Monday, June 14, 2010


NAACP throws hissy fit over children's greeting card
Illegal alien detention centers go Club Med!
Alex joins us from the Hyphenated American Blog
Show No. 114-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Flag Day 2010! • Flag facts • 'Caroline' with The Pledge of Allegiance & 'You're A Grand Old Flag' • Audio: Congressman assaults students on the sidewalk in DC • Calling the congressman's office • NAACP offended by Hallmark children's graduation card • Audio: Greeting card characters • Rant: Savor Barack Obama's coming demise • Audio: KABC 7 report on NAACP complaining about racist greeting cards • Rant: Astronomy documentaries must be stopped • Hallmark should never have removed their cards • Audio: Ramzpaul commentary on 'racist' Hallmark card • Audio: Fox News report on the 'racist' greeting card • Illegal detainee centers go Club Med! • Email from Steve: This has to be a hoax • List of requirements to make centers more fun for illegals •

Hour TWO • Click HERE
to download
Opening • Email to ICE: Specific list of new requirements • Alex, Russian immigrant and US citizen, joins us againMedia, journalism and Obama • Republican in Michigan introduces bill to regulate media reporters • The danger of Obama destroying the free press • Media funding from government internet taxes • Obama & the media are both falling together • Maureen Dowd's column • Media soft stories on Obama • The people who hire and fire you • Obama v Kevin Costner: Who's going to be the hero? • Obama and Paul McCartney • Alex's list of issues that must be investigated by Republicans in January

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
US Flag Site with Etiquette Rules
YouTube: 1st Marine Division band plays You're A Grand Old Flag
YouTube: Pledge of Allegiance and You're A Grand Old Flag
YouTube: Congressman assaults student on Washington sidewalk
Homepage for Congressman Bob Etheridge, D-NC
YouTube: NAACP calls Hallmark 'Black Holes' graduation card racist
YouTube: Hallmark pulls racist greeting card
Fox News: NAACP urges Hallmark to pull 'racist' card from shelves
NAACP Los Angeles, official website
Hallmark company customer service page
American Thinker: Obama orders dance classes, movie nights and bingo for illegals
Scribd: ICE detention email listing new requirements
Hyphenated American: Input requested from readers
Daily Caller: The Neo Marxist who is helping to influence the Obamas
Hyphenated American: What's new, pussycat?
NY Times: Op Ed columnist Maureen Dowd: Obama and the media


Anonymous said...

Who are you?


Jz said...

Jimmy Z! I mean... Duh!

AngieComics said...

Club Med for illegals? Regardless how wonderful it sounds on paper, if the Government runs it, it'll stink. The real problem is that a private company could run the Junk Med for less.