Friday, July 29, 2011


Black Middle Class is eroding in Obama's America
Gridlock is a good thing, compromise is a bad thing

The Tea Party should be run like the Boy Scouts
Show No. 134-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Overview: The debt ceiling debate • Obama to blame? Or the Republicans to blame? • The Super- Committee • Charles Krauthammer, Allen West and Dick Morris say this is the best we can hope for • Audio: Jimmy Z report on The Super- Committee • Clips from  John Boehner on Rush Limbaugh, talking about the 'joint select committee' • The Super- Committee could propose higher taxes quite easily • Emphasis: How the 12 member committee is put together • 'New legislative body' sounds unconstitutional • Reid and Obama are not supporting the Boehner bill • Business as usual • Rant: The only option Obama had was to put the country in $3 trillion more debt • If you were a debt counselor, what would you tell the US government? • Immense pressure on freshman conservative House members • Boehner ads Balance Budget Amendment to his compromise bill • Black middle class taking a beating in Obama's America • Audio: Fox News report • Audio rewind: Dick Morris on the black support for Obama • Reading: BET article on continuing black support for Obama • Obama losing some support on the jobs issue • Reading: Star Parker doesn't think black support for Obama is race-based • Black church attendance: Depends on what kind of church they're going to • 'Many blacks still don't want to be free and accept the responsibilities' --Star Parker • Audio: Good ol' Jeremiah Wright • My response on Star Parker's blog • Audio: Bill Cosby on voting for Obama • Rant: Why the Tea Party needs to be run like the Boy Scouts of America • Audio: John McCain's 'Hobbit' insult of the Tea Party • Audio: McCain with Sean Hannity • (A big thank you to Gary at for the links to the sound-bytes of McCain and Hannity's interview)

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'My Buddies the Bloods', Jimmy Z • Audio: Black YouTube schmo goes after 'Obamba' and 'Taylor Smith' • Explaining the song and the YouTube clip • Rant: Obamba lost respect from that guy • Audio: Hannity with John McCain, part two • McCain says he'd put his fiscal record up against anyone, Tea Party or non-Tea Party • My position: Gridlock is a good thing • Audio: Caller to KFI talk about who they blame for the impasse • Rant: One caller can't believe the debate has turned into politics • Rebecca says it's Bush and Cheney's fault • Two presidential terms - 10 years • Obama is not to blame • No details on Obama's plan because he doesn't have a plan • Jeff blames Congress, says the Tea Party should compromise • Rant: Our goal is not to shut the government down, it's to stop spending • We have to face this battle • Audio: White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley on Obama's secret plan • The story of the 'Obamba' tribe in Africa • Audio: Dick Morris says Obama is owned by the left • Reading Ray's email • Audio: Jay Carney: We have to take action •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Jimmy Z: Consider the 'Super Committee' & Forget the Debt
The Hill: Support shifts as Boehner adds balanced-budget amendment
Fox News: African-American Middle Class Eroding As Unemployment Rate Soars
YouTube: Dick Morris: Finally, Now Obama Gets the Blame!
BET: Barack Obama Losing African-American Support Over Economy
Urban Cure: Star Parker: Why do blacks still let Obama off the hook?
YouTube: McCain Mocks The Conservative Mentality
Fox Nation: Hannity Shoot-out With McCain Over Tea Party 'Hobbit' Smear
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel: Callers say who they blame for the debt ceiling impasse
YouTube: CNN: WIlliam Daley: Boehner & Obama haven't spoke
YouTube: Carney: If We Have No Other Alternative We Will "Take Action"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dems urge Obama to bypass Congress on debt ceiling
NASCAR invocation upsets some, delights your host

Donald Trump says that Obama has lost
Show No. 133-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • NASCAR invocation prayer: Controversial or appropriate? • Rant: It's not church, it's NASCAR • Audio: Pastor Joe Nelms delivers the prerace prayer • Audio: ESPN criticism of the prayer • Column written critical of the prayer • Comment from Pastor Nelms (voice by Jimmy Z) • Talking about his family, and his 'smoking hot' wife • Audio: Even the Young Turks get it • Audio: John and Ken interview Dr. Ken Green on The Myth of Green Energy JobsSonlitKnight: Obama in trouble in the battleground states • Below 45% in all such states • Reading: National Journal article • Rep. David Wu announces resignation •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • You can be a millionaire and never pay taxes • George Carlin: Earth Day • Rep. James Clyburn and other democrats urge Obama to bypass Congress and raise the debt ceiling • Audio rewind: Mark Levin on why Obama cannot use the 14th amendment (Hear it all on the Tuesday show) • Democrat John Larson, D-CT, calls for 14th amendment option • Audio: Jay Carney says that the 14th Amendment is not available • Audio: Barbara Boxer says she wants Obama to use the 14th Amendment option • Boxer blames Republicans for the debt by voting for tax cuts; Republicans want the US to be a deadbeat nation • US Debt Clock • Cutting $850 billion over ten years vs. $12T of increased debt • Rant: The family analogy of Boehner's spending cut plan • Audio: Newsmax interviews Donald Trump on Obama, Boehner, and the debt ceiling debate • The Unknown Pundit: Bill Maher's attack on Michele Bachmann • Audio: Dick Morris: Finally, voters understand Obama's policies are to blame • Reading: Dick Morris on Obama's Big Lie: If there's a crisis, it's Obama's doing •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: NASCAR Pastor Prayer
ESPN: NASCAR Nationwide Series prerace prayer another black eye for sport
Hampton Roads: Pastor defends Nationwide invocation, says he didn't want 'cookie-cutter prayer'
YouTube: Nascar Prayer w/ Jesus, Hot Wife‬‏ | The Young Turks
KFI AM 640: The Myth of Green Jobs | John & Ken
National Journal: Obama’s Battleground-State Blues - Josh Kraushaar
San Francisco Chronicle: Oregon Dem David Wu resigns amid sex allegation
The Politico: Obama urged to invoke 14th Amendment as debt ceiling deadline nears
Washington Post: Boehner, Reid scramble to build support for rival debt-limit plans
NY Post: Washington socked by public anger over debt debate
US Debt Clock
Newsmax: Trump: Obama Is 'Now Totally Lost,' Boehner Must Not Fold
YouTube: Now Obama Gets the Blame! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!
Fox News: Fox News Poll: More Say Obama Administration Making Economy Worse
Dick Morris: OBAMA’S BIG LIE

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Glenn Beck oversteps with Hitler Youth comment
Why Obama insists on raising the debt ceiling so high

GOP revolts against Boehner's compromise plan
Show No. 132-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Wrongheaded: Glenn Beck likens Norwegian socialist youth camp to Nazi Hitler Youth • The youth camp was not a kind of summer camp • Kimberly's Facebook comment: 'Easily compared to Nazi Hitler Youth' • Wikipedia article • Audio: Glenn Beck ties socialist camp in Norway to Hitler Youth • Linking Norway mass murderer to Islam • Good Muslims and bad Muslims according to Glenn Beck • Rant: Where are the 'reasonable' Muslims speaking out against the radicals? • European cities being overrun • Right and left in Europe is fascism and communism • Audio: YouTube Schmo: Dr. Jim Garvin goes off on Congress and President Obama • Rant: Republicans are doing a better job than I thought they would • Why Obama does not want to revisit the debt ceiling issue again before the election • Newsmax articles: Obama may use default to punish the GOP • Audio: Mark Levin: The President doesn't borrow money, Congress does • Law professors encouraging Obama to operate against the Constitution • Rant: Now that we're all complaining, what should we do? • Audio: Limbaugh on 'an increasingly lawless president' • Audio rewind: Obama talking to La Raza • Boehner and McConnell plans include a 'super congress' or 'super committee' • Huffington Post details the 'super committee' abilities and powers • Audio: Limbaugh talks about what John Boehner told him about the 'super committee' •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Gone', Jimmy Z cover of Madonna tune • Audio: Limbaugh starts his show this morning talking about 'our petulant and inept President' • We're just not into you Obama • New poll show Obama losing ground with democrats, African Americans • Obama's base is crumbling • Obama focusing on 'balanced approach' to appeal to independent voters: Obama is campaigning, not negotiating a debt deal • Audio: Obama bits and pieces in keyword montages • Obama talks again about the 'expensive' prescription plan • Keeping your money in the form of lower taxes is 'government spending' we cannot afford • Obama concerned about high debt and deficit • Both parties are to blame • Corporate jets, oil companies, rich people like Obama • Rant: Why didn't Obama give up his tax breaks? • 'No way to run the greatest country on earth' • Obama dropping his hands on the podium over and over again • Audio: John Boehner's comments on the debt ceiling debate from Monday • Boehner mentions the 'super congress' • GOP revolts against Boehner's compromise plan • Problems with the 'super committee' • Editorial: Obama does not want to visit the national debt again before the election • Audio: Obama talking about setting aside personal grievances • Rant: What God is he asking to bless America? • Audio: Chris Matthews, David Korn and Howard Fineman discuss the GOP and the debt ceiling debate •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Daily Mail UK: Norway shooting: Glenn Beck compares Anders Behring Breivik's victims to Hitler Youth
Wikipedia: Workers' Youth League (Norway)
LA Times: Norway attack: Youth camp official played dead to survive shooting
YouTube: Beck: Youth Camp Attacked In Norway "Sounds A Little Like The Hitler Youth"
YouTube: Glenn Beck`s Hitler Youth Camps
Facebook: Norwegians suffer terrorist one-two punch
The Moderate Voice: On Crime and Punishment: Shining A Light On Norwegian Prison Sentences
YouTube: Are you kidding me? A regular guy comments on the Debt debate
Newsmax: Reid, Democrats Back Down on Tax Demands in Latest Plan
Newsmax: Judd Gregg: Obama Can Punish GOP with Default
Weekly Standard: Obama: Borrow $2.4 Trillion—Roughly What We Borrowed During WWII
Mark Levin Show: Listen on Demand
Huffington Post: 'Super Congress': Debt Ceiling Negotiators Aim To Create New Legislative Body
Rush Limbaugh: Where We Stand: What Speaker Boehner Told Me This Morning
Commentary Magazine: Our Petulant and Inept President
Washington Post: More Americans unhappy with Obama on economy, jobs
LA Times: New polls confirm Obama's Democratic base crumbles
YouTube: President Obama Addresses the Nation on Dangers of Default
YouTube: John Boehner's republican response on debt crisis
Washington Times: House GOP revolts against Boehner plan
Real Clear Politics: Obama: "Set Personal Grievances Aside For The Greater Good"
Times Dispatch: Budget talks: President 'No'
Real Clear Politics: Matthews: GOP Sounds Like Apartheid Era Whites In South Africa

Monday, July 25, 2011


Obama at La Raza is 'tempted to do things on my own'
Audio from everybody on on the US debt debate

Palin documentary already going to Pay Per View
Show No. 131-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Boehner walked out on Obama on Friday • Rant: People who complain but don't contact Congress • Audio: Tim Pawlenty asks if Obama is chicken • 2006: Obama was against raising the debt ceiling • Audio: Anderson Cooper quotes Obama from 2006 • Audio: Harry Reid in 2006: Raising the debt ceiling is wrong • Audio: President Obama says it was all just politics back in 2006 • Audio: Limbaugh opens his show with Obama and Boehner from Friday • Audio: Obama says that he will win or lose on his 'stewardship' of the country • Reading: This country's problems are spiritual: Bill Keller • Audio: John Boehner on Fox News Sunday • Audio: Tim Geithner on raising the debt ceiling • Audio: Chuck Schumer says Boehner should 'rally the tea party' behind Reid's plan • Audio: James Clyburn urging tax increases on oil companies • Audio: Jon Kyl says Obama is putting the election ahead of the economy • Audio: Lisa Douglas (Arianna Huffington) says there is no debt crisis •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • David Wu will not resign for having sex with a 15 year old • Pelosi calls for another meaningless ethics investigation • Audio: The Jesus Christ Show: Caller talks about his deceased wife, Heaven • Audio: Donald Trump: The GOP is crazy if they don't get everything they want • Audio: Shocking: Obama talking to La Raza is tempted to do it all on his own • Audio: Limbaugh talks about Obama transforming out country • Audio: Dick Durbin says that the GOP wants to make the debt a campaign issue (duh) • Audio: Bernie Sanders says that Obama isn't nearly left enough • Norway mass murderer was not Christian - he was into Darwin • Palin movie tanks, goes PPV already • Writing on Facebook: The Palin movie fails & conspiracy theorists go nuts for Norway •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Pawlenty: Is President Obama 'chicken'?
YouTube: Obama Votes Against Raising Debt Ceiling in 2006
YouTube: Harry Reid in '06: Raising debt limit last thing we should do, will weaken country, hurt economy
YouTube: Obama Concedes Senate Vote Against Raising Debt Limit Was 'Political'
Rush Limbaugh: Home page
YOuTube: Obama: 2012 Will Be Referendum On My "Stewardship"
Live Prayer: The Top News Stories All have a Spiritual Component to Them
Real Clear Politics: Boehner On Debt Fight: Obama "Worried About His Next Election"
YouTube: Geithner: Default is 'unthinkable'
Real Clear Politics: Schumer: Boehner Can "Rally His Tea Party Troops" Around Reid Debt Ceiling Plan
Real Clear Politics: Rep. Clyburn: If Boehner Nixes Oil Subsidies, Entitlements Will Be On The Table
Real Clear Politics: Sen. Kyl: Obama Putting Election Over Economy
Atlantic Wire: Wu Resists Calls to Resign Immediately
Daily Mail UK: Nancy Pelosi calls for investigation into David Wu sex allegations
KFI AM 640: The Jesus Christ Show
Real Clear Politics: Huffington: Debt Ceiling A "Completely Artificial Crisis"
Real Clear Politics: Trump: GOP "Crazy" If They Don't Get Everything They Want
Real Clear Politics: Obama: "The Idea Of Doing Things On My Own Is Very Tempting"
Real Clear Politics: Limbaugh: Four More Years Of Obama And America Is Transformed
Real Clear Politics: Sen. Durbin: GOP Wants To Make Debt A Campaign Issue
Real Clear Politics: Sen. Sanders Thinking About Challenging Obama
World Net Daily: Terrorist proclaimed himself 'Darwinian,' not 'Christian'
ITB: Palin doc headed for PPV as ticket sales plummet

Friday, July 22, 2011


New polls show that Obama is in electoral trouble
Breaking down latest Obama interview frenz

Did Allen West really have an expectation of privacy?
Show No. 130-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Overview: Latest on the Allen West Email • Allen West is getting a lot of national publicity, but it's not about the important issues • Can Allen West run for President after this? • National Organization for Women jumps in • Conservatives like Allen West and can't stand Debbie Wasserman Schultz • Audio rewind: Jimmy Z talking about book for teen boys about being good at masturbation • Audio: Lisa Bevere on Life Today had the same experience with her boy • Audio: Mark Levin on Obama's diminishing chances to be re-elected • Obama on Obama's chances • Audio: Breaking down Obama interviews • Same old stuff from Obama • Obama isn't thinking about elections • Four truths about democrats • More talk about 'investing' • Obama's new consumer protection bureaucracy • Jobs created • Disagree without being disagreeable • Obama says he hasn't decided about same-sex marriage yet •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: John and Ken talk with a MALDEF lawyer about suing a Big Bear middle school district • Lawyer says she doesn't know what race the teacher is • Lawyer hangs up when asked if she gets a pay check • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks about Debbie Wasserman Schultz • Limbaugh points out that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has voted for cutting back Medicare • Why didn't Allen West make that point? • Conservatives are supposed to be focused on truth and facts, not emotion • I expect professionalism from our representatives in DC • Democrats always get a pass by the media: Accept it • All of the fallout is Allen West's fault • Allen West comments from my colleagues at Red State Talk Radio • Two or three folks who agree, somewhat, with Jimmy Z •  Rant:  Allen West had no expectation that this email would remain private • Obama: Don't Ask Don't Tell ends officially on Sept. 30 • 15 GOP Senators sign 'gang of 6' letter •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CBS News: Debbie Wasserman Schultz fires back after Allen West email
US News: Allen West Damages Himself With Insulting Email
Fox News: GOP Rep. West: No Apology for Email to DNC Chief
The Jimmy Z Show: Friday, June 14, 2011
Life Today: Kingdom Mission: Interview with Lisa Bevere
Messenger International: Home page
Mark Levin Show: On demand audio
Christian Post: New Popularity Poll Gives President Obama Reason for Doubt
United Liberty: Public Policy Polling: "Obama in perilous shape"
Heritage Foundation: Two Thirds of Americans Support 'Cut, Cap, and Balance' Plan
Forbes: Obama Legacy May Be Withering American Dream
LA Times: Obama says reelection will come down to his record
YouTube: Obama: 2012 Will Be Referendum On My "Stewardship"‬‏
KFI AM 640: John and Ken interview MALDEF lawyer
MALDEF: Home page
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh - Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is A Deranged Nut‬‏
Facebook: Rep. Allen West on Stuart Varney
Facebook: This twitt hack Shultz is waiting for an apology!
Facebook: My Dad's comment on Allen West's email
USA Today: Obama: Military's restriction on gays ends Sept. 20
Newsmax: 15 GOP Senators Sign 'Gang of Six' Letter

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Allen West's email to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
Should we remain civil, or is it time to fight back?

Democrats use West's email fund raising against him
Show No. 129-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • REP. ALLEN WEST'S EMAIL TO DEBBIE WASSERMAN- SCHULTZ • Audio: Breaking down  speech by Rep. Wasserman- Schultz on HB 2560 • Comments directed at Rep. Allen West • Spending cuts and entitlement programs • Social Security and Medicare need to be cut • Demagoguery from democrats • Oil company taxes • Unions are special interest groups • The wealthy aren't paying enough in taxes • Reading Allen West's email to Wasserman- Schultz • Ugly politics and taking politics personally • Calling a colleague names • Allen West not backing away from his email comments • Everyone has a spokesperson • Fallout: The Congressional Black Caucus discusses the email • Conservatives should be more professional • Email used for fund-raising pitch in West's district • Facebook comments disagree with your host • Female Alan Greyson • Wish we had more Republicans like Allen West • Emotions run high, stand for something • Time to take the gloves off and fight • Time to start acting like we have a backbone • She deserved whatever he threw back at her • West is used to being respected in the military • Audio: Keith Olbermann's commentary about West's email • We should not be providing ammunition for our enemies to use against us •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Effen' • Dick Morris Commentaries • Obama's disgusting scare tactics • Obama puts America on welfare • The question that will defeat Obama • US SENTATE: THE GANG OF SEVEN • The McConnell- Reid Plan • Giving Obama a blank check • Closed door secret deal worked out by Reid and McConnell • Four big problems with the McConnell- Reid Plan • Republicans react • Republican Senators endorse the plan to give Obama power over the national debt ceiling • Audio: Rep. Gohmert talks about the McConnell proposal with Charles Payne • Audio: Heritage Foundation interviews Sen. Jim DeMint • Why Sen. Tom Coburn is works with so well with Obama • Audio: Sen. Paul Ryan floor speech on the debt • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Ernesto and Ray talk about the Allen West email •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
NPR: House Passes 'Cut, Cap And Balance' Bill
YouTube: Wasserman Schultz comments that rekindled feud with West
ABC News: Rep. Allen West Unloads On ‘Vile, Unprofessional, and Despicable’ Debbie Wasserman Schultz
The Politico: Allen West tirade email to Wasserman Schultz
Real Clear Politics: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Attacks Allen West On Floor; West Responds
YouTube: DNC Chair on House Floor in Opposition to Cut, Cap and Balance
The Daily Caller: Allen West | Debbie Wasserman Schultz | Not A Lady
Fox News: Rep. West Stands by Email Calling Wasserman Schultz 'Vile, Despicable and Cowardly'
Facebook: Your comments on Allen West's email to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
Facebook: Jimmy Z: I'm not sure I like Allen West's email
YouTube: Congressman Allen West Just Resign You're Making A Jackass Out Of Yourself AGAIN
Palm Beach Post: EMILY’s List, Frankel call West’s blast at Wasserman Schultz ‘sexist’
The Politico: Allen West tirade: Wasserman Schultz 'vile...despicable...not a Lady'
Big Government: The Gang of Six Is Back from the Dead: Contemplating the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Jimmy Z Show: The Gang of Six: League of American Voters
YouTube: Rep. Gohmert Discusses McConnell-Reid Plan on Fox Business' Freedom Watch
YouTube: Senator Jim DeMint on the Debt Ceiling
Huffington Post: Senator Tom Coburn Defends Obama Against GOP Attacks
YouTube: Paul Ryan: Cut, Cap & Balance the Budget; Grow the Economy; Save this Country

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Rick Perry sued for involvement with TX day of prayer
Obama would veto GOP deal with Balanced Budget

Hannity, Ann Coulter and others on Bill Maher
Show No. 128-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Protesters at Rupert Murdoch testimony because he owns Fox News • Obama will veto Republican package that includes Balanced Budget Amendment • What Obama's $2 billion spending cut would mean to a family with a $42,000 budget • Democrat Governor of Minnesota agrees to Republican budget • This is why Republicans in DC need to stand firm • Homosexuals and liberals go after Michele Bachmann's husband now • Homosexual 'reparative therapy' • Shocker! Christian counseling using Christian therapy • Audio rewind: Obama back in December 2010 talking about tax deal • RNC Chairman Priebus calls for investigation of Obama campaign video • 126° in Iowa • Audio: Reince Priebus talks about spending cuts in Washington DC • Obama deportation plan for illegal alien criminals investigated • Audio: The Five: Discuss Bill Maher's disgusting show on Friday • Audio: WOR: Steve Malzberg talks with Rick Santorum •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban laughing it up on Bill Maher's program • Audio: Rick Santorum on WOR (continued) • Audio: Hannity on Fox News talks about Bill Maher's disgusting show Friday • Call your cable company and cancel HBO • Hannity: Don Imus commented on 'nappy headed hos' and it got him fired • Where are the Republican men defending GOP women • Audio: Bill Maher goes after Sarah Palin's faith over and over again • Audio: School film from 1950s warning children of homosexuals • Music:  'Sugar, Sugar' with Kevin • Archie comics' homosexual character Kevin • Audio: Steve Wynn goes after Obama again on company conference call • Wynn supports Harry Reid • DOT road sign hacked, reads 'Impeach Obama' • Rick Perry sued over day of prayer in Houston by intolerant atheist group • Audio: Ann Coulter on Bill Maher • Audio: John Boehner on Cut, Cap & Balance • Audio: CNN commentator says the Tea Party is 'to blame' for Boehner not cutting a deal with Obama •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Pajamas Media: Spectator Hurls White Substance on Rupert Murdoch During Phone Hack Hearings
Washington Times: Obama would veto House budget bill
My Fox Twin Cities: Dayton Agrees to Republican Budget to End Minnesota Shutdown
Gawker: Marcus Bachmann's Big Gay Mess
YouTube: President Obama on Tax Cuts and Unemployment Extension (Dec 2010)
CBS News: Obama Signs Bill To Extend Bush Tax Cuts (Dec 2010)
ABC News: RNC Says Obama Fundraising Video 'Apparent Crime,' Seeks DOJ Probe
Big Government: Did Obama Officials Lie About Their Stealth Amnesty Scheme?
YouTube: The Five: Bill Maher attacks Conservative Women July 18, 2011
Newsbusters: Rick Santorum Responds to Dan Savage Wanting to Have Angry Sex With Him
Fox News: Did Bill Maher Finally Cross the Line? - Interviews - Hannity
YouTube: Imus Calls Girls Nappy Headed Hoes
YouTube: Boys Beware - 1950's AntiGay Video
Real Clear Politics: Wynn Slams Obama On Business
My Fox 8: Hacked DOT Road Sign Reads "Impeach Obama"
My Fox Lubbuck: Perry faces lawsuit over Christian rally
Real Clear Politics: Ann Coulter Tired Of Free Publicity For Bill Maher
Real Clear Politics: Boehner: "Cut, Cap & Balance" Will Help Stop Spending Binge Hurting Job Growth
Real Clear Politics: Gloria Borger: Tea Party Stopped Obama From Being Transformational

Monday, July 18, 2011


Bill Maher & guests talk about f*ing Michele Bachmann
Marco Rubio on CBS: Everything worse under Obama

Prayer meeting in Texas with Gov. Rick Perry
Show No. 127-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Bill Maher and HBO lower political discourse to anger f*ing • Vulgarity and nastiness as Bill Maher & guests degrade Michele Bachmann • Where is the National Organization for Women? • Audio: Bill Maher last Friday • 'I hope he f*s her angrily' • Newsbusters article • Dan Savage: Obscene homosexual • Imagine if Conservatives had said something like this about Hillary Clinton • Mediaite website thought it went too far • 2012 is going to be very ugly • Get HBO out of your house • The spiritual angle here: The devil is involved in something this foul and hateful • Music: 'Obama Bin Lyin', by Jimmy Z • Daily Caller on the psychology of attacking conservatives this way • Bill Maher is normalizing sick perversion • Audio: Sen. Marco Rubio on Face The Nation • The bigger issue is the debt, not the debt limit • Everything is worse under Obama • Where is the Obama's plan? • On saving Social Security • Increasing revenue, limiting deductions • Audio: Dick Morris: No retreat, no surrender on the debt limit • Balanced budget amendment •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Blue Suede Show', Jimmy Z • Fun and games with the electronic delay in headphones • More Bill Maher: Comment on Facebook regarding schools teaching tolerance • Audio: Bill Maher on Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann • No substance for not liking Palin or Bachmann • No specifics about political disagreement • 'Crazy people', 'boobs', 'nincompoops' • Four minutes of criticism without any point • Proof I was right: Maher talks about how much he hates God • Liberals still think the F word is cool • 'God, Jesus' dad' has the audience laughing • Misrepresentation of wives submitting to their husbands • Audio: Dan Savage on therapy for homosexuals • Sin is slavery • Savage wants all Republicans f-ing dead • Obama: Donations from grass roots or big time wealthy donors • Obama proposes a 2/10ths of 1% cut in the 2012 budget • Audio: Obama's weekend address • Obama is ready to cut the deficit - yeah right • Republicans must agree to tax increases • Oil company tax increases and the price at the pump • The wealthy and their fair share of taxes • Audio: Gov. Rick Perry (Texas) on the coming day of fasting and prayer • Audio: The Response preview •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Newsbusters: HBO 'Real Time' Guests Discuss Having Angry sex With Michele Bachmann & Rick Santorum
Facebook: Facebook thread begun by listener Kel
Facebook: Facebook thread on Dan Savage, Bill Maher
YouTube: Jimmy Z: Obama Bin Lyin'‬‏
Daily Caller: Bill Maher, Michele Bachmann and anger f*ing
LA Weekly: Savage Love: Testing Polyamory, the Consequences of Anti-Gay Bullying (VULGAR)
YouTube: "Obama Is To Blame For EVERYTHING!" Senator Marco Rubio
YouTube: Bill Maher Targets Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin in On-Air Tirade‬‏
YouTube: Dan Savage takes on Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum on Real Time with Bill Maher
YouTube: Gay sex advice columnist Dan Savage said of Republicans 'I wish they were all f-ing dead'
Washington Times: $35M of Obama's $86M traced to bundlers
Washington Times: Total Obama cuts on table in 2012: $2 billion
Real Clear Politics: Obama Weekly Address: Corporations And The Wealthy Need To Sacrifice
YouTube: Your Invitation To The Response From Governor Perry
YouTube: The Respose: A Call To Prayer For A Nation In Crisis PROMO

Friday, July 15, 2011


CA forces schools to teach the homosexual agenda
Whoopi Goldberg on slavery and Michele Bachmann

Marines invite Hollywood actors to the Marine Ball
Show No. 126-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Governor Brown signs SB48: California schools will be teaching homosexual history • What parents should know about SB48 • Rant: Get your kids out of public school • The Unknown Pundit comments on homosexual history • Audio: Comments from Republicans on the deficit reduction talks • Audio: Hypocrite Michelle Obama's 1,500 calorie lunch • Music: 'The Ballad of Michelle Obama', Jimmy Z • Audio: Breaking down Obama's latest press conference on deficit reduction •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Two US Marines invite actress Mila Kunis and actor Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps Ball • Audio: US Marine invites Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball • Audio: Timberlake insists that she go to the Ball • Audio: Marine invites Justin Timberlake • Audio: Whoopi Goldberg criticizes Michele Bachmann over signing anti-Sharia pledge • Black families stayed together during slavery • Rant: Whoopi doesn't acknowledge the damage done to the black community by liberalism • Audio: More from Obama regarding raising taxes • Obama claims 80% of Americans want higher taxes • Gas prices: The new normal is $3.50 to $4 • Audio: Harry Reid calls Mitch McConnell's crazy proposal a 'tea party' idea • Audio: Sen. Marco Rubio says Obama competing with Carter for 'Worst President in History' title • Audio: Krauthammer proves Obama is dishonest • Audio: Ed Schultz: Republicans caused these problems • Contest: Which Schultz is more stupid? • Audio: GOP Senators speak out against democrat spending •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Jimmy Z Show: CA SB 48: What Parents Should Know
Sacramento Bee: Capitol Alert: Jerry Brown signs bill requiring schools to teach gay history
Wikipedia: Intersex
The Jimmy Z Show: Comments: The Unknown Pundit
YouTube: 7/15/2011 Republican Leadership Press Conference
ABC 15 Phoenix: First Lady Michelle Obama’s high-calorie lunch raises eyebrows
YouTube: Jimmy Z: The Ballad Of Michelle Obama
YouTube: President Obama's News Conference on Deficit Reduction
YouTube: Marine in Afghanistan asks Mila Kunis to the 3/2 Marine Corps Ball‬‏
CNN: Mila Kunis is officially going to Marine ball
YouTube: Go With Me Justin -- J.T. Called OUT
Fox News: Is Mila Kunis Bailing on Date With Marine to Corps Ball?
YouTube: Mila Kunis Says She`ll Accompany U.S. Marine to Corps Ball
YouTube: Jennifer Aniston calls herself a retard
YouTube: Whoopi Goldberg is Anti-Family (07-11-2011)
Washington Post: Obama’s toughest sales job: tax increases to GOP
YouTube: Obama - 80 percent of Americans want higher taxes
Gas Buddy: Gas Price Historical Price Chart 36 months
Breitbart: Harry Reid: ‘That’s a Bunch of Garbage’
Real Clear Politics: Rubio: Obama Competing For "Title Of Worst In American History"
YouTube: Krauthammer Proves Obama is Dishonest
Real Clear Politics: Schultz: "Obama Has Put The Country Before His Own Political Future"
Real Clear Politics: GOP Senators Object: No Spending Bill Without Budget

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill) calls Obama a liar on YouTube
Obama storms out of deficit negotiations meeting

The Republicans have heard us: They're taking a stand
Show No. 125-2011


One Hour • Click HERE to download
Opening • Salutations • Music: 'No. 49', Jimmy Z • Audio: Rep. Joe Walsh, (R-Ill), calls Obama a liar • CNS News: Plenty of revenue for Social Security and Veteran benefits • Still stuck with Obama Bin Lyin' • New song: 'Obama Bin Lyin', Jimmy Z • Can't get tired of 'Obama Bin Lyin' • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Sen. Mitch McConnell's crazy proposal • Like me, Limbaugh praised Sen. McConnell's speech • McConnell shows weakness and panic • Obama storms out of debt ceiling meeting • 'This my bring my presidency down' • Compares himself to Reagan again • McClatchy 2009: Moody shenanigans with Wall Street • Democrats spin Obama • Audio Rewind: McConnell's crazy plan explained • Eric Cantor upset Mr. Obama • Audio: Jay Carney: No yelling at Obama • Audio: ABC News on deficit negotiations • Obama: 'Don't call my bluff' • The bottom line: The Republicans are taking a stand

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Rep. Joe Walsh to Obama: Quit Lying
CNS News: June Tax Revenues Covered Social Security and Veterans Benefits More Than 3x Over
Rush Limbaugh: McConnell's Plan Shows Weakness
Talking Points Memo: Enough is Enough: 'This May Bring My Presidency Down, But I'm Not Yielding'
Today Online: Obama storms out of US budget meeting
McClatchy DC: How Moody's sold its ratings - and sold out investors
NPR: Obama To GOP: 'Don't Call My Bluff
LA Times: Debt ceiling: President Obama ends tense debt limit meeting with a warning
The Politico: No yelling at Obama today
ABC News: Boehner: Dealing With the White House 'Has Been Like Dealing With Jell-o'
The Hill: Obama warns Cantor: 'Don't call my bluff' in debt-limit talks
The Politico: President Obama abruptly walks out of talks
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


California Sucks: New homosexual school curriculum
Huffington Post blocks Jimmy Z permanently

Jeffrey Immelt's hypocrisy: Calls on businesses to hire
Show No. 124-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Quick comment on McConnell's plan (covered in depth yesterday) • Audio: Dick Morris: Raise revenue by shrinking government • The feds own 1 out of 3 acres in the US • Revenues in terms of the debt limit crisis • Same Sex Marriage updates • 5 year old kid on YouTube video takes 35 seconds to go along with same sex marriage • Town clerk in New York resigns over same sex marriage • The Bible takes precedence over man's law • Rant: When a woman stands up for her point of view, the homosexuals hate her for it • Jimmy Z deleted permanently from the Huffington Post! • Andrew Cuomo made same sex marriage a priority in New York • Rant: Conservatives are told over and over again to leave social issues out of their politics • Jeffrey Immelt - in a stunning example of liberal hypocrisy - calls on business to hire employees • Audio: Rush Limbaugh illustrates specifics of Jeffrey Immelt's hypocritical statementReality Check with Michael Stollaire: Raising the Debt Ceiling • Audio: Obama threatens recipients of Social Security checks • Audio: Newt Gingrich's suggestion to Republicans: Call Obama's bluff • Audio: Ann Coulter with Bill Maher: Why would anyone besides a government worker vote for Democrats? • Audio: Richard Jeni on Limousine Liberals • Ann Coulter agrees with Jimmy Z: Everyone should pay something in Income Tax • Rant: We should never allow our military to be commanded by anyone other than the Pentagon and the President •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Clip from All In The Family: Jesus Christ Superstar • Music: 'O-ba-ma baba O-ba-ma', Jimmy Z • Audio: Marco Rubio with Rush Limbaugh • Leverage being used by the left and the right • Obama threatens Social Security recipients • By every measure, Obama has failed • Obama suffers from a lack of competence • The worst possible outcome of the debt ceiling crisis • CALIFORNIA SUCKS: UPDATES AND ANALYSIS • Riverside County supervisor calls on most of Southern California to secede from the state • CBS 2 video not working: Jimmy Z throws a bit of a tantrum • Reading the CBS 2 report • List of benefits of secession from California • Rant: We've had it! • Audio: Possible secession of Southern California • Latest craziness in California: The Amazon Tax and how it affects business • Voters in California • Homosexual history curriculum to be taught in California schools • Jimmy Z impersonation of Social Studies teacher in California • 'Gender issues' • Basing history and social studies on sexual preferences • California trying to abolish the death penalty •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Dick Morris TV: Raise Revenue By Shrinking Government
YouTube: ‪It takes this little boy about 43 seconds to understand gay marriage and decide it's cool
Newsbusters: Hypes YouTube Video of Little Boy Approving of Same-sex Marriage
Reuters: New York town clerk quits over gay marriage licenses
NY Daily News: NY clerk Laura Fortusky resigns in protest of gay marriage
Rush Limbaugh: Jeffrey Immelt Tells Businesses to Hire Even as He Cuts Jobs at GE
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh: Jeffrey Immelt Why Don't You Start Hiring More Employees
CNN: Immelt to jobs summit: Businesses need to do more
CNN: Fortune Global 500 2009: The World's Biggest Companies
CBS News: Obama says he cannot guarantee Social Security checks will go out on August 3
Newsmax: Gingrich: Call Obama's Bluff on Social Security
Mediaite: Ann Coulter Bill Maher
Wikipedia: Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh: El Rushbo Talks with Senator Marco Rubio
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh Interviews Marco Rubio
CBS 2 Los Angeles: Official Calls For Riverside, 12 Other Counties To Secede From California
SFist: Riverside, Ca. Lawmaker Wants SoCal to Secede
YouTube: Southern California to Secede From State?
CS Monitor: California 'Amazon tax' kicks in – and local businesses could be losers
BallotPedia: California Propn 26: Supermajority Vote to Pass New Taxes (2010)
King 5: California adopts gay history curriculum
Yahoo News: California lawmakers pass bill to teach gay history
ABC 7 Los Angeles: Push to abolish death penalty in California resurges

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Geithner on Meet the Press defends Obama policy
Sen. Mitch McConnell's incredibly stupid debt ploy

John Boehner rebuttal of Obama press conference
Show No. 123-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Mitch McConnell's Senate Floor speech read by Jimmy Z • Impressive passages, but one line causes concern • Budget deal not attainable with Obama in the White House • Audio: Portion from McConnell speech • Audio: Sound from Tim Geithner on Meet The Press in April and last weekend • Audio: Rush Limbaugh: They have NOT tried everything • Debt ceiling talks hit a brick wall • Audio: John Boehner rebuttal to President Obama's press conference Monday on the budget and debt ceiling •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'The Ballad of Michelle Obama' , Jimmy Z • The Unknown Pundit: The Strategic Oil Reserve • Calls on The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Casey Anthony vs the pharmacist who shot the robber • Talk Superstation website acknowledgment • Audio: Charles Krauthammer on Obama and the debt • Audio: Obama wonders what's holding up the budget deal • Mitch McConnell's ridiculous proposal to give Obama the power to raise the debt ceiling • Seems as though this is about giving Obama the responsibility and blame for raising the debt ceiling • Reviewing the troubling line from McConnell's speech • Washington Post article explains McConnell's motive • The convoluted plan McConnell proposes • Rant: McConnell criticizes democrats for using smoke and mirrors, but what is he doing himself? • Audio: Sen. McConnell tries to explain his debt ceiling back up plan • The stupidest plan from a Republican in a long time • Audio: Speeding up McConnell's explanation and it makes more sense • Porky Mitch portion of his explanation • Obama proud to tweet from the White House •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Mitch McConnell: Press Releases - News - U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell
Wall Street Journal: McConnell Says 'Real Deal' Not Possible With Obama
YouTube: McConnell: We Will Not Pretend That a Bad Deal Is a Good One
YouTube: Meet The Press Timothy Geithner (April 2011)
NBC: Tim Geithner on Meet The Press
Business Insider: Tim Geithner: “It’s Going To Feel Very Hard…”
Rush Limbaugh: They Have NOT "Tried Everything"
The Hill: Debt-ceiling talks hit brick wall as President Obama, GOP trade jabs
YouTube: ‪John Boehner Debt Ceiling (July 11, 2011)
YouTube: Rep. Boehner rebuts Obama
YouTube: The Ballad Of Michelle Obama
Real Clear Politics: Krauthammer: Obama's Sudden Interest In Cutting Debt
YouTube: Barack Obama's budget stalemate warning
YouTube: President Obama Press Conference On Raising The Debt Ceiling pt.3
OA Now: McConnell: Give Obama new powers on debt limit
Washington Post: Mitch McConnell’s surprising proposal to empower Barack Obama - Ezra Klein
YouTube: McConnell unveils debt ceiling "back up plan"
YouTube: Obama: When Are We Going To Work Together?