Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Analysis: The 'peaceful' floatila to Gaza
Life Today: Taryn Davis talks about losing her husband fighting in Iraq & The American Widow Project
Show No. 104-2010

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Opening • People in a panic • Gulf oil spill not the worst • A coming race war? • The Flotila coverage leads Jimmy Z to say 'screw Islam' • Taking Chance trailer, starring Kevin Bacon • Article in an email: The Drug Problem • Coverage: Hamas Floatila to Gaza • Obama and the democrats pushing new limits on campaign free speech • Audio: Darrell Issa and Ed Rendell on Obama's job offer to Sestak • Ed Rendell admits to breaking the law • Darrell Issa explains why this must be investigated • If this was Bush, the democrats would be screaming like crazy • Audio: Nancy Pelosi on the World of God and the values of Jesus • Audio: Pam from Baltimore let's Limbaugh have it • Rush responds to Pam, Part 1 •

Hour TWO • Click HERE
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Opening • Audio: Rush responds to Pam, Part 2 • Pam's focus is the money Limbaugh makes • SEIU protest at a banker's residence • Audio: Taryn Davis recounts losing her husband, an American hero • RamzPaul: Physicist dumped from oil spill team over his writings online • Audio: Limbaugh's 10 questions for Obama • Reading: Dick Morris on the Sestak scandal • Audio: Chris Matthews has lost his tingle • Audio: How to Win The Senate, by Dick Morris •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Jimmy Z on Facebook: Screw the Muslim World
Washington's Wake: Screw Islam
YouTube: Taking Chance trailer
Canada Free Press: The non-violent murder of Jews
YouTube: Weapons found on the Flotila ship Mavi Marmara
Debbie Schlussel: Yup, it looks like a 'peaceful' convoy
Newsmax: Obama, democrats push controversial 'Disclose' rule
YouTube: Darrell Issa & Ed Rendell on Fox News Sunday
CNS News: Pelosi on the Word & the values of Jesus
Rush Limbaugh: Pam in Baltimore chastises Limbaugh for 'mocking' Obama
CNN: What's really behind SEIU's Bank of America protest
Life Today: Life Outreach International TV calendar
YouTube: Professor dumped from oil spill team over writings
AP: Professor dumped from oil spill team over writings
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh's 10 questions for Obama
Dick Morris: Sestak scandal grows and still stinks
The Fox Nation: Matthews loses his tingle
YouTube: How to win the Senate, by Dick Morris

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