Sunday, July 13, 2008



(Ecclesiastes 3:1, Joel 3:9,10)

A time to act!

For nearly nine years now, Liveprayer has reached out and touched literally tens of millions of lives around the world. With over 2.4 million subscribers to the Daily Devotional, I have had to fight year after year to keep the vision of Liveprayer in tact, that of an oasis of hope on the Internet, later adding secular television, for people to find real answers and true hope in their hour of need through the Truth of God's Word and faith in Jesus Christ. It would have been so easy over these years to turn Liveprayer into another ministry/marketing business, selling all kinds of products from books to vitamins, while raising millions of dollars in the process. I've never sold your email address to marketing companies or asked you to buy an array of products or services, though I am offered 6 figures all the time to do so. I am here to minister to you, not hustle you!

Many times over the years I have been tempted to organize and bring the Liveprayer family together to take action on different issues. However, the Holy Spirit always told me that it wasn't time, it wasn't the right issue, to be patient. With the enormous vision God has given me in the Jonah Project, the Lord has told me now is the time to call the Liveprayer family to action. As Solomon wrote in the Book of Ecclesiastes that there was a season for everything, now is the season in the life of Liveprayer to call everyone to battle stations. Nine years next month, I have faithfully fed you through the Word of God in these Daily Devotionals and challenged you to take your stand for Christ in your personal life. Now I am coming to you today to tell you that it is time to act!

The Jonah Project is the real deal my friend. This is not another "program." This is not an effort to organize people to sign petitions, or have a one day jump up for Jesus event that will be all but forgotten 24 hours after it is over. This is not another "call to prayer." The Jonah Project is a call to ACTION. Please hear my heart today. This will be my final work until Jesus returns or the Lord calls me home. People have been so inundated with this program, that event, another plan that comes and goes. The vision for the Jonah Project is really nothing but the structured and focused vision of what Liveprayer was raised up to do and has been doing for the past 106 months now. It is simply the final and refined plan from God that we launched this past Monday and will end when the Lord returns.

I am not asking you, but telling you, that God is calling YOU to rise up and take action. It doesn't matter if you're 15 or 90, rich or poor, where you live. IT IS NO ACCIDENT OR COINCIDENCE THAT YOU ARE PART OF THE LIVEPRAYER FAMILY AT THIS MOMENT IN HUMAN HISTORY! The time for sitting back is over. The time for whining about the problems we face in our world are over. It is our turn. It is like the running back hearing his number called in the huddle. It is like the military unit getting their orders to deploy to the front lines. God is calling me and God is calling you to action. This is what we have prepared for and trained for. It is at these moments in life when true men and women of God over the years have risen up and made their mark for the faith. History will record our faithfulness, and the eternal souls of men will be the spoils of victory that we will rejoice over when our work is finished and we meet again one day in Glory.

Between now and the end of September, in just under 90 days, we will lay the foundation for the Jonah Project with at least 100,000 people from the Liveprayer family. Also in that time, we will raise the $12 million we need to fund the initial 6 months of the national TV and radio programs. Once the TV and radio programs are on the air, those daily national vehicles will help us to bring the total number of people in the Jonah Project to 1 million plus. These new people who come on board will also provide the financial base to cover the ongoing airtime expenses for the TV and radio programs. By the end of June '09, the Jonah Project will have a solid base of 5 million people, or just under 2% of the US population.

Never before has there been a true move of God to bring 5 million Christians together in one heart, one mind, one accord, to call this nation, the nations of the world back to God and Biblical values, while helping to lead millions of souls to faith in Jesus Christ. The other successful efforts in the past to mobilize Believers has been for political purposes. We are not coming together to elect men and women to public office, but to lead nations back to God and His Truth, lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ, and change the spiritual course of our culture. The fact is, we can do it. We could have done it before now if we had been unified, speaking with one voice, and taking our stand in the marketplace. The reality is those whose serve satan were more serious about invoking their will on our culture than Christians have been. NO MORE!!!

What can you do? Pray of course, but also ACT. You need to go to the Jonah website, linked thru the homepage, and SIGN UP. Register to be part of the Jonah Project. One you do, you will be able to participate in the different actions steps on the ACTION page. One of the action steps is the opportunity to call 25 people at random and challenge them to become part of the Jonah Project. The names and numbers and phone script will be provided. This action step will be available Monday the 14th. Another action step is to tell everyone you know about the Jonah Project. Again, the tools are all prepared for you. There is an email form with an email already prepared. All you have to do is put in the email addresses of those you know and hit send. Both of these action steps are not difficult and will help us to get the word out to people about the Jonah Project.

The third action step is your personal fundraising page. This action step will also be ready to use Monday the 14th, and is designed to help you focus on what God is leading you to give to help insure we raise the $12 million we need by the end of September. With 100,000 people on board, each committing $120, we get to that number. Also on your personal fundraising page are tools to encourage others to give to support the Jonah Project. Remember, this is a movement. It is about numbers. As we amass this army of people under the Jonah Project banner, bringing new people on board, bringing in the finances will all happen as each person is faithful to do their part.

* PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! A key to the initial fundraising portion will be those who are part of the Liveprayer family who will organize special meetings that I will fly in for. It can be 10-15 close friends you host at your home who love the Lord and have the ability to make a significant financial contribution to the Jonah Project, or possibly a large meeting at your church with those in your congregation present, or even a community wide event that brings together many different groups of Christians. I am committed to flying to your city and share my heart and the vision of the Jonah Project with your group. I see these personal appearances as a key component in these first 90 days, so I am asking you to really pray and seek the Lord about taking this bold stand and putting together one of these special meetings. If you have questions or thoughts about this, don't hesitate to email me at:

I love you and care about you so much. A few weeks ago I made a fresh commitment of my life to the Lord. As He breathed into me the vision for the Jonah Project, I knew that this was the time to call the sleeping giant that is the Liveprayer family into action. It is time to take all I have shared with you over these many years and put it into practice. I have been honored through the years by all those who because of Liveprayer, have gone into the ministry or got serious about serving the Lord with their life. This is the opportunity now for every person in the Liveprayer family to make a real commitment of their lives to the Lord. Through the Jonah Project, God can use you in an incredible way as part of this great last days move of His Spirit throughout the hearts of nations and men.

The Jonah Project is a call to the United States to repent and turn back to God or face His judgment. It is a similar warning to the other nations of the world. It is also a call to the lost that faith in Jesus is their only hope now and for all eternity. A byproduct of the Jonah Project will be a live nationwide TV program for an hour every Monday thru Friday, as well as a live nationwide radio program for two hours every Monday thru Friday, to bring God's Truth into the marketplace and have a bold, visible voice for His Truth that the world won't be able to ignore or tune out. Another byproduct of the Jonah Project will be bringing together as one millions of true followers of Jesus Christ to have our voice heard in the culture and see our beliefs reflected in our daily life. We don't have to continue to live in this cesspool of sin and debauchery. We can bring our culture back to Biblical values.

Today, I am asking you to understand this is our moment, this is YOUR moment. I know you have a busy life. I know you may have lots of struggles in your life right now. I know you may already be very active in your church and other works of God. None of that precludes you from being part of the Jonah Project and taking part in these simple but meaningful action steps that will bring other people on board, bring in all of the finances we need, and possibly help lead this nation, other nations around the world back to God and Biblical values, while leading millions of lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ and helping to cure many of the social ills of our day. This is all not only possible, but it can happen with your help!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller