Wednesday, June 9, 2010


SonlitKnight joins Jimmy Z, A good night for the right
Arnold Schwarzenegger's ballot rejected at the poll
CA Prop 14 ends primaries in California
Show No. 111-2010

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Opening • Election analysis: SonlitKnight joins Jimmy Z • Nevada Governor and Senate races • California Governor and Senate races • Arkansas Senate race • South Carolina Governor's race • Chris Christie and Labor Union thug politics • Reading: Pro-life women win big in CA and NV • Supreme Court decision affecting AZ election • Rant: The rules were changed in the middle of the campaign • Arnold's ballot rejected at the polls • No more primaries in California

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Life News: Pro-life women win big in Tuesday Primaries
LA Times: Supreme Court blocks Arizona election funding
KTLA 5: Governor voting troubles: Schwarzenegger's ballot rejected
Telegraph UK: Schwarzenegger forced to recast ballot
Newsweek: California's Prop 14: Winners and losers

3 comments: said...

We are often told by our state/corporate media that we are "wasting our vote" if we do not vote for the front runner.


The reason that someone is the front runner is because someone claims that they are voting for that candidate. Where is this information coming from? It comes from the same vested interests who tell you not to waste your vote.

Looks like we did that with Arnold 2.0 by nominating RINO Meg Whitman.

Anonymous said...


I am listening to the first segment of your show, with SonlitKnight. It is always great radio when you have Sonlit on to talk politics. He is always amazingly spot-on with politics!

And I HIGHLY agree that the tea party movement is alive and well and having a huge impact on the elections.

Your biggest fan,

Cain said...

With the passage of Prop 14, there is no reason for me to vote in a primary election. Why bother if Demoncrats will able to vote for the Republican candidate?

Time to move to Arizona.