicanery as Dean of Harvard Law School • Danny Glover failed to put his hand over his heart at flag ceremony • Jimmy Z impression of Danny Glover •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Reuters: Obama counters Republican critics on jobs agenda
YouTube: Obama: 'We are headed in the right direction'
YouTube: Obama recovery?
YouTube: Chris Christie smacks down reporter
Dennis Prager: Jews who cheapen The Holocaust
NY Post: Obama to cut NYC anti-terror funding even after Times Sq. bombing attempt
Newsbusters: Media ignore La Raza immigration protester inciting violence
The Hill: AFL-CIO wants DHS to stop working with Arizona state cops
YouTube: Eric Holder admits he hasn't read Arizona immigration bill
The Politico: Holder hasn't read AZ immigration bill
Fox News: Holder admits to not reading AZ's immigration law despite criticizing it
Washington Times: Holder hasn't read AZ law he criticized
Telegraph UK: Nicolas Sarkozy threatens to pull out of Euro over Greece
Rasmussen: 70% in Massachusetts favor ban on public benefits for illegals
YouTube: Austin boycotts AZ travel and business
YouTube: McCain TV ad, 'complete the danged fence'
YouTube: Eric Holder refuses to say 'radical Islam'
ABC News: Laura Bush supports abortion and homosexual marriage
AP: Homosexual couples ask judge to toss US marriage law
Newsweek: Country singer Chely Wright comes out as a lesbian
Debra JM Smith: D.C. Mayor Apologizes For Appreciating Work For Ex-Gays
Chron: Video of Houston charter school teacher beating a student
Chron: Teacher apologizes for recorded beating of a student
Newsbusters: Increasingly opaque White House insulates Kagan from press corps
Mark Levin: Kagan botches oral argument in US Supreme Court appearance
Jewish World Review: Kagan Whitewash
Newsbusters: Danny Glover booed for not putting his hand over his heart
The Politico: Obama biggest recipient of BP cash

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Avg wait time at County USC Medical Ctr: 35 hours
Perfect timing: Kerry and Lieberman's gasoline tax
High school basketball team trip to AZ canceled
Show No. 091-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Oral sex scandal at Oxnard middle school • Cafeteria worker & whistle-blower Sylvia Ramirez fired by the school • Huge deficit posted by US Government in April, 19th straight monthly deficit • Average wait time at County USC Medical Center: 35 hours • Outrageous: Patients concerns posted on monitors in waiting room • The story of Phineas Gage • British website offers genital crabs for sale • Audio: David Horowitz flushes out a radical muslim woman • Kerry and Lieberman unveil new gas tax • New Pew survey shows Americans still support Arizona law by a wide margin •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Video: 7 year old girls dancing like the Laker girls • Chicago area high school cancels girls basketball team trip to AZ tournament • Rant: Who are these people to ruin children's lives? • It is time for civil disobedience • Time for the parents to stand up for their children • The biggest problem in this country is not the left wing • Idiocy & Arizona and Nazi Germany • AZ law has nothing to do with racism or discrimination • Rant: This issue is the one that will make or break the country • Audio: Drinking with Bob, ¡Viva Arizona! ¡Viva Arizona! • This issue, fomented by the state of Arizona, is the issue of our time • Lightweight Sarah Palin comments on Illinois high school b-ball team • Sidebar: Hypocrite Sarah Palin speaking out against 'moderate' Republicans • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z: Democrats dropping out of races • The coming category 5 conservative hurricane • Audio: Eric Holder on Arizona immigration law • Audio: Eric Holder on law enforcement's success re Times Square car bomber • Audio: Drinking with Bob on Homeland security • Family Guy creator makes parallel between Arizona and Nazi Germany •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Herald Sun: California school officials investigate alleged oral sex act in classroom
KTLA 5: Sex scandal rocks middle school in Oxnard
KTLA 5: Middle school worker fired for reporting sex scandal
Reuters: US posts 19th straight monthly budget deficit
LA Times: LA county launches probe into County-USC Medical Center emergency room The guy with the railroad spike, Phineas Gage
YouTube: David Horowitz at UCSD exposes a radical muslim woman
American Solutions: Senators unveil new 1,000 page gas tax
The Hill: Kerry dismisses talk of 'gas tax' in climate bill
Examiner: Public strongly supports AZ law
YouTube: YAKfilms 7 year old dancers to Beyonce song
ABC 15: Chicago bans team from Valley over SB1070
Fox Sports: Parents mad that school nixed team trip over immigration law
Examiner: Chicago-area parents in an uproar over high school's cancellation of AZ trip
YouTube: ¡Viva Arizona! ¡Viva Arizona!
Chicago Sun Times: Sarah Palin hits Highland Park High for canceling AZ trip
Register-News: Mollohan out
YouTube: Eric Holder on the AZ law (@5:00)
YouTube: Eric Holder on the Times Square bomber (@3:00)
Truth Dig: 'Family Guy' creator draws parallels between AZ, Nazi Germany

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Anne Harpen on recording 'The Power of the Dream'
La Raza: AZ does to Latinos what the Nazis did to Jews
Pelosi defies liberal rule, separation of Church & State
Show No. 090-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Arizona bans ethnic diversity classes • Rant: People are good or bad • Guess what's up in Chicano studies classes in high school • No wonder these kids hate America • AZ Governor Jan Brewer signs into law a ban of ethnic studies • Audio: Idiot Janice Hann, Los Angeles Councilperson, on boycotting Arizona • Rant: Bring snacks and don't spend money in Arizona • LA boycott could hurt Mayor's 'green' agenda • San Diego school district resolves to boycott Arizona • Rant: What Arizona has done is like what the Nazis did to the Jews • Audio: Mexican high school students march in Morgan Hill, CA • Audio: Mexican students rally in a park • San Francisco Chronicle lashes out at the kids who wore the US flag • Nancy Pelosi asks the Catholic Church to help with amnesty • Reading: It is time for civil disobedience, by Alex • Ventura High polls students on sex with parental permission •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Interview: Anne Harpen, conservative singer/songwriter • Recording 'The Power of the Dream' in DC • Long night, lots of love and passion • Writing & recording the song • Music: 'The Power of the Dream' • CD coming soon • How you can get involved • Audio: Joel Osteen on how our decisions affect our family line • Audio: John and Ken interview Jim Clark, who wore the 'Viva Los 1070' to a Phoenix Suns game • Audio: Scary video, Kobe and Lakers tribute song •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Anne Harpen's website
YouTube: 'The Power of the Dream'
YouTube: 'They Change The Rules' by Anne Harpen
WS Radio: Tea Party Radio interviews The Power of the Dream executive producer
American Red Cross: Donate online at the American Red Cross website
Twitter: Follow John rich on Twitter for Power of the Dream

LA Times: Arizona bill takes aim at ethnic studies classes
Politic 365: Arizona Governor signs bill to ban ethnic studies
NBC Los Angeles: LA Considers cutting ties with Arizona
10 News: School Board passes resolution denouncing AZ law
YouTube: Mexican students knock US flag to the ground
San Francisco Chronicle: Live Oak High kids out of control
KRON: Racial tensions high at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill
Fox News: Pelosi urges Catholic Church to play 'major role' in overhauling immigration
Hyphenated American (Alex): It's time for civil disobedience
Ventura County Star: Ventura High sex survey draws ire of parents
KFI On Demand: John and Ken's interview with Phoenix Suns fan
YouTube: New Lakers, Kobe Bryant song (disturbing)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


ESPN: SportsCenter attacks Arizona immigration law
Russian immigrant Alex returns to the show
Shakira shows off endless ignorance
Show No. 089-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Daunting amount of lousy things going on in our country • Update: Racist teacher Ron Gochez • Audio: Ron's greatest hits • Time to call the school and the district • Ron Gochez was not representing the school so it's ok • Would the school leave a member of the KKK alone? • Phone numbers • Ron Gochez' Facebook page • Facebook 'hate Joe Arpaio' page • Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen's wonderful opinion piece • Audio: SportsCenter discusses Arizona's 'bad law' • Sound clips and commentary • Invoking the name of Jackie Robinson couldn't be more offensive • San Diego school district prepares to warn parents about Arizona (fear mongering!) •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Skin Color songs montage • Interview: Alex from the Hyphenated America blog • Audio: Shakira shows off her SB1070 ignorance • Shakira could be detained and arrested • Liberty, freedom and equality • The constitution does not protect people who are here illegally • Shakira with Ryan Seacrest • ABC, CBS & NBC run stories 12 to 1 against Arizona immigration law • Janet Napolitano shut down the 'virtual fence' in March • 10 year old gets a week of detention for having 1 Jolly Rancher candy at school • Audio: Woman can't wait for Obama to pay for gas and her mortgage • Seniors in Georgia told not to pray before their meal

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Fox News Radio: Mexican 'revolution' teacher won't be disciplined
LA Unified School District website
Facebook: Ron Gochez' Facebook page
Facebook: People Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Tuscon Citizen: State Senator Sylvia Allen supports SB1070
AZ Legislature: Member page, Sylvia Allen
ESPN: SportsCenter discussion of Arizona immigration law
NBC San Diego: Schools consider condemning AZ law
The Hyphenated American Blog (Alex)
YouTube: Shakira speaks out about the AZ immigration law
YouTube: Shakira's guest appearance on the Ryan Seacrest radio show
Newsbusters: By 12 to 1 ABC, CBS & NBC rip Arizona's immigration law
AZ Central: Napolitano halts funding for 'virtual fence'
Fox News: Student gets detention for possessing piece of candy
YouTube: Obama is going to fill her gas tank and pay her mortage
WSB-TV: Georgia seniors told they cannot pray before meals
Savannah Now: Prayer restored at Port Wentworth Senior Center

Monday, May 10, 2010


Outrageous: Racist LA teacher call for revolucion
Obama speaks out against tech & information
Show No. 088-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Computer monitor died, Jimmy Z Show now produced in wide-screen • Audio: New ad for Net Talk Word • Obama's new nominee to the US Supreme Court • Some liberals not thrilled with Kagan • Update: Sarah Palin's poor decisions • Motivation Truth piece defending Palin's RINO endorsements • Reading: My comment to Motivation Truth • Angry White Dude commentary on Sarah Palin • Palin spin: She's 'shaking things up' • Rant: Sarah Palin is not it • Audio: Los Angeles High School teacher calls for La Raza revolution in the US • Highlight clips • Funny Youtube comments for 'Senor Douchebag' • Reading: Article at the Dakota Voice •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • ESPN's SportsCenter goes political • Audio: JD Hayworth & Gov. Bill Richardson discuss illegal immigration and sports • Audio: Obama condemns tech and too much information • New US push to regulate the internet • Reading: 'Worse Case Conservatism' • Obama administration seeks to cut spending on military personnel • Home invasion leave one dead - suspect pretended to be census worker • Obama going after fishing regulations next • Obama 'czar' was pushing for 'compulsory organ donating' last year! • Rant: If they pass compulsory immigration, I'm saying NO • Immigration: Sports Illustrated columnist calls for sports to be politicized • Arizona market chain fires 300 illegals • Audio: Navy Seal on being acquitted • Vanity Fair interview with Pastor Joel Osteen •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
AP: Elena Kagan picked for Supreme Court
Washington Post: How conservatives will attack Elena Kagan
True Slant: It looks like Elena Kagan could shift court to the right
Motivation Truth: Gov. Palin's Fiorina endorsement, a common sense decision
Angry White Dude: Sarah Palin's slippery slope to RINOsity
Fox News: Palin stands by Fiorina endorsement amid backlash from supporters
YouTube: LA Teacher calls for Mexican Revolt in the US
Wikipedia: Santee Education Complex
Santee Education Complex homepage
Dakota Voice: High School teachers call for Mexican revolt inside the US
ESPN: OTL immigration debate
Real Clear Politics: Obama criticizes new media, iPads, Rumors
Huffington Post: Obama says iPads turn information into a distraction
WSJ: New US push to regulate internet access
Facebook: Worst-Case Conservatism by Joseph R. Ravitts
Newsmax: Obama administration targets military for pay reductions
KHOU: Man killed in home invasion after suspect poses as census worker
ESPN: Public input period for federal fishery strategy has ended
CNS News: Obama regulation czar advocated removing people's organs without consent
Newsbusters: Sports Illustrated columnist wants MLB politicized over AZ law
AZ Family: Pro's Ranch Market fires 300 employees working illegally in the US
Real Clear Politics: US Navy Seal Matthew McCabe on his acquittal
Vanity Fair: Minister of finance, Joel Osteen