Monday, June 7, 2010


Helen Thomas, anti-Semite, resigns in disgrace
Alex joins us again - Israel, Gaza & Helen Thomas
Show No. 109-2010

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Opening • 'It's Useless' by Jimmy Z • Audio: Angry dad tasers man who sent genital pic text message to 17 year old daughter • Democrats canceling their town hall meetings • Rush Limbaugh's wedding making homosexuals furious • Elton John plays at Limbaugh wedding • Comments from angry homosexuals • Crazy 'red alert' article bouncing around the internet • Audio: Laura Ingraham on Obama's lousy leadership • Audio: Obama caring, gives radio address from Louisiana • Audio: Helen Thomas tells Israel to get the hell out of Israel and back to Poland • Helen Thomas resigns in disgrace • Audio: Bill O'Reilly on the White House affecting elections with job offers • Audio: O'Reilly on the LA school board teaching students that the AZ law is unAmerican • Audio: Arianna Huffington blames Bush and Cheney for the Gulf oil spill • Huge protest in NY City over the mosque at Ground Zero • Audio: Pamela Gellar on CNN Sunday Morning •

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Opening • Pamela Gellar on CNN (continued) • Jimmy Z & Alex from The Hyphenated American Blog • The Flotilla • Gaza, Israel & Turkey • Helen Thomas and American Jews • Audio: Woman addresses the Santa Cruz, CA City Council Meeting •

Alex's 'Hyphenated American' blog

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Breitbart: Dad uses stun gun on man who sent naked pic to teen daughter
NY Times: Democrats skip town halls to avoid voter rage
LA Times Blogs: Rush Limbaugh gets married, Elton John is the wedding singer
The Intel Hub: Red alert! Possible battle hardened troops or guard arrive in the Gulf
YouTube: O'Reilly factor talking points, Laura Ingraham
YouTube: Obama's weekly address from Louisiana
Bloomberg: BP's CEO hasn't spoken directly with Obama about leak
YouTube: Helen Thomas tells Jews to go back to Germany
Huffington Post: Ari Fleischer says, fire Helen Thomas
The Politico: Helen Thomas retires
Fox News: O'Reilly talking points video
Real Clear Politics: Huffington blames oil spill on Bush & Cheney
Atlas Shrugs: Upwards of 8,000 protest mosque at Ground Zero
YouTube: Pamela Gellar vs. Imam on CNN Sunday Morning
YouTube: Is this the stupidest person ever?


Christine in North Carolina said...

I've added your Twitter texts my news gathering "stuff"! I just got your show text today. I'm so glad I did it. It will remind me to listen, just in case I forget! :) I love technology!

Christine :) said...

Scratch a Leftwinger/Liberal/"Progressive and you will find an antisemite


AngieComics said...

We support Israel because they're free. If Hamas and Israel were both free, then we can argue Israel bias news coverage.

Another point, imagine if you get that "easy button" from Staples and say, "Get rid of all nukes in The Middle East including Israel's", and hit "That was easy". The next thing you'd hear is Hamas saying "That was easy" about wiping Israel off the map! The only thing keeping that tiny democracy intact is the rumor / fact that Israel possess nukes and the US is a staunch supporter of them.

This whole Gaza thing is a test to see if Bam blinks about which side the US is currently on. Things are going to heat up over there.