Thursday, June 3, 2010


Obama: Colorado + Pennsylvania = Impeachment
Linda Sanchez: White supremacists behind AZ laws
LA school board boycotts Arizona and students
Show No. 106-2010

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Opening • Chick Hearn, the best basketball announcer of all time, calls Lakers v Celtics, 1987 • Talking: On the Lakers, Chicky Baby, and attending the Lakers Championship • Audio: Obama heckled on a bus in Chicago • Coverage: Colorado candidate confirms job offer from the White House • White House acknowledges both job offers • Rant: Ed Rendell says 'this is just no serious offense!' • Rahm throws Barack under the bus • Consider: What if this was a republican President and Republican job offers? • Rant: This felony is our track to rid the country of Obama • More bagging on Paul McCartney • CALIFORNIA POLITICS • Thesaurus definition of California politics • Music: Ode to Catalina Island • Mexican Consulate Catalina Island office to hand out ID cards • Rant: The Mexican government has more to say about US immigration law than we do! • Rep. Linda Sanchez says AZ law backed by white supremacists • Local news: Costa Mesa trying to buy the OC Fair Grounds • Gil Cedillo and the 'latino caucus' interfere with the deal • Rant: Politicians divide themselves by race •

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Opening • Music: California Blue, by Roy Orbison • Rant: What California has become • LA students to be taught that AZ law is unAmerican • Rant: The LA school board has more important things to do than to protest AZ • LA school board is against AZ law that bans teaching how to overthrow the government - huh? • Audio: Jan Brewer discusses her upcoming meeting with Obama • Rant: CNN's reporter asks AZ to put it off a few more months • Music: 4½ year old sings Our National Anthem • Music: 4Troops sing 'For Freedom' • Michigan legislation to register and regulate reporters • New lawsuit challenges Obamacare • Audio: Orin Hatch knows how unhappy Americans are • New head of the Cancer Institute is - of course - another radical • Bill Keller on the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama Heckled On A Shuttle Bus!
ABC News: WH Floated Possible Jobs If Romioff Would Not Run Against Incumbent
Canada Free Press: Rahm Emanuel Throws Obama Under the Bus
The Politico: Andrew Romanoff: W.H. offered three jobs
Fox Nation: White House Officials Admit to Another Bribe Attempt
Washington Examiner: Mexico opens California office to provide ID for illegals
Whittier Daily News: Congresswoman: White supremacists behind AZ immigration law
OC Register: Immigration stance may kill fairgrounds deal
Fox News: LA Students to Be Taught That Arizona Immigration Law Is Un-American
GOP USA: AZ Governor to Obama: 'We'll meet you in court'
4Troops: The Official 4Troops Site
Washington Post: Ariz Gov Brewer, Obama hold Oval Office meeting
Fox News: Michigan Considers Law to Register Journalists
World Net Daily: Lawsuit to feds: Constitution says, 'No you can't'
Real Clear Politics: Hatch: Obama's Responsible For The Destruction Of Our Country
Big Government: Political Activism at the National Cancer Institute
Live Prayer: The Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell by Bill Keller

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