Thursday, June 30, 2011


Rewind: Obama on redistribution of wealth
We need a landslide and obvious mandate in 2012

The left wing media assault on Michele Bachmann
Show No. 115-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Cleaners and painters next door • Obama gets a victory for Obamacare in an appellate court • Audio: Breaking down Obama's press confererence • Obama describes his own economy • Fixing government regulations • Skills and training for jobs (that don't exist) • Congress could make patents easier • More stimulus and shovel ready jobs • 'On the basis of merit and not politics' • Audio: Limbaugh on Obama's press conference • Hellbent on raising taxes • Economy making a rebound with corporate travel, yet Obama rips private jets again • The country has a spending problem • Obama threatens to cut scholarships • Proof that Obama has no desire to grow the economy • David Limbaugh column: Do we believe the government should equalize and redistribute • 'You can still ride your corporate jet, you just have to pay more' • Audio: Obama in 2007 on where the Constitution fails • 'Economic justice' • The Warren court wasn't that radical • Limbaugh: Horrible things will happen if we don't raise taxes • Rant: I expect everyone to rally for the GOP nominee, whoever it is • We need 2012 to be a huge landslide, a definite mandate • Audio: Mark Levin on voting for the GOP nominee • The abortion issue • Audio: Dick Morris on Obama's insane tax plan • Obama isn't moving to the center at all • Consumer spending has gone flat •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'The Ballad of Michelle Obama', Jimmy Z • Audio: Dick Morris on Obama's tax plan, continued • Audio: Limbaugh on replacing Obama in 2012 • Jimmy Z reading Limbaugh: We must replace Obama in 2012 • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Ray on the GOP debate • Richard on Palin and Obama releasing oil from the Strategic National Reserve • Ray on homosexual marriage • Salute to Canada: Bob and Doug McKenzie • Canadian National Anthem • Kel calls Jimmy Z a national treasure • Ray on the TSA adult diaper *bleep* story • The TSA is doing what they do with Obama's approval • Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS commercials • Left wing media attacks Michele Bachmann • The 'John Wayne' gaffe • What about Obama's 57 states gaffe? • New Hampshire polling strong for Romney • Audio: Hannity regarding liberal assault on Michele Bachmann • Where is N.O.W. as the media attacks conservative women? • Tom Petty tells Michele Bachmann not to use his song • Audio: Dick Morris on the assault on Michele Bachmann • Michele needs a 'here you go again' line • Other musicians complained about conservatives •

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Retroactive sentences release 12,000 crack criminals
Peoria update: The mob story looks to be true

Big Grocery strike coming to Southern California
Show No. 114-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • TSA adult diaper story update • TSA claims they did not insist the lady remove her adult diaper • Privacy concerns • Wheelchairs spark pat-downs • Rant: If the procedures are necessary and right, why would you avoid patting down children? • Audio: Colon Flow commercial • Follow up: Chris Wallace asks Michele Bachmann if she is a flake • Conservatism and defending Michele Bachmann • Audio: Mark Levin's comments regarding Michelle Bachmann and the flake question • How conservatives are treated by the media • Stipulating to Michele Bachmann's character • Left wing media attack conservative women: What else is new • 'Punch them in the face' • On remaining calm and unemotional in debate • Levin: Wallace is trying to score points in the media • 'Open season on conservatives needs to be confronted' • What does it mean to show the media that we are not going to put up with it? • Rant: Most of us know the media is left wing • Liberals enjoy it when conservatives complain about the media • Levin talks about  the question itself • On disagreement with Levin or Limbaugh • Wallace's interruption during the same sex marriage answer was more rude • Forget boycotts • How can we respond to the left wing media to tell them we've had enough? •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Unknown Pundit: A funny thing happened on the way to the voting booth • A hint to guess who the unknown pundit is • Music: New song: 'The Ballad of Michelle Obama' • Lyrics change • Browser locks up a second time • Audio: Dick Morris: Holder and Obama to release crack criminals • Another shocker from Obama • Retroactive sentencing • Audio: Rally in support of grocery store union workers • Taking a look at their Facebook page: Truth-out & the AFLCIO • Rant: Why would you strike with 20% of Californians unemployed • Neighbors rally for grocery workers? No, it's the SEIU and organized labor • Strikes benefit the unions, not the workers • Back in 2003, a five month strike set workers back years • Music: 'The Ballad of Michelle Obama' with harmonica and juice harp • Black mob in Peoria updates: Looks like the story is true • News articles elaborate on the story • Links from the Peoria Chronicle • Apology to Shey on YouTube • Audio: Shey's YouTube recitation of the original Peoria article •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CBS News: TSA defends removing adult's diaper for pat down
NY Daily News: Officers did not make 95-year-old with leukemia remove adult diaper
Boston Globe: TSA denies ordering cancer patient to shed diaper
KTLA 5: TSA Diaper: TSA Removes 95-year-old Woman's Diaper
YouTube: Colon Flow commercial
Mark Levin: The Mark Levin Show
YouTube: Dick Morris: Let Crack Criminals Out of Jail?
ABC News: Rally held in support of grocery workers
Facebook: Good Jobs Los Angeles
Facebook: Javi Ballesteros
Gather: Was Peoria Terrorized by a Racist Mob Friday?
Peoria Star Journal: Some claim reports of racist Peoria mob are exaggerated
Peoria Star Journal: Mob incident not motivated by race, authorities say
Peoria Star Journal: Peoria councilwoman, neighborhood activist at odds
Peoria Star Journal: True or not, account of 'mob' story spreads fast
YouTube: ‪Peorians Living In Fear- A dramatic reading

Monday, June 27, 2011


Michele Bachmann on same-sex marriage, earmarks
Black gang beats white youth whose face is crushed

Black gangs of thugs in Illinois are attacking whites
Show No. 113-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Salutations • Feral cat outside • Not at all domesticated • Cat becoming more and more aggressive • Overview: Chris Wallace asked Michele Bachmann if she is a flake • Democrat debt limit demand: More stimulus • Audio: Breaking down Michele Bachmann on Fox News Sunday • Bachmann polling virtually tied with Romney • Sincerity • Earmarks • Obamacare would cost 800,000 jobs in America • Medicare • Same-sex marriage • Homosexual marriage is one of the biggest issues we face in America • Mitt Romney • Balancing the budget • Rant: It's not time to commit to any candidate yet • Bachmann says let as many candidates in as want to get in • The Flake Question analyzed and dissected • Rant: Chris Wallace's question and Michele Bachmann's answer • Set aside emotional politics • Audio: Breaking down Sen. Jon Kyl on Fox News Sunday • Simple elegance and common sense: Jon Kyl on the US economy • Wealthy 'tax expenditures' (tax write offs) are shenanigans •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Continuing Jon Kyl on Fox News Sunday • Jimmy Z and Jon Kyl on ending oil company subsidies • The Ryan Budget vs. The Obama budget • Palin should run for Kyl's seat in Arizona • Lady Gaga sued over stealing money in sales of Japan Relief bracelets • Audio: CNN report: TSA forces 95 year old woman to remove adult diaper • Embarrassing and degrading • Rant: If we don't fly for a week, this will change • 'Respectful and sensitive manner' • 'According to proper procedure' • Woman had to fly without underwear • Voice issues • Questionable article about black youths threatening to kill whites • All kinds of conservative blogs are re-posting the story without knowing if it's true • There's no news black out • Digging around the internet for more information • The Peoria Chronicle is down, up, and down again • Audio: Blacks brawl in DC Caribbean Days • Black gang beats white student who requires facial reconstructionTried under lynching lawGangs of blacks attacking whites in Illinois

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wikipedia: Feral cat
Fox News: Michele Bachmann talks earmarks, Obamacare, same-sex marriage
Fox News: John Kyl talks debt debate in DC
Google Search: 'michelle bachmann flake'
NBC Dallas Ft. Worth: Lady Gaga Sued Over Japan Relief Bracelet Proceeds
CNN: TSA stands by officers after pat-down of elderly woman in Florida
News Herald: Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search
Google Cache: The Peoria Chronicle (Questionable site)
The Jimmy Z Show: Screen capture, The Peoria Chronicle
YouTube: Peorians living in fear (reading the article)
Non Profit Organizations: Altamont Park Neighborhood Association
The Gateway Pundit: Black Youths March screaming 'We Need to Kill All White People!'
World Star Hiphop: Shyt Really Got Real: DC Caribbean FestBrawl At Howard University
Black & Right: Nigga Moment Of The Day
Daily Mail UK: Teenage gang charged under lynching law after attack on 18-year-old
Right Wing News: Liberals’ Frankenstein Monster Runs Amok in Chicago

Friday, June 24, 2011


Update: ACLU & Mexico fume over border shooting
Democrats accuse GOP of sabotaging the economy

Angry liberal Adam doesn't vote, wants to punch me
Show No. 112-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Why there was no show yesterday • Mom goes home with her new knee • 35 minutes to remove and replace a knee • Audio: Bill Handel with Sheriff Larry Dever • Illegal aliens responsible for forest fires • Drug traffickers, human smugglers • Signal fires and warming fires • Illegal alien defenders cannot refute the evidence • Arizona improves enforcement efforts • Scouts, sophisticated communications on the illegal alien side • UPDATE: BORDER SHOOTING NEAR SAN DIEGO - DETAILS AND ANALYSIS • Stoning in Biblical days • Jose got shot dead last time, maybe they'll think twice • Rubber bullets don't help the Border Patrol • ACLU speaks out against the US agents • An investigation into what? • Mexico outraged and condemns US agents • They aren't immigrants, they are illegal immigrants • ACLU says we cannot allow law enforcement to use lethal force against rock throwers • President Calderon confronts Hillary Clinton over shooting, demands punishment • Adam's most recent angry messages • Adam does not vote • Blames Jimmy Z for 'murder' • Rant: If you are going to complain about politics and you don't vote, you are not worthy of my show • Audio: Mitch McConnell calls on Obama to lead •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'O-ba-ma', Jimmy Z • Audio: Mitch McConnell calls on Obama: 'He's the president - he needs to lead' • Unemployment claims climb again • Democrats accuse Republicans of sabotaging the economy • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Democrat projection: It is the democrats who have been sabotaging the economy • Obama has selective Alzheimer's • Reid and Schumer want another stimulus! • Audio: Greta Van Susteren interviews Mitch McConnell • Even when democrats owned the government they could not raise taxes • The Balanced Budget Amendment • You are listening to Hour No. 1,000 • Triple fanfare • Montage: Jimmy Z Show music • Audio: Chris Christie on Today • Obama should show up • Poll results in New Jersey • Christie in discussion with parent over public schools • Not running for President • Palin still keeping mum on whether she'll run or not • Obama releases 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve • It's politics: His poll numbers are not a national crisis •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wikipedia: Knee replacement
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel & Sheriff Larry Dever
Hispanically Speaking News: Immigrant Shot at US-Mexico Border by Border Patrol Agent
San Diego 6: Video of Border Patrol Shooting From Mexican Side
LA Times: Shooting of man by Border Patrol agent renews debate on use of force
CNN: Mexican president confronts Clinton over border shooting
The Jimmy Z Show: Comment to Adam who does not vote
YouTube:  McConnell On Debt Crisis: Where Has President Obama Been?
ABC News: McConnell on Debt Talks: Where In The World Has President Obama Been?
Yahoo Finance: Obama ready to release oil from petroleum reserve
CNBC: Jobs Picture Grows Worse as Weekly Claims Post Jump
Washington Post: Dems will not shy away from accusing GOP of sabotaging economy
Rush Limbaugh: Projection: Democrats Accuse the Republicans of Economic Sabotage
YouTube: McConnell: We Need Obama to Lead
YouTube: NJ Gov. Chris Christie on NBC's TODAY Show
Newsmax: NJ's Christie: Obama Should 'Show Up' for Talks
Newsmax: US Opens Reserves to Release 30M Barrels of Oil

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Good news for a change on illegal immigration
Dick Morris: What motivates Barack Obama?

Commentary: They played golf & it's no big deal
Transvestite in women's underwear flies on US Airways
Show No. 111-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Jimmy Z Comment Line: Steve on Anthony Weiner thanking his Mother and Father • Barack Obama: Polls show real trouble for re-election • Obama's agenda is not going to help the economy • Most Americans are out looking for another candidate • Al Gore criticizes Obama's inactivity on 'global warming' • Audio: Al Gore's stupid poem recited by Al Gore • Music: Al Gore's stupid poem sung by Jimmy Z • Trying to make Al Gore's stupid poem more entertaining • Obama has failed to act decisively on climate change • Fudged and faked science • Audio rewind: Jimmy Z Tuesday: Obama issues new, lax rules for ICE • Audio rewind: Jimmy Z Monday: Obama cannot count on the Hispanic vote to win in 2012 • Good news for a change on the illegal immigration front • Illegal alien suspect shot by Border Patrol agent • This is the way things are supposed to go • 2,400 illegal arrested in 7 day crackdown • Intensified work by ICE because of activists complaints • Coming into the country illegally is a crime • White House transcript claims audience laughed at his jobs creation claim • The notion that Obama created 2.1 million private sector jobs is absurd • More polls: 44% of Americans believe they're worse off since Obama became president • Less than 1 in 10 people expect unemployment to return to normal in the next 2 years • More than 50% believe their children will be worse off than they were • Hope and change song • Obama worse off than Reagan in 1982 • Transvestite in women's underwear flies US Airways flight • US Airways had hip hop black football player arrested • 51 year old actor marries 16 year old girl • Does she look 16? •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Hour No. 998 • Jimmy Z montage • Audio: Tim Conway Jr. talks about the 16 year old bride • Girl talks about being criticized online • She sounds 16 and looks 30 • Audio: Brilliant Dick Morris analysis: What motivates Barack Obama? • Jimmy Z Comment Line: Ray on Ron Paul • Ray on Santorum talking about the debt • Audio: Meet the Press talks about Weiner's resignation • Timing was the reason! • Rant: He had to resign because his behavior was deplorable • No comparison with Christopher Lee's shirtless picture • These liberals want to blame the media for Weiner's resignation • Villaraigosa blames Bush,  the Republicans and the media for taking the attention away from creating jobs • 'I'm not here to defend democrats' -Villaraigosa • Rant: I don't care that Obama and Boehner played golf • Life doesn't stop because someone is suffering • Villaraigosa's sex scandal • Jerusalem Post writes about Gates' resignation and the upcoming changes to US foreign policy

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Bloomberg: Obama Gets 30% of Americans Certain to Support Re-Election in Economy Poll
NY Times: In Essay, Al Gore Criticizes Obama on Climate Change
All Headline News: U.S. immigration round up 2,400 illegal migrants in 7-day crackdown
NBC San Diego: Man Shot, Killed at U.S.-Mexico Border
The Politico: W.H. flags Drudge-mocked transcript
San Francisco Chronicle: Man flies US Airways in women's underwear (Photo)
Bloomberg: Poll: 44% of Americans Worse Off Under Obama
KFI AM 640: Tim Conway Jr. Page: Photos of 16 year old bride
KFI AM 640: Tim Conway Jr. On Demand
My Fox New York: Who is 16-Year-Old Bride Courtney Alexis Stodden?
YouTube: Dick Morris: What Motivates Obama?
MSNBC: Meet The Press
US National Debt Clock
CBS News: Bush Administration Adds $4 Trillion To National Debt
Huffington Post: Lu Parker, TV Newscaster, Dating LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Jerusalem Post: Our World: An Obama foreign policy

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The President will speak at La Raza conference
Obama: ICE to be more lax with illegal immigrants

Jon Stewart on FNS says he doesn't have an agenda
Show No. 110-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Jon Huntsman: The next John McCain • Audio: AP News report • Huntsman is pro homosexual civil unions • Audio: Huntsman's announcement • Audio: Joel Skousen on Jon Huntsman, RINO • Audio: Fake TV ad for Jon Huntsman • Announcement publication blows the spelling of his name • Barack Obama about to endorse homosexual marriage? • Bill Keller on homosexual marriage and Obama • Newsweek article from 2008: The Bible is ok with homosexual marriage • God's template for marriage: Adam and Eve • The Bible is both DEscriptive and PREscriptive • God & Jesus are way beyond our politics • How faith and politics are approached by liberals and conservatives • Homophobia and Southern Baptists • Audio: Jon Stewart says that Fox News is a 'propaganda delivery system' • Audio: Breaking down Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday • Media bias not toward a liberal agenda • Rant: When the purpose is political commentary, there is an agenda •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday continued • Denies being an activist with his comedy • Rant: Political comedy that is bi-partisan from Jay Leno • Audio: Richard Jeni's brilliant bit on political left and right • Diane Sawyer report on SB 1070 in Arizona • Misinformed Fox Viewers: Does this means that Fox is misinforming people? • Talking about Obama's administration • Jon Stewart says the conservative movement has be relentlessly activist for 40 years • Rant: Over the past five decades the left has been changing America, not the right • McCain says illegal aliens may be responsible for Arizona fires • Rant: Illegal aliens are not supposed to be here • Obama tells ICE to soften it's approach with illegal immigrants • La Raza suggested the new rules • Obama to speak to La Raza Conference in July • Obama took an oath to be president • Rant: Illegal aliens should be going home • Call the USGA regarding NBC's edit of the Pledge of Allegiance • Please donate to the union battle in Wisconsin • Stimulus data shows that Obama accomplished squat •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama Ambassador May Be GOP Wild Card in 2012
YouTube: Huntsman: 'Today I'm a Candidate' for President
YouTube: Jon Huntsman - another useless GOP presidential candidate
Radio Liberty Home Page
YouTube:A Common Sense Campaign for America
ABC News: Huntsman Campaign Launch Begins Day with Misspelling of His Own Name
Live Prayer: Newsweek Proclaims that Gay Marriage is Biblical
Newsweek: Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy
Life Site News: A June surprise: Is President Obama about to endorse gay marriage?
Associated Baptist News: Mohler says Baptists must repent of homophobia
YouTube: Jon Stewart vs. Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday 6/19/2011
AP: McCain under fire for blaming blazes on immigrants
Daily Caller: Immigration Border Rules | White House
JS Online: Where Obama will and won't speak
The Presidential Coalition: Donate to Wisconsin fight
Investors Business Daily: Did Obama Really Prevent A Second Great Depression? N.J. Senate passes health care, pension bill

Monday, June 20, 2011


Neil Boortz talks self defense and thugs in Atlanta
Jack Van Impe censored by Trinity Broadcasting

Obama won't be able to count on the Hispanic vote
Show No. 109-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Salutations • Audio: Neil Boortz calls for citizens in Atlanta to arm themselves and kill thugs • Audio: Clip from 'Falling Down' (1993), Michael Douglas • Rant: Boortz is talking about  urban thugs • Audio: Commentary from The Young Turks on Boortz 'racism' • Rant: Thuggery is not racial • The left is defending thugs and thug behavior • Audio: Ed Schultz mischaracterizing things again • Rant: Crime rates down but people are still murdered • Mothers always say their child was 'a good boy • Audio: Family complains about use of force after cops kill knife wielding, 90 mph speeding, car- ramming suspect • Audio: Antonio Villaraigosa on Meet the Press • Villaraigosa blames Republicans for lack of jobs • Audio: NBC opening for the US Open coverage on Sunday • What went wrong? NBC needs to fire the editor • Obama won't be able to count on the Hispanic vote • The Susan B. Anthony Pledge for Life • Obama administration argues that the UN trumps the US Congress for war powers • Audio: Biden says Bush could be impeached without congressional war powers •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Gainesville Tornadoes Story • Audio: Focus on the Family: The story of the Gainesville Tornadoes • Audio: NBC News report on the Gainesville Tornadoes vs. Grapevine Faith High School • ESPN article offers a few more nuggets • Audio: Jeff Klein, Walk the Way ministries • The Faith Christian School write up on the One Heart Bowl annual eventJack Van Impe Presents leaves TBN over content dispute • Chrislam: An un-Biblical hybrid of Christianity and Islam • Audio montage: Jack and Rexella Van Impe discuss The Purpose Driven Church • One world religion and the New World Order • Jack tells the story about TBN censoring his program • 'The Tsunami of Compromise' • Missionaries in the Middle East eliminate verses from the Bible to please Muslims • JVIP ad that was censored by TBN • A short list of Rick Warren's suggestions for 'purpose driven' churches • Updates from the JVIP website • Reading: Bill Keller's devotional dealing with Chrislam •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
San Francisco Bay View: Is this radio host saying blacks should be killed?
YouTube: The Mexican gang-banger scene from 'Falling Down'
YouTube: Advocating Murder: The racist, violent rhetoric of Neil Boortz
YouTube: Neil Boortz says kill black people
CBS 2 Los Angeles: Family upset over cops shooting chase suspect
MSNBC: Meet the Press: Antonio Villaraigosa joins the roundtable 
International Business Times: NBC cuts 'Under God' from pledge of allegiance
Facebook: Jimmy Z: Outrageous: NBC cuts 'Under God' from the pledge of allegiance
Forbes: Hispanice won't bring Obama victory in 2012
Susan B. Anthony List: The pro-life presidential leadership pledge
Big Government: Obama claims the UN can usurp congressional war authority
Focus on the Family: Weekend Magazine, June 18-19, 2011
YouTube: A game of hope
ESPN: Rick Reilly: Gainesville State High School football get the best gift of all: Hope
YouTube: Walk the Way #273
Just One More: The power of hope: Grapevine Faith vs. Gainesville State School
John Ed Mathison: Blog post: The Gainesville/Grapevine Faith football game
Faith Christian School: One Heart Bowl
Jack Van Impe Ministries: Welcome to Jack Van Impe Ministries International
The Gospel: Jack Van Impe: View all media entries
Jack Van Impe Ministries: JVIM Daily Updates
World Net Daily: Van Impe ministry abandons TBN in clash over Islam
YouTube: Jack Van Impe presents #1124 (2011-06-11)
Live Prayer: Bill Keller: The rise of Chrislam in the United States

Friday, June 17, 2011


Breaking down the GOP debate highlights
Sen. Jim DeMint on Cut, Cap & Balance Pledge

Bachmann, Santorum, Pawlenty & Gingrich shine
Show No. 108-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Dave Redl's email to me regarding Ron Paul • Jimmy Z on Ron Paul (the basics) • Homosexual marriage and court decisions over the voters wishes • The fiscal emergency: Audio: Mark Levin interviews Senator Jim DeMint • Government cuts are not really cuts at all • The Cut, Cap & Balance Pledge • Audio: Dick Morris on the War in Wisconsin • Electric cars aren't so green after all • BREAKING DOWN THE GOP DEBATE • Herman Cain on permanent tax cuts and the private sector • Rick Santorum on the economy • Mitt Romney on the economy • All GOP candidates are going after Obama • Newt Gingrich on jobs and what worked with Reagan • Michele Bachmann announces her candidacy • Ron Paul answers: Has Obama done anything right? • Bachmann on Obamacare •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Will Anthony Weiner run for his same seat in the special election? • THE GOP DEBATE CONTINUED • Bachmann on Obamacare and jobs • Romney on Obamacare • Pawlenty pulls back and won't challenge Romney on 'ObamneyCare' • Gingrich avoids insurance mandate question • Annoying moderator keeps mumbling and grunting • Santorum on big issues, fair government and the tea party • Bachmann on the tea party • Herman Cain on common sense solutions • Bachmann on tax rates • Santorum on manufacturing, cutting capital gains taxes • Pawlenty on right-to-work legislation • Gingrich on right to work and the National Labor Relations Board • Rant: Why do people hate Newt so much? • Santorum on TARP, auto bailout • Bachmann on TARP's $700 billion blank check • Santorum on Medicare and the deficit • Romney on the debt ceiling • Bachmann on the debt ceiling • Pawlenty on 'separation of church and state' • Santorum on faith and reason • Ron Paul on faith and politics • Rant: Prayer is free speech • Gingrich on loyalty to the United States • Romney on wings: Spicy or mild? • Bachmann on homosexual marriage • Questions to the panel on the Defense of Marriage Act & Don't Ask Don't Tell •

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Anthony Weiner resigns: Raucous presser audio
Sarah Palin emails reveal... she's a nice woman

12 year old boy stabbed over tagging dispute
Show No. 107-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Texas Senate passes 'sanctuary cities' bill • Obama Approval Index history • Audio: Mitt Romney endorses President Barack Obama (edited) • Audio: Glenn Beck: Ron Paul is the closest to our founding fathers • Daily Mail UK: Mother of 3 sells Obama's handwritten letter • Audio: Struggling single mom sells Obama letter • Audio: Rush Limbaugh: How TARP failed and what should have been done • Alabama tornado-hit family denied FEMA grant to repair home • US Presidential election in Alabama, 2008 • Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes engaged for homosexual marriage • Audio: 12 year old boy stabbed over tagging dispute • Audio: KFI: 12 year old killed •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • 12 year old killed (continued) • Anthony Weiner resigns • Audio: Top 10 reasons Weiner is resigning • Audio: Anthony Weiner resigns from congress • TMZ Audio: Rep. Weiner's porn pal reveals filthy e-mails • Audio: Porn actress: Weiner asked me to lie • 'Undefeated', the Sarah Palin documentary, distributed by AMC • Sarah Palin e-mail message written as though from God • Palin emails show her coping with rise to VP slot • Sarah Palin e-mails: Trig's birth, the press and Tina Fey • Boehner gives Obama Friday deadline on Libya • Wisconsin top court rules for Walker and against unions • Audio: Union rights law upheld in Wisconsin • Dick Morris writes: Preserve Wisconsin collective bargaining reforms •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
McClatchy: Texas Senate passes 'sanctuary cities' bill
Rasmussen: Obama Approval Index history
YouTube: Mitt Romney endorses President Barack Obama (edited)
YouTube: Glenn Beck: Ron Paul is the closest to our founding fathers
Daily Mail UK: Mother of 3 sells Obama's handwritten letter
YouTube: Struggling single mom sells Obama letter
Rush Limbaugh: Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Daily Mail UK: Alabama tornado-hit family denied FEMA grant to repair home
Wikipedia: US Presidential election in Alabama, 2008
New York Magazine: Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes engaged
KNBC 4 Los Angeles: 12 year old boy stabbed over tagging dispute
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel: 12 year old killed
Huffington Post: Anthony Weiner resigns
YouTube: Top 10 reasons Weiner is resigning
YouTube: Video: Anthony Weiner resigns from congress
YouTube: Rep. Weiner's porn pal reveals filthy e-mails
YouTube: Porn actress: Weiner asked me to lie
Indiewire: 'Undefeated', the Sarah Palin documentary, distributed by AMC
CNN: Sarah Palin e-mail message written as though from God
AP: Palin emails show her coping with rise to VP slot
Washington Post: Sarah Palin e-mails: Trig's birth, the press and Tina Fey
Washington Times: Boehner gives Obama Friday deadline on Libya
The Politico: Wisconsin top court rules for Walker and against unions
YouTube: Union rights law upheld in Wisconsin
Dick Morris: Preserve Wisconsin collective bargaining reforms

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sleazy pole dancing taught to three year olds
Rant: Sexy outfits on girls in public schools

Pawlenty skips chance to slam Romney in person
Show No. 106-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Big debate last night • Folks impressed generally by Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum • Audio: Bill Handel talking with Charles Payne • Are we out of the recession? • Data doesn't define where America is economically • Audio: Jay Leno's monologue • On returning to the gold standard • Jimmy Z is adult oriented radio • Audio: Anthony Weiner commercial for 'penis cream' • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on the feminization of America • Comments by women on ABC about male politicians • Limbaugh montage: The effect of liberal women on men in society • The women Weiner hangs out with • Boys in school, and acting out • Weiner is the posterboy for liberal democrats •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: The (Anthony) Weiner song, Jimmy Z • Pole dancing classes for girls age 3 through 7 • Sleazy pole dancing taught to little kids after mothers asked for it for their daughters • 6 year old strip-tease in 'Little Miss Sunshine' • Never been to a strip club • Dance instructor denies sexual connotation • Why not have girls in stripper classes? • Audio: Phone call to Rush Limbaugh from Christa • Girls wearing sexy outfits in high school • Rant: Jimmy Z on modesty and young girls dressing 'sexy as hell' • High school book about a boy who enjoys porn and masturbation • Get your kids out of public school • Tim Pawlenty passes on a chance to challenge ObamneyCare and Romney face to face • Audio: Boehner's Weiner joke • Audio: Michele Bachmann announces her candidacy for President •

Monday, June 13, 2011


A 'race factor' is always there according to James
Farrakhan on LeBron James, the NBA and the JEWS

Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum: Great interviews
Show No. 105-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • 'Racism' in the NBA: LeBron James does not get a championship • He's no Kobe Bryant, no Magic Johnson, no Michael Jordan • Audio: ESPN commentary: It's an 'absolute fact' that there's always a race factor in the NBA and NFL • The line is blurred - Athletes can never be viewed as humanitarian  • Black entertainers performing for non-black fans • Rant: If this is so bad for black athletes, they should just quit! • Players strike possible in the NBA • LebBron James is taking the backlash because of this blurred race factor • Deemed a failure if you don't win the big game • $14.5 million to play basketball • People are uncomfortable because James wants to switch teams • Audio: Breaking down Louis Farrakhan on LeBron James, the NBA & Jews • Farrakhan going through Jewish names • Playing in the NBA is working on the master's plantation • Rant: If you're an NBA slave, leave • Miami Heat making money off of 'three Negroes' • Farrakhan is either hating Jews, or naming Jews • Owners of teams get rich when athletes play (this is bad you see) • 'Every black man today that's rich, he has friendship with a Jewish person' -Louis Farrakhan • GOP debate coming tonight • YouTube Schmo talks about LeBron: Have you had your 'nigger moment'? • Bringing up playing the face card is insulting • Schmo says Jews are calling Obama Hitler • Charles Barkley on LeFraud James • Jesse Jackson invokes all kinds of slave issues •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • A few comments on Anthony's Weiner • Audio: LeBron James interview on CNN that started it all • Black players in the NBA: 82% in 2009 • NBA hails its own diversity • Writer figures LeBron James stands by what he says no matter how stupid he is • Critics of LeBron are racist • Audio: LeBron predicts at least 8 championships • LeBron is about business, you see • ESPN commentary: Very little effect on LeBron's image • Audio: More commentary on ESPN • Reading: Black protectionism rallies around LeBron James because others dislike him • Audio: Miami Heat players mock Dirk Nowitsky playing with a fever • Audio: Dirk Nowitsky takes the high road • Racist LeBron James: A loser in 2011 • Rant: Anthony Weiner's new pictures: Let him stay! • Obama silent on Weiner • DEBATE PREVIEW (or POSTVIEW) • Tim Pawlenty on Fox News Sunday • Rick Santorum on Meet the Press •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: LeBron James on the 'race factor' of his criticism
Wikipedia: Jalen Rose
YouTube: Farrakhan on LeBron James and Jewish control
Elvis Nixon: GOP debate tonight on CNN: What to watch for
YouTube: Farrakhan on LeBron James (commentary)
ESPN: NBA Finals 2011: Dallas Mavericks trip making life difficult on the Heat
YouTube: Charles Barkley destroys LeBron James
Newser: Jesse Jackson: Dan Gilbert acts like LeBron James is a 'runaway slave'
Bleacher Report: LeBron James and Maverick Carter: Racism a factor in decision
Bleacher Report: LeBron James thinks we're super duper duper racist
NBA: NBA gets high marks for diversity in new study
YouTube: LeBron's interview with ESPN
YouTube: LeBron James predicts Miami will win 8 championships or more
ESPN: LeBron James, manager Maverick Carter: Race played role in media coverage
USA Today: African American community continues to have LeBron's back
Hip Hop Wired: LeBron James says racism played a factor in public opinion
YouTube: Dirk responds to mocking over illness
Huffington Post: Eric Cantor: Dems should push harder for Weiner resignation
Human Events: Weiner is now considering resigning
Fox News Sunday: Interview with Tim Pawlenty
NBC News: Meet the Press interview with Rick Santorum

Saturday, June 11, 2011


SonlitKnight presents the alternative to my viewpoint
Obama is more vulnerable than your host thinks

Facebook's face-recognition software explained
Show No. 104-2011


Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Salutations • Audio: ABC Facebook report • Sarah Palin can win: SonlitKnight makes the case for Palin's victory in 2012 • Why conservatives support Palin • On beating Barack Obama in 2012 • Why some conservatives are hesitant to support Palin in surveys and polls • Obama was polling at 46% and was still shellacked in the 2010 midterms • Media influences public perception of Palin • Voter intensity & Obama is vulnerable • Who is likely to show up at the polls • Obama polling 41% in Pennsylvania • Obama's margin of error is much smaller • NY-26 special election • On Sarah Palin defeating Barack Obama • Reuters and Rasmussen polling data • Newsweek and 'push polls' • The media's effect on independent voters • Economic circumstances now beyond Obama's control • Sarah Palin and drilling for oil • Is Sarah Palin going to run? • Audio: Funny hummus commercial with Yiayia •

Friday, June 10, 2011


56% in Weiner's district do not want him to resign
Obama welcomes controversial president of Gabon

Limbaugh comments on 'Reckless Endangerment'
Show No. 103-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • No show Thursday • Breaking down the 'Network' clip, 1976 • Obama and the democrats made the economy worse • New warnings of unrest in 2012 • Palin and conservatism discussion with a fellow from From The Right Radio • Jon Kyl's Senate seat • John McCain a 'good' senator • GOProud, CPAC, Ann Coulter & homosexual activism • Libertarianism has no place with conservatism • Audio: Liberal caller to Rush Limbaugh: Taxes are lower under Obama • Crack about Oxycotton • Glenn Beck the only source of truth • Elevating hosts & politicians to messiah level • We are the media now • Do conservative books change anyone's opinion? • Anthony Weiner: The vulgarity of the act • 56% in Weiner's district want him to stay • Liberals are liberal first • Audio: Breaking down Barbara Walters' defense of Weiner • Weiner's wife says she'll stay • Democrats embrace their filth • What if Weiner were a Republican • Whoopi Goldberg asks about being consistent •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Comedy from Mike Birbiglia: Calling customer service • Audio: David Letterman monologues about Weiner • Audio: Continuing with Whoopi Goldberg • Christopher Lee was condemned for having a simple shirtless picture • Rant: We've degraded so badly, it's ok for a Congressman to send out pictures of his weiner and stay in office • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on 'Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon' • Audio: ABC News report on Gabon president visiting Obama at the White House • Give credit to ABC News for reporting this story • The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Back on June 2, Michael Stollaire predicts Weiner was not hacked • Ray on the automobile black box, Bono of U2, Pharmacist convicted of murder, Richard Gere and more •

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