Friday, June 18, 2010


Rush Limbaugh: Organized crime in the White House
US Coast Guard shuts down oil vacuum barges
The Jones Act: Obama protects big labor unions
Show No. 117-2010

The Candid Conservative, Dr. Carl Mumpower joins Jz today

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Opening • Laker victory and mayhem in the streets • Juantos Calama's rebuttal to my NRA rant • Ann Coulter's column on democrat Alvin Greene • Audio: Rush Limbaugh, Organized crime in the White House • Audio: Joe Barton apologizes to BP for the White House • Rant: Republicans backing down • Audio: Joe Biden reacts to Barton's apology • Audio: Ed Markey responds to Barton's apology • Rant: Obama seems to have allowed the oil spill to get worse • Obama is pushing forward without Constitutional authority •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Obama's moratorium on off shore drilling, unemployed oil workers and the BP slush fund • Coast Guard shuts down oil fighting barges of the coast of New Orleans • Audio: Obama explains his arrangement with BP oil • Audio: Michele Bachmann on Obama's 'shakedown' • Audio: Terryl Clark ad criticizing Michele Bachmann • Audio: Michele Bachmann interview on Fox News • Rant: Congress won't investigate the White House • On waiving the Jones Act: What does it mean?The Candid Conservative joins Jimmy Z • Conservatism, Morality and why they should be separate • How Reagan succeeded at this • Praise for your host • Keith Olbermann quits the Daily Kos website • Audio: Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter discuss Obama and his response to the Gulf Oil Spill •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Jimmy Z Show Blog: Rebuttal to my NRA rant
Ann Coulter: Alvin Greene: The most qualified democrat candidate I've ever seen
Rush Limbaugh: Organized crime in the White House: The regime's shakedown of BP
YouTube: Republican Joe Barton apologizes to BP for White House
YouTube: VP Biden on Rep. Joe Barton's apology to BP
CBS: Joe Barton apologize to BP's Tony Hayward for White House shakedown
Lubbock Online: Obama is dictating without Constitutional authority
Bayou Buzz: BP oil spill: Jindal frustrated over vacuum barges
Montreal Gazette: BP coughs up $20 billion for 'small people' affected by oil disaster
Minnesota Independent: Bachmann calls oil spill victim escrow account 'redistribution of wealth'
YouTube: Michele Bachmann talks to Heritage Bloggers Part 1
YouTube: Tarryl Clark TV ad: Michele Bachmann stands for BP, not us
YouTube: 'Shakedown' comment sparks controversy
Daily Caller: Obama, The Jones Act and big labor
Mediaite: Keith Olbermann leaves Daily Kos
Escape Tyranny: Jon Steward ridicules Obama's big speech on the Gulf
YouTube: Ann Coulter on the oil spill: Poetic Justice

1 comment: said...

Why must must illegal aliens turn everything into a gang affiliated reason to riot?

These are the people that Obama and his drones want to grant amnesty to.

These are the people who have destroyed the Los Angeles healthcare and education system.

Arizona seeks to defend its citizens from these thugs and illiterate goons and our corporate media howls libelous claims of dark motives.

How safe would you feel in a Celtics jersey?

Why should you die so that an illegal alien can “celebrate diversity” with violence?

What if Tea Party members rioted while waving US Flags?

Would there be an outcry for “action” by Eric Holder and Obama?