Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Paul McCartney: Obama is a great guy, lay off him
Jesse Jackson, Kevin Costner, Stephen Baldwin
Private pay shrinking, Government payouts rise
Show No. 105-2010

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Opening • 'Blue Suede Show' by Jimmy Z • Taking Friday off for trip to Camp Pendleton • Email from an American in the Middle East • Reading: Bill Keller writes about Anwar Al-Awlaki • Islam, Christianity & getting along • Audio: Bill Keller challenges Anwar Al-Awlaki (Triple A) • Rant: The Gulf Oil Spill & 21st Century Science • Hamas stops humanitarian aid from Israel • Paul McCartney concert at the White House • McCartney thinks Obama is a great guy • BP should 'instantly cap' the oil spill • New investigation by James O'Keefe • Audio: Fascinating clip from O'Keefe's investigation video • Rant: 'You did your best to bring it to our attention' • Obama and holder deliver lawyers to the Gulf • Audio: Drinking With Bob on Obama's vacation • Reading: Dick Morris says Obama doesn't have a clue •

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Opening • Audio: Megyn Kelly interviews Jesse Jackson on Fox News • Amazing audio clip: Jesse stammering • Audio: ZoNation commentary on the economy • Kevin Costner's Centrifuge machine could answer the clean up problem in the Gulf • Robert Redford puts politics ahead of productivity • Audio: Stephen Baldwin calls Rush Limbaugh regarding the Gulf and Kevin Costner • Customer stuck with counterfeit money from the US Postal Service • Audio: Michael Savage on Americans being armed • Private pay shrinks, Govt payouts rise • Rant: Unsustainable system of government; what happens when the hand outs run out? • Real life: Man and woman get 7 years and 8 years respectfully for hit and run accident at USC •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
LivePrayer: Anwar Al-Awlaki is a man most don't know but should
YouTube: LivePrayer's Bill Keller challenge terror Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki
CNN: Hamas stops flotilla aid delivered by Israel
ABC News: Paul McCartney says Obama is a 'great guy'
YouTube: Paul McCartney a big fan of Obama, 'lay off him, he's doing great'
Big Government: Undercover census fraud investigation
Washington Post: Obama admin moves to distance itself from BP on oil spill response
YouTube: Good luck Louisiana, I'm going on Vacation (Drinking With Bob)
Dick Morris: Obama doesn't have a clue
YouTube: Megyn Kelly interviews Jesse Jackson re AZ immigration law
YouTube: Using the crapper to explain the crappy economy
LA Times Blogs: Kevin Costner may hold the key to oil spill clean up
Rush Limbaugh: Stephen Baldwin on Costner's centrifuge machine and 'The Will To Drill'
NewsPress: Costner's centrifuge to be tested by BP
LA Times: Customer stuck with counterfeit money from post office
YouTube: Michael Savage, Why we need to get armed
USA Today: Private pay shrinks to historic lows
My Fox LA: Couple gets prison time for deadly USC hit and run
RedLasso: Mom of hit and run victim on a mission
YouTube: Hit and run driver kills USC student, injures another
LA Times Blogs: Couple who ran over USC students get maximum sentence

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