Friday, June 25, 2010


Freedom of the press more important than newspapers
Dennis Prager: What went wrong in America
'Twilight' obsession with sexy, romantic vampires
Gen McChrystal is a liberal who voted for Obama
Show No. 121-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Why Obama is not a Christian No. 1 • Confidence in Obama and US future waning • Catholic scholar wants Bishops to deny communion over AZ immigration law • SonlitKnight joins Jimmy Z • Commentary on Catholicism and illegal immigration • Special thanks to Dave Redl • Jobless claims rise sharply and tamps down optimism on Wall Street • Audio: Sharron Angle invokes violent revolution • Audio: Mike Pence says that Pelosi is the least democratic Speaker of the House ever • Audio: Carly Fiorina criticizes Senator Boxer's hair • Rant: Who cares!! • Carly Fiorina's hair resulting from cancer treatment • Americans believe freedom of the press is more important than propping up newspapers • Audio: George W. Bush's first Facebook video • Comment to President Bush beneath video • Audio: Ed Schultz defending labor unions • Schultz and Lisa Douglas on labor and the White House • Audio: Q&A with Dennis Prager: What went wrong with America? • Rant: Preaching to the choir won't get it done in November •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Reality Check Commentary with Michael Stollaire • Elena Kagan blocked military recruiters from Harvard Law School • 'Twilight' fixation and obsession • Rant: Idiots obsessed with hot vampire romance • Bill Keller of Live Prayer writes about 'Twilight' • Obama's pick to run local coordination for ICE is against immigration enforcement • Audio: Harry Reid's son's Governor campaign ad • Michigan may allow illegals to get workers compensation - even those who use falsified documents • Milwaukee County Supervisor wants to boycott Arizona but doesn't know Arizona is on the border with Mexico • Paul McCartney equates global warming deniers with Holocaust deniers • General McChrystal is a liberal who voted for Obama • Music: All The Liberal People song parody • Obama's Sec of the Dept of Labor helps illegals get fair pay • Open letter to Obama by Jon Voight • Obama White House fights to keep oil rig workers unemployed! • Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be President than Obama, Romney, Gingrich or Palin according to a Rasmussen survey •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
WSJ: Confidence waning in Obama, US outlook
Fox News: Catholic scholar asks why Bishops haven't denied communion over AZ law
AP: New claims for jobless benefits rise sharply
WSJ: Jobless claims data, tamps down stock optimism
Real Clear Politics: Angle talks possibility of armed rebellion against tyranny
Human Events: Pence slams Pelosi, 'least democratic speaker in US history'
YouTube: Carly Fiorina trashing Senator Boxer's hair caught by hot mic
The Jimmy Z Show: Carly Fiorina photo montage
Rasmussen: 85% say freedom of the press is more important than helping newspaper industry
The Hill: Bush delivers 'inaugural address' on Facebook laying out post-presidency
Real Clear Politics: MSNBC's Schultz defends labor, talks with Arianna Huffington
YouTube: Dennis Prager Q&A at the University of Denver
Judicial Watch: Defense documents show Kagan defied federal law
LA Times: When 'Twilight' becomes an addiction
Live Prayer: The culture of death hangs over this nation, by Bill Keller
Fox News: White House picks critic of local immigration enforcement for key ICE role
Yahoo News: Harry who? Son omits Reid name from campaign ad
Two Malcontents: Rep. Reshida Tlaib introduces 'workers compensation' for illegals bill
YouTube: County Supervisor Peggy West doesn't know AZ borders Mexico
Supervisor Peggy West: Official website
JIDF: Paul McCartney trivializes the Holocaust
The Atlantic: Obama borrows the military back
YouTube: All The Liberal People song parody
YouTube: Obama's DOL Secretary Hilda L. Solis defending illegal workers' pay
Washington Times: Open letter to Obama by Jon Voight
Washington Times: Judge halts Obama's oil drilling moratorium
Rasmussen: Voters say Hillary is more qualified than Obama, Romney, Gingrich & Palin


Anonymous said...

The comment abour Reid and also Boxer did not bother me...Dems are going to use something against all of us come November...and it IS our goal to take out of office Reid, Boxer, Obama, Pelosi along with a host of others who do not listen to America. All these folk should just get a one way ticket to Iraan or North Korea as it is.

Anonymous said...

On the Elanore Rigby take-off:

"Nancy Pelosi...
Likes to pretend she knows what she's talking about...
Looks like trout"

had me in tears.....what a great find!!!

This one had me in tears...

Mia said...

ROFLMAO at your Paul McCartney imitation!!!!