Saturday, June 5, 2010


JOHN WOODEN, 1910-2010

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YouTube: John Wooden interview, Part 1 (follow links in the right margin for 2 & 3)
LA Times: John Wooden dies at 99
McNorman: Finally, John Wooden's reunion with Nellie
Brainy Quote: John Wooden Quotes
Coach Wooden: The official website of Coach John Wooden
NY Times: John Wooden, An Appreciation
Christianity Today: John Wooden: A legend passes on

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Anonymous said...

I am listening to your weekend special show about the life and passing of John Wooden.

From John Wooden's respect for his dad, to his love for his wife, to his unwavering faith in the Lord, he is the epitome of what a good Christian upbringing does for a person's life.

"Love begets love."