Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hooray! June is 'Celebrate Deviant Sex' month!
Census job numbers (the only growth in May)
are being inflated by the Census Bureau!
Ready for this? FTC ponders internet news tax
Show No. 110-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Obama ready to kick some ass • Rant: Obama should play one on one with BP CEO • Outrage: Obama hands out over 1 million green cards in 2009 • Audio: Steve Wynn on spending & debt and why China is more stable than DC • Financial Times article: The economic future is bleak • Comedy Central focuses assault on Christians, Catholics & Jesus Christ • New cartoon called 'JC' • Rant: How to affect offensive television: Call the advertisers • Vegan coffee shop asks police officer to leave • Rant: How Police Chief Z would handle the vegan coffee shop • California bill would allow colleges and universities to discriminate by race and gender when considering admissions • Yay! It's Homo Month! • Obama celebrates homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders • Audio: The Onion reports on Obama's home teleprompter • Looks like Obama knew the oil spill would be serious back in April • World Net Daily reports a White House tie to the Gaza Flotilla • Audio: Governor Chris Christie goes after the teachers unions •

Hour TWO • Click HERE
to download
Opening • Comparing Obama tough talk with Christie tough talk • Sidebar: Columnists writing that Tea Party winners in the primary can't beat the democrats in November • Audio: John Lennon on socialism • Audio: Paul McCartney slams former President Bush • Audio: Drinking With Bob • No. 1: Obama parties while the country burns • No. 2: We have to start saying no • Audio: Portion of Hot Air interview with Marco Rubio • Rubio talks Obama, Gulf oil spill and more • Robert Reich says 'we are heading into a double dip recession • Rant: Reich's answers make zero sense • New jobs in May were mostly census jobs • Census job numbers are being inflated! • Private sector employment is stagnant, drops 75% from April to May • Reading: The FTC plans to tax news on the internet • Terrorists training in paintball facilities • Charlie Rangel accuses Obama of being Bush and Cheney • Arizona talk • Los Lobos decides to go ahead and boycott AZ • Audio: Jan Brewer on her meeting with President Obama •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Real Clear Politics: Obama seeking 'ass to kick' over oil spill
Examiner: 1 in 5 Americans out of work & Obama issues over 1M green cards
MSNBC: Steve Wynn takes on Washington
Financial Times: America's jobless picture is alarmingly bleak
AP: Economy adds 431k jobs but few in private sector
Citizens Against Religious Bigotry: Comedy Central hates Jesus
Fox News: Oregon police officer asked to leave vegan coffee shop
Mercury News: Bill would allow state colleges to consider race
One News Now: With Obama's blessings, LGBT month kicks off
The Onion: Obama's home teleprompter malfunctions during family dinner
Escape Tyranny: Obama knew in April how serious the Gulf oil disaster was
World Net Daily: White House linked to Flotilla organizers
Real Clear Politics: Governor Christie to teacher's unions: 'You punch them, I punch you'
YouTube: John Lennon slams socialism and presidential hero worship
Human Events: John Boehner says Paul McCartney should ap0logize for bashing Bush
YouTube: Obama parties while country burns by DrinkingWithBob
YouTube: We have to start saying no! by DrinkingWithBob
Hot Air: Interview with Marco Rubio
Huffington Post: Robert Reich: Why we're falling into a double dip recession
Real Clear Politics: Census worker claims job numbers are being inflated
Hot Air: Private sector employment grows only by 41,000
Washington Times: FTC floats 'Drudge tax'
New Jersey Star Ledger: NJ terror plot highlights use of paintball facilities for training
CBS News: Charlie Rangel compares Obama to Bush
ABC 15: Rock group Los Lobos cancels concert to boycott SB 1070
Fox News: Governor Brewer comments on her meeting with President Obama

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