Wednesday, June 16, 2010


NRA endorses Harry Reid, works with Nancy Pelosi
Arizona parkland taken over by drug runners, closed
to American citizens by the Obama administration
Obama: No more oil under land or shallow water
Show No. 116-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Larry says Obama has a flag behind him • Pelosi's new, very expensive office • Audio: Drinking With Bob on Nancy Pelosi's new office • Voters in New York State get 6 votes each in the hopes of having Hispanic representation • The NRA is working with Democrats on the Disclosure legislation • Rant: Jimmy Z explodes - The NRA is working with the Democrats • The NRA gives Harry Reid their endorsement! • New Jersey democrats seek lists of donors to the NRA • ARIZONA • US Government closes a portion of Arizona parkland to US citizens • Reading: BLM US Government sign • Fox News interview with Arizona Sheriff • Autopsy of Arizona rancher released • Sacramento issues sanctions against Arizona •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: US Marshall David Gonzales with Greta Van Susteren • 12 Mexican police officers killed • Rant: This sounds like a war is brewing • Arizona ready to say no to anchor babies • Audio clips: Obama's speech on the Gulf last night • Obama: We've drilled all the oil we can get on land and under shallow water • Audio: Charles Krauthammer critiques Obama's phony speech • Forcing science with legislation does not work • Audio: Olbermann, Feinman and Matthews disappointed with Obama's speech • Audio: Focus group on TV reacts to Obama's speech •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama and the American Flag
San Francisco Chronicle: Pelosi's new office is House's costliest by far
YouTube: Nancy Pelosi spends $18,736 a month on her office
AP: Residents get 6 votes each in Suburban NY election based on race
RedState: Yet again the NRA sells out freedom to the democrats
Examiner: Why does the NRA support Harry Reid?
Gun Owners of America website
NRA: NJ politicians want a list of NRA members and their employers
Facebook: Photo of warning sign near the Arizona border with Mexico
Fox News: Uptick in violence forces closing of parkland to Americans along Mexico border
Fox News: Murdered Arizona rancher shot multiple times, autopsy finds
Examiner: Sacrament to sanction Arizona
YouTube: US Marshall David Gonzales with Greta Van Susteren
Wall Street Journal: Gunmen kill 12 Mexican Policemen
Before It's News: Arizona says no to anchor babies
YouTube: Obama's first Oval Office Address, Part I
YouTube: Obama's first Oval Office Address, Part II
Real Clear Politics: Krauthammer: Obama gave it a shot
Real Clear Politics: MSNBC trashes Obama's address
Real Clear Politics: Frank Luntz focus group on Obama's Address

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