Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Obama's oil spill recovery chief will work part time
White House declares war against Arizona
Mexico sues Arizona in US federal court
Show No. 119-2010

Alex joins Jimmy Z: Fascinating perspective from the 'Hyphenated American'

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Opening • Audio: Rudy Giuliani says if this was Bush he would be impeached by now • Obama's agenda - $7 a gallon gasoline • Audio: Report on Costner's centrifuge • Obama's oil spill recovery chief will work part time • Latest on the NRA • Supreme Court nominee Kagan likened the NRA to the KKK • Reading: American Thinker: The NRA's Deal With The Devil • NRA's response to criticism • Baldwin Park bans new drive thrus for 9 months • Rant: The Nanny State • ARIZONA • Senator Kyl says Obama told him he won't secure the border • White House denies Kyl's accusation • Possible Obama plan to grant amnesty by executive order • Reading: Obama declares war on Arizona • Mexican drug cartels maintaining look out bases in AZ • American police officers targeted by Mexican drug cartels • Mexico sues Arizona in American court

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Alex the Hyphenated American joins Jimmy Z • Gulf Oil Spill • Obama's lackluster performance since day one • Obama is a PR guy, not a 'real life' guy • BP or Obama responsible? • Federal government waited for months before allowing sand berms • Green energy 'and all of this crap' • Demonizing BP • Obama's busy schedule • Audio: Michelle Obama back in 2008 on the campaign trail • Obama is God and we are his subjects • Obama can't compete with knowledgeable people • On legislating technology • South Park: Step one, step two and step three • Abundance is automatic in Obama's mind • Audio: ABC News: Broken Border at Ft. Hancock, Texas •

Hyphenated American Blog: Timeline for the BP oil spill

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Real Clear Politics: Guiliani: If this was Bush, he would have been impeached by now
NY Post: $7 a gallon gas?
WDSU: Costner tests oil-cleaning machine in Port Fourchon
ABC News: Obama's spill recovery chief will be part-time
Hot Air: Kagan: The NRA is kind of like the KKK
American Thinker: The NRA's deal with the devil
NRA-ILA: State from NRA-ILA director Chris W. Cox on HR 5175 the Disclose Act
SGV Tribune: Purported home of first drive-thru burger stand goes forward with 9 month ban
YouTube: Kyl says Obama said no border security for political reasons
Fox News White House Blogs: WH & Kyl clash on securing the US-Mexico border
Numbers USA: Senators challenge Pres. Obama on rumors of executive order amnesty
Washington Examiner: Amid crises, Obama declares war on Arizona
Fox News: Mexican gangs maintain permanent lookout bases in hills of Arizona
Fox News: Mexican cartel threatens police officers in Arizona border town
Breitbart: Mexico asks court to reject AZ immigration law
YouTube: Michelle Obama: Barack will require you to work
YouTube: ABC's Nightline: Broken border, Ft. Hancock, Texas, abandoned to Mexican violence

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