Thursday, June 10, 2010


Obama supporter punches conservative in the face
15 year old Mexican killed was a known smuggler
'Reality Check' with Michael Stollaire
Show No. 112-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Al Gore's dating video • Audio: James Earl Jones records a tag for The Jimmy Z Show • Rant: What do you expect from Obama? • Obama hosts families of those killed in oil rig explosion • ARIZONA UPDATE • Illegals and legals both leaving Arizona • Audio: CNN discusses Obama getting 'angry' • Rant: I don't need Obama to be angry & I don't care if he says 'kick ass' • US Debt predicted to be close to $20 trillion in 5 years • iPad's security breach worst ever for Apple • YouTube video removed for no reason • Audio: Obama supporter drills protester in the face • Media ignores left wing violence • MEXICAN BORDER UPDATE • 15 year old Mexican boy was a juvenile drug smuggler • Mexican soldiers pointing guns at US Border Patrol • Audio: Rosie calls for government takeover of BP • Audio: Obama does not care about you, by Drinking With Bob • Photo: No flag at Obama press conference at White House •

Hour TWO • Click HERE
to download
Opening • 'Reality Check' with Michael Stollaire • Nothing to do until you vote in November? • Some folks are exhausted • Tea Party proud of being disorganized • Palin, McCain and 'politics as usual' • Stollaire's campaign • Hated by the GOP • Decoys and confusion designed to overwhelm • What can people do for candidates between now and November? • The 'ten things' to do • BLATANT PATRIOTISM SEGMENT • Audio: Tea Partiers surprised by National Anthem • Lyrics: Reciting the lyrics of all four verses of our national anthem • Music: Superbowl performance of the Star Spangled Banner by the Air Force chorus • Closing: Possible Jimmy Z sloganeering •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Al Gore's video
CNN: Anderson Cooper: Obama to meet families of workers killed in oil rig blast
Elvis-Nixon Blog homepage
USA Today: Hispanics flee Arizona ahead of immigration law
Stollaire For Congress: The new AZ immigration law (2008)
CNN: Why Obama doesn't dare become the 'angry black man'
Reuters: US debt to rise to $19.6 trillion by 2015
Gawker: Apple's worst security breach
YouTube: North Carolina protesters attacked (removed by YouTube)
YouTube: Tea Party protester gets punched in the face by Bush hater
Atlas Shrugs: North Carolina bailout protesters viciously attacked
KRGV: Emergency landing in Abram
Fox News: Mexican teen killed on border was known juvenile smuggler
Fox News: Mexican soldiers used rifles to chase off US Border Patrol
Daily Mail UK: Mexico demands investigation after US Border agent shoots teen dead
Breitbart: Rosie O'Donnell calls for communism in America
YouTube: Obama doesn't care about you
Frugal Cafe: Kalamazoo central students, what's your citizenship status?
Fire Andrea Mitchell: Obama becomes the 'first' US President to hold presser without flag
Fox News: Critics warn lack of cohesion could diminish Tea Party's impact
YouTube: Tea Party attendee stuns the crowd
Scout Songs: The Star Spangled Banner lyrics

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